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A Month of Mick – A study in black and white. (#2) – ‘The Bling’

For our second instalment on “A month of Mick” we are taking a look at Mick’s jewelry. The necklace and the ring he is always wearing. The only times he is without them, are when he is naked in his freezer or shirtless around the house.

For me it creates a very unique identity and feeling around Mick. ♥♥♥

During the series we never get answers about why he wears them and what significance they have in his life. Were there any discussions about it in the old days, when the series was first broadcast? What was the feeling about it?

I had never seen a group of people fall so deeply in love with a character I’d been a part of.

—  Alex O’Loughlin, TV Guide, April 2009



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