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Alex O’Loughlin on The Early Show with Maggie Rodriguez, April 2010


Step aside, Hugh JackmanAustralia’s new acting export has arrived.

Alex O’Loughlin, 33, left his native Sydney a few years back to headline the television series “Moonlight,” and the later medical drama, “Three Rivers.” This month, O’Loughlin is starring opposite Jennifer Lopez in the romantic comedy “The Back-Up Plan.”

O’Loughlin stopped by “The Early Show” Thursday to discuss the film and what it was like to work with Lopez. O’Loughlin plays Lopez’s new lover, Stan, who meets the love of his life shortly after she has decided to take pregnancy into her own hands.

“Early Show” co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez wanted to know if O’Loughlin was nervous working with such a high-profile celebrity while taking on his first major movie role.


15 April 2010,

with Maggie Rodriguez.

April 2010 - Today Show

Alex & Maggie on their way to the studio

Maggie: You’ve seen Alex O’Loughlin on TV in “The Shield”, “Moonlight”, now he’s on the big screen with Jennifer Lopez in the new romantic comedy “The Back-Up Plan”. He plays a man whose girlfriend has a secret, she got pregnant before they even met.

[They show a clip from the first date in The Back-Up Plan]

Maggie: [Comments on the clip] Not the first kiss they were hoping for Alex O”Loughlin. Good morning Alex.

Alex: Morning.

Maggie: Welcome back.

Alex: Thank you.

Maggie: You’re still …. I have to tell you, he’s still such a nice guy, even though he’s in this big blockbuster now with Jennifer Lopez.

Alex: Yeah, I’m trying to let LAHollywood change me. It is not happening as fast as I would like.

Maggie: But your life have changed a lot since we last spoke. You get this call to be in this movie with Jennifer Lopez, and you have to go to her house to meet with her and Marc Anthony.

Alex: True.

Maggie Were you nervous?

Alex: I was sort of more curious than nervous, I think. You know, it’s like she’s so famous, and we all know who she is. But, it was great. It was just like meeting anybody, you know.

tbup ex 15

Maggie: Were  you more worried about impressing her or him?

Alex: Oh him, for sure, you know.

Maggie: You’ve got to make a good impression on the husband.

Alex: It was funny, I came in you know, and I was talking to Jennifer and Marc was … Marc was doing something with the kids. And he sort of popped in after I’d been there for a little while. And I was like, ‘Hey!’ And what ended up being … what was supposed to be a meeting with Jennifer and I …. I ended up sort of hanging with Marc.

Maggie: Oh yeah.

Alex: And we were walking around the house showing me stuff you know, talking guy stuff.

Maggie: So he was more than okay with signing off on you working with his wife?

Alex: Well yeah, evidently. He’s a great guy.

tbup ex 9

In addition to the pre-premiere jitters, The Back-Up Plan” may force O’Loughlin to face one of his biggest fears: inadvertently acquiring fame.

Maggie: Now that you’re in this movie, I have to tell you that one of your biggest fears could be realized.

Alex: What’s that?

Maggie: You said once, ‘Losing my anonymity in this world, I think is something that I find terrifying.’

Alex: Yeah maybe. I don’t know. I think …… When did I say that?

Maggie: I don’t know. In a magazine. A long time ago.

Alex: It is true. It is true. I can’t remember the interview. It is true. I think that a lot of actors are private people, you know. I think a lot of actors really, you know, don’t live the life that the rest of the world thinks we would live. I don’t know, we’ll see what happens.

tbup ex 3

Maggie: Are you okay with not being anonymous anymore?

Alex: Not really. I might have to move to Hawaii or something, you know. [Laughing]

Maggie: Ah ….. Speaking off, you are in the CBS pilot for Hawaii Five-0, which we will talk about. But let’s go back to this movie. You spend a lot of time filming with a woman who looked like this [Maggie showing her own pregnant tummy]

Alex: Yeah, I know. Congratulations.

Maggie: Except you know, mine is real. But Jennifer Lopez’s character pregnant. She has been artificially inseminated the day that she meets you. And the you two wind up becoming a couple.

Alex: Yeah, thats right. I mean these two ….. It’s a story about two people whose lives kind of collide, you know. And their …. and they fall in love, and they don’t realize what’s happened. And it’s that thing about ….  you know, you can’t control when you fall in love. We think, you know…. we all have these careers, and we have these lives and stuff, and we think we want to get everything in place and make sure we’re ready for love, and we’re ready for all that stuff. But sometimes you just can’t control it. So yeah, then he …… when he comes to the realization, my character Stan, that, ‘Wow, I love this girl. I really want to …. I’m ready for it,

Maggie: Yeah.

