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What is the weirdest place someone has asked you to say ‘Book ’em, Danno’

Probably in a public rest room, is probably one of the more strange places. But you know where it is gotten to now, people don’t ask me to say it anymore. They just tell me to do it, it’s like “Yo, Book’em Danno”, and I am like I’m McGarrett but okay thanks. It’s just like people just like the opportunity to say that line, because it is so famous.


120 MCG dl n blue


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We smell cake today – Happy Birthday #AlexOloughlin

Awesome since 1976


We wish this wonderful man a very Happy Birthday. Let´s hope he gets to spend this big four-oh day with best friends and family. And that his day is filled with joy and laughter cake

40 bday black

…and plenty of cake! :celebrate:

Happy Birthday from us all 

Ps had to add this lovely pic by Malia, of her delicious 40 y Alex. We got a pressie!

alex surf board 40 by malia


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Gif for the day – confused #SteveMcGarrett

Oh no…he can´t decide. Chocolate or buttercream? Tic, toc…




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When “Real Life” happens…….

To all our fellow Alex fans and readers:

As always, thank you for your loyal support.

A few curve balls from real life kept me away from social media for the past few weeks and I could not give you my normal weekly reports on Alex and life around him.

Thank you to my wonderful blog partner Paula, who kept things going here for us all to enjoy during this time.

Thank you for your understanding and hopefully we will soon be back in full force to report on our favourite obsession.

117 dl n

Only 3 days left until Alex’s 40th birthday.

Some wonderful celebration to be looking forward to ……


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Pic for the day – #AlexOloughlin´s mail

Asked about the strange gifts he gets in his fan mail, Alex smiled as he revealed, “I receive underwear—some clean, some not. No joke. My assistant who helps me with my fan mail constantly threatens to quit because of what we get sent… More from the Europeans… avant-garde type Germans, French, Dutch…I see the Amsterdam postmark and I’m like… you know. I get the bras… ”

del s3 bw mcg bw dl n


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