A Month of Mick (#9) – Mick sends his love to you… Happy Birthday Sue!

Sue (Ontlls) said that she like Episode 13 – ‘Fated to Pretend’, so we celebrate her birthday by having a closer look at it, while celebrating our ‘Month of Mick’!

Here we have Mick, who at long last, got what he wanted to have the most in this world – to be human again! Mick all pretty and happy with all his cuts and bruises, strolling carefree along the beach……..


Surrounded by hundreds of girls eye-humping him and he´s wondering how they would react if he told them he was 85 years old. Most of them would definitely want to have his plastic surgeon´s number – this is LA after all!! 😀

But in his eyes, there is only one girl for him……Beth!

Then *bam*, tragedy strikes and Beth lands in the hands of evil vampires. Only Mick can save her and as a human he has got no chance! 😦 There is only one way out, and he begs Josef to turn him back again!


Mick has to give up the one thing that he wanted for so long – being human!

Have you ever experienced a moment in your live, where you had to give up something that you regarded as the most precious thing you possess? What kind of power persuades a person to take that step to give it up…….. is it only true love that can motivate a person to do it?

… that little line, ‘My Beth’… that was actually an improv line. ‘My Beth’ just came out of me being in the moment in the scene, living in Mick there for a moment. I don’t remember it happening, but when we were shooting I was just thinking how much I loved this woman.

— Alex O’Loughlin, Daybreak USA, May 2008

Mick and Josef storm in and save the day – or rather Beth and the DA. And everybody pretends to be happy, because life is short and it seems we they are all ‘fated to pretend’! 😀


And in the end, we only got a kiss out of it all…….


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Sue, Mick sends his love too

And best wishes from Paula and FOYeur!



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30 responses to “A Month of Mick (#9) – Mick sends his love to you… Happy Birthday Sue!

  1. MICK & JOSEF!!!! SQUEEE!!! Sorry can’t form a coherent thought right now, because MICK & JOSEF!!! *runs around squealing*


  2. *Ahem* Now that I’ve had a moment to compose myself 😉 This was a lovely birthday gift. Happy Birthday Sue 🙂


  3. Anwyn

    Jesus, that’s so touching. There were so many emotional moments in Moonlight, but the moment when Mick begged Josef to turn him again – that was definitely one of the highlights. I think such a gift can only be given out of true love because you don’t think in terms of ‘sacrifice’ when you love someone so deeply.
    Happy Birthday Sue! and thanks for another wonderful remininiscense


  4. marnov2205

    Happy birthday to you, Sue, it’s a beautiful present you got!! Mick on the beach *sigh* …


  5. Happy Birthday Sue. Mick on a beach – new cocktail??? It’s a complex blend of liquor best served from the cooler on ice. It will knock you flat on your back….and it’s 7:30am on a Monday for me, haha.


  6. “He has Beth! He has my Beth!”

    Oh, how I LOVE this scene! *sigh* And this single tear running down his temple. *double sigh*

    Thanks for this wonderful post! My fav episode too. Though there are a lot of fav episodes in ML for me 😉 this one is outstanding.

    Happy Birthday, Sue! 🙂


  7. Karen

    My favorite episode and photos of him. When that tear slips down his face my heart just broke and I cried with him. What we do for love. Love how gorgeous he is on the beach, eating and loving the sunshine!
    Happy Birthday Sue!


  8. Happy birthday, Sue!
    Don’t we all love eppy 13 the most? I mean, after all, that’s the point of whole show, for Mick to feel humanly alive again because he hates being un-dead…


  9. Some trivia from the original fandom days when this episode first aired.

    Moonlight Fans board had a discussion group (founded by moi) called the VFA (Vampire Fetishists Association), who used to have really lengthy, indepth discussions on Vampire mythology, archetypes, sexuality, biology, and how hot we all found the actual bite of the Vampire to be (seriously the group went WILD when Mick turned all Alpha!Vamp and tore Tejada’s throat out and we got to see the blood dripping down his face – that was like a total money shot to some of us). Anyway these discussions would often run to 40+ pages in a couple of hours, and at the time some of the Moonlight writer’s were also lurking on the board, so they would have noticed our activity (one presumes at least). Josef’s line in Fated To Pretend, “Some women like that”, when Mick talks about having a tendency to bite down, we always suspected that was a bit of a shout out to us. Trevor wasn’t on the show at that time though, so I’ve never been able to get confirmation on it. It was just one of those coincidental ‘Oh really?” moments that raised a few eyebrows.

