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Mick St John, our favorite PI. He is the most adorable vampire we have ever seen. We would gladly be his feeders!

#AlexOLoughlin Interview – with Daemon’s TV (April 2008)

Listening to an interview like this, it is clear that Alex think a lot about his characters and the story behind them. This was recorded on the set of Moonlight when they filmed Episode 15. Of course for the interview Alex was in full make-up for the flashback of Mick’s war days, before he was turned into a vampire.

Alex O’Loughlin as Mick St John

Daemon’s TV: Alex O’Loughlin talks about his character’s flashback in the new “Moonlight” episode 15

Alex: It’s a battle, which is the reality for so many soldiers at war, you know what I mean. So many people, like a lot of my friends have been to battle is Somalia, and you know the Gulf war and in different parts of the world, where they go in specialising in one area and they come out knowing a whole lot more about a lot of other stuff, because of what happens in the moment , you know. So, some of the stuff that we are dealing with in this episode. I think I’m really excited about this episode. I previse*. Over to you.

[*Previse = Foresee or Predict]

Daemon’s TV: Even before becoming a vampire, it seems that Mick was already dealing with blood as a medic in the war.

Alex: Yeah, absolutely, except it didn’t quite have the profound affect that it has on him today. And if you go back to episode 11, when Josh, you know …. When Josh life … when Josh’s life finished and MickMick was …. You know, Mick tried to save him. I mean, the part of him ….. he’s pretty good at kind of turning it off, and just dealing with what he has to deal with. But that blood … I mean, there was so much blood. There was just the urge to do what comes naturally … instinctively and naturally to him now. It was right at the surface the whole time, you know. So, yes, but yes he did deal with that …. He did have …. He was no stranger to blood …. He was no stranger to blood and bloody parts and stuff.

Daemon’s TV: Do you think it has affected Mick now as a vampire?

Alex: Look personally I think, you know you make all sorts of character decisions that never necessarily make it to the final cut of the show or film, but …. One of the things I’d sort of done a lot if thinking about was that perhaps in the many years that Mick has had and before he became a private investigator as well, and that in that time that … that transition time for him, which was a number of years, he may have gone off and actually studied haematology*, you know what I mean. Studied … gone and done a lot of research and got like really well educated in, you know … in blood. And so ….

You’re talking about this guy and he’s …. He’s got such a sort of strict set of morals, you know what I mean. He doesn’t kill for pleasure. And he doesn’t … anymore. He doesn’t  … you know he gets his blood from a blood bank and he doesn’t  … you know he’s got certain, you know … he structured this way of living and this way of existing as a vampire … it sort of sits more comfortably with him that what … what  … what  is instinctive to him. And I think that it’s probably … I’m sure that it’s all to do with each other, you know what I mean. So yeah. And nothing … when he is consuming blood, he knows all about the cells and about the structure of blood and stuff, whereas a lot of other vampires may not.

[*Haematology = The branch of medicine involving study and treatment of the blood.]

Daemon’s TV: Do you do your own stunts?

Alex: I did do a lot of …. A lot of my own stuff in the first 12 episodes. I did … I did more than I’ve been doing in the last few weeks. Simply because I don’t have the time. Like a number of different units shooting. We’ve got a little more money, so we can afford to shoot at that pace that we need to. And so … if I … if they need me on main unit and the stunt is being done on 2nd unit, then I just can’t be there, then I have to let it go.

But I really love doing that. You know, I’ve got a harness that I use for wire work. When I go up in the air and do big jumps and stuff. I really like the fighting ad stuff, you know. And I really like being part of the choreography of that. Like I sort of see it as a dance. And also the choreography of the character … it informs. My character should inform the way they choreography fight and stuff like that. They should inform, no, my character should inform that. So, I really enjoy it. I find it exhilarating.

Daemon’s TV: If you became a vampire, which path would you follow? Josef or Mick?

