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We love pretty things and I am counting my blessings every day – Happy Birthday Paula

Where Paula lives it is already 1 October 2013:

If somebody told me 2 years ago on 1 October 2011, that I would be here co-hosting a fan blog for the actor Alex’O’Loughlin with a wonderfully funny friend, who I have never met in person and who lives more than 9500 km away, I would be laughing in their faces. Fact is, at that time I only started following Alex’s career and I did not know Paula yet.

In regards to making online friends, it can end in disaster or we can strike gold. Well I am counting my blessings every day, because I definitely got GOLD – bucket loads full!! I think all our wonderful followers and friends on here will agree, that Paula is a lot of fun to be around with!

Not only can I enjoy my hobby of following Alex so much more, but I also have a front row seat in the wonderful creative mind of my friend – Paula you never fail in having me in awe with all the new wonderful and lovely ways you serve this gorgeous man to us on a daily basis.  I know he is a lot of fun to work with, but you manage to make the fun even better and last for longer – some sort of exhilarated extended orgasm ….. 😛

Sharing some pretty Alex moments form this week……..

(Once again, thank you to @mymaximus for providing us with some of these wonderful pictures of Alex)

Paula, I cannot thank you enough for being part of my life

 Happy Birthday dear friend!!


Hope you have a wonderful day and that we will have lots of fun and lovely memories to share during this year!!

Paula always surprises us with the lovely posts she makes for people celebrating their birthdays. We decided because we both celebrate our birthdays at this time of year and because there are so many of our readers that share a star sign with us, that we will make one big post for everybody to enjoy! Paula will surprise us with it during the month. The people that we know who celebrate with us are: Canadagirl66 (4th),  Jill (12th), Pommienana (13th), Brenda (17th) and Luna. Please let us know if you are a fellow Libra (and please include the date if you don’t mind), so that we can include you in the celebration………



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401 – Steve getting us excited

Did I mention yesterday, that I really liked this episode. Sure there were some odd moments, like the terrorists opening the door when hearing a knock. But still I thought it was  a good balance of action and humor. Reading a few comments on other blogs, about Danny explaining his Gabby situation while Steve was resuscitating the perp, being ridiculous, well that situation created the humor. Having a 2nd and 3rd look, I´m still laughing at this 🙂 . Doesn´t humor often come from these inappropriate moments 😀 I´m not sure if I dare to hope Danny is going to be more humorous throughout this season, that would be a dream come true for me. He is Steve´s funny sidekick, though I hope Steve gets the chance to have some fun and also gives Alex a chance to show his comedic skills. Enough of me trying to write down my thoughts, time for the gifs to work their charm (hopefully).

Dat Face!




The BAMF action!





The Comedy!




The McRoll Hero







I think I forgot something.




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401 – Steve got his shirt messy

Here we go, my so 4 premier´s first impressions of Steve:

That body! Our manly masculin McG is back stronger than before. I can smell the testosterone through the screen.


His tiny sidekick is still mostly invisible in my “recaps”. But he was hilarious throughout this epi 😀


Oh there he is. And now back to the gem on the right. Wow. Look at that “I am so not scared” face.


And they gave us a sweat dripping hunk too!


Steve made a date. I´m thinking his buddy is almost in tears with jealousy 😛


McStairmaster in action! (see result in next pic)


401-buttDon´t walk away from us!

Promise you´ll come back tomorrow with more yummies?




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New video, Alex explaining the name Lion

courtesy of StarsChasers

So we got to hear this bit of personal info, finally. I was convinced that this (baby name) would remain a mystery, like so many things in Alex´s personal life 😉

Alex explains how he and Malia came up with the name Lion for their baby. Apparently Malia was convinced she was having a girl and she wanted her middle name to be Leon (Lyon?), and after the ultrasound showed a tiny foy,  they decided on Lion 😀


One mystery solved, only 999999 left 😉

Link to transcript of the video


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401 – appetizer

I can´t call out spoiler, cause this looks more like a teaser or appetizer for the so 4 premier episode 😀 (Ps I haven´t yet even watched the episode)







I declare McPerv season 4 opened officially


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