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A Month of Mick (# 18 ) – Who is Mick the Vampire?

Vampire, Mick St John:

We know that Mick the vampire needs blood to live and has to spend some time each day in a freezer to recuperate. But who is he and where did he come from?

His story:

  • Sired at the death of Mick St John on his wedding night in 1952, at the fangs of his newly wedded wife, Coraline


  • He immediately saw himself as a monster and wanted to die, but Coraline helped him to understand the rules of being a “successful” vampire. 😀



  • He accepted his fate, but became a private investigator in order to use his special abilities to solve crimes and to redeem himself for what he is.
  • He became best friends with Josef Kostan and the two of them lived a life of parties and fun, until a fateful night in 1982, when one of Mick’s clients was murdered by her husband.
  • He thought that he killed Coraline in 1985, when he saved Beth Turner from her and lived with the guilt of it until her return in 2007, when he was actually given a chance to save her life.




  • He got mesmerised by a barefoot adult Beth at a murder scene in 2007. She spotted him and introduced herself to him. Beth was covering the event as a reporter for Buzz Wire, the internet news site she worked for.
  • Mick and Beth started working together to solve crimes and he started trusting her with his sad story. Beth eventually found out that he was her saviour as a child.
  • Mick saved Beth’s life a few times, but she also saved his life a number of times.
  • In 2007, Coraline returned as a human, masquerading as a photographer, Morgan, and immediately started “torturing” Mick, by playing  his feelings of guilt, for killing her.
  • Beth’s boyfriend Josh, who  worked as district attorney, died tragically at the hands of criminals. Mick desperately tried to save him.


  • Mick became human for a week in 2008, after Coraline provided him with a temporary cure, but begged his best friend Josef to turn him back into a vampire, in order to save Beth.


  • We last saw him kissing Beth while the door closed on this short-lived saga………


So I mean the situations this guy gets himself into. I read the scripts and I go ‘Oh, Mick for God’s sake, will you just go on holiday. Can’t you just sit in a hut somewhere for a week?’

—  Alex O’Loughlin, Various web interviews, November 2007


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