Alex: I’m ….. I don’t know. I’m a bit of a lush*. I’m a bit of an *epicurist. I like sort of nice stuff. I’m happy to have nothing as well, which is fine. I sort of grew up with not very much. But when I do have stuff, I like it to be nice stuff. I’m a bit of a snob [Laughs] And so I think I’d fit in just fine. I think I’d probably be a combination of both. I think I’d go the Josef path and then I would be racked with shame and guilt and I’ll sort off ….. but then I’ll do it again. [Everybody laughs] For eternity. I think that is probably a fair guesstimation of what would happen.

*[a lush = somebody who likes luxury and and lives lavishly]

*[epicurist = someone with refined or luxurious taste]

*[guesstimation = opinion or judgment based on inconclusive or incomplete evidence; guesswork]

Daemon’s TV: What do you think of the fans’ efforts to save the show?

Alex: Yeah I’ve never …. Before Moonlight, really I’ve never … I haven’t been involved …. I’ve never been the lead of a TV show or network film, so my …. I haven’t had a fan base like this before. I had fans around the place that have seen my work in independent films and the rest of it. But never ….. I’m new to this as well and it’s … it’s quite overwhelming.

Not only …. Not only witnessing first-hand the level … you know the amount of people and how much they support the show, but watching them … watching their behaviour. And you know how they are actually participating and stepping up and making things happen. I think it’s great … I mean any time any of us get the opportunity to do any sort of effort for blood … I think we should take it, you know. So I am thrilled

Alex O’Loughlin as Mick St John – Saving Jacob

Daemon’s TV: Can you talk about the work relationship you have with Sophia Myles?

Alex: So we … look we spend a lot  of time together. We are great mates. She’s really fantastic to work with. We have a very similar … I am Australian, she’s British … we have a similar… we have a similar sensibilities. We have a similar sense of humour. We have ….. we understand …. We grew up with the same TV. All that stuff. So we have a lot on common. And it’s …. She is easy to get along with, which makes  … it makes a big difference when you’ve got to spend 18 hours a day with somebody.

So  … but as far as our relationship goes …. In sort of in comparison to Mick and Beth. It’s very  …. You know, there is no tension between Soph and I. We are colleagues. We’re not lovers. We have our separate lives. We have …. So … But what’s interesting .. you know people talk about onscreen chemistry. And it’s  … we get on screen and it’s  … we work together and those two characters have this really fantastic chemistry , you know what I mean. I’ve watched it. I see it when I watch the show back. But it’s  …. In real life, it’s like … it’s not tangible, not alive. But here it is, when you put it in the second dimension, on film, you know. It’s there.


Link to Video:







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#AlexOLoughlin on Daybreak USA (May 2008)

Here is another interview for our interview archive …….

This is the transcript of one of that Radio interviews Alex did to promote Moonlight. It took place on 2 May 2008. From the sound of it, that was the second time that Alex did an interview with them.

Unfortunately none of the excitement around Moonlight and the dedication of the fans could save the show……..

Radio host: Welcome back to Daybreak USA, the coast to coast IRN USA network and also on the World Wide Web at

She is enamoured of a vampire, who is a private detective. He is somebody that remembers her when she was just a child. And he saved her life and now he’s torn between the love that she feels for him and he for her. But he’s a vampire, she is a human. How can it … how can its last?

Well you know what; it made it to the favourite show of The People Choice Awards. And know after the writers’ strike has come back strong. We’re talking about Moonlight. Its star, Alex O’Loughlin returns to Daybreak USA.

Alex, it’s nice to talk to you again.

Alex: Good morning. Nice to talk to you.

Radio host: Man, congratulations on what seems to be a show that’s hitting its stride. How does it feel for you and Sophia?

Alex: It feels terrific, you know, it’s been a … it’s been a really tough year and we’ve certainly been held back from hitting our stride, you know, all year. You know, they’ve just given us little bursts here and there to try to kind of survive the storm, but we have, you know. Like we ….

Radio host: Yes you have.

Alex:  …. weathered the storm and we’ve also … we’ve also received a couple of little things … little pats on the behind along the way. Like The People’s Choice Award and stuff. So it’s testament to the show that we have here.

