#H50 9.11 – Steve´s bedroom manners, a short study in gifs



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#H50 9.11 – Steve dropping panties

Shame they had to waste time making the secondary story for this episode. I just skipped those scenes. It is all about Steve here 🙂 And he delivered plenty…

P.s. Apparently there will be Alex lite episodes next, so I most likely won´t be doing posts of those. There´s 9.17 with Alex directing again, that might inspire me. We´ll see…


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Happy New Year

We wish everyone a very happy 2019. And we wish our little planet gets the help it needs, to get healthier.  Cheers to another new year, bring us plenty good news 🙂


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Happy Holidays!

We wish you all Happy Holidays! Get plenty of rest and hope you get to spend time with your loved ones  



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Bellator Hawaii treats

Fresh from pineapple paradise 🙂 Alex went to watch the fight with his friends and some great pics have popped up.

Credit: brett_bjj IG “Thank you @riganmachado for inviting us to lunch with @_alexoloughlin__ enjoyed the BJJ history chat. Alex, thanks for picking up the tab, you’re a good dude in my book!”

Credit Marlene Simon FB “Hangin with Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0)at the MMA fight this weekend”

For better quality video of goofy Alex, you can watch it in HD here

Credit @kaui.kauhi IG story “Keeping #AlexOLoughlin @realroyce & @khonrygracie and many others hydrated at #Bellatorhawaii with @alohaalkaline water.” #H50 #HawaiiFive0 #Hawaii50 #HawaiiFiveO

Credit staygoldcarter IG stories

Credit eganinoue IG
Renzo is one of my #bjj and #mma favorites of all time! I’ve learned so much from him and still learning from him. @renzograciebjj proud to be considered family! Also with my bro Alex #bellatorhawaii #h50 #alexoloughlin

Credit eganinoue IG @Bellator hawaii with #hershelwalker #alexoloughlin

Credit ensoninoue IG Hawaii 5-0 is in the house!

Credit khonrygracie IG What a weekend of fights. Congrats to both of my cousins on their victories. The Gracie’s are here to stay!

Credit crispyk9 IG #OMG moment. #AlexOloughlin, @eganinoue, @ensoninoue, @realroyce, and @renzograciebjj!



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