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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #102

We continue our story from here

So does everybody in America or Hawaii drive around with a chainsaw in their car, just in case they need to cut down a tree? Oh, but of  course Steve is not  just anybody and it must be standard equipment, like the hand-grenades and other goodies that he stores in Danno’s car.

I am sorry, but crossing the line seems to really just come too easily and have totally gone haywire in Season 5. I can understand if you do something illegal (or move the line a bit), in order to save a life or to solve a case or as part of ‘battle’. But to do something illegal because you are stingy and for own personal gain has never been part of Steve’s game. To me it looks like my call on the lobotomy Steve had in Epi 505, was spot on. It is just not part of his character that we have seen up until now, in my opinion – That is my personal opinion and others may see Steve’s personality in a totally different light (as it seems the writers and/or maybe even Alex do?).

Of course my opinion comes from a place where we do not use live trees in our houses for Christmas. And I do not see the value of cutting down a tree to have it up in my house for a few days. Much less stealing one from a protected forest to do so. Paula and I have had a long debate about it, because she comes from a country where it is very much the custom to have a living tree and where such trees are in abundance and easy to find. And therefore our opinions on it differ substantially. As I am sure it will amongst other fans as well.

I know the whole tree buying, tree stealing scene was intended to be funny – and it was a funny idea, just poorly executed. And I also know that it is just one tree in a place with loads of trees, but if that is the attitude of every person on the Island, all those many trees will be gone and maybe that is why it is prohibited by the law at that specific spot……..

Then back to Steve’s story…..

I doubt if the important meeting with the Governor actually meant anything. But how about setting up some actual new storyline, when you do try to find an excuse for the main actor to be away for a while and not be part of the case. Some innuendo about something important and new to come maybe……. (Imaginative writing? 😀 )

Because there are not any real story of Steve to share, I will just share a few thoughts about the case of the day. Great to have it set on the Big Island of Hawaii. Interesting idea for a plot, but I still do not understand what value the stolen horse might have had for the breeder who stole it. If you can’t use the name of the horse you are breeding with, why use it to breed with? It just fails to make sense to me. 😕

I must admit that when I saw that beautiful horse running, I could not help but be reminded of Alex Steve’s beauty and athleticism – and it made me miss his presence even more …….. *sigh*  😥

…….. okay, back to the case. I’m a bit disappointed with the chase scene as well, because I thought that surely Kono was going to lasso the guy, before she roped him. 😦 Other than that, the writers really did a good job of having the whole team involved with the case. Danny, Kono and Grover’s faces were priceless in every scene with Max and his old time friend and their rival mystery.

And I have never seen Steve Alex so quiet and uninvolved at a social gathering, like at this Christmas Eve party at Danny’s house. In a sense I can kind of understand why, because he has been through a lot during these past few months and there is no other family member close to him. But maybe he was also contemplating the fact that all his friends are also such loners without other loved ones and family. Danny held the party, with no Amber in sight. Kono, there without Adam by her side. Chin without girlfriend Leilani. Grover there without his wife and kids (the weirdest of all for me). Max without his beloved Sabrina. Duke, seemingly always without a family to call his own. Kamekona and Flippa seems to be outcasts to whatever family they might have. It is great that they are all there for one another and are always together, but truly a sad bunch in my eyes. 😦

If anybody was wondering why the ID shot of Steve in Pua’s book might look familiar, it is a (very badly) photoshopped picture that was originally taken by Valerie Macon at the CBS Premiere party on 16 September 2009. (And also used in the FilmInk AU article in June 2010) Paula did some good research to find the original picture again. 🙂


Most of the fans might already know it by now, but if you were wondering why we saw so little of Steve, Alex took a day or two off from filming to visit Japan with his friend Enson. As far as we could see, it was really a good breakaway for Alex and it surely looked like he had a lot of fun. And we as fangirls enjoyed seeing it just as much. Nobody deserves a good break like that away from the show, more than Alex, I think.

I however thought he would still be in more that just 4 minutes of the 42 minute episode. Especially after most of that 4 minutes of him, was already shown in teasers and promos beforehand?! (Some false advertising maybe?)

