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5 responses to “About ALEX

  1. Nichole Sloan

    Why love ❤ him he sexy got blues eyes that can star in them and get lost in and his Australia voice and his tattoo and hot rocking body and a warm loving 😍 man who seem he can be an good lover and gently man in the bed like showing you love ❤,infection that woman need 24\7 and he needs the same for the right woman love an two way street and so one day I’ll get my sexy actor Alex that why on eneny wedding day don’t wear white it bad luck 🍀 because if not virgin u shouldn’t wear white so l loved to meet him hope one day he can come to Houston TX much love ❤ my new sexy man loved Nichole 💙💜❤💋

    • I think you might want to check your future comments for spelling & grammar mistakes next time before you leave a comment anywhere. Just a suggestion from somebody who is very aware of spelling & grammar mistakes. 🙂

  2. love u alex so much wish u all the best

  3. Hi Benameur
    Welcome here with us. We also love Alex and wish him the best.
    I just doubt if he will ever read what is written here. 🙂

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