Alex: She drops the baby bomb on him.

Maggie: And a great great story unfolds which everybody should go and see.

tbup ex 8

Rodriguez also asked O’Loughlin about his work on CBS’ pilot for “Hawaii Five-O.” He plays Steve McGarrett in the remake of the classic television show, which aired from 1968 to 1980.

Maggie: I want to ask you before you go, about this Hawaii Five-0 pilot on CBS. Can you tell us anything about it?

Alex: It’s all pretty hush-hush, you know. They still haven’t …. there’s still not an official pick-up in a nutshell. We finished …. I think it’s the biggest pilot CBS has ever done. And it’s …. I’m pretty excited about it.

Maggie: What character do you play?

Alex: I play Steve McGarrett.

Maggie: Ah, perfect. I love it. Thank you Alex. Great to see you.

Alex: You too.

h50-101-pilot (26)

Link to video

If you were wondering when he said it:

“Losing my anonymity in this world I think is something that I find terrifying, I am a very private person. I have my life and I have my family, which mean the world to me.”

– Alex (O’Lachlan) O’Loughlin

Australia Associated Press (General News) – Sydney

16 June 2005

(This interview in 2005, was done during the promotion of Oyster Farmer)

BUT remember he also said:

I think it’s ignorant if you’re going to pursue a career in acting to allow yourself to get any sort of celebrity status and then be angry about it. I completely accept the loss of anonymity as part of success in this career I’ve chosen. But it doesn’t change the fact that I can get agoraphobic in crowds and that I spin out sometimes when I get too much attention, or that I get anxious, or that I’m sensitive.

– Alex O’Loughlin

GQ Style, March 2011



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#H50 6.07 – #SteveMcGarrett got to know Lynn

This episode is so far my favorite from this season. Finally a bit more of Steve having fun, though of course he ended up in some trouble on his “get to know” date. At least it was just 2 baddies that pretty much gave themselves up  to sweaty McGarrett. I thought Sarah played her part very well, and she was fit for the part (actually super fit, nice muscle tone all over). Still irked over the shirt Steve wore on the island, couldn´t they just have put it in his backpack, for easy access to bandage material?  Anyway, don´t want to nitpick too much, there was plenty of juicy McG to enjoy 🙂

Off to a good start, with Lou´s blessing 🙂


Hello sailor!


Getting wet (most of us anyway 😉 )



Sweet McSweat and Gecko peek 😀


Nurse McG


Well, she survived it. That´s a good date with Steve 😉

See you next Saturday for coffee and malasadas!


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H50 5.21 – Steve should have been one of the Elvi

Pretty enjoyable epi this week, a few laughs with Steve and kevlar pretty. Story flowed nicely and was simple to follow and all of the gang was part it. And we were left with a bit of new mystery in the end….

Here´s the Steve for this week to feast our eyes on, lots of tight pants and kevlar hottie to enjoy 🙂



Dat Face


Stuff hugging Steve´s thighs


Drinks and Elvis



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Alex O’Loughlin: Who is he? – February 2008

Sunday Life,

17 February 2008

ml 5 sunnies

Who is/was Alex O’Loughlin, at that time?

1. Age:


2. Why he looks familiar:

Another NIDA graduate, class of 2000, O’Loughlin starred in 2004’s Oyster Farmer but got his break in the US as the star of Moonlight, a TV series about vampires, which aired on Channel Nine. “I’ve got a six-year contract [with Moonlight], so I just try to keep my head down. I don’t wash dishes anymore; that’s the main thing”

ml 5-5

3. Why you should care:

After the Moonlight pilot aired, producer Joel Silver realised the show wasn’t up to scratch and replaced the entire cast – except O’Loughlin. “A lot of times you do a pilot … and you know if the pieces aren’t working. And I think the knew right away they had a star in Alex and they just rebuilt around him”, says co-star Brian White.

4. Birthplace:

Born in Canberra but grew up in Sydney “My parents divorced when I was two. From the age of 10, I went back a forth between the two cities.”

5. Marital status:

He’s been dating Aussie singer and former ‘Neighbours’ star Holly Valance for the past 18 months and says, “It’s going strong.”

