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Happy Birthday #AlexOLoughlin

As usual, we begin celebrating Alex’s birthday as soon as 24 August starts in Australia.

During the course of our lives, we have these moments in time of celebrations. Celebrations to the end of a period that we have completed successfully. Then they somehow also serve as reset buttons to start over. To begin a new section of our lives.

I think this year more than ever before we saw the end of a certain way of life and the anticipation of what will be next for us all.

Even more so for someone like Alex who ended a decade of being Steve McGarrett successfully.

My wish for Alex would be that it will be the start of an even brighter future. A time of peace and love with his beautiful family.

But selfishly I also hope that he will seek out wonderful characters to portray, for us as fans to enjoy.

Happy Birthday,





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#AlexOLoughlin chats to TV WEEK about fatherhood (2012)

Lion Pride

TV Week

20 November 2012

Aussie star Alex O’Loughlin was glowing with fatherly pride when he told TV WEEK of the birth of his baby son, Lion Kahano, last week.

He’s a little cub right now, but one day he’ll grow up to be a lion,”

the Hawaii Five-0 star said of the newborn, who was welcomed into the world on October 25.

When asked about the choice of name, the actor and father to Saxon, 15 – his son from a previous relationship, couldn’t stop a cheeky grin spreading across his face.

“I don’t really set the sights high for my kids with names like Saxon and Lion, right,” he laughs.

The 36-year-old actor, who has been dating model Malia Jones, has nothing but praise for the new mum.

“She’s a supportive partner and a terrific woman living with three boys not including me, so it’s like a man factory at my house!”

Magazine Scan


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Happy Birthday Steve McGarrett

Before we start this post and just to make it clear and try to eliminate confusion – this is Steve McGarrett’s birthday. He is a fictional character on the show Hawaii Five-0.

Alex O’Loughlin is the actor who plays Steve McGarrett, and his birthday is on 24 August.

Happy Birthday Steve!

Image result for prost smiley gif

With lack of time this year, we are not making a special post for the occasion, but we would like to give you the links to all our previous interesting posts for his birthday over the years.




Steve-0r-gasm-0-meter: Episode 4:16


Happy Birthday Commander Steve McGarrett

– How old are you today?


Is this – Everything We Know About McGarrett’s Past? #H50

Hope you all enjoy tonight’s new Episode!


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They say …….. #AlexOLoughlin works hard

 407 MCG cute bw

Days like today, I wish you could see what I witness on #H50. Alex worked so hard on his birthday & I wish him a fantastic year ahead!!

– Five-0 publicist Erika Kauffman on Twitter – 24 August 2011

Birthday 2011


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I blame it all on #AlexOLoughlin …..

There are some great fans of Alex O’Loughlin from all over the world.

And I think you will agree with me, that one very special one of them, is my very talented and creative partner on this blog!
Today, the 1st of October, we celebrate Paula’s birthday!

Happy Birthday Paula

And a big THANK YOU for all the fun we have!

The gorgeous Alex O'Loughlin

And I blame all the fun we have together, on the very gorgeous and talented man and actor – Alex O’Loughlin.

Paula my dear friend, I hope you have a great day, with lots if cake and laughter!


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