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To the very human “Superheroes” of the world ……

Todays post is dedicated to Security Forces, Police Forces, Emergency Services, Doctors and Nurses and all those serving our communities around the world, to ensure a society where individuals are free to go on to live their daily lives. To those who look after us in our time of need ……

320 uniform dl sad mcg

Navy SEAL Steve McGarrett Hawaii Five-0 Episode 4:20:

Because for every one of you, there’s a thousand of me. And like you, we’ re willing to die for the cause too.

And no matter what you do. No matter how hard you come at us, you’ll never change the way we think and never ever change the way we live.



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403 – Steve and Max, bffs

I think Danny might be just a bit jellis, just a tiny bit 😛

I love those faces 😀



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Alex O’Loughlin & Hawaii Five-0…….. left me a little confused…..

I am sure after reading this you all will be just as confused as I am. And that is exactly why I am writing it….. 😀

There is a reason for a series to be filmed in a specific order and then to be broadcast in that order. Although it is not like a drama series where the story line will totally be lost if broadcast out of order, there are small little things that make a difference. Like for instance in Episode 3:13 Chin got shanked in jail and taken to hospital and in Episode 3:14 there is no sign of that injury. Lucky for some of us we know that 3:14 was originally filmed as 3:10 a long time ago and that clears up that secret for us…..

Although the show has done some great follow-ups with injuries in the past, they do not always worry about these thing to must. Take for instance in Episode 2:01 Steve was already jumping around from a boat to a ship to get to WoFat, on the same day he got shanked in prison. 😉 So in the catalogue of injuries on Hawaii Five-0, dirty sharp object wounds to the stomach, does not count as too serious it seems 🙂

The really annoying things that happen, because of this rescheduling of episodes, can be that Steve might be wearing the same white pants two episodes in a row. Cath might not be in two consecutive episodes, and the McRoll’s cry and the Cath haters are in heaven. We get two episodes  after one another that focus on children in distress….. You get what I am saying, all those really important stuff go wrong :wink:.

Let me explain in a bit more detail what I am talking about:

Episode 3:05 (I Ka Wa Mamua – In a time Past) was supposed to be broadcast on Monday, 22 October 2012 – then it was postponed because of the Presidential debate. Episode 3:06 (Ohuna – The Secret) was scheduled for broadcast on Monday, 29 October 2012 – And the forces of nature brought us hurricane Sandy.

So on Monday, 5 November 2012, the Halloween episode Mohaia – Offering was broadcast on the date that it was originally scheduled for, but not as Episode 3:07, but as Episode 3:05. Two episodes earlier than what it was intended. It did not really mattered that much, but it would have meant just that little bit more if it was broadcast after the Danny driven, nearly dying from a bomb, what happened on 9/11, prequel episode “In a time Past“. In the Halloween episode we had this whole issue between Danny and Gracie, and the amount of time they spend with each other…….

The column on the left shows the broadcast order of the episodes and the column on the right the order in which it was filmed:

By Episode 3:08 – Evil Women everything was back on track and no more politics or disasters from nature to mess with our beloved series. But then the powers that be, decided in their infinite wisdom that they want to do some sort of cross over with the Victoria Secret event. I still do not know which one of the two were suppose to benefit from the whole event?

Scheduling was reshuffled and Episode 3:09 (Ha’awe Make Loa  – Death Wish) was aired on Monday, 3 December 2012, but it was originally filmed as 3:11. Small little things of the episode made one realise editing and production was rushed to broadcast this so quickly after filming.

On 10 December 2012, the original episode 3:09 was then broadcast as Episode 3:10 – Huaka’i Kula (Field Trip). And on 17 December 2012, Episode 3:11 Kahu- Guardian, the last episode for the year was broadcast. It had to be the Christmas episode and that episode was filmed as 3:12. So with all this rescheduling the original Episode 3:10 was moved on to the next year to be broadcast on Monday, 28 January 2013 as Episode 3:14 – Hana i wa ‘ia (Scandal).

The column on the left shows the broadcast order of the episodes and the column on the right the order in which it was filmed:

And now you will say, so what, it did not really make a difference, did it? I agree. So why bother telling you this real sorry tale of all the rescheduling of episodes. Well right in the beginning I did mention the one thing that bothered me between 3:13 and 3:14, is Chin’s miraculous recovery from all that he had to endure in prison.

