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We wish all our friends over the big pond a wonderful Independence Day. Celebrate and be safe. Happy 4th of July! wine smiley


4th july


Because for every one of you, there’s a thousand of me. And like you, we’ re willing to die for the cause too. And no matter what you do. No matter how hard you come at us, you’ll never change the way we think and never ever change the way we live. -Steve McGarrett H50


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Moonlight Detective talks with Alex O’Loughlin – February 2008

It seems that the original audio from this interview is lost (If somebody still know where it can be found, please let us know)

We found this transcript on the site: Moonlight Fanblog

ml hd cr bw smile

Moonlight-Detective: Hi Alex, my name is Melissa and I’m with Moonlight-Detective.com.

Alex: Hi Melissa!

Moonlight-Detective: It’s nice to talk to you.

Alex: It’s nice to talk to you too.

Moonlight-Detective: I understand you just got back in town, were you working on the UK launch of the series?

Alex: Yeah, I was actually, I was in Australia for five weeks first of all, and I was seeing my family and stuff, but I was also doing all of the final installments of the voice over, and I did a lot of press for the Australia launch of the show over there. And then I came back to LA for 24 hours and went to …. I’ve been in Europe for three weeks doing that stuff so…

Moonlight-Detective: Wow, so a couple of months of jet lag!

Alex: Yeah, actually my body, my times are so, they’re completely upside down; thoroughly invert everything so I’m just getting back to normal.

Moonlight-Detective: Well, how was the experience? Are you getting a lot of fan response overseas already?

Alex: Not that much through Europe. I mean, in Australia I get a lot of fan response to a certain extent because I’m from there. A lot of those guys know my Aussie work as well, but in Europe not too much. I mean, some people know a movie or two that I’ve done but the show has not played there yet. Yeah, I’m still pretty normal there, which is nice. I’m pretty anonymous everywhere, really. Whenever I go out I should wear a hat and glasses and stuff, but no one ever really says anything to me.


Moonlight-Detective: Is it one of those big floppy hats?

Alex: I wear a lot of hats, like I wear a lot. I always have a lot of hats, and I really love hats. Like, I have floppy ones, I have, kind of, broad, full brimmed, I have baseball caps. I just like hats. I’m a hat guy. So, no one really recognizes me.

Moonlight-Detective: I guess I can see where that would be nice to be incognito.

Alex: Yeah, but like I said, it’s not like I’m meaning to be incognito. I’m like, I’ve always worn hats so it’s kinda cool just to roam around. I can’t really imagine what it would be like to have to be a celebrity, and I’m a celebrity. Not being able to leave the house without getting hassled by paparazzi and stuff like all the time. That’d be a bit of a nightmare I’d imagine.

Moonlight-Detective: I would think it would be frustrating you know? You just wanted to go get some milk and…

Alex: Right, right, however, it’s a glamorous problem that I don’t have so… [laughs]

Moonlight-Detective: I don’t know whether to say I’m sorry or uh…

Alex: Oh, I’d just say “moving on!” [laughs]

Moonlight-Detective: Yup moving on! Well speaking of accessories, something that the fans have been talking about pretty much since the show premiered is Mick’s ring.

Alex: Yeah.

Moonlight-Detective: So I wanted to ask you about that. Do you know what the significance of the ring is?

Alex: It’s the first thing I chose for Mick, for that character, and I chose that for him when we showed the pilot that didn’t air; the pilot with the original cast. It was, I wanted him to have a piece of jewelry that we could attach a time line to; that we could attach a storyline to, and that could be a piece of jewelry that was… cuz he’s quite a modern character, you know, I mean, he doesn’t dress in long velvet capes and… You know, I mean, he wears … he fits into contemporary society. He looks like any guy, you know? And I wanted him to have one piece one something that was from another time.

mick hd ring


Moonlight-Detective: Kind of a throwback?

