NO! #AlexOLoughlin is not sending you private messages …

The internet is full of scamsters! Don’t be fooled by them …..

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear – we get messages from fans nearly every week asking us if Alex is now sending personal messages to them. Some asking if the bank account details he is giving is genuine. It makes my hair raise!

Evil people prey on the vulnerable and naive – On those who might not know how social media works.  But it is on you to think logically and place a question mark on why any celebrity would contact fans personally. Just as if they do not have their own personal lives.

Pauly:  … tell us is your Twitter and your Instagram. Do you have one of those?

Alex: Me? Dude I don’t have any of that shit.

There s a lot of Alex O’Loughlin Facebook’s and stuff like that out there … but none of them are me. Literally, if I didn’t have an assistant, I would not open my mailbox. 

Podcast with Pauly Shore – March 2015

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Most celebrities, like Alex, are busy people with no reason or interest to be personal friends with fans. And if they wanted you to give money to some cause, they would make it very public and official on a large scaleNEVER in private or in one on one messages.

How much time do you think they have to contact individuals for such things, asking for money?


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How many more times does Alex have to say this in interviews before people will believe it?

“I would rather set fire to myself than join social network! Only because, I’ll tell you why, Donna. Okay, at the moment, I’m going to have a look. I’m going to reach into my pocket, and I’m going to get my phone out and I’m going to have a look. Okay, if you see here, it’s says 97 unanswered emails. 97!!

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They’re all emails I have to answer. I’m so unmanageable when it comes to that stuff. If I had Facebook, Twitter, anything like that, I don’t know what would happen. 

Alex O’Loughlin answering fan questions in 2011

We know language is a big issue and people who do not understand English properly are at a bigger risk to be fooled by these, sometimes dangerous individuals. It is therefore good if you are knowledgeable and speak a different language, but understand English, to help your fellow fans in this regard.

I really do hope that in the near future especially Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, will make it easier to report these scamsters. It is time for them to step up and protect their users.

But remember, these pages all have a safeguard – they allow celebrities to verify their accounts and get the blue tick. 

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Look for it and don’t trust any account without it – especially those with the word “official” in their name. And please read bios on top of pages properly to know what they are about, before blindly following them and liking all their posts. By doing that, you are part of the problem!

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And don’t think anybody with Alex’s name in their page name – even us, is speaking on his behalf.

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Fans accounts are fans – and they don’t represent him or speak for him. Most of them just want to share the beauty of Alex with others and enjoy him with fellow fans……

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They Say …. #AlexOLoughlin is Passionate.

Kimee Balmilero who plays Dr. Noelani Cunha, on #H50 and Magnum PI, did a live interview with Amy Bakari this week. During the interview, Amy asked Kimee to describe her fellow workers in one word.

The first colleague Amy asked Kimee about, was Alex O’Loughlin and she quickly answered:


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For me one of the best examples of Alex’s creative passion during his career, is the dedication of writing, directing, and acting in Hawaii Five-0, Episode 10:07.

There are so many other examples of Alex’s passion for things over the years. His dedication to BJJ, his way of approaching a photoshoot like the one for Watch. His passion when choosing the ring for Mick St John in Moonlight. His preparation for Three Rivers and going all out into organ donation. His love for his wife and kids and their home in Hawaii.

What else can you think of that shows his passion?

Whether I was working on a building site or auditioning or moving to the US, I’ve always done it with all of my heart. I don’t know how to do it any other way.

– Alex O’Loughlin, GQ Australia, November 2011


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More about #AlexOLoughlin with @ensoninoue and #destinyforever

After yesterday’s post, there was a discussion about Alex’s involvement in designing a bracelet for Destiny Forever.

Bee reminded me of the time when Enson posted the pictures of Alex’s visits to the Destiny Forever stall in 2015. (Thank you B!)

  • Posted by Enson on 15 February 2015.
Enson Inoue  Alex getting serious and designing his own bracelet.
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  • The result
Enson Inoue  I made the bracelet Alex lined up for himself and it came out pimp! Good job Alex!
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  • And just for fun some other pictures posted by Enson that day.
Enson Inoue Ha!!! Look what I got for Stalker Lau! Yeah!!!
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  • Alex with Enson and Mike Fowler (16 Feb 2015)
Enson Inoue The Three Amigos together again! Alex sporting his new Destiny Forever bracelet and Mike sporting his new old face!
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Enson Inoue Stalker Lau was stoked with his autographed pic.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is uncle-lau-with-alexs-autographed-picture.jpg
  • Alex as part of the Destiny Forever collection:


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The Professor is a Black belt Jiu-Jitsu bracelet designed by Alex O’Loughlin.

