#H50 – Being deleted …. What happened to Alicia?

We continue with our series of deleted scenes from the show ….

One character on Hawaii Five-0 who seems to have gotten the short end of the stick was Alicia. So many scenes of Steve and Alicia having contact with each other, got deleted. And then the character just disappeared never to be seen or heard of again.

Did the writers want to give her a bigger role in Steve’s life and then somehow got cold feet about it all and retreated? Or did the actress, Claire Forlani, get another more permanent role somewhere else?

Claire in the role of Alicia appeared in 6 episodes of the show in Seasons 7 and 8. We will have a look at the timeline of her story and add some of the deleted scenes with it.

Episode 7:02

We first meet Alicia in Episode 7:02. The team needs a profiler to help them catch the Chess-piece serial killer. This serial killer story was an arc that started in Episode 7:01 and carried on until Episode 7:17 when Alicia killed the killer.


Episode 7:03

When FBI Profiler Alicia Brown finds a body in her bed, she is forced to join McGarrett in the hunt for the chess-piece killer.

Episode 7:04

Five-0 must find McGarrett and Alicia when they are kidnapped by the serial killer they’ve been hunting.

  • From this episode, we have our first deleted scene: Alex and Alicia trapped in a sea cave.


Episode 7:05

  • We never see Alicia in this episode, but from it, we get our second deleted scene. Steve leaving Alicia a voicemail.

Voicemail: You’ve reached Alicia Brown. Please leave a message.

Steve: Hey, Alicia. It’s me, it’s Steve. I … I’ve just been thinking about you. I wanted to make sure you were okay. I also wanted to let you know that we have alerts out to the FBI, Interpol. We’re going to find Gray, Alicia. You have my word for it

Anyway, look, if  … if you want to a call me, just you go ahead, okay. Call me anytime. Bye.

Episode 7:17

McGarrett and Five-0 once again become entangled in the twisted mind games of serial killer Dr. Madison Gray when she stumbles into HPD covered in blood that matches Alicia Brown’s and claims amnesia.

They realise that Dr. Gray knows where Alicia’s daughter Sienna was. Alicia thought her daughter was dead, but she was kidnapped and held captive for all these years. Steve helped to save  Sienna, Alicia’s daughter from her captor. Then one evening, Alicia shoots Dr. Gray when she comes to their house.


Episode 7:18

  • From this episode, we get our 3rd deleted scene. Alicia leaving Steve a voicemail.

Alicia’s voice:

Steve, it is Alicia. I just wanted to say hi. We are settled in now in Vancover. It’s cold. It’s cold, but it’s nice. Sienna, she’s better. You know, some days are harder than others, you know. She likes it here, so that is good. 

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that we are doing okay. And to say thank you. I know I’ve said it already, but we’re just really grateful to you Steve.

I hope I get to hear your voice again. I’d like that. Until then, take care of yourself okay.

Episode 8:05

  • And then we as viewers just see her pop back in Episode 8:06, to stand trial for the murder of Dr. Gray.

  • And in this episode, we also get our 4th deleted scene. Steve dropping Alicia off at home at the end of the day. She just got the news that all charges against her were dropped. Remember it was the Halloween episode.

Steve: Does … does Sienna know?

Alicia: No, I wanted to tell her myself.

So, are you coming in?

Steve: No, I think I’m going to leave the two of you to celebrate. just the two of you.

Alicia: ‘Cos, I mean, I’ve got two full bags of candy in there. I’m kind of intrigued at the idea of you on a sugar high.

Steve: I’ll call you tomorrow, alright?

Alicia: Okay.

Steve: I’m sorry. What is this face?

Alicia: I know it was you.

Steve: First of all, maybe a sent a text to the Governor to give her the heads-up that you were assisting the Five-0 Taskforce in this investigation. I mean, it’s possible I pressed upon her the importance of that assistance. And that we may need to call on you again in the future.

