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#H50 10.09 – Steve Without Steam

The annual Thanksgiving episode.

Time for family and friends and loved ones …… and of course those are the times when you remember the dearly departed

In the past some of the thanksgiving episodes included Steve’s real family – and it is indeed as many commented last week, sad that Mary has not been mentioned in the whole Doris being dead situation. Not even a peep about a memorial or burial or cremation.


So nice to see that Junior just still stays with Steve after all this time. So naturally and easily. Good friends with great respect for each other sharing a living space.

They manage to juggle the huge cast around the cases rather nicely these days, ensuring that everybody gets some screen time, but …….

…… Episodes like these kind of make me wish that H50 seasons were shorter and that Alex could be involved in all parts of all the stories.


The stories of the other team members are good for the overall story of the show, but for me as an Alex fan, they do not matter much.

If he was part of those stories and how they unfolded , I would of course enjoy them a lot more.


A H50 raid without Steve as part of it, kind of feels weird.


Blue room interrogation without Steve is just not that interesting

But also as an Alex fan, we do understand that because of the workload and circumstances around filming, the season gets long. And we appreciate the fact that Alex gets some breathing time during the season while filming.

Alex as Steve looked so serene during the final scene

Eddie as part of this season is great. He adds a lot of warmth to the show.

There is  a feeling that the Ohana gatherings this season are more natural. Not just a lot of people who we hardly care about, together.

The gatherings make more sense and the absence of some of the families, like Grover’s and Danny’s get some explaining. Those are the small moments of continuity that this season seem to have.



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Some Filming Moments on #H50

Some nice little moments from the #h50 set, all photos and videos taken and shared by NinjAloha50 on twitter yesterday.

We love the little glimpses of Alex.

Notice Alex waving at someone, when seated in Steve´s car.

It looks so cute 🙂

Alex cropped from bigger photos for nicer viewing experience 🙂

And the original photos by NinjAloha50 twitter.

 Thanks Ninja for sharing all the fun for EVERYBODY to see.

You are a star!

We appreciate it!!


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#H50 10.04 – Steve, the serial dater?

For some reason (maybe because Alex is working with Eddie more frequently lately) a part  of one of Alex’s old interviews about his role in Criminal Minds came to mind. (I think Eddie’s name can be added wherever he mentions kids)

TV Addict:  Before accepting the role did the old Hollywood adage about not working with kids or animals ever cross your mind?

Alex: (Laughs) That’s the old rule man, no kids or animals! But I love working with kids, I’ve never not enjoyed it. But then again maybe I’ve never had a bad kid.

The thing about working with children is that there are no walls there, no barriers between you and their vanity.

When you’re working with adults, we all have vanity, narcissism, whatever we have that has to do with our ego can potentially get in the way of our work.

With kids there is a purity and an innocence regardless of what character they’re playing within them. And so to tap into that is just extraordinary to work with because it’s so true.

(A few things said here that might be food for thought about working with different types of colleagues and the outcome of it )

But let’s first get to how I feel about this episode in general ….

You know that feeling that you get when a family member or a dear friend makes an ass out of themselves in public?

That is kind of how I feel about this episode.

You want to cringe on behalf of the family member or friend, but then you think, “Life is just supposed to be fun – and I do love them dearly and the show is just entertainment”.

And then you laugh and just go on with life.

You also remember why you are here – this gorgeous man ….

……. and on top of that a talented actor

Staring at him and watching him be multifaceted Steve, yet again, makes it all worth your while

But maybe trying too hard to make McDanno be funny fails the show yet again ….


Things to like about this episode:

  • Just one case, with the whole team working on it.
  • Eddie and Steve!
  • Great stunt work.
  • Grover painting clear pictures with his words. Chi knows how to deliver a line #justsaying
  • The many faces of Steve as delivered by Alex

This whole dating game of Steve, is yet another interesting idea that goes horribly wrong in execution, I guess ….

They could at least give us more shirtless (or even naked) Steve in the process

…. that might maybe even ease the pain!


