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Cougar playing with young Jack

I blame you, gutterminds, for the title 😉 I was going for a totally different post but “unfortunately” hit pause at this scene and felt, I haven´t yet captured all of Alex´s wonderful acting. And as I uploaded the gifs, FOYeur noticed that I had yet another censored scene with Alex, and she has the uncut version with the even lovelier view! I will leave up both versions. And then I noticed there was yet another scene that has been cropped on our dvd. The attending the wounds on Jack´s leg! Seriously! Shouldn´t we have the right to chose which version we want to watch?

As some of you may remember, there was already the other post last winter, with Jack pulling up his pants, that apparently has been censored for the dvd, but lucky for us FOYeur has got the better 😉 version. I am so lucky to have her around 🙂

Ps pretty sure FOYeur got the pier scene uncut too. No wonder it´s her favorite p0rn 😛

Drop your pants (my dear)

of-cougar-8And I never noticed that Alex is actually grinning while pulling down his pants. Have a look at his cheeks (the other ones too). He is having the time of his life 😉


And now the uncut version! Can you believe we were robbed of this fabulous view!? Bastard censorship!



And this is the version the majority of us got on our dvd. BOOOOO! (well now that I know what it could have been)


Alex trying to hold his face straight 😉


And she approves of the package 😛


And another uncut bit from FOYeur´s version. With the happy trail!



Our dvd version that thought we couldn´t handle the twitch with the happy trail in view…bastards…


Well thank you Alex and Jack, it´s been a pleasure (once again) 😀

Ps. I hope you have rechargable batteries at hand, girls 😉



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Alex O’Loughlin and the Red Door……

But there’s a saying: ‘Hollywood eats the weak.’ And I’m still here, baby.

— Alex O’Loughlin, American Way, 1 April 2010

We have debated a lot about how Alex sometimes willfully does dangerous or harmful stunts, because he is dedicated to his craft. However unforeseen accidents happen with scenes where a stunt double would not seem necessary. About six months ago, the answer to a question about something that bugged me for a long time, came to light. A lot of people specifically asking me to write my research about Alex and his teeth. There has also been a lot of speculation about it and thought to share some of my findings. Please be aware that I do not have any first hand information about what happened. This is just the visual facts that were found when searching for answers.

This story starts in the beginning of 2012, a year ago this week…….

This is Alex in the beginning of Episode 2:15 – Filmed from 3 -12 January 2012. Remember Steve and Lori were jogging together.


Okay ladies, I know he is pretty, but lets move on. You have studied this beautiful face long enough now – remember I will refer you back to it….

This is Alex on 14 January 2012 at the G’Day gala event:

d day

Maybe some of you have noticed a little bit of damage to the pretty face?

Take a closer look…… (You can click on the picture for an even closer view)

Damage on 14 Jan 2012

What do we see?

  • The cut on his forehead is quite visible, if you know to look for it
  • The little damage and swelling of the nose is not that visible and well hidden with make-up.
  • The teeth you will only notice if you watch closely and know that before this, his front teeth were even and now they are uneven.
  • There is also maybe a little bit of damaged still visible on his lower lip

So what happened from the beginning of January 2012 to the 14 January 2012 that caused this damage?

Somewhere during the filming of this Episode 2:15, this happened. (And please remember that although this was the last scenes of Episode 2:15, filming does not take place in chronological order of how the story plays out in the actual episode)


Here are some photos to help you have a better look at what happened….





Can you see the damage?


Maybe not – take a closer look again …

215-After the door 2

  • There is a big bruise on the right upper side of his forehead
  • On the forehead you  can see some more covered up bruises and the faint mark of the cut in the middle
  • His left eye is a little bloodshot
  • His nose has a red mark across it and is visibly swollen
  • Unfortunately his mouth is not open wide enough to see his teeth properly

Surely he suffered a lot of pain and must have been uncomfortable and yet it looks like he went on to finish the shooting for that evening……

After the Red Door

Lip damage 1

The cut on the lower lip can clearly be seen on these pictures, but the cut on the forehead is to high and hidden by the  hair and wrinkles. And to me it looks like a lot of make-up on that forehead

Lip damage 2

A not lightened and a lightened sceen cap added to show bump on the right side of the forehead maybe a bit better….



It is a pity that the shooting was in the dark and for obvious reasons they did not really do any close-up shots. We can also not be sure of the immediate damage at all, because of the lack of light and close-ups.

And just to show the difference again, photos from the episode before the accident. No cut on forehead, no swollen nose, no cut on the lower lip and the front teeth are even.

Before the door 2

Before the door....

And then some scenes filmed in the days after the accident….

Scenes filmed after the door

Here you can see the cut and even still some bruising on the forehead and of course the uneven two front teeth. The swelling on his nose looks a lot better – or maybe the makeup department just did a good job for  once. 😀 The damage to the bottom lip can also still be seen.

Scenes filmed after the door (2)

I am not exactly sure what happened with his teeth during the accident, but it seems as if some damage came to the veneers on the front teeth. They were either knocked off or removed after the accident, to leave only his own real teeth behind.

After the Red Door 2

And then photos taken 6 months later….

6 June 2012

As you can see, the cut on the forehead left a little mark and the uneven teeth has not been altered and it is not necessary. Alex look good either way and the difference can hardly be seen. He is one gorgeous man, a great actor and uniquely generous person…..perfect, just as he is!

HFPA Interviews in LA - 6 June 2012

I think I got a really clear idea of the nature of this business. A really clear idea of the fact that it doesn’t mean anything: it doesn’t matter how good you are, it doesn’t even matter if you’re not good. You are far less important than you think you are. You are just a cog in a collaborative machine that is Hollywood.

— Alex O’Loughlin, GQ Style, March 2011


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Mick St John – Getting gas

Alex had this to say about the “blood” they had to drink in Moonlight:

“It tastes like guava and pomegranate. If you drink too much, you get a really bad stomach ache and it makes you fart. A farty vampire. It’s an interesting set.”


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