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A Month of Mick (#16) – Kicking butts and looking cool

Time for some butt kicking! But it´s the vamp make-up with those contacts, and then Alex´s own smile that is making my head spin, in a good way (I feel like squeeing!) 😀bts-ml-aol-big-fight

Listen to what he has to say:





bts-ml-fight-4b I usually let the pics do the talking, but have to say that this entering a room, by these two, is one of my favorite individual moments. It was funny and cool at the same time. I wish we had gotten more of these brothers kicking butt together! They are so cool as vamps 🙂



But I’ll tell you, mate, once I put those teeth and eyes in, it’s like I’m wearing a mask. It completely shifts me away from who I am. Mick St. John as a normal guy, before he vamps, is one character, but Mick St. John in full vamp is another beast altogether!

— Alex O’Loughlin, Starlog, March 2008



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