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Steve and his bad boys popping in to give a shout out to Justine. Happy Bday hooker!

What´s up with everyone celebrating their birthday in August!? November sure has some explaining to do…whip lady

We hope Justine is having a great party and doesn´t mind all these bad boys crashing it. Starting off with some silly fun……

with some of your favorite quotes (stolen from your pins) 🙂

Let´s get the party started! Plenty of booze for everyone!

Anyone for a good time with our real Aussie party boy, Russell…….?


Or maybe the Irish men know how to get it on better……..who knows?


Or is a REAL bad boy like Marcus more to your taste…..?


Then there still remains Stan the man with a plan…..and what a pretty plan it is! YUMMY!! (maybe not a bad boy……but we could not leave him all alone in the barn!!)


But for the moment Steve holds or our fangirl hearts……..who doesn’t love a man with a slow hand and an easy touch?


smiley-greet001Happy Birthday dear friend! You know how much we love you!

Paula and FOYeur!smiley-eatdrink007

(adding a couple of songs, you hopefully like)

30 secs to Mars-Stronger

G. Degraw-In love with the girl



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A Month of Mick (#9) – Mick sends his love to you… Happy Birthday Sue!

Sue (Ontlls) said that she like Episode 13 – ‘Fated to Pretend’, so we celebrate her birthday by having a closer look at it, while celebrating our ‘Month of Mick’!

Here we have Mick, who at long last, got what he wanted to have the most in this world – to be human again! Mick all pretty and happy with all his cuts and bruises, strolling carefree along the beach……..


Surrounded by hundreds of girls eye-humping him and he´s wondering how they would react if he told them he was 85 years old. Most of them would definitely want to have his plastic surgeon´s number – this is LA after all!! 😀

But in his eyes, there is only one girl for him……Beth!

Then *bam*, tragedy strikes and Beth lands in the hands of evil vampires. Only Mick can save her and as a human he has got no chance! 😦 There is only one way out, and he begs Josef to turn him back again!


Mick has to give up the one thing that he wanted for so long – being human!

Have you ever experienced a moment in your live, where you had to give up something that you regarded as the most precious thing you possess? What kind of power persuades a person to take that step to give it up…….. is it only true love that can motivate a person to do it?

… that little line, ‘My Beth’… that was actually an improv line. ‘My Beth’ just came out of me being in the moment in the scene, living in Mick there for a moment. I don’t remember it happening, but when we were shooting I was just thinking how much I loved this woman.

— Alex O’Loughlin, Daybreak USA, May 2008

Mick and Josef storm in and save the day – or rather Beth and the DA. And everybody pretends to be happy, because life is short and it seems we they are all ‘fated to pretend’! 😀


And in the end, we only got a kiss out of it all…….


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Sue, Mick sends his love too

And best wishes from Paula and FOYeur!



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