#H50 8.14 – oh dear…

I did not like this epi. Especially the bickering duo got to my nerves at the beginning. Even Steve failed to amuse me, apart from his “calculated risk” comment, I snickered at that.

Anyway, since my partner in crime seems to have given up on show, for now anyway, I will try to make some gifs from the episodes, but doubt I will be here for season 9. I am still a fan of Alex though. ♥

Starting and ending with a smile…




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Thursday treat

Pet peeve?
When people drink the milk and don’t buy new milk.  -Alex 2011

Wonder if he would answer differently now… 


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#AlexOLoughlin : Untied

Over the years Alex has done a number of photoshoots and appearances. Just as with his skills as an actor in front of the camera, he appears to be at ease being a model. Over the years something caught my eye in the pictures from these shoots – his untied shoes in some of them.

Just because they are all gorgeous pictures of this gorgeous man, we thought to make a post of a few of them again …… remember to look at his feet. 🙂

  • For the TV Guide photoshoot in 2009 to promote Three Rivers, we caught this half untied shoe

  • The Watch photo shoot for Hawaii Five-0 in 2010

  • Christopher Morris photo shoot in Australia – 2010

  • At the Grove, doing promotional interview for Hawaii Five-0 in September 2010


  • And of course that same evening at the Colony for the screening of Hawaii Five-0, still wearing the same shoes, but now we can see that they are half tied.
  • In 2011 Alex did a fashion shoot for Cosmo

  • And for his cover article in GQ magazine – this picture not used in the magazine

  • And this one used for the article in the magazine – well the shoes are half fastened, but the legs wanted to be posted …..

  • Also from 2011 the cover story photo shoot for Men’s Fitness Magazine

  • From Alex’s latest photo shoot for Watch magazine in 2017. At first glance his shoes look untied, but on closer inspection it is not….

Hope you enjoyed our little study of Alex untied ……



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#H50 8.13 – not so hyper competetive Steve

Not much to gif, I tried to capture something. I watched the epi with one eye only, did I miss something 😛



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Ooooh – perfectly fit

This particular photo was only published as a scan before, now finally available for close-up study ♥

And our avi got updated…




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