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#H50 Enjoying Boom Times In Paradise – February 2011

By Bill Keveney, USA TODAY

18 February 2011

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HONOLULU — Tourists and locals mix on the wharf, some stopping at food stands, others basking on a bench in the warm morning sunlight. A steady breeze tempers the heat. Boats bob in the nearby marina, with Waikiki’s huge hotels glimmering in the background. It’s the perfect Hawaiian advertisement, especially for snowbound mainlanders. And then —Ka-boom!

A 20-foot fireball engulfs a car, black smoke rising into the clear blue sky. The beauty is Hawaii; the explosion is Hawaii Five-0.

That contradictory blend, serene paradise, and window-rattling action, has helped the first-year series become the No. 2 new drama in viewers (behind CBS’ Blue Bloods), the top-rated new drama with young adults and the most played-back series on DVR. The explosion, and the episode about a mad bomber, airs Monday (CBS, 10 ET/PT).

The story of this elite crime-fighting task force — Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), Danny “Danno” Williams (Scott Caan), Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) and Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) — is based on the classic Hawaii Five-0, which ran from 1968 to 1980, but it diverges from the original in many ways.

The new Five-0 delves deeper into the characters’ backgrounds and their relationships with one another.

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Producing a successful remake is no easy task. Numerous recent redos have failed, including The Bionic Woman, Knight Rider and Melrose Place. What makes this one work?

Executive producer Peter Lenkov credits the casting.

“I think those four characters have come to life very early in the process. It takes a long time sometimes for characters to find their voice and become people you want to tune in to week to week. From the beginning, these guys made their characters three-dimensional.”

The show has struck the right balance, CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler says. The producers

“looked at the original show and what elements worked well, the setting, the cases, and stories indigenous to Hawaii. Then they took a very hip, more modern twist on it by looking at the Danno-McGarrett relationship,” she says.

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Golden Globe nominee Caan puts comparisons to classic Five-0 out of his mind.

“I never really paid attention, nor do I care. Not in a negative, pompous way. I never saw the original. I care about the original because of the history, and the roots of the show. But I’m not trying to top anything. This is our own show.”

Ratings have been good — 12.4 million viewers, ranking 20th — but not spectacular, especially for the level of promotion. The show has been helped by strong lead-in programs, but it also faced ESPN’s Monday Night Football juggernaut early in the season, and the 10 p.m. ET/PT slot has faced increasing competition from cable and DVRs.

Tassler is pleased with the numbers and hopes the show can follow the growth track of such CBS hits as NCIS and The Big Bang Theory, which grew substantially over the years.

“The tradition of successful CBS shows is you establish your beachhead and continue to develop.”

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Roots and region

Moments after the blast, McGarrett, Chin and Kono look for evidence near the mangled hulk of the Dodge Intrepid. Plane traffic, an all-day nuisance, interrupts some takes.

“There are so many things in the sky,” says O’Loughlin. “Surely something’s going to bump into something.”

But O’Loughlin understands the importance of shooting in Hawaii, rather than trying to fake it elsewhere.

“Look at this,” he says, motioning to the surroundings.

“Where else are you going to have this color palette and this light, with the backdrop we have here? It’s one of the most extraordinary parts of the planet.”

Shooting in Hawaii is important for authenticity, Park says.

“It would be a detriment if you tried to move it somewhere else because we live and breathe it,” she says.

“We hear the inflection and the pidgin, we know the way of life, the pace, the energy of the people, the Aloha spirit. … I can ask one of the camera assistants, ‘How can I pronounce this word correctly?’ “

On the subject of scenery, Park says her bikini scenes as ex-surfer Kono make sense in the tropical locale, but she wouldn’t mind if the guys shed clothing more often.

“I keep telling them to put the boys in these really small outfits. Why don’t the three guys go undercover as Chippendales?” she jokes.

Chippendales ? ;)

Chippendales? 😉

 Besides the locale, the show acknowledges the first Five-0 in other ways. There’s the thumpingly iconic theme song. Wo Fat, the intriguing archenemy of the original, is back.