If she said something to the prosecuting attorneys, it’s got nothing to do with me.

Alicia: Come here.

I want to thank you for respecting my wishes and not getting involved.

Steve: You’re welcome.

Alicia: You’re a good man, Steve McGarrett.

Episode 8:06

Alicia once again helps the team to solve a case. She shares drinks with them all at Kamekona’s shrimp truck. And then disappears into thin air …… if I remember correctly, never to be seen or heard of again.

We would have liked to hear about Alicia again …..

Just another interesting (female) character “killed” by the Hawaii Five-0  curse of people in Steve’s life, just vanishing?




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38 responses to “#H50 – Being deleted …. What happened to Alicia?

  1. Alicia was such a great character. I had high hopes for her. It was sad that they dropped the character like that.
    Thanks for another great post.

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  2. Yeah I completely agree with you in that it was really strange and sad how she just disappeared into thin air.
    I think that there could have been a better relationship between Steve and Alicia than with any one else. Basically because she had never lied to him, knew enough about his job to be of help but to be someone that would have valued his need to want to protect her and not criticise him for doing exactly that.
    Personally I think that she would have given him the unconditional love that he craved!

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    • cindy

      totally agree. I think she would have challenged him as well. I loved their chemistry in the few episodes she was on. so many great characters that kinda went poof for whatever reason that could have been great regular additions to the show on a semi regular basis but then to include all of them we probably would have had a 2 hour show weekly….would have been fine with me.

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  3. Casey

    PL was obsessed with Cath and/or Michelle Borth for some reason and despite Steve having better chemistry with Alicia, or probably BECAUSE of it, she was probably axed by him. His treatment of female characters was always awful and he wanted his toxic endgame regardless of how his actors and most fans felt about it


    • I will give you the same answer that I gave somebody yesterday ….

      Michelle essentially lost her job, by losing her regular cast contract. And for some reason, her haters still thought she somehow got something from all of this, by being in one episode a season? Always found it weird.

      Her character’s story was made ridiculous for the most part, and her haters still maintained she gained from it? Not sure how?

      She got 2 minutes at the end of the series and somehow she was this big beneficiary of something. Of what I still need to find out?

      Oh yeah – great signs how obsessed Peter was with her – #Sarcasm

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      • Casey

        she didn’t ‘lose her job’ she chose to leave. she got something from it as an actor because it was a very high profile role, keeping her name and face out there and she was barely working otherwise, Cath should never and would nevr have been made sucha prominent role if GP hadn’t requried leave. But apparently disliking her, and her treatment of people, immeidately makes someone a ‘hater’. very mature


        • she was barely working otherwise <<<< And you really think SHE chose not to be full time on the show anymore? That she was not shocked that her contract was not renewed? That the news was not devastating to her?

          Only hate can blind people from the obvious truth – hence the word hater

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        • mary swany

          People are often lame, they all think they know and ramble fake info, and after that gives a bad image to the person and character

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    • Oops – forgot to mention
      His treatment of female characters was always awful <<<< Last time I looked Cath was also female.
      And I personally feel Michelle was the one female that lost the most, on the show of every other female ever on it ……

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  4. mary swany

    Thank you for all this information that I am every day. Many review all this


  5. dcjank

    THX for this post! I too loved Alicia and really missed seeing her after she faded into history.

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  6. Rusty

    Maybe Lenkov’s misogyny ran her off?
    I always preferred her over Booty-call Catherine


  7. mamayorkie

    I always thought Alicia was unbalanced but had a good heart. . Some people saw chemistry with McG but I really didn’t. I did love the actress when she was in NCIS LA but sadly, she was blown up. I thought she had great chemistry with Callen.

    None of the women brought on to appear as a possible LI were ever long term possibilities. Most had expiration dates on their foreheads, except for Cath who was kept in the freezer to prevent spoilage until needed.

    Some of these characters I liked and some I did not. But most of the evil ladies I just adored —-which is why I preferred Dr.Gray to Alicia.

