Alex O’Loughlin – Sunday Magazine, October 2007

The latest Aussie actor making a name for himself on US television, Alex O’Loughlin
Sunday Magazine
14 October 2007

official promo photo dl

It’s late on a Tuesday afternoon and Aussie actor Alex O’Loughlin is negotiating his way through LA on his way to work. Night-shoots are de rigueur for the 31-year-old expat now –as the lead new US drama series Moonlight, which premiered a fortnight ago, he plays Mick St John. A troubled vampire who becomes a PI as a means of putting his dark powers to good use.

ml 14 beth eyes

“He has a pretty staunch moral code” says O’Loughlin of his ‘immortal investigator’, whose taste for human blood is quenched via the local blood bank rather than the more traditional way. “Mick takes on predatorial cases because he feels that the more he can rid the world of them, the further away he can get from the predator within himself. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he snaps at some stage in the season or in season two”.

ml 14 mick sepia
That’s if season two is made. O’Loughlin, who moved to LA three years ago and endured a “very frugal” 12 months without work before striking it lucky, is painfully aware of the realities of his profession. CBS has only picked up 13 episodes, which it can drop at any time if the show doesn’t rate. “You hear all sorts of horror stories in Hollywood,” he muses. “But I am working today, and as long as I’m working and can pay the rent, I’m happy.”

ml 14 - serious

He can afford to be happy for other reasons, too. Since appearing in Sunday magazine off the back of 2004’s Oyster Farmer, the Canberra-born actor has shot films with Kate Beckinsale (Whiteout), And Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Keri Russell (August Rush). O’Loughlin is ‘extremely excited’ about the latter, which sees him playing a rock guitarist from Dublin who moves to New York with his band.

He also snared a girlfriend, actor Holly Valance.She’s a lot of fun and it’s lovely having a fellow expat to concur with at the end of the day.”

ml 14 - drink

It seems that not landing the role of 007 after an 11-hour screen-test in London has done him no harm. “It was a nice dream for a week,” he says of his much-published audition in 2005. As for another much-published ‘fact’ – that he’s the son of AC/DC frontman Bon Scott. – O’Loughlin is clearly amused. “If I’m his son, the bloke I call Dad is a dark horse. I loved AC/DC – but it’s not true.”

old photo scruff dl

Mind you, playing along with the rumour could work in his favour, with rock‘n’roll love story August Rush about to be released in the US. O’Loughlin laughs, “Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything until after the film.”



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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 115

We continue our story from here

522 (36)

Okay, by now it is no secret anymore – Steve lost his story in the procedural abyss …… and once again I have nothing to report. :sad:

I enjoyed the episode more than I thought I would, but I did however have some pressing questions about some ‘serious’ stuff. And to my surprise the Koalified Smartass pitched up last night, to lend me a hand with some answers…… :???:

Questions: (and answers :grin: )

  • Why did Jerry stop at a green light?

Koalified Smartass: Maybe traffic lights work differently in Hawaii?

  • Just some weird logistics – How did the guy get back in the driver’s seat to drive off, after he got the woman in the car? By the time he pushed her to the other side and got in, the woman could have had time to jump out again?

Koalified Smartass: Oops … no time to explain details, they need to fit two stories for this week in 44 minutes.

  • Room keys per person? Is it standard practice for hotels to give out more keys that number of people booked in the room? As many as 18?

Koalified Smartass: In Hawaii, anything is possible ……

  • What is up with Kono’s pants?

Koalified Smartass: Someone in wardrobe thought she was a man and ordered pants for her that can accommodate bulging “man parts”? Or maybe it was just an old pair of her pregnancy pants? :razz: (Briefing to wardrobe – in the remake of Hawaii-Five-0, Kono is a woman)

  • On the “farm” they shoot the guy at the gate (and might I add without any back-up from the local police the two cousins raid the compound all on their own) – but nobody heard the shots?

Koalified Smartass: Out there on the quiet farm gun shots are normal? Who needs back-up? Not Five-0, surely?!

  • The “bad” lady is shooting at Kono and Chin, from a moving load on a crane – but nobody was working the crane – Chin just took over from nobody?

Koalified Smartass: The land of Five-0 is a mystery ….

  • Grover tells them that he wanted to send the rings to their brides – Kind of sure they’ve been married for many years. Who still calls them brides?  – Wives maybe…. :???:

Koalified Smartass: Who knows, my English is not that good :grin:

  • Don’t get me wrong – I loved the idea of Jerry getting some recognition for what he does and it is long overdue, because he has been instrumental in solving great cases and mysteries in the past. But what brave thing did Jerry do here? Act of courage? He followed a suspect and reported a murder….

Koalified Smartass: Don’t rain on the Ohana parade …. you are a bad, bad fan for doing that! :mad:

  • Why is Chin using this event to show the pictures from Gabriel  to Steve – maybe they never see each other at work anymore?

Koalified Smartass: Just be grateful for continuity somewhere in the storyline.

  • The team is split in 2, to cover two different cases for this week – they do share an office, but never run into each other there while working on these cases?  :lol:

Koalified Smartass: Don’t confuse the people who are doing the shooting schedules! It is hard enough to try and accommodate all the cast members and their off days.

  • Okay, so in the end, the guys were out on the town all night and return after 2 am, with the girl already dead in the tub – My question is – who trashed the hotel room like that if they were so out of it that they passed out without seeing a corpse in their tub…. surely nobody came home with them, because they would have seen the body? And how did those bear bottles land in the bath with her? And her skin looked quite normal for someone who has been in water for so long?

Koalified smartass: You are thinking way to ‘smart’ for my ‘ass’ :grin: – don’t confuse my enjoyment of this plot with stupid questions!

