They say ….. #AlexOLoughlin is bound for great things.

Alex is mentioned in an article on 21 September 2020 in the Australian publication The Daily Telegraph.

It is a report written by Holly Byrnes of an interview with Tate Donovan.


Tate Directed Episode 10:18 of Hawaii Five-0 and this is what he had to say in the article about Alex:

“That dude … I was really impressed with him. He’s done that show for 10 years, but let me tell you something, every single scene, every single line, he is completely committed.

I guarantee you, he’s going to break out and do some great things.”


Alex as Steve in Episode 10:18 (Directed by Tate Donovan)


Let’s hope this statement, like many made by other people in the past, is prophetic and that the best for Alex’s career is still to come!!


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#AlexOLoughlin – Flying off to somewhere …

On Sunday 20 September a picture was shared on Instagram of Alex getting on a plane. We are not sure where he was going or for what reason. From what we could see, it looked like he was on his own (but there was some indication that someone might have been travelling with him).

Our guess would be that he was off to the mainland for some reason that needed him to be there in person. But that is only a guess and it would be great if other pictures or news surfaces to give us an answer to it.


Don’t mind our cheesy cheeses #hawaii50 #alexoloughlin #stevemcgarrett

And yes, Alex’s grey mask is hanging from his left ear and none of his usual friendly hugs in the picture (Social distancing in a small space is difficult, but some form of it can be done as we can see).  And clever doing two shakas to use hands and not touch.

And Alex’s smile is great!! – It even reaches his eyes.

It must be great to have some kind of normal activity and to travel again.




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Great to see #AlexOLoughlin – Inspiring us to work out

We were expecting a long silence after our last post, and then this little video popped up to cheer us on 😀 Thanks to Egan Inoue instagram for sharing this little glimpse of Alex 🙂


Hey, what’s up, guys. It’s Alex O’Loughlin here.

I just did one of coach Egan’s insane workouts. It’s so good. He totally nailed me with it.

And listen, he is giving free online classes for the rest of this week.

So if you haven’t already, jump on – do some free classes.

And check out Egan Inoue’s workout programs on where you can stay fit and healthy during this epidemic.

So go and get them.



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#AlexOLoughlin Intense Study – The Road Ahead.

The whole world is experiencing uncertain times and we all need to find our new normal.

We felt it is best to do a post here, to let you all know how we feel and how we see the road ahead as it stands at the moment.

Mainly because of personal time constraints, we are not at the moment doing any posts of old stories or doing any studies about old stuff or interviews. We also don’t want to expand the site, unless Alex plans to return to entertainment.

At this time, we do not know if or when Alex will return to public life as an actor, or in any other capacity. With that in mind, we do not really plan on doing any new posts, until we get fresh news, or when Alex makes his plans for the future clear.

We are always on the lookout, and when and wherever news about Alex surfaces, we plan to report on it and let fellow fans know about it. Let us hope that happens soon!!

We are still keeping our Instagram and Facebook pages active with some new posts about old Alex treasures.

We remain loyal in our commitment towards Alex as an entertainer.

And remember, even if we do not post things, comments and communications are still welcome.

Lots of Love

Paula and FOYeur.



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Happy Birthday #AlexOLoughlin

As usual, we begin celebrating Alex’s birthday as soon as 24 August starts in Australia.

During the course of our lives, we have these moments in time of celebrations. Celebrations to the end of a period that we have completed successfully. Then they somehow also serve as reset buttons to start over. To begin a new section of our lives.

I think this year more than ever before we saw the end of a certain way of life and the anticipation of what will be next for us all.

Even more so for someone like Alex who ended a decade of being Steve McGarrett successfully.

My wish for Alex would be that it will be the start of an even brighter future. A time of peace and love with his beautiful family.

But selfishly I also hope that he will seek out wonderful characters to portray, for us as fans to enjoy.

Happy Birthday,





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