About us

“I think my fans, because they’re so, comprehensive, with their study of me, and their research of me, I think that they’re probably starting to get to know me a bit now, as well, and if they’re still my fans, it means they still like me. If they still like me, hopefully they’re going to like what I like in the characters that I choose.” – Alex O’Loughlin

This blog is a joint collaboration of Neropatti (Paula) and FOYeur.

We have NO personal contact with Alex, but we wish to share our mild obsession of this beautiful man and talented actor with all of his fans.  We have dug deep into him…well at least one of us has done her research on his background and work, based on interviews and news articles. The other one is just madly obsessed with his pictures and doing animated gifs because she just can’t be stopped.

All this is just an excuse to watch him in everything he has ever done, over and over and over again… 😀

From head to toes in reverse.

We started this site in 2012 and will continue with it for as long as we can …..

We hope to please your eyes and feed your hunger for this man.

“All people smile in the same language”

So let’s get started 😀

If you feel the need to contact us directly, try our e-mail:   intense.study.aol@gmail.com

Or you can comment on our Facebook page,

or find some extra goodies on a Twitter page.


42 responses to “About us

  1. Ladies….you are genius!x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. YaY!!!!!!!!! It’s Up!!! Good Luck Ladies!!


  3. Awesome! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. I know it will be very cool and unique! Just like our man himself. 🙂
    I’ll add you to my blog roll!


  4. heymomo

    Did you gals just start this today?!?! It’s AMAZING! So well done! *goes to look at the tattoo pics again*


    • FOYeur

      Beware, we know what you like!! Hope you’ll get lots of pleasure on here and have that tail wagging all the time. 😉


  5. Wow! This is awesome! Very impressive! I’m glad that you have created an outlet for your “intense” studies. Are you working toward a Ph.D. in Alex Studies? 🙂


  6. Canadagirl66

    Great blog ladies…I’m very excited to have another outlet to express my deep affection and lust for Alex!! I can tell already that this place is gonna “please my eyes and feed my (intense) hunger for this man”!!


  7. I LOVE this site and the adorable comments everyone shares 🙂

    I’m sure you will enjoy the video I’ve created in honor of the one and only Alex 😉


  8. I think I just discovered my new favorite blog. 😉


  9. Miek

    You girls are awesome (and so is Alex)


    • Thank you Miek and welcome!
      We are just having a lot of fun with the Awesome AlexO and enjoy it when others join us for the fun 🙂


      • Miek

        Thanks to your blog, I’ve found out about the seminar for women’s self defense. Couldn’t resist. Didn’t have the money or the vacation time, but found a way anyhow to go and see him. He really is that nice in person. And that gorgious, But than again… we already knew that just by looking at all of his work 🙂


        • Lucky you! Drop us a note if you want to share your story of that day 😀 We got one, but always eager to hear more 🙂


          • Miek

            As soon as I get the pictures in, I’ll let you know. It was soooooo awesome! We were in the second group and I only got Alex on the first move. He grabbed me and I twisted lose. Luckily I bruse easily, So I’ve got bruses because Alex was holding me tight. How good does that sound 🙂 Afterwards I askes for his autograph, I was one of the ladies that couldn’t let him just run of, but got him to sign the flyer. he is really funny and he’s very gracious to his fans.


            • You must take a pic of your bruses, something to remember that moment LOL
              Maybe he saw the “eager” look in your eyes, and thought it would be safer to get too much one on one contact with you 😛
              Will be great to get your story too, and pics if you want to share them 🙂


  10. BlueAlex

    Dear Paula & FOYeur,

    For quite a while now, I have been quietly lurking on this website to satisfy my unsatiable daily dose of Alex…but because of this post, I can’t just let it pass quietly without saying THANK YOU for all that you do to spoil each and everyone of us with our obsession of the ever delicious Alex! He’s the reason for my insomia…but I’ll never complain…and if my pillow can talk….


  11. Sheraven

    Thank you for putting this site together. I’m very much enjoying all the pictures, .gifs, and details on this lovely man. Much appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Sabine

    I just rekindled my love for Hawaii Five-0 and stumbled across your file because I wanted to know what Alex’s tattoos were. You, Ladies, have drawn me in immediately and I wanted to thank you for all your hard work on this! This page is AMAZING!!! And I cannot wait to explore it further. Mahalo from Germany, Stevie


  13. jenny roos

    Any whisper of Alex having been invited for auditions, negotiations re a movie or tv series? Would really love seeing him on the screen again.


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