Radio host: Absolutely. And you know when we spoke to you last year as the show was kicking off – A unique take on a storyline that has been told in many different ways and forms. And without mentioning the litany of show that have always chronicled the vampire with the heart of gold. I’d think that what it is that Moonlight managed to mine, and in my view from watching it, and also the responses of others, who blitzed us the last time we repeated our last conversation. I mean we got e-mails that would warm your heart.

Alex: Oh that’s great.

Radio host: When we repeated the interview that we did with you last year, and folks were like, “You talked to Alex O’Loughlin?”

Alex: [Laughs]

Radio host: “We had no idea he did radio” Oh was like okay, it’s Alex. We’re friends. We go way back. A few weeks.

Alex: There you go.

Radio host: You know. And so knew we had to give them warnings that this conversation was coming up. And I say all of that to say what you guys have fashioned with Mick St John character. How much design has gone into downplaying all of the gothic darkness of the vampire mythology? And fashioning this love story that you guys have with Mick and Bick … and Beth?

Alex: You know, I mean, it’s …. It’s … what we wanted was to …. We wanted to make a vampire show that was … that was accessible to everybody. You know and the show is not about …. It’s not about vampires you know. It’s actually …. What it is … it’s a character driven drama.

Radio host: Yes.

Alex: That’s what the show is. It’s a character driven drama about love and truth, you know. It just so happens that your lead character is a vampire.

Radio host: Hmmm

Alex: You know it so happens to be based in that genre. It also happens that it has a procedural element.

Radio host: Yes.

Alex: A cop as well.. he’s a PI as well, you know. And, I mean these are just sort of … they’re not by the by, but they are really important facets of the show. However they are facets of the show. So the way … where I base my performance. My performance doesn’t lie in vampirism. It doesn’t lie in that genre. It lies in truth and naturalism and drama as we know it, you know.

Radio host: Yes.

Alex: And so, it’s as well … I mean you were saying Mick has his heart of gold. Well sometimes he does, but the other thing is, I mean, pardon the pun, that he’s only human. You know he doesn’t necessarily have a heart of gold all the time. And really the reason he became a PI, was that …. Yeah, it’s to help other people, but it’s all for himself at the end of the day. So that he can close his eyes in that freezer and sleep another day.

Radio host: Hmmmm

Alex: Without, you know … without killing himself, because this thing is bigger than he is.

Radio host: Well that torment is palatable, you play it well. The … the … the love affair that is growing between Sophia’s character Beth and you, reached and interesting point last week when, after being human for a brief period of time, you had to be turned by your good friend in order for you to save “My Beth”, as your character said.

Alex: Right.

Radio host: How much fun to take it in that direction, because again, that is one of the reasons why  think it has now, coming back from the writers’ strike, really hit a really good stride.

Alex: Yeah, it’s funny you know. My … that little line “My Beth”, that was actually … that’s just ..that’s an improv line that came. I mean, in the script it was written … you know, he has Beth, you know. And he was talking obviously about Andrews,  the guy who had kidnapped her, and “My Beth” just came out of me being in the moment, in the scene, you know

Radio host: Ahh

Alex: In Mick there for a moment, it was just in that moment I had this … I don’t even remember it happening, but  when we were shooting, I was just thinking about how much I love this … this women. And so, I can’t even remember the question now. You just made me think…..

Radio host: Well you know what, I think I was talking about the way the relationship was growing and the way it hit a new high in last week’s episode.

Alex: Oh absolutely.

Radio host: And now knowing that was an improv moment, that really sold that scene.

Alex: Yeah absolutely. I mean and that’s when I knew the core of the scene without ….. You know, it’s not that I know that I would say that. You never know anything like that. But I knew that that’s where the heart of the scene was that in that moment, you know. I didn’t know how the scene would play out with Jason either, you know what I mean, it’s …

Radio host: Hmmm

Alex: It’s another actor. But we have a wonderful chemistry and complicity on screen … so whatever he gives me, I sort of … I give back. And visa versa. And so I feel very save with him.


