#H50 10:17 – Steve and the Wacky Crime Writers.

Despite the fact that there were two storylines and an added two separate continuous story arcs as part of this episode, I still found it more entertaining than most other split episodes. At least the two stories have a literary connection, which kind of connected them in a way.

And there is always some fun and good humour when Harry is around.

My thoughts after Tani and Junior finally sealed the deal – maybe one or both these characters are about to leave the show. That is if the show actually got renewed for Season 11.

Beulah has been doing other projects lately, and Meaghan is getting married soon. Guess we will have to wait and see if this relationship will have a future beyond this season …..

Same goes for Adam. Ian Anthony Dale started his own production company and also directed his first episode – will his character leave the show or will he stay on regardless of his new projects?

I found it really funny when I saw comments on IG and Twitter about Junior’s return. Many thought that Junior was still kidnapped by WoFat’s wife after what they last saw of him at the end of Episode 10:12.

Those people do not know about cross-overs and storylines continuing and ending on another show that they do not watch.

Thousands or maybe millions of people are not on social media and do not follow the shows religiously behind the scenes. They just watch it each week for fun. They do not know about these hidden things, and Junior leaving on a mission soon after he was kidnapped (and found on Magnum PI) can be really confusing to many.

Hence my lack of enthusiasm for cross-overs…..

It looks like the Adam and Yakuza story arc is hopefully reaching its end soon. Yeah!

Steve greeting Meaghan’s real-life fiance (aka 0007) 😀

Every time I see Harry (Chris Vance) on H50 I get the feeling that this is another James Bond audition for him. But realistically looking at his age, he is just 3 years younger than present 007, Daniel Craig. On the other hand Alex is 5 years younger than Chris, but looking at all the injuries Daniel sustained during the making of his Bond movies, I would not wish such physical harm on Alex at all.

It seems that the end of this season will also have some of the old McGarrett family story arcs in it … and it looks like there will even be some Wo Fat there with it as well. Maybe we will get some answers to some of those old questions we have about Steve’s dad and Wo Fat. But I guess in true H50 fashion we will end off with more questions than answers on that matter ……..

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#H50 10:16 – The Day Danno Got Himself Booked

Alex really wasn’t joking when he said at SOTB that the best thing about Season 10 would be the episode that he wrote and directed. Nothing in any of the other episodes come even remotely close to it.

At least Alex himself still looks gorgeous.

Why is Steve ironing a type of shirt for himself that we have never seen him wear before and will, I am kind of sure, never see him wear, ever?

Something we missed in the season opener – Brooke is the mom of a kid at Charlie’s school and not a teacher? So this means there is a little person also involved in that relationship (And most probably an ex as well). But I would take a wild guess that she was just another plot device and that there will not be a Brooke or her kid further down the line in Steve’s future.

Steve told the Vet that she did not hear from him again after their first date because he was busy with work, but he has been taking Brooke on dates a few times? So he was actually lying – and needed to be kicked in the shin for it? WEIRD? Or maybe all the countless dates with Brooke happened in the last two weeks since then, I guess. #dontmesswiththeimageofmyhero

Detective Danny shows some intuitive skills again during this case (so I guess now we can pretend he is a Detective again #hesaiditnotme ) – Just weird that while working with Steve all the time and living with him now, his detective skills failed him and he never picked up on the fact that Steve and Brooke have been going on dates a few times already. 😀

A number of changes that we have seen and mention before during this season. (Maybe because of Alex also being listed as a producer on the show now. I know it is debatable – some will say yes, others will claim no.)

  • More effort in the continuity of storylines
  • We most probably will not see Steve shirtless this season.
  • A little bit less of Steve during episodes.
  • A lot less episodes with major stunts in them.

Any other changes that you have picked up?


Interesting that there is, in the end, no mention of the terrible ordeal Tani and Noelani went through during that day. Maybe Steve could have mentioned that he invited them all as part of looking after his Ohana? Would have made a lot more sense to explain why he stayed home and invited them all.