Alex: Yeah, and I know that he’s only, kind of, 90 years old himself, but you know, that ring comes from maybe when he went to Europe one time and he had an association with a six or seven hundred year old vampire and had a love affair with, or, you know, maybe he went to Prague, but it’s definitely from another time and it’s from another place and there’s a definite storyline attached to it that we haven’t sort of released yet and so hopefully you know… But it’s such a beautiful peace that I was looking for – I said, “I want him to have a ring,” and the guys were saying, like, the producers were asking me what I thought and I said, “Well, I don’t know.” And we were looking at the French symbols and we were looking at talking about the French origin of vampires and stuff which we start bringing into [episode 12] as well, and they brought in, you know, hundreds of different rings and I found that one, and I was like, “That’s the one! That’s the one I want.” And the producers were like, “No, no, no, it’s not right. It’s too…”

Mick St John ring

And I was like – I really fought for it and I was like, “No, it’ll be good because…” And I sort of sold it, and it doesn’t actually have any religious iconography, or any fleur de lis, or anything specific on it. It’s just kind of got cool flower patterns, and there is a cross with diamonds, but it’s not like a crucifix, and so it’s… and it’s got that beautiful moonstone underneath, and so, yeah, it’s just a piece of jewelry that Mick wears on his right index finger, which is kind of unconventional as well. It’s not really a finger I associate ring wearing with, but I liked it, that’s different.

Moonlight-Detective: It’s a pretty spectacular piece, and it sounds like you put a lot of thought into it. I do hope we get to see a storyline attached to it.

Alex: Yeah, me too.

ml hd bw cr 2

Moonlight-Detective: Speaking of that, I don’t know if you have any information on this and you may not be able to say anything about this, but with the strike over, do you have any idea when you guys are coming back?

Alex: No.

Moonlight-Detective: Nothing yet?

Alex: No, nothing at all. I wish I had an idea but it’s very frustrating for all of us, but no one knows. But then again, you know, like CBS are renowned for not saying anything, and are renowned for dropping info at the last-minute, and so I’m not worried. And whatever the case may be, I feel really proud of what we’ve done to date, and we created a show in the face of adversity that’s had three different show runners, two different casts…

Moonlight-Detective: It’s really an amazing success story for it.

Alex: Yeah, well, in the shadow of the biggest writers strike in 20 years, I mean, it’s like not only have we maintained serious numbers, we won a really important award and so it’s pretty great.

Moonlight-Detective: Congratulations on the People’s Choice Award, by the way!

Alex: Thank you! Listen, congratulations’s to you guys too, to all the fans. I mean, it’s not – I just happen to play Mick St. John. I mean, this is like – that award’s for all of us, you know.

Moonlight-Detective: Yeah, well we did have a lot of fun organizing ourselves to vote, so we were pretty thrilled when you popped up on screen to say thank you.

Alex: [laughs] Good!

Moonlight-Detective: That was a banner day for the Moonlight fans.

Alex: Awesome!

ml hd profile laugh bw

Moonlight-Detective: I got to talk to Sophia a few weeks ago when [episodes] 12 and 13 were getting ready to come out, and she was telling us that someone should film you and she on the set, when you’re out of character, because you guys just have so much fun.

Alex: Yeah, we have a lot of fun.

Moonlight-Detective: Are we going to be seeing the “Alex and Sophia Show” on the extras on the DVD?

Alex: Well, I’m not sure about that, you might – she has a lot more down time than I do, you gotta understand. [laughs] I work harder than she does.

Moonlight-Detective: Oh, really!

Alex: She’s got more time to come and annoy me, that I’m usually, like, telling her to go away cuz I gotta read the next draft, or the next script, or the next whatever.

Moonlight-Detective: Right, because you’re more serious and more focused…

Alex: But, what I do think would be interesting is if we just strapped a camera on Sophia and made “The Sophia Show”, and I could make a cameo appearance from time to time.

Moonlight-Detective: That would be fantastic! I mean, talking to her on the phone, she sounds like a lot of fun.

Alex: She’s a lot of fun. She’s a great girl, and she brings a lot straight away. I don’t know if it’s the Brit – Aussie thing or what it is, but you know, we laugh a lot, and we have similar sensibilities, and we have mutual friends as well, and yeah, so I mean, not to mention a great actor and, you know.