[Video of the turning scene]


Radio host: Well I like what Jason is doing with his character, Josef and the by-play between the two of you is great.

Tonight’s episode involves Mick coming to the aid of a Hollywood starlet. And she’s being threatened by the paparazzi. And I think that for those of us that sometimes see the paparazzi as being a little bit out of hand. You know, Mick giving them a … you know a bit of a throttling, I think is something a lot of us might like to see.

Alex: Yeah [Laughs]

Radio host: Anything that … of course Eric Winters is returning as Benjamin Talbot. How much fun is that, to have that by-play? Because it looks to be a little bit of tension between you two.

Alex: Yeah it’s great. Look, Eric, Eric is …. Eric is a fantastic guy. He’s a terrific actor and its … and he’s got a great character on the show, you know. And he comes  and brings something new to the show. He … he really fills the shoes that, that Josh left behind, you know. In one way, but he also facilitates a bunch of other things that you are going to come to learn as the show …. As the show progresses. You know, I don’t want to say too much about it, because there’s some really important ….

Radio host: Oh, no doubt. We really do not want to give it all away. Suffice to say, I saw Sophia on Craig Ferguson last night. We’d love to ….. Yeah, put a bug in her ear. We would love to have her come and talk with us.

Alex: Okay, yeah, I didn’t even know she was on Ferguson last night.

Radio host: Yes, she was.

Alex: I’ve got to You Tube that.


Link to Video of Sophia on The Late Late Show:


Radio host: Yeah you do, because she did a good job. She talked about being a vicar’s daughter.

Alex: She is a vicar’s daughter.

Radio host: A PK kid … a PK [Preacher’s Kid], so I thought it was really good and it made me want to talk to her that much more.

And of course for everybody that is big fans of yours, they will be tuning in tonight to Moonlight …

Alex: Terrific

Radio host: …. CBS. And much continued success to you man. We’re big fans of you, around here.

Alex: Thank you so much. I really look forward to speaking to you again, man.

Radio host: Same here. Take care.

Alex: Okay, you to.

Radio host: Daybreak USA rolls on the IRN and USA  radio network …….


Link to the video as posted by Gloria Long:


  • Just to put this interview into a timeline perspective, it was the next day after the Duane Robinson interview which we posted two  weeks ago.  In other words, it was the morning after the TV Guide Sexiest Stars party.



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#AlexOLoughlin – Talking to Duane Robinson about Moonlight (2008)

Another one of the old interview transcripts that we have not included in our archive yet. As  far as I know this was a radio interview, but I do not know for which station. If I understand it correctly from what was being said it took place on 1 May 2008, the day of the TV Guide sexiest stars’ party.

Hope you enjoy the visit to the past, with this interview from 10 years ago. It was really nice to hear what high praise Alex had for his co-star Jason Dohring


Alex: Hi Duane.

Duane: How are you?

Alex: Great. How are you?

Duane: Fine. I was so surprised when I started researching you a little bit more, when I found out we were going to be talking, and I found out you were Australian. I had no idea. You are doing a good job.

Alex: Thank you very much.

Duane: Do you have Americans who go to Australia and have to put on an Australian accent to be in shows there?

Alex: Not really. But you have to understand that we don’t really have an industry there like … like you guys have here, you know. This is the ….. this is where it’s at.

Duane: [Laughs] I mean is it hard. Do they ever stop and say, you know, “Oh, that wasn’t American sounding enough”?

Alex: Oh absolutely. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes, specially, I mean … not a lot I’ve got to say, because I have been doing it for a while now. But if I get really, really tired, which is something that happens occasionally, doing the hours we do, I can slip on a word or two.

Duane: Yeah. I am speaking with Alex O’Loughlin. He is on Moonlight, which is on CBS on Friday nights. It has developed a very avid cult following. Were you surprised at that?

Alex: Yeah, I …. I … You know it’s interesting. I mean any time something that I am involved with, you know, develops a following; it’s kind of a surprise to me. But it’s a … I mean …it’s …. Anything in this genre is … is always going to have a following. Because it’s such a … it’s such a sought after genre. It’s … look I am a fan of the genre, you know. And anything with vampires in it, I will gravitate to straight away. But the fact that the fans had stayed on board the way they have, is testament to the show and how good the show is.