McGarrett’s meticulously arranged office contains nods to the past, such as a painting of a clipper ship, and the show features a vintage Mercury Jack Lord used in the original. Al Harrington, a recurring actor on the original, has appeared, as has Dennis Chun, the son of Kam Fong, who played the first Chin.

The trademark “Book ’em, Danno” has made appearances, too, although most of the references have been playful and have lessened as the show progresses.

“It’s sort of faded away. It was obnoxious in the beginning. It makes it goofier than it should be, but now it’s fine,” Caan says.

“I think they did it just right. They brought it back, people know about it, it’s a good thing. But they didn’t overdo it.”

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As time passes, the show is establishing itself in its own right, Kim says.

“Having a brand name like Hawaii Five-0 only helps you out of the gate. It won’t keep you in the race if you don’t have quality. The local people (are) embracing this version of the show. We’re forging our own identity.”

That comes in part from delving into the characters’ backgrounds. O’Loughlin describes Lord’s McGarrett as “a man without a past.”

In today’s Five-0, so much more is known about the character. Both of McGarrett’s parents were killed, driving their son in search of answers. His sister has visited — and been kidnapped. The Navy lieutenant commander, a former SEAL, even has a little romance on the side.

mcroll bw 105

Danny is a reluctant islander who moved from New Jersey to be near his young daughter, Grace. Grace often appears; she and Danny’s ex-wife were carjacked in an episode. On Monday’s episode, his brother, Matt (Dane Cook), arrives, but the nature of his visit is more than just a brotherly get-together.

In a late-night scene shot on the edge of Honolulu International Airport, the two confront each other in front of a G-3 jet. Despite the hour, Caan is full of nervous energy, flipping his gun expertly, moving about, running in place. Again, plane traffic interrupts the action.

“This is really bending reality,” he says.

Kim and Park hope to see more development of their characters, but that can take time.

“There’s room to do more, but also the first year is a great year to establish the team, how they work together, what everyone’s role is,” Park says.

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Using humor like ‘NCIS’

Both O’Loughlin and Caan favor the deeper elements: the character relationships, the backstories, the ongoing arcs, such as the story of the $10 million in drug money the Five-0 team stole to save Chin’s life.

They have helped anchor the first-year show, O’Loughlin says.

“I think you can start to see the show. Toward the end of the first year is when a show comes into its own. You can tell the tone and the rhythm and the flavor and the characteristics, (and) I really feel we’re moving into that space now.

And it’s a relief.”

Kim, whose Chin left the Honolulu Police Department under a cloud, likes the backstories but says the series must honor the procedural element, wrapping up a case each week.

Neither O’Loughlin nor Caan loves the crime-of-the-week procedural scenes.

Caan says he’d like a season that is one grand arc instead of weekly stories.

“The shows have character arcs, story arcs. They’re the ones that are really satisfying to fans,” O’Loughlin says.

“The week-to-week stuff is boring, formulaic. For some reason, people tune in because they can tune out when they tune in. The arc is the stuff we love as actors.”

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David Stapf, president of CBS Studios, which produces the show, says the mix of drama, action and humor was part of the appeal of doing the remake. The example of NCIS use of humor helped a bit in the decision, too.

“We were hoping to have that same blend of drama and humor. A completely different show and much more of an action-oriented show, but still where we could derive a lot of humor from the characters,” he says. “And the song didn’t hurt.”

Caan praises the writers for developing the McGarrett-Danno relationship and says he and O’Loughlin have chemistry.

“I think they’re opposite but that they get along good. I think our relationship in life is similar — not the combative part, just our energy and who we are.”

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That chemistry is apparent in the signature car scenes, with all the bickering and bantering.

“I love the ‘carguments,’ “ says O’Loughlin, who says the buddy/brother relationship is crucial.

“If you take that away, the show would fall over.”