Here is the link to our coverage of the fun Alex had on that weekend away. And of course the ‘Hula Hoop’ lessons he gave while he was there: Alex knows his naughty moves …

My thoughts in general:

  • Unfortunate timing for a Steve-light episode, with it falling on the only episode we will see during the course of 5 week over the festive season. Some of us Alex-addicts” need our fix, y’know. 😦
  • If they do give Alex some time off (which he greatly deserves), please don’t make Steve act like an asshole for the small bit that he is there – at least use him to his full potential. (As Paula said yesterday – maybe in the shower or somewhere a little less dressed maybe. 😛 )
  • Maybe don’t use a well-known Christmas song, if you don’t really know its words or don’t want to use all the words from it (it is like leaving out some words from any well-known poem). They could have just faded it after they started to sing, rather than to adapt the words. It only placed unnecessary focus on it (from what I could see from comments about it) – Just my opinion.

Just for some holiday fun……


– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 509 –

Ke Koho Mamao Aku (Longshot)

To be continued here



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403 – Steve and Max, bffs

I think Danny might be just a bit jellis, just a tiny bit 😛

I love those faces 😀



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Happy b-day to Andrea B

How about a moment of buddy-bonding for your birthday since you are our top bromance writer 🙂

The day started off just beautifully. Have a look at Steve´s face, beeeauuuutiful 🙂

Is he emotional because of the scenery or does he have the sniffles?

But then Steve did a Humpty-Dumpty  and left his buddy all worried for a second (and hurt his pretty face too). So Danny then did his Hercules and saved his friend´s life.

So much love for his brother in the air 🙂

Some hours later. Steve hitched a lift and continued his duty as the hottest H50 lieutenant commander. He actually looked even better with the bruises. Steve didn´t want to get dirt on his sparkling white cast so little buddy had to deal with the dead fish…

Eyesexting/eyehumping…ladies loosing panties everywhere.

Danny wasn´t too happy about it. So the dead fish killed his brotherly love…just like that.

Ok, there was still some love left to share, with a lot of beer. Buddy-bonding ending the day.

We wish you, Andrea, a day of fun and laughter, with cake and beer. Happy birthday to you!Smiley

SmileyLove FOYeur and PaulaSmiley


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Alex O’Loughlin and his shippers – Going from Bromance to Romance

There are many different people in the fandom surrounding Alex, Hawaii Five-0 and Moonlight. What makes it so interesting is that none of us are the same. We are a bunch of interesting people in the fandom and most of the time everybody is a pleasure to encounter.

One of the segments of Alex’s fans is also the shippers and with them fanfic writers and a big part of it seems to be slashfic writers. I must admit I have only read a few chapters of any of it and I do not really know that much about it myself.

I got into a discussion with one of the Mick/Josef writers and I thought it might be an interesting subject for further study. She wrote me a beautiful essay on why she writes and I want to invite more writers to do the same. From all the information I get from everyone, I would like to write a report on my findings.

Just some explanation for people who do not know the terms “shipper” or “slash fiction” (this is from the wiki-pages and I do not often trust information on there, but I hope that it more or less covers the subjects):

Shipping, derived from the word relationship, is the belief that two characters, fictional or non-fictional, are in an intimate relationship, have romantic feelings that could potentially lead to a relationship, or have another form of less intimate relationship, which may involve platonic friendship, or even violence. It is considered a general term for fans’ emotional involvement with the ongoing development of romance in a work of fiction. Though technically applicable to any such involvement, it refers chiefly to various related social dynamics observable on the Internet, and is seldom used outside of that context.

Slash fiction, or Alternative fiction, is a genre of fan fiction that focuses on the depiction of interpersonal attraction and/or sexual relationships between fictional characters of the same-sex. While the term was originally restricted to stories in which male media characters were involved in an explicit sexual relationship as a primary plot element (also known as “slash”, “m/m slash”, “menslash”, “altfic”), it is now often used to refer to any fan story containing a pairing between same-sex characters, although many fans distinguish the female-focused variety as a separate genre commonly referred to as femslash (also known as “f/f slash”, “femmeslash”, “altfic” and “saffic”). The characters are usually not engaged in such relationships in their respective fictional universes.

This is my invitation to all slash writers involved in shipping Alex’s character in any relationship, to take part. I will handle all information I receive with the utmost respect and discretion.

If you are interested to take part, please write an essay on your motivation for writing the slashfic (not a whole novel please 😉). I am posting a number of questions that might help you in compiling your essay – they are all optional for you to answer and merely a guideline. It will just help to see how each individual feels about the same type of subjects. Please feel free to add anything that you might feel relevant to you as a person and writer.


