SOTB 2018 – Alex in white

Always nice to see Alex happy and enjoying these season premier with his fans. Here are just some random picks from the social media.

Lots of goodies posted by NinjAloha on twitter, so check out his timeline for even more. Here are some of the videos he shared with the fans.

Credit @chauffeurkimo IG

For Alex´s Star-Advertiser interview jump to about 3:30 mark

Fans making Alex a bit crazy too, but always a treat to see that Pink Beast in action 😛

Credit Keiko Mori


Following gallery credit to Chiranuj IG

He sure is the master of group selfies ♥

Credit Star-Advertiser



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H50 season 8 gagreel and extra of Alex directing

The moment many of us have been waiting for, finally here…the gagreel is out! Thanks to AOLO for posting it on youtube.

It is barely 4 minutes long but some nice smiles from our favorite potty mouth 😛

One of the nicest “bromances” of the season, Steve and Adam sharing a warm moment 😀 And of course the party animal baring his chest!


And just posted by AOLO the 6 minute story about Alex the director. This extra is really lovely, you can see how passionately Alex works. And a small glimpse of little Lion at the end.


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Happy Birthday Alex!

We wish our most favorite bday guy all the best things in the world  Hope he gets to enjoy his special day with family and friends safe from Hurricane Lane ♥

Related image

Let there be chocolate cake!

Happy Birthday Alex!



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Red latex alert!

Thank god for Meaghan capturing this moment on set 😀

I love seeing Alex being goofy and now we got double fun when his stuntman Paul joined in. Look at those lumps and bump shine so nice in that red latex 😛

This is for the season 9 premiere, and apparently paying homage to the original series.


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As if it wasn´t hot enough…

Good news, so I got myself a new laptop. The old one refused to start up, and I lost all my Alex treasures since 2013. That´s the bad news.

Anyway, a few hours ago someone let us know that Alex´s old Mitsubishi commercial was posted on IG in better quality than we have seen it. So have a look at our young, cute, hippy 😀 Credit to Julie Healy


Also, some unpublished Watch photoshoot pics, were posted by AOLO again, they will publish these eventually on their flickr in high quality. Keep an eye out for these here


You can already enjoy this in full view, click on it for bigger and better option ♥

Hopefully we will all survive this current heatwave…


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