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H50 5.15 – Steve put butter in his coffee!

What a depressing story for a Valentine´s Day epi. But thankfully we and Steve got to enjoy Danny´s torment, with the punk pushing his buttons 😉 Some nice little smirks from Steve this week, thankfully 🙂 And he stripped in public! Why didn´t the perp say off with it all! We just need to continue practising our x-ray vision, still *sigh*…

Let´s see what goodies I managed to capture from all the drama 😀




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Love is in the air…

So your mom faked her own death and she is Shelburn. Well if you didn´t have mommy issues before…

That´s cute.
I try.

I´m gonna look after her as if she was my own mother.

That came out wrong.

I didn´t think so.


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#AlexOLoughlin and his Sexiest Feature

Question: What is your sexiest feature?


Just in case you couldn´t see, his answer was, “my eyes” and “good a$$”.

Link to video: 



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