Alex, please don´t faint

 “I have a 12-year-old. I was there when he was born. He’s the center of my universe and always has been. I’ll never forget the day he was born. I mean I kept it together. I was pretty good I think. I was supportive. But really, that scene in the water birth when Stan comes in and goes, ‘Oh my god.’ I mean that’s what was happening inside of me. I think really that’s what happens inside every man when he witnesses childbirth. It’s just like, ‘Please don’t faint. Dear lord, what’s happening?’ So, that was pretty funny. That was just an expression of my inner self when I actually was there.” -Alex 2010 The Back-Up Plan Interview



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#AlexOLoughlin – You Searched for Him and you got us #9?

We haven’t done one of these searches posts in quite a while. Saw some things that were searched for lately that I would like to answer.

And of course as usual with all our posts, this is all just for fun and an excuse to post some pretty pictures and animated gifs of Alex

Okay here they are …..

  • ok google can you find out if steve mcgarrett on hawaii five-o does his own stunts

I just loved this little ‘conversation’ with google that the searcher had.

And yes, Alex is involved with some parts of his own stunts and then during editing they blend that together with the more dangerous stuff that the stunt people do. In the old days Alex used to do more dangerous stuff as well, but lately he realised that it is not good for his body at all.

  • whay are alrx olayghlin tatoos
  • sex scenein pyster fadmer

Ask Paula, this looks a lot like my spelling when I am tired or in a hurry …. or basically always. But I guess the searcher got lucky and got our “sex scene in Oyster Farmer”.  And some info on “What are Alex O’Loughlin tattoos”

PS – we cannot post pictures of the love scene here anymore, because FB uses any random picture from the post to publish on our page, and then when it is a naked picture they delete the whole post on our FB page 😦 ….. so you will just have to look at the old posts of it.

  • alex o loughlin fabulous face

Yes, that is true – he does have a fabulous face

  • alex o’loughlin how to meet him in person

With a lot of luck and perseverance. Being at the right place at the right time. And I guess you need to have lots of money, just to get to where he is, first. (or of course you could be the lucky one who just won the latest charity raffle)


  • when did alex olaughlin get tattoos

I would take a wild guess that he was still in his late teens when he got his first tattoos. Most of his tattoos he got before he went to NIDA and became an actor, but he did enhance and change some of them over the years since then. And he did get rid of at least two of them (on his forearms) also.

  • did actor alex mclaughlin have tattoos when he played in moonlight

Don’t know who this mclaughlin guy is, but it was actually Alex O’Loughlin who played in Moonlight. And yes, his real life tattoos were all covered with make-up while filming shirtless scenes for the show.

About the hair……

  • is there any reason why mcgarret on hawaii 5 o have short hair
  • whats with alex oloughlin haircut
  • why did the mcgarrett character cut off his hair on hawaii 5 o
  • why did steve magarrit buzz his hair
  • alex oloughlin loosing hair
  • does alex o’loughlin die his hair
  • does alex oloughlin wear a hair piece

It is more convenient and a lot cooler in the Hawaiian climate I guess. And no, Alex did not loose much hair over the years, there are just more grey patches in it because they do not colour his hair for the show anymore.

And – Does alex oloughlin wear a hair piece? – I’ll take a wild guess and say that if that was true, then it would be the first buzz-cut hair piece ever made.

  • does alex o loughlin have different color eyes

No, both his eyes are the same colour: blue-hazel or hazelly blue. And according to him they change colour (but they both change – not just one to make his eyes have different colours) 😀 .

  • did alex oloughlin date his costar in moonlight

No, he did not date one of his co-stars. However his girlfriend at the time Holly Valance, who he was in a relationship with for more than 1½ years at that time, did get a guest role in Episode 6.

I was actually amazed when I first started following Alex’s career, that people kept saying that he dates his co-stars, when in fact he only dated one of them and that was Amber. And their relationship actually really only started and got noticed long after Three Rivers already stopped filming.

(I guess Alex being good mates with his co-stars, make people think there is romance there and that he is dating them. It happened with Sophia, JLo and some others, AND now even with Scott as well)

  • why does steve mcgarrett wear navy dress whites

Maybe because he is a Navy Officer?

  • why did wo fat kill john mcgarrett

Good question! Well, he of course he did not kill him himself, but got Victor Hess to do it.  I would also like to know. I guess that is one of those questions or story arc from Hawaii Five-0 that we will never really get an answer for. Unfortunately there are so many of those unanswered  questions and good stories of Hawaii Five-0 that will never be told ….

  • happy trail
  • alex o’loughlin scar on stomach

No, Alex does not have a scar on his stomach. On some pictures the hair of his “happy trail” clot together because it is wet, and then it forms a line that could be perceived as a scar – see picture below….

(Of course Steve McGarret does have a few scars of which one is the LIVER scar above his belly button)

  • alex o loughlin in a speedo

Yes please ….. or maybe not?