Duane: I really enjoy it and it reminds me a lot of Beauty and the Beast, which was big in the 80’s.

Alex: It’s interesting you’d say that, because one of the original creators of the show … I mean the creator Trevor Munson wrote the book, but then his co-creator on the show, Ron Koslow … he was the creator of Beauty and the Beast.

Duane: Okay. So that’s kind of what you are going for. You’ve got star-crossed lovers, just because you are, you know,  different kinds of beings

Alex: Right.

Duane: And it’s been interesting to see the relationship develop, because … I mean somebody could put a creepy spin on it and say, you know, your character has known Beth since she was a little girl, maybe 8 or 10, and now she is grown up and you are still attracted to her. So that’s a little odd.

Alex: Well it is actually and that’s … …. It is a bit of a creepy spin. And it’s actually the source of a great conflict within my character. And that is that he … he’s known her for 20 years, because he saved her when she was a little girl. He saved her life and he watched over her as a guardian angel, you know. As the years have gone by she has grown into a woman, and he has started …. You know instead of looking at her through paternal eyes, he started looking at her through the eyes of a lover. And this has been something that cause him great pain.

Duane: And for those of you who didn’t watch, she was kind of safe because she was involved in a relationship when they reconnected. But of course the powers to be like to take those obstacles out of the way and create new obstacles. And when her boyfriend died she asked your character to turn him into a vampire. You said no. That caused a big conflict. I as a viewer and somebody who’s got emotional ties to show, I was like, “How could she possibly be mad at him? He saved her life like 800 times”.

Alex: Right. You know what I mean. That’s what I said. How can you be mad at me?

Duane: Ungrateful woman. [Laughs]

Alex: No, WOMEN! [Laughs]

Duane: Well it’s neat to know that you kind of gravitate toward that supernatural and vampire type scripts, so did you have any idea when you started, that they were going to let Mick St John experience humanity again?

Alex: No. No idea. I was like …. I just thought that was so cool when they started telling me about it. It was, it was, you know …… I was thrilled about it. I knew about it from about ….. we were talking about it from about Episode 6 or 7. You know, when Coraline comes back as Morgan. And that whole thing starts. And so yeah, it build up to this great crescendo. And I’m not entirely sure that we are done with that storyline either. I mean  that’s … that’s the cure and everything. So it’s still a part of the zeitgeist. And so we’ll just see if it re …. re …. rises.

Duane: He was a very reluctant vampire. He wasn’t excited about being changed. It wasn’t something that he sought. And he doesn’t really enjoy all aspects of the lifestyle. So, it must have been a nice challenge to play somebody who has been immortal, who has enjoying humanity again and not taken those things for granted. That must have been kind of fun.

Alex: Absolutely. I mean, it’s been fun playing this guy from the very beginning. You know everything that has been thrown at him, it’s just …… I mean he’s such a layer interesting character. And he’s so …. He so very much like a hero as well in a lot of ways, even though he’s not an ordinary person. I mean hero is an ordinary person in extraordinary situations. But he’s not an ordinary person. He has these superpowers and he has all this stuff. But he …… like you say, he is reluctant, and so he doesn’t ….. he doesn’t act as if he has those powers. He doesn’t live as if he has these powers … he kind of tries to live as much of a human existence as he can. And he denies a lot  … a lot of the stuff that he can do. And so….. yeah, he is a very interesting guy.

Duane: Well one thing that is going to bring a lot more viewers to Moonlight I think, is the TV Guide picture. [Giggles] You are listed as one of the hottest stars on TV and I have to say that picture is fantastic! Have you gotten some … some attention about it this week?

Alex: Thank you. Yeah, apparently people are pretty excited about it. I’ve got a … I’m not, I haven’t got the copy of the magazine yet. I must still go and pick up a  copy and take a look at it. But I’ve got the party on tonight. I will be on the red carpet and a bunch of interviews and stuff. And so …. You know, I am not sure … I guess TV guide channel will be playing that at some stage.


