#H50 8.04 – Steve missing friends

Not a lot of treats in this episode. I did like the oven sales scene with Steve and Grover 😀 But otherwise this episode wasn´t really interesting to me. Killing off Toast with just some backflash scenes felt underwhelming…such a waste of a great character.



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New unpublished #AlexOloughlin photos again!

A couple of days ago AOLO published 3 new photoshoot pics, supersized. And as usual, posting them here a bit late. Thank you for sharing these beauties 🙂


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#H50 8.03 – Steve´s crush

Last week we witnessed McEddie being born, last night we saw the man crush between Steve and Harry 😛 and the continued McDanno queerbaiting :/

I enjoy Alex faces 😀

Mutual man crush 😀







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New, supersized, Men´s Fitness treats

In case some of you didn´t notice, yesterday 3 new unpublished fitness photoshoot treats popped up, courtesy of AOLO.

I have said it a few times already, it is my most favorite shoot with Alex. These are supersized, so view on big screen in full size for best impact 😀

I couldn´t resist…


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#H50 8.02 – #McEddie was born

I guess this episode will be remembered as the start of a lovely new friendship. Let´s hope we get to see Steve and Eddie having some fun too, maybe even a bit of mischief 😉

I got a bit carried away with the gifs…oops. Enjoy!

And for all kitty lovers, leaving this as Steve´s final thought “Cats are far superior animals, they are more sophisticated, more cunning, more agile, self sufficient…”


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