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A Month of Mick (#15) – Mick in some purple …..


Paula made these two beautiful new gifs (the 1st and the last one). And I thought it would be nice to recycle some old ones with it, to complete the picture! 😀

A love story

Was it destiny that drove him mad?

Was it pure love that spurred him on?

Was it lust for something outside his reach?

Did she lure him in with pure vampire appeal?

Was he drawn in like a moth to a flame?

Was it the animal from within, that would not be tamed?

OR was he just a poor sod that fell for the oldest trick in the book….

a woman playing hard to get.

A love story that ended in a nightmare.

mick-cloudsWhy did they not show us more of the passionate human being behind Mick the celibate vampire…….?? 😦

It’s sexy. It’s not gratuitously violent, but the action is pretty radical. I’m really surprised they’re letting me do the stunts I’m doing. It’s awesome stuff.

— Alex O’Loughlin,  PinkRayGun.com, September 2007



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Season 3 – most favorite emo moment. It is a POLL!

A month ago, our poll for most fun moment showed us that Steve and Cath provided us with what was regarded by the voters, as the most fun moments. The two scenes with the two of them came in at No 1 and 2.

Let´s have a look at Season 3 most emotional moments, and vote for the most memorable one. Did you get moved by this scene (I obviously only captured Alex as usual). So here are the contestants in random order.

Vote for your favorite emo Steve!


1. A little girl got kidnapped (totally everyday thing in HI), she was saved and returned to her parents.


2. Little buddy had a bomb scare, Steve never left his side. Danny got saved and hugging ensued with both shedding tears of relief.


3. Cath had promised mom Doris to keep her secret and of course it came out and Steve´s feelings got hurt. He realised it was mom´s fault and forgave Cath with a sweet kiss.


4. Helping out those who won´t ask for it. Lovely moment in jeans and tank top…*sigh*


5. So 3 finale with saying goodbye to mom and Kono (and Adam). Will be a while till they return to the island (perhaps).


6. Finally capturing his #1 enemy! Badly hurt WoFat begging for Steve to finish him off, but Steve wants him to suffer.


7. Going after his Navy Seal buddy´s remains in the Korean jungle, only to discover his friend´s body had been mutilated.


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