Alex & Sophia Myles

Moonlight-Detective: Right, well you guys have amazing chemistry on screen. It’s nice to know that it’s off screen too.

Alex: Yeah, no it’s very different off screen, you know. I mean the chemistry on screen is manufactured. Manufactured, I wonder if that’s the right word.

Moonlight-Detective: A different set of circumstances?

Alex: Well, it’s a different set of circumstances. We’re acting; we’re playing two characters, and the chemistry, a romantic chemistry, whereas off screen, we’re buddies you, know what I mean?

Moonlight-Detective: Yeah, it’s her teasing you while you’re trying to focus. [laughs]

Alex: Well, yeah, we have a relationship off screen, but it’s a platonic relationship that we have.

Moonlight-Detective: Yeah, well it’s a lot of fun to watch you guys on screen.

Alex: Cool!

Moonlight-Detective: We also talked with Jason Dohring.

Alex: Ah, lovely Jason!

Moonlight-Detective: Yes, and he has so many nice things to say about you. I think you’re his hero.

Alex: He’s such a great guy, he’s just, I feel really blessed working with these people, you know. Like, his family threw this Christmas party the likes I’ve never seen, and it’s just genuine, you know. They’re just genuinely wonderful people, and it’s such a pleasure to ah…when I see him on set, it’s like, YES! YES! And that’s rare, you know what I mean, it’s rare, rare, rare, rare. Especially in this industry, I mean, there’s so many fuckheads!

Alex & Jason BTS

Moonlight-Detective: To really like your coworkers, yeah, that is a blessing.

Alex: You know? I mean there is! It’s a weird thing in acting, you know. I mean, we’re artists, but we deal with the human condition, which can involve emotion a lot, you know. And a lot of people get confused, a lot of people end up living this really introspective life. You can move into self obsession very quickly and very easily. You know, you need to constantly remind yourself it’s not about how you feel, it’s about how the audience feels. And it’s not about your emotions, it’s about the emotions of these characters, and so you are simply the device with which you deliver this character’s reality, or you bring life to this character and you become the mouthpiece for this character and whatever. And so, a lot of actors can be construed as self obsessed. Sort of vain and narcissistic, and Jason is just, like, the most other-centered person that you know. He’s always thinking about other people, he’s always, he’s so generous with his time. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat.

Moonlight-Detective: I did want to ask you very quickly what else you’re working on. I know that you’ve got “Whiteout” coming up with Kate Beckensale.

Alex: Yeah, I do. I know “Whiteout” is coming out this year sometime. I don’t know exactly when, you guys probably know more than me, but that should be a cool film. I haven’t seen a cut of it yet, but they’ve been working really hard on it. But yeah, it’s going to be fun. I’ve been going out on a couple of things and I’ve been approached on a couple of different films, because no one knows what’s going on with the tv show.

Moonlight-Detective: Right.

Alex: And of course, CBS is sort of still saying, “Well, we’re not comfortable with letting you just go and do something else,” which would suggest that Moonlight will be coming back, but then again I haven’t heard.

ml bts mm bw cr 4

Moonlight-Detective: Well I’m sure they’re not gonna want to let you go since you are…

Alex: Well, yeah, one would presume that, but anyway, but I’m not actually officially attached to anything else. But there are a couple of things in the pipeline if Moonlight doesn’t go on this year, so. But because I’m not confirmed for anything, it would be silly for me to jinx myself.

Moonlight-Detective: Sure, I can understand that. We’ll just have to keep our eyes open!

Alex: There you go!

Moonlight-Detective: For announcements of Alex, the movie star…

Alex: And maybe your fingers crossed.

Moonlight-Detective: Ok, we’ll do that too!

Alex: Ok, thank you! [laughs]

Moonlight-Detective: Well, thanks so much, I know you’ve got other things going on, so I just wanted to say thanks for talking to us.

Alex: It was a pleasure, Melissa. Yeah, absolutely, thank you for your time.