The other small issue was that in the Christmas episode Danny talked about how he let Rachael take Gracie for the holidays to Las Vegas. They obviously written it with the fact in mind that he already won the custody hearing, but that he was gracious enough to let them go to the mainland. That would have made a little bit more sense if we all also already knew it as well. 😀(I am adding this to correct my mistake – in the comments Sam has pointed out that the text was correct and Danny actually talked about the upcomng hearing – Thanks Sam, I think have to watch my not so favorite episodes again, because the memory is failing me. :smile:)

There might be some more little issues that does not make sense, but the actual thing that got me thinking about this last episode 3:14, was the fact that either Alex in real life or Steve the character, was carrying an injury on the inside of his lip. On the lower lip, in the left corner. (From our side, you see it on the right :grin:)

Steve in 314

I first realised it when I saw one of Paula’s gifs of Steve fighting with the Governor. I have never seen Alex talk to the one side of his mouth and thought there must be something wrong. Then I rewatched the whole episode and realised that it was there the whole time.

There can be a number of theories in regards to this:

  • Alex was carrying a real life injury or some sort of sore on the inside of his lip
  • Or the make-up department was overzealous and actually created a fake injury on his lip.

In the original filmed Episode 3:09, filmed just before thie episode was filmed, Steve was hit on that side of his mouth with a rather large gun.


Episode 3:10 (Filmed as 3:09)

Episode 3:10 (Filmed as 3:09)

Episode 3:10 (Filmed as 3:09)

Episode 3:10 (Filmed as 3:09)


Episode 3:10 (Filmed as 3:09)

The question still remains was it a real injury or a fake one. I agree even if it was broadcast in the proper order, we would not have known. My gut feeling tells me the make-up department is not that good. But on the other hand, I have not seen any real pictures of Alex where he shows any injury to his mouth. We did not get a lot of pictures in that last week of October 2012 (19 -29 October 2012). I would like to know if anybody can recall seeing any fan pictures or BTS pictures during that time that could shed light on the matter.

The only picture that I know was definitely taken during that time, is this picture that Director Larry Teng tweeted.

Larry & Alex

It surely does not look like there is any evidence of any damage to his lower lip…..but even during the episode it was not easily visible when his mouth was closed. I also looked at the episodes that was filmed before and after this episode and could not find evidence of the injury anymore, can you?

Special thanks to Bookemdanno.net – I got most of the pictures from there this time and please if you repost them, credit that site for it.

The gifs however was done by Paula herself as usual.

Update: I include this comment that I wrote, to hopefully clear up any misunderstanding about my motives to write this article. It is not about criticising H5-0, it is about solving and insignificant mystery.

Just to clear up any misunderstandings about this article, I want to take you down the road of my thought process.
When I watched Episode 3:14, I realised something was wrong with Alex’s bottom lip. I watched the whole episode again and it seems like it was there the whole time. I never saw anything from all the BTS photos or fan photos about it, so I tried to trace the steps back to when this episode was filmed. Then I found that “The Field trip” episode was filmed right before it. Alex does not show any sign of injury on his lip in it, but in the end of the episode Steve does get knocked in the mouth with a gun. Then I thought, what if make-up was overzealous and took that injury to the next episode (Not that I really think they would)
I saw the IRONY of it all – If the episode was broadcast in the right order, in the previous episode the character was hurt. If Alex was really hurt or had some sort of fever blister. I would have used the fact that he was hurt in the previous episode and make it part of the character for this episode…..
But the bigger IRONY of it is that if they did do it, it would have backfired on them to use it, because the episode was broadcast out of sequence. Of course they could have also let him get hurt when they broke Chin out of the jail in 3:13. They have the creative power.
So I thought, this can actually be a fun and interesting story. but how do I tell it? I have to start at the beginning and talk about all the episodes that were broadcast out of order……….
(I hope this makes sense to the people who got confused. :smile: )


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“Undressing” Steve (No1) – Episode 3:14

Steve’s clothing – The subject of intense discussion by fangirls! I know we are shallow, but who watches for the plot anyway 😉 😉 .

We decided to take a closer look at what we see and discuss it in a little bit more detail. We are starting a series of talks about one of our / your favorite subjects – “Undressing Steve”. We know that Alex looks great in just about anything he wears (or not wear). This is just our commentary to maybe let the wardrobe department rethink what they give this gorgeous creature to wear. Remember, this is all just for fun …….