Over the seasons they have been trying very hard to artificially keep the Bromance going – they tried therapy, then it was a shared liver and then a ridiculous restaurant. I guess this seasons effort of Danny living in Steve’s house seems less annoying than most of those I mentioned – but as I said last week, hopefully, that will soon end as well.

Sorry to say, but there is just no chemistry between Alex and Katie for me – Steve has had better sparks with some suspects and murderers on the show than with Brooke. Maybe they are trying to look very relaxed together – but that causes the effect of no romantic spark.

With this season reduced to only 22 episodes, this leaves us with only 6 left for the season. There are some small indications that there will be a renewal for Season 11. The seasons typically tend to end on a strong note. I hope we will not be disappointed.


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#H50 10:15 – With friends like these, who needs enemies?

One thing this episode showed us – Bonnie, and maybe Tani also, still need to learn a lot more about police/detective work. A young man you know is hiding the fact that he carries two phones and your radar picks up other girlfriends and not criminal activity? Really??

And Bonnie also still needs to get a few more skills to spy silently on people and not be seen.

And maybe learn to observe first before storming from a house where you were held captive.

I think the eyelashes need to be credited as a separate star of the show

And Steve’s nostrils were working overtime this episode …

Will never get tired of saying how much I love Eddie being more visible in Steve’s life this season.

Hopefully, there will be a TALK between Steve and Adam after this.

AND after the Valentines episode, Danny will move back to his own place.

AND Junior will be back where he belongs by Steve’s side



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#H50 10:14 – A Man’s Best Friend

Oh, how I love how they are using Eddie in the show this season. Never thought when they first introduced him in Season 8, that they would be able to incorporate his character like this. Well done to the writers, his trainer and Alex. It really made this episode with Eddie as member of the Five-0 team, worthwhile to watch.

The show was never really willing or brave enough to let the hero Steve McGarrett show signs of severe suffering from his past traumas. It might be good or bad – I for one did not really advocate that rout for his story.

However, they did use this situation with Eddie, just like last season with Noelani in 9:22 and even before that with Cath in Season 4,  to have Steve mention his traumas and how having a purpose and support from those close to him, helped him to cope with it.


Again some great and subtle continuity for the season, to have the Vet from Episode 10:04 come over to examine Eddie and even discuss what happened with her and Steve dating and not dating.

Steve’s face after the Vet left said so much  – the subtlety in Alex’s acting blows my mind every time. He does not need big traumatic situations to show how he just creates a  character with feelings.

Weird how they never even considered the fact that Eddie also traumatically lost his 2nd handler, the DEA office in Hawaii (Episode 8:02), as any cause of his PTS? But I guess they had to rush fleshing out this story and investigating in order to give time for the other part of the story.

I hope they explore the fact that there is a cute, seemingly single, neighbour living next to Steve. Really great to see that he actually lives next to other humans.

I do not care much for the way Adam’s story is turning out, but after this greeting between him and Steve and seeing Steve’s face, I have some hope that there might be some good story material here that they are working with. I guess the next few episodes will give us an answer to that.


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#AlexOLoughlin talks about Steve McGarrett on #H50

The transcript of a small part of an interview with Alex O’Loughlin from back in 2013, where he tries to explain his approach to his character, Steve McGarrett.


What makes him (Steve McGarrett) a hero, is the same thing that makes him human, you know. It’s why I’m always fighting for the humanity of this character. Of any character.

Now look, ultimately at the end of the day, this is a TV show, and that’s it, you know. But I have to approach it like it’s any other …. You know, I want to it to be more than that all the time. And I try to …. I never watch it. I watch one episode a year, because I am at the premiere and I have to. Cause they take photos of me, and if I’m sitting there like this, [closing his eyes] it looks weird.

But I don’t like watching myself back. But I love doing it. I love being in the moment.

And so, the humanity, that’s the answer. The humanity of this guy is the same thing, that makes him a hero. And that’s the thing that makes him flawed as well.

So, I hope we get to explore more of that shades of grey, because that’s where it is interesting.

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