    The writers certainly could not write strong female characters unless they belonged behind bars.

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  8. D. Havard

    Gotta disagree about strong women. Season 2 produced two strong ones: Lori and Jenna. I always thought Lori and Steve might have had a thing for each other. There were a couple of times i thought there was definitely a spark. He was extremely upset when the Governor sent her away. And Jenna’s story was both strong and tragic.

    I did like Alicia but for some reason the got rid of her and kept Lynn as his love interest (who had all the charisma of a blow up doll). 😆

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    • joyfuljaj

      I felt Lori was too much like the silly school girl with a crush on the quarterback and Jenna was playing like an adult way over her head. I never liked either of them. The very first scene with Lori and Steve outside the governor’s office was about the only time she appeared strong. I don’t typically like female characters on these types of shows though. I did like Catherine as I found her character to be believable. How they ended up writing her departure was terrible though. As much as I wanted her to end up with Steve, things would have been better to just end rather than have all that stuff in the middle (helo drops for the Red Cross- really? How did Steve believe that?)
      Alicia bugged me somewhat, but she was definitely her own person. A relationship between her and Steve would have been interesting as I think it would have developed less from physical sparks and more from an intellectual and emotional connection – more mature in my opinion than what relationships on these types of shows usually display. (like Lynn)

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    • “who had all the charisma of a blow up doll “<<< LOL – love that – and a giggling teenager.
      Really don't know why she turned into that, after the first episode where she looked like good potential – she somehow lost her way.

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  9. Cassiopea 1000

    I agree with joyfuljaj as regards Jori and Jenna.

    As to Alicia, as mamayorkie said, she was unbalanced. Finding her daugther would not have made a strong, reliable woman again. You don’t go through such a terrible experience unscathed. Steve might have felt protective towards her, he might have worked with her again, but a love affair with her? No. I never saw that special spark in his eyes. What he needed was a strong woman, one who would not need his constant emotional help, one who could lick her own wounds by herself if need be. And above all, one who knew and understood him and could give him support in his many tribulations. In fact, Catherine.

    Maybe that’s why I never saw any chemistry between Steve and Alicia. But of course this is only my perception, of course. And my perception is the result of my analysis of the characters. If a long run show as H50, you get to ‘know’ them and you sort of ‘know’ what they feel, think and need. I never really liked Alicia (nothing to do with Claire), so she was not the woman I wanted for ‘my’ Steve. Hence, no chemistry between these two for me.

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    • joyfuljaj

      Good points about Alicia’s potential neediness. Unbalanced is a good word. Who knows whether she ever got past her issues once she got her daughter back. I don’t know whether she ever admitted there was anything wrong with her behavior (dealing with the crazy Dr. was an extreme experience), but I think to truly get past something and heal she would have to come to terms with the unbalanced part. I don’t know if my point makes any sense. It can’t be that things are just now “okay” because she has her daughter. Steve definitely had a protective bent toward her (as he does for anyone in need). Once Alicia came to a healthy place for herself, she would be able to push back at Steve as far as his own needs go. With proper guidance that could be part of a good relationship, but I’m getting way too deep for a tv show relationship! Catherine was the natural yet not always easy relationship that had strong emotional and physical ties because of longevity and because of their initial spark (which of course was only alluded to onscreen with those Joe flashbacks).

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  10. gracenotpark

    I liked Alicia. In fact I liked several of the women who briefly wafted thru Show.

    I did NOT like that women only briefly wafted thru Show. And I did NOT like that if a pretty woman appeared on Show, she was assumed to be McG’s new squeeze, and was seemingly written so, tho most never stayed long enuf for that to happen.

    Lenkov was a misogynist of the first degree. I don’t know what other crapola he pulled to get himself fired, but his treatment of actresses should be cause #1. I hope he never works again. But Hollywood is male friendly. The jerk will likely rise again…but I will NOT be there to watch his next mess.