  • i want to worship alex olaughlins ass

We would rather want to worship Alex O’Loughlin’s ass. 😛

Oops, maybe we already do worship it, because why else would we have this blog? 😆

  • aloha hunk

That’s our Alex – an Aloha Hunk all the way!



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They Say …… #AlexOLoughlin is a Cool Guy.

Justin Paul was a guest actor on Hawaii Five-0, Episode 6:05, playing a biker gangster called Iceman. His character got interrogated in the blue room by Steve.

This is what he had to say on Instagram this week, while posting a picture from way back then in 2015 when they filmed that episode:

kahnquerall    Setting up the shot on Hawaii Five-0. Much love to the entire crew at @hawaiifive0cbs As well as Alex O’Loughlin who’s truly one of the coolest guys I’ve worked with.
#alexoloughlin #hawaiifive0 #cbs #hawaii #808




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#AlexOLoughlin (2015) – Hawaii Children’s Cancer Foundation

 This post is our last reminder for your donation and entry into the draw, to stand a chance to win a trip to Hawaii and a set visit. You can get all the details of where how and why at this link: Here is your chance to have lunch with the cast of #H50 on set in Hawaii
The time for donations end today, 13 March at 11h59 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). Don’t wait for the time to run out, make your donation now.
  • Let’s move on to our featured old charity post for the day ….. a few pictures of Alex and Malia attending the 10th annual fundraiser of HCCF in 2015

Alex O’Loughlin, Malia Jones O’Loughlin, and Erlinda and Ralph Mesick

Saddle Up For Hawaii Children’s Cancer Foundation

Hawaii Children’s Cancer Foundation presented Saddle Up For HCCF, its 10th annual fundraiser at Murphy’s Bar & Grill.

It is the sole organization in the state dedicated to providing services — including financial assistance, social events, education and advocacy — to children with cancer and their families.


Alex and Tucker Hirsch

Tucker Hirsch – a 10-year-old Golden Retriever that worked as a hospital facility dog at Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women & Children in Honolulu, Hawaii. Sadly Tucker passed away a year later  – on 24 August 2016


Best of luck to those who made donations to the Children’s Hospital in LA.

In 2 weeks time the winner will be on set with the cast.

We hope that the person who wins, will enjoy a wonderful time on set and share some of their experience with the rest of us.


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#H50 Episode 8:17 – and some gorgeous Steve faces …..

Before we start, I just want to mention that we did not forget Steve McGarrett’s birthday this year. We were just a bit busy this weekend and on top of that I have ongoing internet connection problems as well 😦 .

But over the years we have made a number of posts to celebrate our fictional hero’s birthday and you should be able to read them if you go to any 10 March posts over the years that we have been here (in fact all the links are in  last year’s birthday post: Happy Birthday Steve McGarrett )

And of course today (12 March), is Spike’s 9th birthday.

And now for some random thoughts about the episode ….. and some of Steve’s faces, explaining it all. 😆

  • I think we all got the whole  ‘immunity and means’ thing since the first episode, but Adam and Jessie doing break-ins without Steve’s knowledge, just goes that bit beyond immunity and means. I guess that is what you get for giving somebody (Adam) a task that he was never trained for.
  • Can somebody explain why Danny needs to be written as an asshole about EVERYTHING – especially somebody who supposedly “live” for his kids and their safety, mocking a safety drill? I always got the feeling as a child, that those with that kind of attitude were the kids/people with a big chip on their shoulder – so much so that they had to try to be “cool” by showing defiance, while everybody else respected the rules. Is that who Danny is supposed to be?

  • Papers in Hawaii are pretty quick to report news ……
  • How plausible is it that “normal” very distraught men would react by locking their friend in with the chlorine gas?
  • Why is it that the writers kindly forget about the Governor’s existence, until and only when they need Steve to be somewhere for a period of time – when Alex is doing others stuff. How is it that only then do they remember that there is someone like that, that they all work for? They are the Governor’s task force after all ….

  • I think Tani was rather rude to the girl in the library – One of my pet peeves is people who do not respect time and place. Why talk in a library if you can go outside and do the same there. I can’t stand rudeness like that. No respect for the courtesies of the civilized world. And even worse is when police officers disregard rules – what type of example is that to the general population and youth. AND even worse, is seeing people / fans applauding that as being badass! Or is it worse that female writers actually wrote that or that a female director kept it in? Or maybe it is just me getting old and cranky about the show trying to be funny ……..

  • Not 100% sure what to make of Adam’s catharsis at the end of the episode. Is he mad at himself for failing at a job that he was never trained for? Or is he mad at Steve for getting him involved, or disappointed that he is “failing” Steve somehow? Is he feeling sorry for himself? Or is he just pissed off at Jessie for ‘getting’ some on the side, while he is pining for his ‘lost’ wife Kono?


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