  • So ‘Pauly’ lost his hair by setting it on fire – without sustaining any 1st degree burn wounds?

Koalified Smartass: The ‘Laws of Physics’ does not apply on the “Island”?

  • The girl ran away from her “brother”, right to that hotel room. Why did she not seek help from people along the way – maybe some people in the lobby and reception?

Koalified Smartass: Stop being a smartass … that is my job. She ran like the wind screaming for help – no time to actually stop with people who could help her – she had to keep to the script…

Koalified Smartass

Anomaly for this episode:

  • On the Big Island, Chin and Kono drive with a Ford, but it is not a Ford, because the logo is blurred? Really do hope they sort out the Car-sponsors for S6. :smile:

My moment of the week:

  • Steve fixing Jerry’s tie

Steve & Jerry

Wish list if there is a Season 6

  • No more double story episodes – pick one of the cases and find something to do for everybody around it. (PLEASE)
  • I wish fans who complain about the sound will switch off their surround sounds and fancy stuff on their systems – Listen to it in normal mode, then you will be able to hear all dialogue perfectly.

 – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 522 –

Ho’amoano (Chasing Yesterday)

To be continued …….



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H50 5.22 – Steve forever in blue

This epi was pretty nice, stories flowed nice and were easy to follow. Not much action for Steve, but I loved the few funny faces we got in this epi :) And Alex looked really good, though I wished they hadn´t made him wear a blue shirt with a blue suit. A bit difficult to capture for gifs, but I think the stills will look good (in tomorrow´s post)…

Here´s what I captured briefly today:

Baby blue shirt


Even bluer


Blue suit




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Gif for the day – smoking hot bodied Stan

Once you’ve done a couple of films, I think the whole idea of being a movie star — well I don’t know about the ’star’ thing — but the idea of working regularly in feature films that’s my dream. To go from one character to the next and get to tell a million different stories, that would be wonderful; I’d love to be able to do that.

– Alex O’Loughlin,, 29 April 2009




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Alex O’Loughlin out of rehab and ready for action – October 2012

The big kahunas must be smiling on Alex O’Loughlin.

by Holly Byrnes

Herald Sun

17 October 2012

 309 (23)

Just months ago, headlines screamed with the news of the Australian actor’s admission to a rehab facility for the treatment of an addiction to painkillers. It seemed, at first glance, to be an all-too-familiar story where a film or TV star, with everything at his feet, wipes out and off the radar.

To O’Loughlin’s credit, his tale wasn’t typical at all, recovering swiftly after struggling to shake a dependency on drugs used to treat a shoulder injury he sustained throwing himself too vigorously into a stunt on set. As the no-nonsense leading man explains: “I got hurt pretty bad on the show and I ended up taking painkillers to get to work. I had trouble getting off them. That’s as complicated as it gets.”

The impact of his injury was a mortality reminder for the 38-year-old, learning to accept the ageing process. “I am not 20-something any more, as you can see from the dusting of grey on the sides of my head,” he jokes.

But there’s no holding a good man down. He rattles off an impressive fitness regime that would weaken the average Aussie bloke. “I am still doing physical therapy three times a week. I’m surfing, running, doing all that stuff. I just have to say no to some of the stunts I love doing so much. I enjoy doing that stuff but I’ve learned to let the stuntmen do those.”

309 (13)

The forced spell meant the production, which airs on Channel 10, went on without O’Loughlin for a period, a strange experience for all involved given he has been in almost every scene since the show launched two years ago.

309 (15)

Playing patient instead of the hero took some getting used to, he admits. “It was really difficult for me to be away. I’m at work 14 hours every day, and then all of sudden you’re not at work. I got a lot of letters and messages from people saying ‘Where are you?’ or ‘It’s so weird not to see you in the show’. Probably the biggest thing is how responsible for the show I actually feel. I don’t know if that’s my job to feel that way or whatever.”

Happily, O’Loughlin has some new responsibilities in his life, preparing for the birth of his second child with his partner, surfer Malia Jones (who was due at the time of publication). His son, Saxon, 15, has moved to Oahu to attend high school and be closer to his father, who has for many years supported him from afar as the actor tried to establish his career in Hollywood.

O’Loughlin has welcomed the home comforts and warm embrace of the local people and their idyllic surrounds. “I feel blessed to be part of these islands and part of this culture. This is home now.”

The prospect of parenthood the second time over has also added to his cautionary new approach to the job. “Of course, when you become a parent you try to be a little more sensible and a little less stupid. And even before, I was trying to exercise a certain sensibility just for my own self-preservation (but more so) after I got injured,” he says.

309 (9)

His TV character, Steve McGarrett, however, is still as intense as ever, with season three promising more shocks as he continues to pursue his father’s killer and struggles to accept the mother he thought dead for 20 years is still alive. Doris McGarrett is played by Emmy-winner Christine Lahti. “It’s really marvellous to work with her and she’s playing the role pitch-perfect,” he says. “Christine and the other guest actors bring new flavours, a new flair and a new rhythm. I feel like this is our best season so far.”

Still humming is his “bromance” with co-star Scott Caan (Danny “Dano” Williams). “We get each other’s energy and we have a similar sense of humour. It’s like a good marriage.”

309 (3)

Screencaps from Episode 3:09

My Thoughts

  • Season 3 still remains the best season for me with good all around entertainment. Good stories, great Ohana feeling, great humour throughout that season and actual progress in personal storylines. With 3:20, 3:06 among my top 5 episodes of all time on Hawaii Five-0 (Biggest factor maybe then – everybody were still available all the time for filming their parts in the story and stories did not have to be written around who is available.)


Magazine scan

Herald Sun - 17 October 2012


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