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A Month of Mick (#13) – Fond memories of being human……..

Mick does not want to forget the old times. For him it is important to remember how it feels to be human!

How many of us embrace our own humanity…..enjoying every bite of food or every breath of  air we take? Just enjoying the joys and sorrows of this mortal life? Maybe Mick the vampire is trying to tell us humans something……

(okay I admit, this is mostly an excuse for us to look at all these cute and pretty faces he is entertaining us with! 😀 )

I think he’s wonderful, I love him. I feel really sorry for him sometimes because he can’t quite bust out of this loneliness that he still lives with, he just can’t accept his lonely life.

— Alex O’Loughlin, Voices From Krypton, October 2007



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