In the middle of the shooting day, he and Caan have one of those carguments. McGarrett and Danno are in the former’s black Silverado, tailing Danny’s brother. Danny, as usual, complains about McGarrett’s driving. (In reality, the car is locked in place in a cavernous helicopter hangar. In a technique called “poor man’s process,” rear-projection screens are on two sides of the vehicle, playing images of Hawaiian streetscapes filmed previously from another car.)

“What are you doing? Slow down, you’re getting too close,” Danny says.

They reshoot the scene. Caan improvises. “All right, Andretti, go easy. You’re getting too close.”

As the season progresses, executive producer Lenkov promises new twists, including more details on Chin’s story.

“There are things we’ve done through the year that as cops with immunity and means allowed us to stretch the law. There’s a price to pay,” he says.

“If you watch the show regularly, there’s going to be some great payoffs in the last few episodes.”

In addition, Larisa Oleynik (The Secret World of Alex Mack) joins in a recurring role in March as Jenna Kaye, an ex-CIA analyst helping in the pursuit of Wo Fat.

O’Loughlin says there will be huge changes for each character.

“You’ll never believe how McGarrett ends up. … One of the things we’ll be looking at is a fracture and a separation of the Five-0 team,” he says.

“They’re going to shake everybody up.”

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PS. Most caps are from Episode 1.18




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H50 5.15 – Steve put butter in his coffee!

What a depressing story for a Valentine´s Day epi. But thankfully we and Steve got to enjoy Danny´s torment, with the punk pushing his buttons 😉 Some nice little smirks from Steve this week, thankfully 🙂 And he stripped in public! Why didn´t the perp say off with it all! We just need to continue practising our x-ray vision, still *sigh*…

Let´s see what goodies I managed to capture from all the drama 😀




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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #102

We continue our story from here

So does everybody in America or Hawaii drive around with a chainsaw in their car, just in case they need to cut down a tree? Oh, but of  course Steve is not  just anybody and it must be standard equipment, like the hand-grenades and other goodies that he stores in Danno’s car.

I am sorry, but crossing the line seems to really just come too easily and have totally gone haywire in Season 5. I can understand if you do something illegal (or move the line a bit), in order to save a life or to solve a case or as part of ‘battle’. But to do something illegal because you are stingy and for own personal gain has never been part of Steve’s game. To me it looks like my call on the lobotomy Steve had in Epi 505, was spot on. It is just not part of his character that we have seen up until now, in my opinion – That is my personal opinion and others may see Steve’s personality in a totally different light (as it seems the writers and/or maybe even Alex do?).

Of course my opinion comes from a place where we do not use live trees in our houses for Christmas. And I do not see the value of cutting down a tree to have it up in my house for a few days. Much less stealing one from a protected forest to do so. Paula and I have had a long debate about it, because she comes from a country where it is very much the custom to have a living tree and where such trees are in abundance and easy to find. And therefore our opinions on it differ substantially. As I am sure it will amongst other fans as well.

I know the whole tree buying, tree stealing scene was intended to be funny – and it was a funny idea, just poorly executed. And I also know that it is just one tree in a place with loads of trees, but if that is the attitude of every person on the Island, all those many trees will be gone and maybe that is why it is prohibited by the law at that specific spot……..

Then back to Steve’s story…..

I doubt if the important meeting with the Governor actually meant anything. But how about setting up some actual new storyline, when you do try to find an excuse for the main actor to be away for a while and not be part of the case. Some innuendo about something important and new to come maybe……. (Imaginative writing? 😀 )

Because there are not any real story of Steve to share, I will just share a few thoughts about the case of the day. Great to have it set on the Big Island of Hawaii. Interesting idea for a plot, but I still do not understand what value the stolen horse might have had for the breeder who stole it. If you can’t use the name of the horse you are breeding with, why use it to breed with? It just fails to make sense to me. 😕

I must admit that when I saw that beautiful horse running, I could not help but be reminded of Alex Steve’s beauty and athleticism – and it made me miss his presence even more …….. *sigh*  😥

…….. okay, back to the case. I’m a bit disappointed with the chase scene as well, because I thought that surely Kono was going to lasso the guy, before she roped him. 😦 Other than that, the writers really did a good job of having the whole team involved with the case. Danny, Kono and Grover’s faces were priceless in every scene with Max and his old time friend and their rival mystery.

