• Alex studied at NIDA from 2000 to 2002 and graduated with his Degree in Acting at the end of 2000
  • In 2002 there was a short article written about NIDA with Alex featured in it:

NIDA invites applications for 2003 – Featuring #AlexOLoughlin

  • In 2001 a documentary that covered the school and students from NIDA was broadcast on Channel 7 in Australia. Alex can be seen in parts of it. His auditions at the end of 1999 and his first year is covered in it. You can read about it here:

Our Review of Never Before Posted Old Footage Of #AlexOLoughlin at NIDA


Below are short excerpts

from the NIDA’s 2003 Annual Report

that mention Alex.

Annual Report 2003


Cast - Country Music

3rd Year Production - Saved

2002 Graduates



7 responses to “NIDA

  1. gracenotpark

    Interesting he didn’t seem to get the leads at all. Wonder where the other actors are now…do they keep in touch at all, all that stuff. Very cool post. 🙂


    • It would be interesting to know the structure of the characters of these plays – whether there were proper leads in them or just more of an ensamble cast. Although not the lead, his looks seemed to get him in the pictures that were published. 😀
      The other students were most probably also a few years younger than him, maybe joining at 18 when they left school, where as he was already 23 and a father. None of those names seems to be known outside Oz.
      Alex’s story and his progress also seemed to be so interesting to the person (Frank McKone) inviting new students, that he used it in the invitation letter for 2003 students.


      • ToZiKa

        How do you know if he got the lead? The list of actors was alphabetical so that didn’t tell us anything.


        • I did not say whether or not he had the leads – if you read my first sentence.
          But it is good of you to pick up on the alphabetical order according to surnames – I have not looked at it in a while and never saw it.
          According to another article I have, Alex actually did have one of the leading roles in the Country Music production


  2. alexnymph

    So young–such a “buybee” 🙂 I love that he used his entire name (Alexander) as one would in school. Wonder what he was like as a boy . .. Thanks for the quick glimpse, FOYeur, good study!


    • I think he was the same as he discribed himself last year. ‘There is the angelic side and the truth’ 😛
      This is actually part of our Alex information pages that can be found on the left hand side of our site. I have done most of it months ago and Paula discovered it today and tweeted the link 😀


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