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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #61

We continue our story from here

Steve 20

Steve shows his support by attending the custody hearing between Danny and Rachel. Rachel still wants to move to Vegas with Stan and take Grace with her, but Danny is not prepared to move again.

Steve (to the judge): But Detective Williams doesn’t just work for me, he is my friend. He is my close friend. And I’ve seen him with his daughter. He’s a great father. He’s actually the kind of father we all wish we had.

Every time I hear these words, I kind of feel Steve is in a way accusing his father for abandoning them, by sending them away to protect them rather that keeping them close to do it….. 😦

The Governor calls on Steve to handle a case of a murder that happened at a house of some of his close friends. It turns out that the Governor is actually protecting the person he allowed to stay there, a senator and a close friend and army buddy of his. At first he did not trust Steve with all the details, but they discover that the dead person was a prostitute and that the senator is missing.

In the end the whole thing was orchestrated by WoFat, in order to buy a politician for himself by eliminating the senator from the election race. When Steve and Danny track down WoFat and the senator, they are unable to catch him, because they have to leave in a hurry to get the senator to hospital.

Gov. Denning: I owe you.

Steve: No sir. Just doing the job.

Gov. Denning: No, you went above and beyond, commander. And I am sorry.

Steve: Sir?

Gov. Denning: I should have been straight with you from the start. Trust, it….. Well it’s a mighty big word.

Steve: Yeah, it is. And if I may?

Gov. Denning: Of course. I’m sitting in shorts, drinking beer with you. Go ahead. Fire away. Don’t hold back.

Steve: I got a lot of respect for you, sir. Got a lot of respect for the office. But if this thing between us is gonna work out, honesty is the best policy. Your predecessor, she didn’t believe in that, and it got her killed.

Gov. Denning: Well that was her, this is me. To Five-0.

Steve: All right.

Danny gets a call from the court. The judge is granting him shared custody and it means Rachel will  not be allowed to move and leave Hawaii with Grace….. 🙂

Steve 25

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 314 –

Hana I WaʻIa (Scandal)

To be continued here



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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #60

We continue our story from here

Steve 04


(I really wonder why we should miss out on scenes like these from Steve……. just saying 😦 )

Chin is drugged and kidnaped and he wakes up in prison the next morning. It seems like some people want to take revenge on him – Paul Delano and Kaleo. Sang Min helps him, and in order to break out they start a fire and it ends up in a prison riot.

Chin meets Leilani while he tries to escape. They get caught and she is locked up and Chin taken to Kaleo. The team uses Kamekona’s helicopter to fly into the prison yard and help to set Chin free, just as he kills Kaleo in a fight. They also help Leilani and when they try to help Sang Min, they find that he is already gone.

Kono asks Charlie Fong to help her clone Adam’s phone, because he is talking to suspicious people and she does not know what to make of it.

Adam & Kono 3

Steve 08

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 313 –

Olelo HoʻOpaʻI Make (Death Sentence)

To be continued here


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#H50 2:10 – Steve beaten and still smiling …

My favorite episode of H50, Season 2.

The story was different and Alex had a chance to play the wounded hero. I would definitely not want to watch him get his arse kicked all the time, but for a change this was nice to watch.

I actually loved the scene with Jenna, and Steve hanging – brilliant acting from both of them.

I remember some were upset with Jenna´s betrayal but I understood her motives, and felt she earned her forgiveness with her death.

TV Week: In season two, a dangerous stunt involved you being hung up by chains. How was that to film?

Alex: That was tricky! There’s a reason you use chains to torture people — they really hurt. They sort of chip away at your bones.

I was probably hanging there for about 12 hours!

Let the animated pictures tell their own story of all the emotions and skill……..






TV Week: Twelve hours?! Really?

Alex: That day actually perpetuated some other injuries I had on my shoulder from another hit I’d taken. Then, I had fight scenes and I was pretty sore after that.

The stunt team is incredible. My stuntman has two broken ankles and one of them is just starting to heal. What you see on screen is pretty intense to make it look realistic.

They’re the guys that really take a beating, but they also get to go home and rest.

The difficulty with me is that when you’re working as hard and as much as I do, you get fatigued, which means your body can’t recover as quickly.




And the smile that brightened up the whole world……


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Alex O’Loughlin and the Ghosts of girlfriends past.

I think I owe you dinner

Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 5 (Nalowale)

Spoiler Alert. Please be aware that if you haven’t seen all of Alex’s wonderful work , there might be some spoilers here or it might even get you curious enough to see them all.