The bracelet consists of Black and White Onyx, Hematite and Red Agate – with the center bead engraved in gold with the kanji for Ju-jutsu : 柔術
Onyx provides strength, stamina and power and promote the fighting Samurai spirit.
It is also great for negating negative energy, enhancing self-control and encourages wise decision making.
Agate is good for cleansing and stabilizing the aura, transforming and eliminating negativity.
Hematite to close the bracelet which is good for body aches and pains, balance, focus and concentration.

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Alex, Sarah & Enson


  • But who is Enson, apart from being an MMA champion fighter, a friend of Alex, and brother of BJJ Master Egan?
An accomplished fighter, businessman, and humanitarian, Enson Inoue founded DESTINY FOREVER LLC in 2011 with one clear vision in mind – to help those that are less fortunate.
After some close encounters of his own, Enson quickly learned the healing and intimate nature that crystals give to the wearer. In Japanese tradition, if these bracelets break while worn – it is actually a good thing – as the healing and protective nature of the crystals are said to absorb the negative events or energy that would have otherwise harmed the person.
He made them for close friends and family and was constantly asked where he “purchased” them from. This was something that resonated within him for a while – how could this opportunity be grasped to assist others. In light of these questions and the fact he could use funds to help people he decided to set up the business, uniting people under a common goal – compassion.
DESTINY FOREVER LLC is operated on core values such as Honesty, Integrity, Family, helping others and Trust and this is an integral part of the way business is conducted.
Enson’s efforts are currently focused on delivering essential supplies to the people in the North of Japan. He uses both personal funds and those raised through DESTINY FOREVER LLC to purchase such things as water, rice, toiletries, and other things that will help improve the quality of life for those affected by the March 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. To date, he has completed over 23 missions, and vows to continue them until the people of the North can continue living a “normal” life.
Enson also works towards helping foster better relationships between groups of people involved in the welfare of animals, this includes his drives down to Taiji to meet with parties that have an interest in the activities around the treatment of dolphins there.
To help him live the values and Yamatodamashii way, Enson regularly walks the Shikoku pilgrimage in the south of Japan. For him it is a way of gaining inner peace and perspective on the life we live, bringing patience, humbleness and gratitude among other things.  Many people from around the world complete this pilgrimage and Enson is one pilgrim that returns to do it in order to exercise his mind, body and soul.
You can follow Enson on his journeys through his Facebook fan page, TwitterBlog or Japanese blog. 
  • Enson’s Tweet about The Professor bracelet in 2018

Always great to see Alex being friends with those who care for others …

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“People who care about people inspire me”

– Alex O’Loughlin,

Oct 2009 during the CBS Live chat


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#AlexOLoughlin and @ensoninoue

Some new pictures of Alex visiting his friend, Enson Inoue at his stand for Destiny Forever LLC in Hawaii

  • Posted by Enson.
destinyforeverllc   Who’s this sketchy character who came to my shop without an appointment?
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-at-destiny-forever-with-enson-25-jan-2021.jpg
  • And another one of them together.
ensoninoue    Always nice to have my friends pay me a visit! #h50 #hawaii50 #alexoloughlin
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Thank you Enson – it is always great to see a new and recent picture of Alex.


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#AlexOLoughlin – BJJ Instructor

In January 2019, we missed out on sharing a few things that were posted at the time. So, remember this is not new – it already happened 2 years ago.
In his interview with Inferno Cast, Alex talked about how important it is for growth in BJJ, to also train others on your way to advance in the sport. This shows us how Alex also got involved with training the young.
  • From Egan
Guest instructor @eganinouejiujitsu #grapplingunlimitedhawaii
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  • From Jamie Blake
hoolawellness  No they were not on @hawaiifive0cbs, I’m just that mom.
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  • Jamie also posted some small videos on her IG stories at the time …

Link to video:

  • Alex doing some exercises with the kids, including his own son, Lion.

  • Alex instructing some of the other kids.


Thank you to Jamie for posting it at the time and to B for saving it.


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