Q’s & A’s

There are so many frequently asked questions about Alex O’Loughlin – Here are our quick answers to some of them:

  1. Question: What address can be used to send fan mail to Alex O’Loughlin?

Contact details for Alex O’Loughlin of Hawaii Five-0:

  1. Answer:


Hawaii Five-0

C/O Alex O’Loughlin – Fan Mail

510 18th Avenue

Honolulu, HI  96816


Please note:

  • Submissions must include a self-addressed, return envelope with the correct domestic or international postage. 
  • Please submit the fan-item for signature, one envelope per requested actor.
  • Please note that perishable goods are not permissible. 

2) Question: Does Alex O’Loughlin have tattoos in real life and how many are there?

Answer: Yes, Alex does have tattoos. The number depends on how you count them. If you take the two dots on his ring finger as one tattoo, then there are 6 (six) tattoos in total

  • One tattoo on each bicep,
  • One tattoo above one nipple and
  • One tattoo on his lower back that wraps around to the front and also runs down the sides of his outer upper thighs.
  • One tattoo on the inside of his left hand middle finger.
  • Two dots on his left hand ring finger.
  • Alex used to have visible tattoos on both his forearms as well and a red tattoo above his left nipple, but they are faded or removed now and only glimpses of them can sometimes still be seen.

Our story about Alex O’Loughlin’s tattoos can be found here:

Alex O’Loughlin’s Tattoos (Part 1) – What is real and what is not?

3) Question: What does Alex O’Loughlin’s tattoos mean?

Answer: Alex has never shared that information and when once asked in October 2009, he said that everybody needs secrets.

4) Question: Are some of Alex’s tattoos covered in Hawaii Five-0 as Steve McGarrett?

Answer: Yes, most of Alex’s tattoos are covered while he is Steve McGarrett. The only ones that are left visible when shooting the show, are his bicep tattoos. Whenever he is seen shirtless as Steve, they cover both the tattoos above his nipples and also his lower back tattoo with make-up.

Our story about the different tattoos for different roles can be found here:

Alex O’Loughlin’s Tattoos (Part 2) – The Cover-Ups And Hidden Treasures

5) Question: Is Alex O’Loughlin married?

Answer: Yes. Alex married his partner Malia Jones,  on 17 April 2014, in Honolulu Hawaii. They have been together since 2011 and their son Lion was born on 25 October 2012. They each have one other son from previous relationships.

6) Question: Does Alex O’Loughlin have any children?

Answers: Yes, two boys of his own plus a stepson:

  • His first-born, Saxon was born on 1 July 1997 and he turned 22 this year and
  • His second son Lion Kahano, was born on 25 October 2012 and he turned 6 last year.
  • And his stepson, Spike who is 10 years old – He is Malia’s eldest son with her second husband, Luke Stedman.

7) Question: Did Alex O’Loughlin break his arm?

Answer: There are no evidence that he ever broke his arm during the past 10 years, since he has been in the public eye.

Some confusion came from the 2 episodes in Season 1 of Hawaii Five-0, when he was wearing a temporary cast as Steve McGarrett on his left arm while shooting, as part of the story of him falling off a cliff and breaking his arm.

8) Question: Does Alex O’Loughlin have a twitter account?

Answer: NO! No, Alex does not have a Twitter or an Instagram account – only a verified Facebook account, which is updated by his publicist. Any other accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram who claim to be him, are imposters.

9) Question: Where does Alex O’Loughlin live?

Answer: Alex bought himself a house in Diamond Head, in Honolulu on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, in 2011.

On many occasion since then, he also mentioned still having a house in LA, where he stays when he visits the mainland. It is actually a house that he shares with some other Australians.


10) Question: Did Alex have a nose job (Rhinoplasty)?

Answer: No. Here is our story about itAlex O’Loughlin – The perfect profile

11) Question: Is Alex O’Loughlin an US citizen?

Answer: Not up until now. But he is now married to a US citizen and one of his children was also born in the USA.

12) Question : Was Alex O’Loughlin ever in the Navy?

Answer: No.

13) Question: What is Alex’s Hawaiian name?

Answer: Kekau.

14) Question: What is the colour of Alex O’Loughlin’s eyes?

Answer: Hazelly blue (according to Alex himself)

They are kind of like…., they are ‘hazelly blue’, BUT they change colour!…… Depending on how much sleep I’ve had and when the sun is out. I know a lot of people say that, but mine actually do…. they change colour.

– Alex O’Loughlin, TV Guide – Up Close interview, 2007

15) Question: Does Alex O’Loughlin wear a toupee?

Answer: NO.

Alex did however wear a wig for 2 episodes of Hawaii Five-0 during Season 3. For certain scenes in Episode 3:20, his hair was shaved into a buzz-cut and for other scenes in the episode and for the duration of Episode 3:21 he did wear a wig. Luckily from the next episode onwards, they incorporated his buzz-cut into the show.

