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A Month of Mick – a little bit blue (#5) – Best preserved cold!

The term beauty sleep, really applies to our Moonlight vampires. To keep them young and fresh, they need some dream time in their freezers…… naked of course!


This is how they would normally wake up. Peaceful and quiet, feeling refreshed and hungry …. hungry for some blood! 😀


Any freshies around? 😛


But not this time……

Knock knock!!


Mick: Okay okay!

You really need better security in your house Mick!

(somehow, Steve and mom seems to have the same problem 😆 )

mick-wake-upReally Josef, Mick’s hair says it all!

And oh boy they really do get a beauty sleep, don’t they……..sigh!

ml6-mick3(If anybody is looking for me, I’ll be here watching this gif for the next few hours, Thank you Paula, Regards FOYeur 😛 )

Mick: You need me?

Of course we need you Mick!


Mick: Your girlfriend is lost and you think she’s in here?

It is a good place to start looking for any lost girlfriend, even if she is 500yrs old!

I think Mick´s being a bit sarcastic. Grumpy for being rudely awakened I think 🙂


Ok, let´s have a look at this girlfriend then…


…not bad looking, but it´s not for her looks that you need to find her. Is it? How much does she owe you?


Mick´s getting a bit sleepy again,

we better leave him to continue his beauty sleep. We want him pretty 🙂


Sweet dreams Mick!



What is Josef doing? 😆

Any suggestion? How would you caption this last gif?

I myself get very nude and kill people in every episode and have absolutely no issue.

— Alex O’Loughlin, PinkRayGun.com, September 2007

If only this was true, dear Alex, if only………..



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