    Spoilers of Josef turning Mick broke on the boards well before the episode aired. The episode had been aired at some convention, I can’t remember which one, maybe Comic Con or something like that (hey, bear with me, I’m going back to discussions that happened 5 years ago 😉 LOL) and apparently there was an original version of the scene that was a lot more sensual, and that also had Josef remaining vamped out for longer, instead of vamping, then switching to human mode, and vamping again. Slightly OT for a moment, you have have NO idea how much I want to get my hands on that clip, if it even exists. Anyway, lots of discussion about the scene ensued, and it was funny seeing how the different fandom ships responded to the news at the time. Of course the Josef/Mick shippers were all squeeing our collective heads off with excitement, half the MickBeth brigade was also cheering the coming scene on, because it meant that Josef and not Coraline would be Mick’s sire, so ‘Nyah’ to Coraline (at least that was the assumption at the time), another group decided the scene was ‘pandering to a minority subsection of the fandom’, I can’t really remember what the MickCora shippers were doing at this time, probably trying to dodge incoming missiles for the MickBeth crew, and then some bright spark comes into the discussion and goes ‘OMG he has to bite Mick’s neck, ewww that’s so gay, why can’t he just bite his wrist?’ – at which point I think everyone pretty much turned around and went ‘WHAT?’ O_o, as we all tried to work out how exactly Josef was supposed to drain Mick’s blood via the small blood vessels in someone’s wrist.

    When the episode finally aired, I was so caught up in Mick and Josef that I didn’t even register that Mick and Beth had kissed on the roof. I got onto the boards after the show, and everyone was going on about this kiss, and all I could think was ‘But wait, Mick and Josef didn’t kiss’. I had to watch the episode again before it dawned on me *smacks forehead* Oh yeah, Mick and Beth were in there somewhere too weren’t they. LOL

    Oh how I wish I still had copies of some of the discussions from back then. *sigh* So many wonderful memories. ❤


    • Thanks for sharing. Got a good laugh again 😀
      I would love to have read your discussions back then too. Oh what fun it must have been 🙂


    • venia

      Emerald that board sound like the kind of forum I would have loved to be in. I loved that fact that not only did you talk about Moonlight but true vampire lor as well. If you talk about true vampire lore there is so much out there, and you can understand moonlight more and Mick and his ways. Oh yes you were not the only one that had that same reaction to Josef turning mick. I was so into that moment to that I forgot that Mick kissed beth on the roof. Like you I wish I could get that more sensual scene of josef turning mick, (yes I would have like to see that. I do rememeber alex talking about the turning scene a comic con that year. It is on Youtube. If I find the clip I would love to send it to you. if you have not scene it yet.

      ps. I always thought that turning scene was hot. I have scene alot of sensual vampire turning scene ( I am a true blood fan to) and to me josef and Mick is still the sexist to me.


      • Oh man you would have loved the VFA group, we got really indepth with our discussions on all things Vampire – the history, the genre, the mythology, just everything you could think of. It was so awesome, because I’ve loved Vampires since I was a child, and it was just so great to have all these people I could talk to who were into them as much as I was. 🙂

        I’ve seen Alex talking about the re-turning scene, plus the interview he did as well for Vampires and Slayers magazine, where he gets asked if middle America will accept such a homoerotic scene and he answers with (paraphrased) ‘Who cares, change the channel if you don’t like it, I’m heterosexual, but gay, straight, bisexual, asexual, what does it matter’ (I wish I could remember the exact quote, but I totally loved him for that, it was a stupid question to ask in the first place and he totally shot the interviewer down with style :D)


        • venia

          Emerald you are so right I would have loved that group. Like you I have been a fan of vampires since I was a child.(not like people out there who go into it when that Twilight crap came out (sorry not a fan) I remeber reading Interview with the vampire back in hight schhol, and all of anne rice books

          I I think I would have loved your site. You right right Alex answeres tht dumb question with smarts. Love it.


