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Collaborating with my friend, Foyeur, on our blog: Posting huge amounts of animated gifs of Alex O´Loughlin and some doodles of him.

New funny #AlexOLoughlin to cheer us up :)

Got alerted to some new pics of Alex tonight, posted by ausraura1. And asked her about the origin, they were caps from a tiktok video by Bella, aka belskib ∗ that seems to be a relative. It was posted a week ago.

∗ (She is Isabella – Malia’s niece)

Wanted to share these cute faces, all caps by ausraura1 twitter, enjoy 😀



Ps. our video is edited from the original, muted the music in case of copywright and also the end is flipped to keep Alex facing us the right way 🙂

And yes, it is Spike at the back in the video.


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#AlexOLoughlin Congratulating The Class of 2020

We got a nice surprise tonight 🙂

A clip with Alex!

Thanks to HIDOE808 on twitter. They shared this video of Alex.

Graduation season kicks off this week with schools like Campbell High, Maui High and Mililani High hosting their virtual and drive-through celebrations.

Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O’Loughlin is the next celebrity who would like to share a special congratulations to the class of 2020! #HI4PublicEd

Link to Video:



What’s up class of 2020!

Guys, I just wanted to shout-out and a make a video for you guys to say – Congratulations.

This is a huge time in our lives, when move onto the next phase – whatever we chose to do.

And this is a really weird time to be doing it – in this pandemic affected world.

And I just wanted to say to you guys – Don’t let what’s happening in the world hold you back, okay. Let’s look at it as a blessing to give us a little more time to focus on what we want our next steps to look like.

I’m really proud of all you guys. Congratulations.

And I hope to see you out there soon!

Very wise words for all of us.

Hoping for even more Alex pop-up surprises


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#H50 Ohana Celebrates What The Show Means To Them

This video was just posted with cast telling their thoughts on the show. They saved the best for last, Alex!

He has been McGarrett everywhere for a decade, but I am so ready for his next role 🙂


“This, for me, has … has kind of been like a master class, in front of the camera, pretty much every waking moment for the last 10 years of my life. Everywhere I go on this planet, I am McGarrett to all these people. Like it’s a huge … it’s an institution.”


Alex looks very happy for this to be finally over 😛



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#AlexOLoughlin CBS Watch! Photoshoot again

We hear heat kills the corona virus and want to do our part to help keep Alex fans safe. With some of the Watch! photoshoot pics published bigger, thought we should share these again. They have been edited for publishing, not by me, this is how they were posted. So here is Alex, a bit smoother than normally. Be sure to click on the full size to count the greys on his chest 😉

Photography by Nino Muñoz. You can view  20 more here.

Ps, whoever came up with the captions is clearly one of us fangirls 😉

Ripped to shreds

We’re ab-solutely grateful for Alex O’Loughlin’s core values.

Ruggedly handsome

Even his bad boy look is full of charm.

Home sweet home

At first, Alex O’Loughlin was unsure if he should relocate to the tropical state. Thankfully, he found his aloha spirit!

Alex O’Loughlin delivers a soulful stare

We could gaze into Alex O’Loughlin’s beautiful blue eyes forever.

Dear diary

Forget screen time. When you’re surrounded by all this Hawaiian beauty, there’s nothing like good old-fashioned journaling to pass the time.

Model of a man

Alex O’Loughlin has the Blue Steel look nailed.


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#H50 10:19 – Giddy Up, Steve!

During this episode, we can really see how they are winding down Steve’s story. But on the other hand also still trying to set up other characters for stories that might continue after Steve leaves – if the show should have gone on.

Seems like Steve’s place is really a frat house now. The question is, if Danny can’t have his own room because of space and he is already on the couch listening to Steve pacing upstairs, where does Frank Bama sleep?

Wow, the labs in Hawaii really work at warp speed …. collecting bones, dating them and running DNA – all in a few hours?

For a Navy SEAL, Steve did not really plan this tracking operation very well. He knew there was a large number of guys with enough firepower to arm a small country (his words). Yet he and Danny did not take much firepower with them – really clever? Maybe it is time for him to retire.


In the end, I have only one question to ask. Who closed the grave with the guy and his wife and the bag of gold those many years ago? The guy shot himself but somebody else must have covered them up, otherwise, they would have been discovered. That person who covered them would have known about the gold still being there ….. ?? But who cares about a story making sense.

This is classic Five-0!

Nincompoop – I guess after 10 years the writers are really scraping the bottom of the barrel on juvenile words for Danny to use to insult Steve with. 😉

Yes, Steve, we will miss seeing you every week.

You were never taken for granted!


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