6. Family ties:

“Mum’s a musician. She plays piano and has a beautiful voice, so she understands the creative need.” But that doesn’t mean she misses he son any less now he’s living in LA. “Mum lights up when she sees me. Her cheeks go pink – she’s all over me, pulling me hair, pinching my cheeks.” O’Loughlin also has a sister, 31, whom he describes as a “multi-talented volleyball player, gypsy chef”.

ml 5 funny

7. Bitten Young:

“I was in a school play when I was 10 and had fish fingers stuck up my nose and I was wearing these spectacles and making the audience laugh. I remember the rush and I loved it.”

ml5 smile

8. Surreal moment:

O’Loughlin was taking a break from filming Moonlight on the Warner Brothers’ lot one day when a cart full of sightseeing women laid eyes on him. “They started screaming at the top of their lungs – it scared the shit out of me”

ml 5-2

9. The move to the US was tough:

“There was a whole year, in 2005, when I wasn’t getting anywhere. I had to sell my stereo and a few other things. I got my motorbike stolen, it was miserable. I was sleeping in a mate’s office floor, questioning my talent – that was really difficult.”

ml 5-1

10. Home is where the work is:

“I love the Australian industry but it’s a boutique industry – the US is where it is.” And while O’Loughlin admits that’s changing, he can’t wait around. “If I want to buy a house, I’d have to stay in Australia making movies for a hundred years.”

11. Career highlights:

Auditioning for Casino Royale. “The screen test for James Bond was a real ‘pinch yourself’ moment I’ll never forget.”

12. Inspiration:

“Daniel Day-Lewis is amazing. Ryan Gosling is also an incredible actor; he’s also a friend of mine …. well an acquaintance.”

13. Next:

August Rush, with Robin Williams, is out on Thursday.

ml 5 sad

My Thoughts

  • This is yet another example of the media not always getting it right and that what we read are not all accurate …..
  • From no 3: The writer says that after the pilot episode of Moonlight aired, they changed the cast – that original pilot of course never aired and I doubt if it was Joel who made the decision and choice to recast – think it had more to do with the network
  • From no. 4: A contradiction between what the writer states and what Alex say in his comment: The writer says that Alex grew up in Sydney – but Alex himself says that he only started to move between the cities when he was 10. So more accurate would be, that he grew up in Canberra with mom and only started to visit his dad in Sydney when he turned 10.
  • From no. 2: For people who say that when an actor signs a contract for a specific time, that the series will last for that long – Alex had a 6 year contract for Moonlight – the series lasted 16 episodes.
  • From no. 10: Well, Alex was in the USA for 5 years, when he bought his house in Hawaii. (substantially less than that 100 years it would have taken him in Oz – sounds like he made the right choice then. 🙂 )
  • Just some trivia about Brian White who played the detective on Moonlight – he had a guest appearance in Hawaii Five-0 in Epi 5:02 as the kidnapper.

ml 5 thinking

 PS. The pictures are from Moonlight Episode 5 and the original pilot, that never aired.

We are still in big awe of Gabi´s (aka Fever´s) generousity for allowing us to share her unsigned copy of the original Moonlight pilot. We have uploaded it to our FB, so you can view it here

smiley-Black_cat___Free_avatar_by_ReiketuThank you Gabi ♥


Sunday Life - 17 Feb 2008


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Behind the scenes of Feed – #AlexOLoughlin and his movies

It has been a long time since we’ve had a look at some of the old performances by Alex. Here are some of the trivia compiled from the DVD of Feed.

feed-face bw 2

‘Feed’ was shot entirely in Australia on a small budget of 1 million Australian Dollar and a very tight shooting schedule of only 28 days. (mid January – mid February 2005)

• According to director Brett Leonard, feederism is especially prevalent in the USA, Great Britain and Germany. At the time the movie was shot, there were over 4,000 websites dedicated to the topic.
• The idea that Alex and Patrick got for the movie came from a Channel 4 documentary ‘Fat Girls and Feeders’ that first aired in the UK in March 2003.
• To get the right tone for ‘Feed’, the makers watched movies such as ‘Silence of the Lambs’, ‘Se7en’ and ‘8mm’.
• According to Jack Thompson his initial reaction when Patrick Thompson and Alex O’Loughlin brought the idea of ‘Feed’ to him was, “What is this, some weird nightmare that my son and Al had conceived after some really bad night on the booze?” 😀feed_08
Alex O’Loughlin and Patrick Thompson are credited as ‘co-writers – based on an idea by’ and ‘co-producers’ of the movie. (The actual writer was Kieran Galvin and the producer, Melissa Beauford.)
Alex O’Loughlin was to originally portray the part of Phillip Jackson (The policeman), and Patrick Thompson was to take on the role of Michael Carter (the feeder). But Brett Leonard changed it around.
• The gothic German house used in the cannibalism scene was shipped from Germany to Australia. The owners ran a furniture business and only several additional pieces were required for the feature.
• The video camera footage of Deirdre was actually filmed by Alex O’Loughlin in his role of Michael Carter.