It has been a while now since we heard that Catherine, played by Michelle Borth, is going to be a more permanent member of the cast of H5-0. Up until now we have only seen her in five episodes of the series.
She is, for the most part, a well-loved character that pops in and out of Steve’s life as it is needed in the story. We don’t know how the writers are going to incorporate her on a more permanent basis in the story, but most of us hope for the best.
Any love/lust interests in television shows are kind of doomed. They either don’t last long or they are very volatile. I suspect it is not going to be too different with these two love birds when she is around so much.

But let’s have a look at other love interests that Alex has encountered in the roles he has portrayed.

His biggest “lover” role, thus far, has been Stan in the romantic comedy The Back-Up Plan. Here he is a very noble character, that gets involved with a woman on the day she got artificially inseminated. They kind of like each other and just after they made love for the first time, she reveals her pregnancy to him. He decides to stick around and they continue to build their relationship, during those sometimes “difficult” months of pregnancy. Most people who have known each other for years already, struggle to adjust, so for two people just starting to build a relationship it can turn out to be a “comedy”.

Who cannot help but to fall in love with the wonderful Dr Andy Yablonski in Three Rivers? The man is basically a saint that is being rejected by his police-officer wife and they are separated. She doesn’t want to have his babies?!

Dr Liza Reed falls in the same category as Andy, somebody with a calling as a doctor and that can be classified as a saint. They are a match made in heaven.
Who knows what would have happened with their relationship if the series had continued.

In Moonlight Alex plays a vampire, Mick St John, turned to a life of doom he didn’t want, by the love of his life. His wife Coraline kind of betrays him by giving him “eternal” life without his consent, after they got married and he had proclaimed that he will love her forever. After 33 years of marriage he eventually “kills” her.

Then enters Beth, the woman he saved as a girl. As a grownup she fascinates him and he can’t help falling in love with her. A love that he does not want to pursue for many reasons. Not only the fact that she is human and he is a vampire but also that he has been watching over her since she has been four years old. When they actually meet for the “first” time she is very much involved with another man and Mick is a man of honour with old school values. Another big guess is as to how this relationship would have developed ………

I need a big excuse to somehow incorporate the kissing scene from the movie The Holiday. We can only guess as to what these two lovebirds (known as The Kissing Couple) story was……but it is still cute to watch and I am sure their happiness lasted for ever and ever……

The Invisible did not show us too much of the relationship between car thief and school girl. We can only imagine that things got hot between these two. They both carried the weight of their past and their present lifestyles with them……not good quality relationship material at all. No wonder they killed each other in the end.

FEED, this movie would most probably tip the scale to the side of bizarre relationships. First there is Michael’s wife Mrs Carter, who turns a blind eye to the life her husband lives. She is a religious woman who made herself believe that her husband was serving these women with good deeds (Feeding them while naked and without his wedding ring – service indeed!)

Then we have the feeder-gainer loves in Michael’s life. On some level they fill a warped need in his life. I have already  called them replacements for his mother, but they definitely also play a part in his weird love/lust life.

And then he went and married a pistol in Mary Bryant – the words of Will Bryant as spoken by Alex. This is the interesting tale of Will and Mary Bryant, that meet each other on the ship that transported convicts from Britton to Australia in the 1700’s. I was never really sure, if Will was just one of the many men that Mary used, to get what she needed in life. In the end it seems as if their love for each other was real and they gave each other comfort and hope in a time of great distress.

In Oyster Farmer we have Jack and Pearl. Oh the trials and tribulations of young love. My thanks to the writer/ director of Oyster Farmer that gave us the raw talent of Alex to last for ever. For me Alex was Jack! From their very first meeting you can see that Jack and Pearl kind of like each other.

But then there is always doubt in Jack’s mind. Is Pearl earning some extra income with her body or did she steal his stolen money? That is until he discovered the truth…….

This bring us back to present day and the prospects of Cath and Steve and what lies ahead for them. Alex Steve and Michelle  Catherine are a very well matched couple. Will we be treated with some nice moments between these two? Most of the times when they are together they provide some nice viewing moments for us fan girls.

Goodbye Sweetie…….we’re looking forward to some good times!

Goodbye girls……

For more info on what Michelle herself had to say about her character, you can read what Officer808 found out in Part 1 and Part 2

This is once again dedicated to Justine…..Happy Birthday, dear! We know that the biggest role he has ever played is the lover in your world of fantasy, but we unfortunately have no footage or detail of it to show on here….


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