  1. Which relationship do you write about?
  2. Do you only write about the fictional character or does your writing involve the real actors as well? (Is it allowed?)
  3. Have you yourself ever been in a same-sex relationship?
  4. Do you have close personal male friends that are gay?
  5. Would you ship Alex (as his character) with any male partner or just the present relationship you write about?
  6. Has your story moved on to a serious sexual relationship yet?
  7. Do you like both men in the relationship equally?
  8. Do you read the works of other writers – that write about the same characters as yourself or different characters?
  9. If by some miracle Television changes overnight and these characters really got romantically involved, what would your reaction be?
  10. If you found out that the actors who portray these characters are in fact gay and involved with each other, what would your reaction be?
  11. Who reads your stories and do you write to please your supporters?

I will give everybody time until after next weekend to respond. If you know somebody that writes fanfic and they do not follow our blog, please let them know about this invitation to all slash fiction writers involved with writing about Alex’s  characters. I would love to get as many people as possible participating. If you would like to participate and don’t have time to respond before end of next weekend, please let me know and I will postpone compiling my report.

I hope you all will see this as a good opportunity to tell your story and I hope you will trust me with it.

You are welcome to send me your essay to the blog e-mail or to my personal e-mail: fo.yeur@gmail.com I do apologise if I use any terms incorrectly and would appreciate any corrections.


My Report:

Alex O’Loughlin got shipped and I landed on a soap box …….


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#AlexOLoughlin is having an affair ……… with couches

“There was a point four years ago when I was living on my mate Sam Gould’s couch for more than a year – so long that my back went out.

I had my swag with me and I had to move on to the floor. At that point I’d run out of money. A Ducati motorcycle, the only thing I owned, had been stolen and the insurance money had run out and I couldn’t get arrested in this town”

Alex O’Loughlin, Herald Sun, 14 October 2009

For most of us a couch is a couch. It is something you sit on. Other people might have different connections with it. Somebody visiting a psychiatrist might see it as an object of therapy. For someone a specific couch can hold some erotic memories of a special encounter involving it …..

Like I said, we all have our different feelings towards them. They are either seen as just another piece of furniture or as part of a memory.

Alex seemed to take his real life experiences with couches to our screens. Is it life imitating art or is it art imitating life?

In Moonlight poor Mick St John denied himself the luxury of even owning a bed. Don’t know if he just never wanted to be reminded of its comfort or maybe the possibility of passion surrounding it, but he opted not to have one.

When he eventually needed one, he had to make do with his couch.

And when he had to offer Beth some place to sleep on, she also had to sleep on a couch. (Better than sleeping in Mick’s freezer, Beth …. or is it?)

In The Back-Up Plan, Stan and Zoe technically had their first fight right after they made love for the first time  …… and it seems the farmhouse was so small, that with Zoe sleeping in the bedroom, Alex as Stan had no other choice but to take the couch once again……

With Alex’s latest show Hawaii Five-0, the mystery of why only couches are used, where he apparently lives in one bedroom houses, continues.

In Episode 2:01, after Max patched up Steve’s wound, he got him onto the couch. Also no extra bed or bedroom available here it seems ……

And another mystery to me –  how did tiny Max get unconscious SuperSEAL Steve from the bathroom floor onto that couch?

In Episode 2:09, Danny moved in as Steve’s house guest, after loosing his accommodation, and low and behold, he sleeps on the couch.

Is this all just pure coincidence, is there a pattern here or is it just a special affinity for couches on Alex’s side? Maybe because they are better than sleeping on the floor…….?

“I had nothing. I ended up sleeping on my pal’s office floor while his house was getting sand-blasted and all the floors were being done.

The office was sealed off in plastic, so I was literally living in this plastic bubble while the rest of the house was being worked on. I had really dark thoughts in that time. I was very depressed, and I went through a lot of pain. I couldn’t see beyond each day.

That might sound overly dramatic, but that’s what I experienced. I didn’t know what to do. I had a good friend who came by every morning and took me for coffee and worked out the plan for every day. I didn’t have the money to go home to Australia even if I’d wanted to. It was friendship that kept me strong. Eventually I just thought, “What the hell! Until you hit your knees, it’s not worth it anyway.”

Alex O’Loughlin, FilmInk, June 2010

Goodbye Sweetie……..see you soon (and I promise I will put you in my a bed after I use the stun gun on you………)

Ouch…….is all that force really necessary?

Goodbye girls……


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