• The internet cat-and-mouse sequences between the cyber crime cops and Michael Carter were written based on input from the head of the cyber crime unit in Canberra, Australia.
• The websites depicted in the movie were created especially for the production.
Abbey’s and Phillip’s apartment in Bondi Beach was actually owned by Jack Thompson.


feed_15 a
• To achieve authenticity, director Brett Leonard wanted the actors to be spontaneous, which meant that a lot of scenes were unrehearsed, such as scenes between Abbey and Phillip and the scene between Michael and Lucy. About the latter, Brett says in the DVD commentary, “We put her in the fat suit and out walks Alex O’Loughlin, naked, with a funnel to simulate force feeding her. So all of her giggles and her reactions are very spontaneous and just natural to the fact that that’s what happened to her in that scene.” 😳

Gabby Millgate’s fat suit weighed about 66 lbs/30 kg. On the DVD there are extras that show how they created the suit.
• The pendant that Michael Carter wears is of Mother Mary. (this was confirmed by Alex himself, when asked about it)

• The food smearing scene between Deidre and Michael was one of the most disturbing scenes Brett Leonard has ever shot, “because both Gabby and Alex really went for it.” It was done in fifteen minutes with only him in the room with the actors, using a hand-held camera.

• Heathcote Hall, in Heathcote, New South Wales, was used as the location for Michael’s house where he kept Deidre. A lot of the trash in those scenes was authentic, as the lady who lived there, Maureen, did not spend a lot of time keeping house. 😯
• The movie was scored by Brett Leonard’s brother Gregg, who is a music producer.
• As cars are driven on the left side of the road in Australia, the driving scenes provided a challenge. Brett Leonard solved this by filming the actors with their hair parted on the opposite side, their costumes fitted accordingly and then “flopping” or mirroring the images in post production so that it looked as if the cars were driven on the right, with the steering wheels on the left.
Alex O’Loughlin made the jump off the balcony himself, several times.

Michael’s father, the old man in the bed, was actually Maureen’s father, Joe, who was not aware that they were filming the scene, with Maureen’s permission. “But his arm moved there and it freaked the living shit out of me when I was shooting it,” says Brett on the DVD. Joe passed away a week after the sequence was shot.
Alex O’Loughlin put his foot unintentionally through the glass of one of the balcony doors during the struggle between his character and Phillip in Deidre’s room. You can hear the glass breaking.
• The alternate ending was requested by Becker Films International, who felt there had to be some form of redemption for Phillip. Brett Leonard chose not to use the sequence in the final cut, as it wasn’t as powerful as the one that he did select.

Brett had “Young Girl” by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap in mind for the later deleted scene of Michael feeding Deidre burritos, but Gary Puckett would not give him permission to use the song.
• The poem that Deidre doesn’t like in the poetry reading deleted scene is The Fly by William Blake.

• The scene of Michael Carter pretending to be NSA agent Dak Stummer in the Chinese restaurant was shot before Alex O’Loughlin shaved his beard and dyed his hair blond for his role of Michael Carter. Unfortunately, Alex got quite sick shooting this sequence, most likely because of the amounts of MSG in the (cold) Chinese food he had to consume.

• An explanation of what happened to Phillip’s ear lies in the deleted Dak Stummer scene. In the feature, Phillip is seen with a bandage on his ear, seemingly with no clarification as to how he had gotten hurt. His ear actually got bitten off by a member of the Chinese Triad when Phillip went to meet Dak Stummer in Chinatown. The Stummer storyline was cut from the movie because it slowed down the pace.
• As Dak Stummer, Michael Carter gives Phillip a little two-fingered wave in the Chinese restaurant. Michael gives Phillip the same wave when Phillip drives away after confronting Michael in front of his house in Toledo.

• The two shots heard at the end of the movie is Phillip shooting Michael in each foot. The bullet holes can be seen in the closing shot.

•  The only special effect in the movie is included in the ending, where a composite shot was created of Alex O’Loughlin’s head on the body of the thinnest man Brett Leonard could find.

Transcript of Alex talking about the movie can be found here

feed gun bw

Gifs of a deleted scenes from the movie here

feed face bw

Transcript of Alex doing questions and answers can be found here

feed laugh bw

My review of the movie can be found here

Not everybody’s cup of tea, but we hope you enjoy learning more about Alex’s career and earlier movies.


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