  10. Ontlls

    (((HUGS))) Paula and FOYeur 😀 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! 😀 😀

    “Mick on a Beach” cocktail. Oh that sounds wonderful but like blexymcloughlin it’s only 8:30 AM for me, and I have to work today! But I am going to work with Mick St. John on my brain.
    I love the ending of episode 12, when he walks in after fighting the other Vampires and loosing Coraline, I celebrated almost, finally she is gone! (sorry not a fan of that relationship) He walks in all in pain, and Human.
    And then Ep13 starts, laying in bed, oh my, and drinking that cup of coffee and brushing his teeth – is it getting warmer 😉
    Anyhow, that whole flirting thing with Beth on the beach and the flirting again with Beth to have her over for dinner, we never got to see that! Wasn’t it supposed to be next day they see the plastic surgeon to question him! So much going on in that episode.
    But yes, the change and the tear down Mick face is and was the best part (my dvd is wearing out cuz of the rewinding)
    But the part that got me.. was the look he gave Beth right after the kiss.
    Thank goodness for couches.;) and that bottom lip again!
    Anyhow, Thank you again everyone for the birthday wishes and the great post!
    Wow another long post here!! 😯


  11. venia

    your friend is not alone Fated to pretend was my favorite episode to , from the show. thanks for the pics and brings back old memories. I think I put the dvd in a re watch I never tire of it.


  12. First .. Happy Birthday Sue!! Thanks so much for the lovely gifs!! I think I may have to have a lie down now!! MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!


  13. lunaterra12

    Happy Birthday Sue!!! What a great ep to pick for your fav! 🙂


  14. Audrey



  15. Happy Birthday Sue!!

    The brush of his thumb across his lips after the kiss…*shudder*

    I’m still pissed the lighting was so terrible during the kissing scene. I wanted to see his lips. The way he was tugging on her and the sounds they were making, I bet there was some tongue. 😛 *sigh*

    Mick’s “O” face, the groan, the sound of Josef’s teeth sinking in, the single tear and the droplets of blood dripping onto his mouth, his tongue licking it from his lip…forever ingrained in my memory. I am not MICK/JOSEF shipper, but the scene was very sensual and I was weirdly aroused, but probably because of Mick’s face and the sound that escaped his very soul.

    I just noticed the panty destroying nasal flare in the vamp out gif. How did I miss that the first 10 times I looked at them. 😕 (HINT, HINT…my bday’s December 3rd, and I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned it, but I have a little thing for Alex’s nose.) 😉 I’m incorrigible, I know.

    Thanks Paula and FOYeur for this delicious post!


  16. AlexNymph

    Happy Birthday, Sue! Wishing you Mick on the beach, on the bed, all around the house! Inside and out (take that as you like).


  17. Happy Birthday SUE.Thanks to Paula and FOYeur we ALL enjoyed it


  18. Helloeeze

    Wow, that was a lovely, lovely birthday wish! We should all be so fortunate to have woman eye humping Mick in our birthday greeting. That re-turning scene was one of the best scenes in the whole series. Jason said in an interview that he got all emotional filming that scene. And Alex is such a method actor. He was feeling the love for “My Beth.” Too sweet for words.


  19. venia

    That turning scene to me with (josef) had so many differnt emotions in it, not only Mick doing it for his love of beth, but also I will admit it is a sensual scene. Vampries to me are just sensual creatures. I also felt it was right for josef to turn him. Even thow josef did not want to do it, I think it was right for him, since he know s mick and trust him. and let’s not forget mick called him brother so he iwas like family to meick so those emotions were there as well.


    • The music in that scene was such a perfect choice, it really enhanced the emotion of Mick turning back from human to vampire.


      • miracle

        “Saving Josh” *sigh*

        The one person he couldn’t save, and so desperately tried to – for Beth. A human being died. Now Mick’s human existence was dying a second time – for Beth.


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