Episode 3:14 (Hana I Wa ‘Ia)


  • The entire episode happens during the course of one day.


  • A court appearance
  • A normal days’ police work – running, chasing, flying…. well flying a helicopter of course.

We start of the day with Steve in full dress uniform, attending Danny’s custody hearing (swoon):


FOYeur: Why oh why haven’t we seen this man in uniform more often. It took them 53 episodes to find a reason to put him back in Dress Blues again. We last saw him in it at Meka’s funeral in Mana’o (Episode 1:08). He is a Navy SEAL after all, surely they could have found a reason for him to wear it again earlier – maybe just somewhere in the whole of Season 2! (One quick sidenote – the person who dressed him in this uniform definitely did a far better job, than the person who squeezed him into that tux for Episode 3:11…….just saying  🙂 ).

LaHagela: Lt. Comm. Steven J. McGarrett would never leave the house without a 3 minute shower or having his tie on straight! Ever……This scene with him and Danny and the tie…..simply exists to make the McDanno shippers happy!

FOYeur: I know, the loose tie thing was nice for the script and Steve doesn’t see the use of wearing a tie in Hawaii, but him (Mr Perfect Navy SEAL) wearing his tie that sloppy? It made for a nice scene between him and Danny, but it doesn’t really fit Steve’s character for me.

Next scene with Steve in the Governor office (We don’t see the Governor often enough either…….).

314-gov of

FOYeur: Very casual clothing for a meeting with the Gorvernor……obviously he changed his clothes on his way from the courthouse……WHY?  It would have been great if we could see him in the uniform, meeting with the big guy. They really could have stretched out the beauty of dressed up Steve, for just a little while longer. (Of course all we can think of when seeing him in uniform, is getting him out of it as quickly as possible…..but that is besides the point  😛 ).

LaHagela: Did he change in a phone booth? How did he get changed so quick? Did he wear his cargo’s and t-shirts under his uniform?  I love him in v-necks…love, and glad it is something other than blue….thanks for switching it up wardrobe!!


FOYeur: I know most of the fangirls love the new white pants. I do not really fancy them that much. I know they look great from the front, hugging his thighs very nicely *sigh*. My problem starts when we get a view from the back….

A ass no-no

FOYeur: And right there is my problem. I am a ass-girl, nice perky tight ass, showing itself of in nice fitting pants…..somehow that moves me deeply. (shallow, I know 😀 ) I definitely do not fancy this, ‘What is going on here?‘ look, that we are getting……

LaHagela:  What is up with the ass in those pants?  His ass is just way to high and tight {{shudder}} for the cut of the rear and the placement of those pockets.  Do you think he looked in the mirror and asked the wardrobe girls “does my ass look fat in these?”

And back at the Five-0 offices:

Modelling Steve....

FOYeur: You see, no complaints of the front view……look how nicely he is modeling for us :smile:. I am wondering about the colour of the shirt they chose for this episode. Can’t recall seeing him in the green/grey shirt this season (I will have to re watch maybe – any excuse is a good one, right?). They did leave out the overshirt for this episode – great!. I am still making up bmy mind about the high-cut v-neck. Is it the best choice for him to wear?

Chasing some villains:

FOYeur: Even doing some rolls on the grass in these white pants seems to leave no marks 😀 . The man surely knows how to keep his pants clean.

At the end of very very long day, after a few chases, raids and hunting Wo-Fat in a helicopter, Steve is enjoying quiet sunset at home with Danny and the Governor:

Goofy Steve

FOYeur: At least the wrinkled pants shows that he must have been wearing them for a whole day.

LaHagela: Did he change his shirt? It looks green now. And this picture is making me giggle because he looks like he’s about to raise his arms and do that goofy (but God damn sexy) dance he does.  Come on Steve/Alex shake that ass for us….you know you want to!

FOYeur: (Giggle) I think it is the deference in lighting that they use for different scenes, that keep changing the colour of the shirt, I saw it happen with the ones Chin is wearing as well this season (Or maybe the wardrobe department, just switches them around from day-to-day when shooting 😀 )

This is us, “Undressing Steve” for this episode of Hawaii Five-0. Please feel free to share your views on the matter  We’ll see you next time, with which ever episode we draw from the hat to review. And remember, it just for fun……..


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312 Steve in black tee looking fab


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