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Yey! New, goofy #AlexOloughlin strikes again :D

Thanks to @SurfBelle2 on twitter for sharing the pics, which took us to IG user @frenchietheexplorer and found even a goofy Alex mini clip. Alex being his usual hilarious self 😀 Appears the video and pics were already shared 1-2 weeks ago, but been “hidden”, with no proper tags alerting fans. Lucky for us, they weren´t lost forever!

(I wonder which one is her favorite, hmmmm? *wink* )

You can view the mini video here 


PS. I swapped the video gif, cause it was shot from a mirror, now it faces us the right way.
Thank you @frenchietheexplorer for sharing this fun ♥



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Looking back at our ‘tortured’ past – High Five for Hawaii Five-0, Season 5?

About nine months ago, on 14 March, to be exact we posted the good news  that we will be ‘tortured’ with another season of Hawaii Five-0 again. (Link to that post) I stumbled upon it again, while searching for something else. The post contained a few wishes or requests that we had for the new season (Season 5). It was actually funny to see which needs were met so far and which ones we did not nearly get at all. It was also interesting to see the many comments and  the debate with the post. And it was also great to see some old familiar names there who ‘liked’ the post and commented on it.

Well Steve definitely got tortured – AGAIN….. by WoFat…..for something he did not know at all….again…. But do we also feel ‘tortured’?

Paula and I thought it might be nice to compare our wishes listed then, to those we actually got……..

  • Our first request was for Alex as Steve to grow his hair a little longer and to leave some of the grey there.  To me that wish was only half granted. His hair is not really so terribly short, but it is also not really that much longer. And it appears to have gotten shorter after the first episodes this season.
  • Request # 2 – to burn all his Season 4 shirts. It was mainly my wish and I should maybe explain what I meant by it. I find those shirts of him very fuddy-duddy like. My 25-year-old nephew asked me why Steve dresses so “old”? And  the stupid thing about those shirts, is that Steve have to change into a T-shirt in any case, for when he puts on his Kevlar. Why choose wardrobe that don’t fit the needs for your job? AND the main thing is, why do we never see him change from the fuddy-duddy shirts to the T-shirts he wears under the Kevlar? That might be fun …..seeing him change clothes…strapping on the thigh holster……. *sigh*…… oops, where was I? 😛 (PS. But we do appreciate the mostly great moments we did get with Steve in something else than his “good-old-blue-shirt” glasses-smiley
  • It seems like the white saggy pants got lost. And I kind of dig the new pants with all the zips on the legs. It just feels like his pants in general are fitting him better this season. I think most of us would prefer some lighter pants though. Maybe they will come – soon? smiley-pray

Next up: Steve doing more SEAL stuff again – How do you feel,  did we get enough ‘Badass’ Steve so far? With Alex’s stunt-double Justin leaving the show at the end of Epi 515, we surely hope that most of those dangerous stuff for the season is already in the bag.

  • ‘The key to continuation in the story is small things, like a stolen glance between lovers that mean something.  A quick call or a message from aunt Deb or Mary, to let us know how they are – not just a sudden appearance out of thin air.'<<<< At least we got that one reference to Aunt Deb and Mary and the call to Mary from the graveyard – yeah smiley-whistling
  • Sadly another live tweet was not granted, but at least Alex and Scott got to answer some fan questions. smiley-snicker
  • We asked for less squinting and some sunglasses for the team, but it looks like Steve keeps his sunglasses for visiting his dads grave. Back then, in Epi 104 and now again in 505 smiley-snicker
  • Ah – At least we got some new promotional picture for Season 5!! smiley-Black_cat___Free_avatar_by_Reiketu

(I was so glad, I did not even mind the fuddy-duddy old blue shirt)

  • Apart from tortured shirtless Steve, our wish for “nakedness” was not really granted. Although we did get Kono in a bikini in nearly every episode. So at least the guys and the girls who are into her, got something to look at. But sadly I think we might never see Steve shirtless ever again.


  • Back to our request #3 – Honesty from the producers about reasons why main cast members are not available for filming. Okay, this one is most probably too much to ask for, but luckily we have other sources that help “some” of us to understand why our favourite star is missing in action. For instance we know Scott was not on set for those first 2 weeks of shooting, because his baby-girl Josie was born. And we know Alex was hardly in the last episode (509), because he went to Japan with his friend Enson – And with that we once again want to thank Enson for providing us with the best non-work related news about Alex. Enson, you are a star!



 And with this “Do-wishes-come-true?”, we wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for 2015!wine smiley




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Introducing another Flickr album – Tank top Steve

Continuing with our Steve McGarrett Flickr collections. Decided to admire his strong shoulders and bulging biceps this time. Don´t you always picture him squeezing you tight 🙂

More beauties waiting for your eyes here




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H50 5.08 – Steve McGarrett stills

I got carried away a bit with this episode. Alex looked amazing, and really hard to delete any of the stills. And for some reason I think black and white goes well with tuxedo pics 🙂


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H50 5.08 – Steve all smiles again

Wasn´t this a happy episode after last week´s “horror”. I wasn´t surprized a bit, that they didn´t even refer to his torture. It must be that lovely and magical Paradise air (Aloha spirit?), that heels them so quickly 😉



And we finally got the goodbye from Cath…
I guess in H50 this means Steve is officially ready to date Ellie. Maybe they could recreate that great bed moment in 1.05 😉


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