Duane: Okay, well we will look for that. You say Mick has all these layers, but there are so many viewers of the show who really don’t need that many other layers. They just like to see you topless and doing some more pull-ups, you know. [giggles]

Alex: Take the layers off. And get down to business.

Duane: [Laughs] So how do you feel about Mick’s love life? Just a quick answer: Beth or Coraline?

Alex: Ooooooo … they’re both …. they’re both ….. awwwww

Duane: [giggles]

Alex: Can we have one … can we alternate?

Duane: No, you can’t even  … a hybrid obviously would be perfect, but …..

Alex: I think Beth is definitely better for him …. I can’t give you a quick answer on that. Beth is better for him, but he loves them both.

Duane: Yeah, cause Coraline has this sort of exotic  intangible.

Alex: Yeah, she’s kind of got him bewitched.

Duane: [Laughs] And will be seeing her again? Because Shannyn is just great.

Alex: Oh yeh. You’ll be seeing her again.

Duane: Excellent. And she is the one who brought this whole cure into the storyline. We found out that her family is a very old vampire family. And so again I’m sure that’s something that’s going along with the whole mythology.

There is an interesting thing that I always … I always laugh when I watch it. My son makes me stop it sometimes during the battle scenes, because you’ve got a vampire face. There is a face that you have to put up. It is like a close-up, with the mouth open, the teeth showing, the eyes that are all silvery. Did you have to work on that for a while?

Alex: You know it’s funny ….it’s funny  to talk about this stuff. Because it is so much like it’s …. When I am in vampire mode it is just play time, you know. It’s like I’ve got a mask on. I’m just … I’m just playing.  I didn’t actually. I didn’t have to work on that. I kind of knew exactly what to do, because I’ve read so many vampire books. I’ve been such a fan of the genre for so long, it was like as soon as those teeth were in I was …. It sort of just came alive, you know, on its own.

Duane: Yeah, You haven’t tried any blood, have you?

Alex: Oh yeah we … we  …. We kill lots of goats and sheep.

Duane: [laughs]

Alex: [laughs]

Duane: I have to be honest. I started watching the show because of Jason Dohring, because I’m a huge fan of him. And probably because you were in it from the very early stages. The character of Josef was supposed to be kind of an older, wiser man.

Alex: Uhm.

Duane: And they made him into this young hotshot stockbroker smart alley guy, which is what Jason Dohring plays so great. You guys have fun together?

Alex: We have great fun. He is a terrific friend and he is a wonderful cohort on the show. I mean, he is, not to mention, a great actor, you know. He is very … he is very present and he is very …. He is a very diligent hard working actor as well.  And so, we ….. you know, I mean we deliver together. We really work well and collaborate well together and we get on famously as well.

So we were in New York a couple of weeks ago for the Comic Con and for the Early Show and stuff. We did a bunch of press and we just had the best time. We had a few hours off and we went and got some food and you know just went down town and … we are great buddies. It is terrific to work with a friend.

Duane: Well it sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I hope it continues on. It’s going to be one of those things that will be frustrating, because you’ll have people who want Beth and Mick together right away, but you can’t do it too soon. And there’s that … that kind of balance that you have to find with people. Because you can’t put them together and make them happy.

Alex: Exactly.

Duane: [Laughs] Congratulations on the TV Guide spread too. It’s a great picture.

Alex: Thank you so much.

Duane: Have a great day.

Alex: Anytime, you too.

Duane: Bye Alex.

Alex: Bye.

Audio clip of the interview:


Some Trivia

  • In the interview they talked about American actors they might need to speak in an Australian accent – Not so sure many American actors would go to Australia to play an Australian, but it seems that some British actors might do it. In Oyster Farmer where Alex plays Jack Flange, his sister Nikki is played by a British actress Claudia Harrison. Of course Jim Norton who played Mumbles is from Ireland, but he did not have to talk with an Australian accent like Claudia had to.


