These are copies of most of the entries from Alex’s MySpace Blog:

Alex only used his MySpace from March 2008 to May 2010

25 May 2010

1 Dec 2009

17 October 2009

1 October 2009

6 September 2009

27 August 2009

30 July 2009

2 May 2009


23 March 2009

6 February 2009

13 October 2008

25 August 2008

14 May 2008

9 March 2008

9 responses to “MySpace

  1. Foyeur, did you ever noticed on the post of August 25th 2008 he included “bro” in the sentence, even before “sis”. I wonder if he has a half brother.


    • Yes Marta I have noticed it, and have been looking everywhere to see any signs of any other mentions of other siblings (stepbrothers or sisters), but thus far I have been unable to find any evidence of any. There might be some, or it might have just been a figure of speech from him. Definitely one of the questions I have on my list to ask him 🙂


      • And you have a long list of questions, haven’t you? You’re not the only one. I just wished that journalists that have the chance to talk to him would make more smart and funny questions to reach his essence but not invading his private life. I know sometimes is hard to achieve that but they usually never even try it.


        • They obvilously do not have the same passion and knowledge of the “subject” as us. 🙂
          They normally just focus on the project he is promoting at the time, and most probably have some standerd things to ask.
          Would love to whisper some questions to ask, in one of their ears one day… 😀


        • One thing I forgot to mention, is that bro can also be for brother in-law. I do not really have reliable sources on it, but I think his sister only got married about 2 years ago and had a baby last year. But you never know, maybe he was referring that brother in-law, then already.


          • It’s possible but i don’t think so because usually you mention first who you love the most and in my mind i never considered to talk or write my sister-in-law before than my brother or even my grandparents. That’s why i think he can have a stepbrother.


  2. Jocilene Alves

    Myspace still exist?


  3. Alpha_Mumma_Loves_Alex

    once again I am very late to the party………lol!
    The term ‘Bro’ is not only short for Brother/Brother in law, but can be a reference to a male friend in slang culture.
    No Myspace doesn’t exist in its original form, which used to be for music, bands, artists in general, and since Facebook took ownership of most of the modern social media platforms, I doubt it will ever make an appearance again which is really sad as I loved Myspace, and followed a lot of really good bands on there, bands that I am sure Alex himself would love as we have similar tastes in music. x


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