And I have never seen Steve Alex so quiet and uninvolved at a social gathering, like at this Christmas Eve party at Danny’s house. In a sense I can kind of understand why, because he has been through a lot during these past few months and there is no other family member close to him. But maybe he was also contemplating the fact that all his friends are also such loners without other loved ones and family. Danny held the party, with no Amber in sight. Kono, there without Adam by her side. Chin without girlfriend Leilani. Grover there without his wife and kids (the weirdest of all for me). Max without his beloved Sabrina. Duke, seemingly always without a family to call his own. Kamekona and Flippa seems to be outcasts to whatever family they might have. It is great that they are all there for one another and are always together, but truly a sad bunch in my eyes. 😦

If anybody was wondering why the ID shot of Steve in Pua’s book might look familiar, it is a (very badly) photoshopped picture that was originally taken by Valerie Macon at the CBS Premiere party on 16 September 2009. (And also used in the FilmInk AU article in June 2010) Paula did some good research to find the original picture again. 🙂


Most of the fans might already know it by now, but if you were wondering why we saw so little of Steve, Alex took a day or two off from filming to visit Japan with his friend Enson. As far as we could see, it was really a good breakaway for Alex and it surely looked like he had a lot of fun. And we as fangirls enjoyed seeing it just as much. Nobody deserves a good break like that away from the show, more than Alex, I think.

I however thought he would still be in more that just 4 minutes of the 42 minute episode. Especially after most of that 4 minutes of him, was already shown in teasers and promos beforehand?! (Some false advertising maybe?)

Here is the link to our coverage of the fun Alex had on that weekend away. And of course the ‘Hula Hoop’ lessons he gave while he was there: Alex knows his naughty moves …

My thoughts in general:

  • Unfortunate timing for a Steve-light episode, with it falling on the only episode we will see during the course of 5 week over the festive season. Some of us Alex-addicts” need our fix, y’know. 😦
  • If they do give Alex some time off (which he greatly deserves), please don’t make Steve act like an asshole for the small bit that he is there – at least use him to his full potential. (As Paula said yesterday – maybe in the shower or somewhere a little less dressed maybe. 😛 )
  • Maybe don’t use a well-known Christmas song, if you don’t really know its words or don’t want to use all the words from it (it is like leaving out some words from any well-known poem). They could have just faded it after they started to sing, rather than to adapt the words. It only placed unnecessary focus on it (from what I could see from comments about it) – Just my opinion.

Just for some holiday fun……


– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 509 –

Ke Koho Mamao Aku (Longshot)

To be continued here


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507 – left overs

I never got these posted. Took me ages to get past the shirtless wet Steve. Actually, I´m still not completely done with those. Too yummy to forget 🙂 Anyway, here´s the 5.07 left overs.

Anyone scared of what a let down 5.08 will be 😉 I mean we all raved about Alex´s acting in this epi. I personally doubt any other episode will surpass the brilliant entertainment of 5.07… Alex deserves to work on “meatier” material. (why does this sound like I´m still drooling over all the skin we got to see…hmmm…)


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406 – Steve – our hero!

A good coherent story this week. But… where´s my Halloween comedy?! Oh, there it was, served in small doses 🙂

But of course these posts are also about Steve´s biceps and pecs under those shirts (and other lumps)  😉

Steve ate most of the candy while Cath was burning the calories.


Party animal buddies, feel the beat! Party on, boys 🙂


Lumps, front and back



ARKSJLDFJLKSDJFKDJ!!!! (in other words…SQUEE! )


Danny doesn´t like feeling, like a rat

406-oh-oh l


learning something new after 4 years 😀


Shadow spread


McHero saved us from a zombie apocalypse



Getting choked by Steve. Yes!



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