#AlexOloughlin hot pic treat

It´s nice having your work recognized but having people follow you around is kinda weird.

Credit for original pic to MyMaximus. Above is my doodled version of it.



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#H50 season 7 gagreel…so short

They really could use a fangirl at CBS to put together an awesome gagreel. This one was over in a flash, not much to make Alex gifs of. I was hoping for epic goofyness! Anyway, maybe you will enjoy the video, thanks to our friend Jill for sharing it with us and fans.


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#AlexOLoughlin Intense Study: Site Update

Hi Everyone

For us here at Intense Study, fangirling is about having fun and spreading the joy of the person or subject that you are celebrating. Obviously for us it is all about ALEX and his career and to freely share things around him with others in our own way!

We have been quiet about our absence thus far mainly because we do not really know what to say or how to explain it all, but we think we owe it to the wonderful fellow Alex fangirls who have been supporting us for so long, to try to explain where we are at.

At the moment I am not in a frame of mind to spread the fun and I do not want to make it about us and our personal problems on here. The reason for me not being here,  is mostly because of decisions that I need to make for the future, after some major changes in my life the past year. On top of that, there are also  some unpleasant things in the fandom around Alex and his present project, Hawaii Five-0 and the direction the show seems to be going into, that makes me less enthusiastic about it all. I know that most of those issues are a part of life and have always been part of the fandom and will always be there, but I do not have the patience or the will to deal with any of it at the moment.

Similar issues go for Paula, who has been experiencing more stress, less time and computer issues on top of that, that makes her task of easily capturing all the pretty stuff a bit difficult at this time.

In the past when one of us has been going though a tough spot the other one was always there to take over and pick up the slack, but at the moment we are both not really in a good fangirl frame of mind.

On the other hand, we have put too much time and love for Alex in here, to just let it all go and there are much more that we would still like to do and share in the years to come. If personal issues can be resolved and we can get back to the fun side of things, we will be back here in full force to enjoy Alex with you all. If not, we will let you know when we finally leave, in order to go our separate ways. The answers might come tomorrow, or in a week, or in a months time, but we will be clear about it.

For now there are five years worth of great Alex moments and memories on here for you all to enjoy and revisit. Most of the important things that you need to know about Alex are on here in any case. And we are still here to assist if you need any information about him, just ask.

PS. If something really really interesting or noteworthy around Alex happens, we will surely try to share it with you here, and you will get your normal e-mail, twitter or Facebook notification of it.


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Sounds of silence


p.s. the pic above is from a new site starting soon, they have some nice pics, be sure to check it out http://alex-oloughlin.net/gallery/index.php


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#AlexOLoughlin ….. a pat on the bum vs screams

In Australia, occasionally someone would pat me on the bum and say, “Good work in such and such,” but people here seem to be overwhelmed by the show and the character. It’s weird, it’s really great that people love the show because we work really hard.

TV Week Magazine



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