  11. mamayorkie

    It has occurred to me that some of the actresses who were only contracted for two or three episodes may not have been willing to commit for more unless they were assured of steady work. Most of them do not live in Hawaii and to give up the possibility of other jobs seems foolish. Might H50 been something to do until something better and more convenient came along? Unless the show was willing to give them a contract as a regular cast member this other temporary arrangement may have been satisfactory. It seemed they just kept throwing out female characters to see if any of them could go further than one story arc but apparently none of them could. To say a character had potential is only true if the writers show the audience what that potential is.

    Maybe H50 was where actors go between jobs?

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    • Cassiopea 1000

      I agree with you, mamayorkie.

      I‘ve always thought that filming in Hawaii was a problem for actors, both male and females, if they were not part of the permanent cast with a character of some substance. So being a guest star and be in a good show for a few epis may have been acceptable, but being Steve’s love interest in an intermittent way, with very few scenes may have been an hindrance for many actresses.

      The husband of a friend of my mom back in Paris was a top class musician who used to work with the best singers and orchestras at the time, including Michel Legrand and Maurice Jarre, just to name a couple of them. He was not a permanent musician and was hired for a number of concerts, recitals or for the recording of a soundtrack or record. His chief complaint was that “he had te be seen” (his words). So he spent many evenings in parties and events which he knew would be attended by the “right” people. It was the only way he could be hired. There were so many other drummers attending those events that he would never had got a chance of working had he not been there, no matter how good he was.

      Maybe that’s what happened with all those good actors who did not stay long in the show. Maybe LA and NYC are the right places to be seen.

      Incidentally, that worries me as regards Alex, so little inclined to leave his family and island. I don’t see him making any effort to be on a red carpet promoting himself. I only hope that he has a very good agent who can do the promotion ob for him!

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      • mamayorkie

        I doubt we will ever see him in a weekly TV series again especially if it is filmed outside Hawaii but I have a feeling that his pals, with whom he keeps a room in a shared apartment in LA, are usually working or developing properties and I can see him doing something like this He may have an idea for a show he can produce himself and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has or is thinking of starting his own production company. Daniel did this and is very successful. I wish him well.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Dq

        I agree. Sometimes you just have to go where the work is. He left Australia for that reason. I don’t know many opportunities there are in Hawaii.


      • Very well said Cassiopea

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  12. She was the only female character I didn’t like. Compared to the cargo, the character himself was cold.
    I think they wanted to bring him together with Stev, but eventually they realized he wasn’t that character next to Steve. I think it was Cath who fitted 100%.

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  13. Cassiopea 1000

    I like the idea, but would be sorry to have to enjoy his work and success without having him on screen. Call me shallow if you want, but I simply love watching him. He’s so… so… He’s so palatable!

    Liked by 1 person

    • CassG

      Ohhhhh I so agree with you Cassiopea. I do wish him much success whatever way he chooses to take his talents as far as being behind the scenes. He just needs to keep himself inclusive in the scenes for our viewing pleasure. So I guess I’m shallow too.😍 I can’t help it. I miss him much as I think we all do.❤

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  14. Dq

    I agree with wanting to “see” him. It was the reason I kept watch the show. The writing and episode subjects were just so awful in the last years were unacceptable. Dropped storylines, silly stories like the restaurant went on for way long. I don’t know what happened with Michelle. I don’t know is she lost her job or she quitted. I don’t follow twitter, so I never knew what happened with her and the “haters”. I think that the fans wanted Steve to have a girlfriend so badly that they saw every female actress as a potential love affair. I definitely he should have had a woman in his life. Maybe someone that he knew for school. Not involved with the job. Just a woman that he could come to home and eat dinner and go go to be bed with. (Sigh) You know, just normal. Cop do have wives and girlfriends and lives away from the job. Grover had a family. It would have been. Better than that ridiculous he-man college dorm with Junior and Danny living there.

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