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#AlexOLoughlin doing TV Guide’s Water Cooler Quiz – 2008

As part of his interview on  TV Guide with John Fugelsang & Teresa Strasser that we posted on a previous occasion (Link), Alex also did the ‘TV Guide Water Cooler Quiz’ with them.

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Teresa: Hey everybody, welcome back to TV Water Cooler. Alex O’Loughlin, or as I like to call him Count ‘Hotchula’ from Moonlight is here. Now our interview with a vampire takes a turn to the dark side as Alex faces his worst fear yet, The Cooler Quiz.

John: ‘Renfield’, lights!
John: That’s my ‘Renfield’ impression.

Alex: Very good.

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John: Alex, your character became a vampire in 1952 at age 30.

Alex: Yes.

John: That makes you 86 years old.

Alex: Yes.

John: Isn’t that a bit young for CBS?


Alex: Is there ….Yes.

John: Correct.

Teresa: Alex, this might be a personal question, but what’s the most delicious tasting blood type?

Alex: O positive.

Teresa: Yes.

Alex: Excellent finish.

Teresa: Nice nose.

Alex: Thank you.

John: Yes the oldest blood type. Recently your character was temporarily made human.

Alex: Hmmm.

John: You’re Australian.

Alex: I am.

John: Couldn’t you do that to Rupert Murdoch?

Alex: OH! He’s a gorgeous man.

Teresa: I agree

John: We’ll accept that answer.

Teresa: I agree, cause you know what, uncle Rupee could buy and sell all of us.

Alex: Rupee.

Teresa: We love you Rupee.

Alex: I love you Rupee.

John: Right.

Teresa: Okay, so you’re on TV Guide’s sexiest list. Who do you find sexy?

Alex: Ahh … My mom is really … have you seen my mom? Have you?

Teresa: We can’t accept that. We can’t accept that.

Alex: Ah …. Seal ….. And I find Seal sexy and Tom Hanks and Heidi Klum and Jack Black.

Teresa: We’ll take that.

John: We’ll accept that. You’re a vampire. Do vegetarians really taste better?

Alex: No.

John: Oh, I’m so disappointed.

Alex: I’m sorry. No.

Teresa: Please say this line,A dingo ate my baby”.

Alex: “A dingo ate my baby”.


Alex: I did that in ..

Teresa: Where?

Alex: Nothing.

ml3 m6
John: What was scarier, Francis Coppola’s Dracula, or the ingredients in Count Chocula’s cereal?

Alex: [Laughs] The cereal was …

John: That’s correct. Much scarier.

Alex: Thank you.

John: Much scarier

Teresa: I read that you were considered for the role of 007.

Alex: Yeah.

Teresa: What in the world does Daniel Craig have that you don’t?

Alex: I love talking about that. It’s the role that I didn’t get. We should talk about more roles I didn’t get.

Teresa: You know what we could talk about some girls who broke up with you too, later.

Alex: OH!

John: Okay. That’s worse than being undead. And finally, you’re a singer songwriter like fellow Aussies Nick Cave and Olivia Newton.  What’s the name of your favourite song that you’ve written?

Alex: Am I really a singer songwriter? Ah … Balls” . What’s the name of …

ml3 m3
John: What’s the name of your favourite song you’ve written?

Teresa: That was it.

Alex: It’s called …

Teresa: Balls”.

Alex: Balls”, I think.

Teresa: Okay, let’s leave it at that. Alex.

John: Okay.

Teresa: Thank you so much, for being such a good sport.

Alex: Thank you.

Teresa: And obviously that song is about Cricket.

Alex: Yeah.

Teresa: Check out the final 3 episodes of Moonlight first season, Fridays on CBS.

John: Coming up, “Lost” teaches us about the secret of the second-hand smoke monsters. What we just uncovered about more of the Island’s secret.

ml3 m2
Teresa: But first breaking news on Miley Cyrus controversial photo Is it threatening her Hanna Montana franchise?

John: Balls

Teresa: Why Tom Cruise is bouncing over at Oprah. And how J.Lo is keeping it real. Stick around.

John: Alex O’Loughlin.

Teresa: Alex O’Loughlin.

Alex: Thank you.

ml3 m7


My Thoughts:

  • In the coming up section right at the end, there was some interesting coincidences that caught my eye.
  1. They talk about ‘Lost’ – of course just 2 years later Alex would be working with Daniel Dae Kim on a permanent basis and later many other actors from ‘Lost’ on Hawaii Five-0.
  2. And they talk about J.Lo keeping it real – I doubt that if someone told Alex on that day of this interview, that just over a year later (in June 2009) he would be filming a movie with Jennifer, that he would have believed it.
  • I found it really funny that they would compare Alex’s singing-songwriting to that of Nick and Olivia – Always wonder where these interviewers or their research people get their info from?
  • For those that might not know: A dingo ate my baby is a phrase attributed to Lindy Chamberlain and also to Meryl Streep’s depiction of Chamberlain in the movie A Cry in the Dark (1988) – also known as Evil Angels – about the death of Azaria Chamberlain, an Australian baby girl who died in 1980 at Uluru in the Northern Territory.
  • And: R. M. Renfield is a fictional character and an antagonist in Bram Stoker’s 1897 Gothic horror novel Dracula.


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A hairy monster, or a sexy beast?

“I didn´t realize how hairy I looked.”


“There are two sides to me, the angelic side and the truth.”






  • “I think the person you´re with, makes you feel sexy. Like my gf. Being adored by someone else, makes you feel sexy.”


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#AlexOLoughlin and his Sexiest Feature

Question: What is your sexiest feature?


Just in case you couldn´t see, his answer was, “my eyes” and “good a$$”.

Link to video: 



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