Hawaii Five-0

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All the Blessing ceremonies over the years

Some stories of how the early Bromance evolved

The Faces of Steve over the years

Pictures of the episodes where Steve took his shirt of

A short recap & screencaps of every Hawaii Five-0 episode

Animated gifs of all the Hawaii Five-0 episodes

Posts covering Sunset On The Beach over the years


12 responses to “Hawaii Five-0

  1. well, in these days when posts everywhere are few, I feel in an existencial crisis…….I’m like a little hamster who needs something to do and play all the time……and my favorite wheel : Alex!!!!


  2. guapo alex ,.buen actor


  3. My husband has been to all 5 premiers on the beach for the Hawaii Five-O.
    I have been to the last 3 premiers. It is a wonderful event and already saving to go next September. All the actors are so nice and love their fans.
    Give us something to look forward to. My husband was there for 3 years, and now when we watch the show, we try to pick out the places.


    • You and your husband are really lucky to have been there so many times. It is great to know that it is worth the while for those who go.
      It must be nice when you have been to some of the location and the spot it during a scene in an episode.
      Hope everything goes well with your saving and next years trip! 🙂


  4. Hi Paula and Foyeur,
    I’m going to see James Marsters next weekend and I wanted to take a pic (screencap) of the fight scene on the ship for him to sign. I can’t find it anywhere on the net and I know it has to be out there. I can find the fight of season 1, epi 12, but not the first fight scene…awesome scene. Can you “Alex-wizards”come up with a High res screencap of that fight?
    If it’s possible or not, thanks for trying always.
    XO A’miek


  5. Pauline Wilson

    Arrived in Hawaii 22/8/2016 been trying to find were Five-0 episodes are being filmed. Found out I missed one last night on Waikiki beach walk or near there. Does anyone no where the next one is being filmed !!!!!!


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