How glad the writers must have been, to know that they have the whole cast available at once and on set for this episode …..

Do you think we will ever see any of these “dates”again?

Well at least they are giving a few pretty girls some screen time and a #h50 credit to their resumé.



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#H50 10.02 – Steve´s beauty

If you are watching this show for any other reason than the gorgeousness that is Steve (aka Alex), then there is just a lot of plot holes to see. And of course the show provide some entertainment and story that allow us to stare at him for hours and hours…..

We are only into episode 2 of the season, and already Steve’s look and his vibe a lot better than in recent seasons. Or maybe it is just me, watching it with a lighter heart?

So how about we do a Steve the model review (in reverse)? Let’s call it a Steve appreciation post.

A Perfect profile (or is it hair curl p0rn?):


Beer bottle p0rn


Cell phone ad?


The perfect barbeque man? (Or is it Pretty in Plaid?)

Are you talking about me?

Yes, we are talking about you, Steve.

But actually more like staring at you.


Seriously? This is what you got from the episode?

Then there is the dark plaid ….

Yes, I see the tongue

Pure Love!!

(Even their eyes are closed for this kiss)

and then there is more dark plaid ….

And more long lashes and and luscious curls


I just want to kiss those lips!!!

Neck vein p0rn


And Steve at home

Eyelash p0rn – or is it pouting p0rn?


A man and his dog!


Yes, we love you Steve

And remember, we do it all tongue in the cheek ….

Seriously …..


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#H50 s10e01 – Steve started dating

And now we are in Season 10 of Hawaii Five-0. And it seems like business as usual. And also not ……

Not yet sure how we will handle the episodes for this season. But for this time I just jotted down a few thoughts that popped in my head while watching it.


The Date:

So this date was organized by Danny for Steve, with one of the teachers at Charlie’s school.

Steve thinking about Jerry getting shot while on a date – surely he can’t  find the other person (Brooke) that boring?

And Steve acting like a 40-year old virgin on a date? But I guess we are going to see a few of those during the season.

But really, who comes up with dialogue like this: “Marriage is a friendship recognised by the police” ? What does than even mean?

Weird that such a highly skilled shooter waits for Five-0 to get to the opera house, before he finds a seemingly easy exit?

If they wanted Steve to chase the bad guy, why did they not just rather have him be on a date at the Opera? Much more believable I would say.

All in all, the flow of the episode was quite good. And I guess they were setting up one or a maybe few plots for the season to follow.


And of course Alex as Steve, looked good even while just standing around …….


The new character (Quinn) seems to fit in nicely to what the show wants from characters. And I like the way that the actress is portraying the role at the moment. A character, sure of herself without being obnoxious.

So Quinn receives and rejects a call from an unknown number (Steve), even when she gave people the number to people to call her. She is after all looking for two missing people. Weird move?

And in the end the whole dramatic cliffhanger from last season was quickly done and dusted and only vaguely became instrumental in having Jerry leave the Five-0 team.

For me personally it is a pity that Jorge decided to leave the show. I liked Jerry.

At the end it looks like yet another character will finally be blown to smithereens – THE CHAMPBOX. It had SO MUCH POTENTIAL , way back in the beginning. But like many of the interesting stories and characters on the show, it never really lived up to what it seemingly offered ……..


And yes, the information which we speculated about earlier is true. Alex is listed as one of the producers on this first episode, as well as the one which he wrote and directed. If he will be listed as such for all episodes, we don’t know yet.



What does it mean to be a Producer on Television?

television producer is a person who oversees one or more aspects of video production on a television program. Some producers take more of an executive role, in that they conceive new programs and pitch them to the television networks, but upon acceptance they focus on business matters, such as budgets and contracts.

There are a variety of different producers on a television show. A traditional producer is one who manages a show’s budget and maintains a schedule, but this is no longer the case in modern television.

Sometimes the star of a successful television series can have a degree of influence over the creative process, then they are called one of the producers.. 


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