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Alex O’Loughlin – You searched for him and got us ….. (Part 5)

People searched the internet and some ended up visiting us. Here are few of those searches. Some of them might have found what they were looking for, others maybe not. For some we thought to explain things just a little better…….

  • l want to get a nice picture of alex o; loughlin

– Hope this one is good enough

  • alex o’loughlin over worked


– Where is Justin when you need him?


  • who is alex o’loughlin’s stunt double

– ‘Just-in-time’ Sundquist! (thanks to LaHagela for that term) 🙂


– And no he is not doing a daring stunt here, he is playing an extra for a change. What can we say, Justin is not called “Superman” for nothing, he can do anything – stand around, stand-in and even replace Alex :shock:!

  • how old is alex mcloughlin

– We don’t really know Alex Mcloughlin, but Alex O’Loughlin is 36 and turns 37 in August 2013 and Steve McGarrett  turned 36 in March 😀

  • alex o’loughlin chest measurement

– Do you want us to measure it with or without a nip-stand? Cause it´s enormous already! 😀


  • stan the backup plan

– Great plan! But we are pretty sure we’ll take him as “first” plan – no back-up needed here!

  • guy undressing and loving his girl intensely


– Can I just lie down for a while now…….. sure the blood will get back to my head soon…..maybe….. :mrgreen:

  • did something happen to alex laughlin that makes him a big advocate of donate for life?

– Yes, he got the role of a heart transplant surgeon Dr Andy Yablonski in the TV series Three Rivers in 2009. Unfortunately the series only lasted for 13 episodes. 😦

  • westy big tits gifs


Hi Westy


  • alex o’loughlin glasses

– They are always half full, never half empty 😀

Oh, you mean those glasses – he looks pretty awesome in them…..!


  • does alex o’loughlin have a fake leg


– No fake leg here, but legend has it that he might have a third one……  😯

  • did alex o’loughlin ever serve in the military

– No, definitely not the US military in any case, because he is an Australian citizen and we are sure he would have mentioned it somewhere in an interview, if he ever served.

  • alex o’loughlin fake naked

– This might be a little hard to find here – we like to deal in original Alex O’Loughlin parts :razz:. WHY fake?? No reason to adore this man in all his beauty and talent (and body parts) and then drool over fake pictures of him! It makes no sense at all!!

REAL nekkid (well mostly only half-naked 😦 ) picture are all over the place 😛


  • steve mcgarrett nude

WHERE!!!! (there is always some hope with every new season 😀 )

  • is alex o loughlin losing his hair


– Every morning I find a couple on my pillow 😉

But seriously, I think we kind of proved that the losing of hair on this fella is a myth without any substance – You can read about it here:

Alex O’Loughlin – It is a piece about hair, but is definitely NOT a hairpiece?

  • how do you pronounce alex o’loughlin name


  • steve and cath

  • alex o’loughlin’s hairy legs


– Hope it is his legs that are hairy and not hers 😮

  • what does” jumping off my soapbox” mean

– Is it possible to jump off it? Who would want to jump off?

I [FOYeur] like being on mine 😀


  • steve mcgarrett tramp stamp


– Steve is not supposed to have a tramp stamp (maybe to girly for a Navy SEAL?! 😮 ), but sometimes it is visible and we call it ‘hidden treasures‘. Of course the tramp stamp only existed up untill end of Season 1 of Hawaii Five-0, because during the hiatus in 2011 it was upgraded to a larger more colourful wrap around tribal tattoo… 🙂

  • pitcher of all alex oloughlin s tatto s when he was getting them

– If only such a pitcher was sent to us! 😦

  • blue veins on forehead

They are covered with orange paint now 😀

  • juy

    juicy questions

– You forgot the “ic” there?! 🙄

  • alex o’loughlin tattoos interview

– As soon as it is out there, it will be here too…

After all we really take the study of Alex O’Loughlin’s tattoo’s seriously here and try to keep it comprehensive and up to date. 😀

  • alex o’loughlin dog dusty


– She might just be the luckiest bitch in the world! 😀

  • how do you pronounce alex o’loughlin break his arm

– *snap*  😉

  • best place to get a cover up tattoo in hawaii

– For sure not the H50 make-up department 😉

  • neck veins porn


  • farmer sex

– You’ll need to be more specific. Oyster farmer sex of Cheese farmer sex 😕 ? We deal in both…..

  • alex o loughlin is alive april 24 2013


– It sure looks like it – this was taken 1st of August 2013, safe to say he made it past April 😉

  • alex?? so what r they saying? :p

– That he is drop dead gorgeous and most probably a pantie destroyer 😛

  • white pants study

– Has there been one?

Oh no, FOYeur hates the white pants, so no study 😥

  • “does you good doesn’t it”

– Check the pic above, and decide for yourselves…. 😛

  • h50 bamg

If only you hadn´t mispelled, you might have ended up on Ess´s blog 😀

  • what does alex o’loughlin really sound like

– really, really sexy

  • has alex o’loughlin had plastic surgery


  • alex o’loughlin before and after plastic surgery

– We are kinda pretty sure he thanks his great genes for his looks 🙂

  • alex o loughlin dirty pics

– How did you end up HERE?! 😯 And please  define dirty? 😛

  • what did alex o loughlin do to his teeth?

– We assume he brushes twice daily and maybe he even flosses too.

  • alex o’loughlin crotch grab



  • the many girlfriends of alex o’loughlin

– Surely there hasn´t been that many? Poor lad, the sheila’s kicked him out of Oz for being so unattractive… 😆

  • nekkid chicks

– You mean those  commenting here? You want their pics? 😉

  • delicious destiny


– Maybe Oahu, his bedroom 😕 ?


  • alex o’loughlin steaming


    – Nothing like cooling off in the water 😀

  • what is alex o’loughlin doing right now


– There´s a 99.99% chance that he´s on his phone…again.

Please keep on searching, we hope you find what you need here…….Everybody is welcome!



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