16) Question: Is Alex’s hair thinning?

Answer: Together with the question about the toupee, people always want to suggest that Alex’s hair is thinning. Most of us start to lose some hair as we grow older, but in fact Alex’s hair has always been thin. Here are the links to the stories we did  on the subject of his hair and possible receding hairline: Alex O’Loughlin – It is a piece about hair, or is it a hairpiece? And Alex O’Loughlin – It is a piece about hair, but is definitely NOT a hairpiece?

17) Question: Does Alex O’Loughlin have piercings or wear earrings?

Answer: Yes, Alex have several piercings, but he has rarely been seen with anything in them. Here is our story about it: Alex O’Loughlin: Yes, he’s got piercings


Alex O’Loughlin and his family:

Alex: Born – 24 August 1976 in Australia (43 years old)
Malia: Born – 27 March 1977 in California, USA (42 years old)
Saxon: (Alex’s eldest son) Born – 1 July 1997 in Australia (22 years old)
(Alex never married Saxon’s mother, and the boy grew up with her in Australia until he moved to Hawaii in December 2011 to live with Alex. He lived there and attended school in Hawaii while staying with Alex until June 2014, but then he moved back to Australia.)
Spike: (Stepson) Born – 12 March 2009 (10 years old)
(Spike is Malia’s first-born, with her second husband the Australian surfer, Luke Stedman)
Lion: (Alex and Malia’s only child together) Born – 25 October 2012 in Honolulu, Hawaii (6 years old) His Hawaiian middle name is Kahano

  • Alex and Malia have been a couple since the second half of 2011 and they first announced their relationship in November 2011 at the GQ Man of the Year Awards in Australia.

  • They got married on 17 April 2014 in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Common mistakes found in biographies, articles and comments about Alex:

  • Mistake 1) That Alex was born in Sydney – There are so many different unreliable sources on the subject. In a radio interview in 2008 Alex was asked if he was born in Canberra and he confirmed it.  He definitely also grew up in Canberra area for the biggest part of his youth.
  • Mistake 2) That Alex grew up in Sydney – It is referred to in many interviews that he mainly grew up in Canberra with his mother and that he only regularly started visiting his dad in Sydney, where he moved to after the divorce from Alex’s mother, around the age of 10.
  • Mistake 3) That he was 22 years old when he enrolled in NIDAAlex was in fact already 23 years by the time he started at NIDA, in January 2000. A common mistake that is made, is that he was already there in 1999. Australia’s school years run together with calendar years and therefore start in January and end in December (summer and winter also works differently in the Southern hemisphere 🙂 )
  • Mistake 4) That Alex and Holly Valance dated for 4 years. – Calculated from many different sources, it works out that they dated for a maximum of 2 years and 8 months (June 2006 – February 2009).
  • Mistake 5) That Saxon is Holly’s child with Alex. – No, because Saxon was in fact born in 1997, long before Alex and Holly ever met in 2006. It is therefore not even possible at all that he is Holly’s son. In fact Holly gave birth to her 1st child, a daughter with husband Nick Candy, in November 2013
  • Mistake 6) That Alex wrote the screenplay for the movie FEED – The idea for the movie came from Alex and Patrick Thompson. The two of them together with the director Brett Leonard, laid out the basic concepts and story lines for the movie, but it was in fact written by Kieran Galvin.
  • Mistake 7) That Alex’s sister’s name is Jennifer – Although we are not 100% sure about the correct spelling of her name, on a number of occasions in interviews, Alex gave her name as Jackie.

11 responses to “Q’s & A’s

  1. Does Alex have a porn sight


    • mini-me

      First of all the word is ‘site’ and not ‘sight’.
      En ja natuurlik het hy ‘n site. Alle akteurs het mos al p0rn gedoen. Dit is regtig fantasties om te sien.


  2. Carol A Roscoe

    Some of those questions were crazy.


  3. Lindsay wood

    I spend most of my time keep watching HFO i think Alex is just fab looking and love his ways he makes me smile. I watch repeat after repeats and record all episode . Hope he is well and fit. I did cruise into Honolulu and visited the place were they record the series. And had a fab hot dog from van on corner of the building. Love to have his autograph


  4. Sabine Giessler

    Alex plays guitar … are there any videos or information about his music


  5. Hi My name is Navina singh I’m a big fan of you and a uge fan of you. Hawaii five o is my favorite serise .And I’m a uge fan of you. I like to get a otogruf from you.


    • Hi Navina
      Welcome to our fan site.
      If you read everything on here properly, you will see that we are not Alex – we are just fans and we have no direct contact or personal friendship with Alex.


  6. Hi my name is Navina singh I’m a big fan of you and a uge fan of you. Hawaii five o is my favorite serise I’m a uge fan of you.


  7. Hi My name is Navina singh I’m a big fan of you and a uge fan of you. Hawaii five o is my favorite serise and such a Awesome serise I love that serise I love that show. I’m a uge fan of you and a uge fan of you.


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