Moonlight-Detective: Thank you!

ml mm bw cr dl 4



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H50 season 5 memories – Giggles, part 2

Another look at what got me smiling or laughing, or simply happy, last season ;) Usually it is Steve being funny, or just his face expressing his feelings :D I love to laugh at Steve´s jokes, but there hardly are any. So I am thankful for Steve getting “confused” with his friends :D


There wasn´t many moments, or even one in every episode. Still, looking back at these, I continue to smile :)


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Up Close with Carrie Keagan – 2009

Whiteout -

This interview with Carrie is an edited presentation for “No Good TV.com” made from the interview she did with Alex and Gabriel together, and with Kate on her own. The edit, with short inserts from the movie, was clearly made to create a little story. It can be fun, if you keep and open mind about the innuendo and the cursing. It is also clear that it was a long day of interviews and the boys (and Kate) were having some “fun” here with the voluptuous Carrie and her audience, after their lunch break.

NGTV.Com (A No Good Presentation)
Up Close with Carrie Keagan

And of course we added some footage of the “famous” sock run, which actually was such a small part of the movie – I kind of missed it the first time I saw it :razz:

Alex and Gabriel

Gabriel: NGTV.com?

Alex: Is that you spittle on my shirt?

Gabriel: Did I spit?

Carrie: What are you doing?

Alex: I think Gabe … is that spittle or some other excrement?

Carrie: What are you guys doing in-between interviews?

Alex: We just had lunch.

Gabriel: We just had lunch and I ask my daughter to spits and then she just goes.


Alex: Don’t bring her into this dude. It was just you and me and no one else.  We were in my room ….

Carrie: Better that she spit, let’s just leave it at that.

Alex: OH ….  shit.

Carrie: Just saying.

Alex: Vile

Gabriel: This is no good. This is no good.

Carrie: Okay let’s talk about how fucking awesomeness of this ‘Whiteout‘.


Alex: Fuck, we should start this interview.

Carrie: I’ve never felt so fucking cold in my life.

Alex: See what happens? See I told you that it works.

Kate: What do you mean?

Gabriel: You were cold? Watching the movie?

Carrie: The whole fucking movie, yes.

Alex: What were you wearing?

[Laughs all around]


Gabriel: Nothing.

Carrie: It’s going to be that kind of interview.

Dialogue in clip from the movie: ” We have a real situation developing.”


Alex: Don’t fuck around. Your time is valuable.

Carrie: My time? I thought your fucking time was valuable.

Alex: Dude, I’m so sick of this shit we’ve been fuckin asked. We need some fresh questions.

Carrie: We need to rewrite it. Who’s got the whiteout?

Gabriel: Ah, I like that.

Dialogue in clip from the movie: “And the reader went off the charts.”


Alex: Pretty good. My Red Bull is still kicking in.

Kate: Other than that, not really.

 Dialogue in clip from the movie: “You are, in short gentlemen, well on your way to dying. And it’s only been 3 minutes.”

Carrie: There are ways it seems that people, keep warm, when it’s that cold?

[Clip from the movie – showing some vodka]

Carrie: Vodka is necessary?

Alex: And nudity. You are guaranteed.

Carrie: Nudity, should definitely necessary.

Alex: I can guarantee you, in the cinema, you were not as cold as I was running naked across that fucking ice, in minus 35 degrees.


Dialogue in clip from the movie: “Never underestimate the ice”

Carrie: We have to protect the goods, you know.

Kate: That’s true. It’s true.

Carrie: We don’t want to be cutting off things that we know…

Kate: No.


Carrie: That would be bad.

Kate: That needs to pulsate.

Carrie: Yes.

Kate: Exactly.

Dialogue in clip from the movie: “Let’s see how cute you are with a few parts missing.”


Alex: Gabriel’s character started off as a woman. True or false?


Gabriel: True.

Carrie: Oh.

Alex: I’m just saying.

Kate: I can’t even imagine.

Gabriel: [In a deep voice] Hi, fuck me?

[Laughs all around]

Alex: That was the quickest you’ve been all day.


Gabriel: Word.

Kate: Not really.

Dialogue in clip from the movie: “Maybe I’ll be good for you, now that you are missing a couple of parts.”


Alex: Gabriel is a cunt.

