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Introducing another Flickr album – Tank top Steve

Continuing with our Steve McGarrett Flickr collections. Decided to admire his strong shoulders and bulging biceps this time. Don´t you always picture him squeezing you tight 🙂

More beauties waiting for your eyes here




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Flickr album teaser – “Photoshoot fixed”

I have been slowly starting our albums on flickr. I finally decided it´s time to get some of my pics organized. My laptops just have random albums and they are hopeless to fix at this point. Time to introduce the result of my findings, organized online. Where they will always be safe (till something unexpected happens 😉 ).

Anyway, this first introduction is so called fixed photoshoot. Many of these pics had watermarks on them. So I tried my best to reduce them. On some pics I re-made the backgrounds, because it was the easiest way to delete the watermarks.

Also want to point out that I have searched online to see if there are any bigger/better photos of these ones out there. I didn´t find any. If you happen to know of such pics existing and would like to share them, with all us Alex fans, please let us know 🙂

This is a small sample of this album, check out the rest of them here




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A hairy monster, or a sexy beast?

“I didn´t realize how hairy I looked.”


“There are two sides to me, the angelic side and the truth.”






  • “I think the person you´re with, makes you feel sexy. Like my gf. Being adored by someone else, makes you feel sexy.”


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