Carrie: There was a nice little streaking moment.

Kate: There was, and I had to watch that.

Carrie: Did you keep your eyes close?

Kate: I was not allowed to be there. I did say, I think it is very important for my character to witness this.

Carrie: And then shrinkage happened? What happened?

Alex: Well shrinkage happened with him, when he read that his part was a woman. But I was okay.


Kate: They felt it was really too cold to have an audience. .. [giggles]

Carrie: They were ashamed?

Alex: That, plus no ‘gina.

Kate: Wow, it’s not a good look on them.

Carrie: Shrinkage is a though thing.

Kate: It’s a very real risk.

Dialogue in clip from the movie: “Nature did not intent, for you to survive out here.”

Carrie: You know what. I’m going to give them more credit now. Instantly, they are manlier men.

Kate: Right.

Carrie: Just for having done it.

Kate: Yeah. Tell Alex. He’ll be happy to hear that.

Dialogue in clip from the movie: “We hit something big”


Carrie: They probably had, little like wool lined…?

Kate: They had a wool socks.

Carrie: Socks on…

Kate: Yeah, they had a wool sock. Really ask Alex, his very ready to tell you about the sock.


One Happy-sock


Alex: Your entire body hurts when you get back.

Gabriel: This guy was playing ‘capture the flag’, and I was trying to solve a murder.

Alex: I was playing ‘capture the flag‘.


Kate: It is hard to get him to stop talking about it actually.

Carrie: Poor boys.

Kate: I’d rather he talked to you than me.


Alex: ‘Capture the flag and find the penis’. That was what we were playing.


Dialogue in clip from the movie: “Six inches in front of your face.”

Kate: He made it up. It sounds like he was saying that it was huge, you know.

Alex: That was what we were playing on that day.


Carrie: It’s my new favourite game?

Alex: Find the penis … oooh.


Dialogue in clip from the movie: “They’re in my gear. I hid them in my gear”


Alex: I’ve done this before. And I never do it well. It’s always a lame fucking thing.

Kate: It’s really had to cram it into that sock.

Carrie: Always. That’s always the story.

Kate: I know, isn’t it?



Carrie: They had to reinvent the sock.

Kate: There wasn’t even a sock. It was a wader.

Carrie: It was a sail.


Gabriel: In ‘Whiteout’, you see a lot of motherfuckers get killed.

Kate: What do you mean? Go see the movie.

Carrie: Absolutely.

Kate: Yes, you should. It’s actually good.

Carrie: I completely agree.

Kate: It feels like we are having a fight.

Carrie: We might.

Kate: Okay.

wo premier dl

Link to video


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Alex got jiujitsu hugsies at Whole Food Market, Kailua

Alex (and Egan) and Marcus Wilson, apparently the next big thing in jiujitsu,  demonstrated some defense moves at the Whole Food Market last Saturday. To a very small audience (where the hell were all the fans?!)

Photo credit Monica Bacon, posted on Honolulu Pulse, Five-o Redux

Posted on Honolulu Pulse, Five-o Redux, courtesy of Monica Bacon

Big thanks to P Tina Watson aka @honorooroo on IG for sharing her video clips with all us Alex fans. I asked for original audio clips, even though (sadly) there wasn´t really any talking by Alex. Anyway, it is always a treat to watch him in action. Oh to get a hug from Alex…mmmm…..

Here are the links to her videos on youtube:

Thank you Tina for sharing your lovely clips cat_smiley01

bearded al peek ty

Taking this opportunity to once again remind fans and Hawaiians that Alex doesn´t have any social media accounts (apart from his FB page, run by his publicist). And please be aware of that one “alexoloughlin_official” hoax account on IG. We actually tried to tell one local Hawaiian this (on the pic below), since they had that fake official account tagged,  but for some reason they just kept deleting any such comments (would love to know what they were thinking). 

tag aloha alex wholefood

Posted by tag_aloha on IG

I wish they would have promoted this “gig” earlier and got more people to attend. Are they scared the fans will storm the place because of Alex and therefor leaving it to the last minute. But having just a handful of people attending is a shame.


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