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#H50 with #AlexOLoughlin tonight!

For many the long wait is over, because the first episode of Season 8 of Hawaii Five-0 will be broadcast tonight in the USA. There are signs of some new and interesting things coming up to be excited about, and then there are signs of some of the same old, same old boring and frustrating stuff for fans who would like a bit MORE from the show. We of course, just hope for LOTS of real good quality screen time for Alex as Steve.

Just an update about SOTB for this year – Peter Lenkov responded to comments on his Instagram and pointed out that they are still trying to make SOTB for his season happen, somewhere along the line in the time to come. We will keep you posted with any developement around it.

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of Alex’s first leading role on American Television. On 28 September 2007 the first of the 16 episodes of Moonlight was broadcast. Although some fans of Alex have been around from before that time, most of his loyal and most dedicated fans, started following his career because they fell in love with his portrayal of Mick St John. And through the years, by being who he is, he has shown them and us who came later, time and time again that he is a person worthwhile to follow and support ……

On the one hand I want to wish Alex many many more successful years as leading man on US Television, but on the other hand I want to wish him more. I want to wish him the realisation of his dreams, of doing worthwhile movies and of making his mark on the big screen. I want him to have it all!!

Just an update about our own whereabouts. We have not made a final decision on our future with the site yet, but as you can see, we are still lurking around here, and Paula has been posting a few pictures and gifs on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And as always you are welcome to make comments and communicate here about the things you love and see and hear about Alex and the show.



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Interview: #AlexOLoughlin from Moonlight on CBS (2007)

I was lucky enough to take part of a conference call with Alex O’Loughlin who plays Mick St. John in CBS’ Moonlight. Three press outlets were able to interview Alex O’Loughlin and ask questions about “Moonlight” and his career. All I can say is that Alex O’Loughlin is a very charming person and very passionate about his work on “Moonlight.” It makes you like the show even more when you hear how much work and love is put into it. So without further ado, here is the interview (Daemon’s TV questions are in blue).

Daemon TV

by Sandrine Sahakians

24 November 2007

Daemon TV: Can you give us any scoop on whether Coraline is back or what the whole thing is with that, and how it’s going to affect Mick?

Alex: Yeah, I probably should mark my words, be careful how much I say but, what I can tell you is Coraline has an uncanny knack of never going too far for too long.

Daemon TV: Okay, anything else?

Alex: Might you be seeing Coraline, the answer to that is yes.

Question: What about the character of Mick really spoke to you and made you want to play this character?

Alex: I really liked his humor, was the first thing that came off the page. First of all, I mean you read, as an actor, you read scripts every day and you read people’s interpretation of the characters everyday and some are more thought out than others and some are more one dimensional, and also some characters speak to you more than others you know.

And this guy, I just really got him, I understood his motivation and I understood his passion, and I understood why he is conflicted, and I understood why he thought what he thought was funny was funny. Yeah, I just got him right away. I guess it all stems down to empathy. I had empathy and understanding for him, so therefore I felt that I could justifiably play him.


Question: David Greenwalt came to the show briefly, left. What do you feel some of his contributions were to the show or to your character in particular?

Alex: It’s a little difficult to answer that question because the crossover before David, introducing David, and letting David go, it all happened pretty suddenly. David wasn’t on board with us for that long, but he was on board for long enough to make a difference. Those exact differences, it’s not that he actually made any fundamental changes to my character, nobody does that but me, but he helped us, you know, in the time that we were in the transition phase from the original pilot presentation to the recasting into Moonlight, he helped us find what the new show was gonna be.

It’s not that different from the original concept. It’s just that he was there when we all came together and said ok what are the boundaries, what are the lines, what are the rules. It was a relief that he was on the same page as we were and in the sense that this show is not about mythical books and goblins and trolls and monsters, that it’s about modern day vampires coming from a long lineage of first generation blood over the last 1500 years. And that’s it, it’s about vampires.

Daemon TV: You’re from Australia, and I was wondering how difficult it is to do the American accent and keep it consistent every episode?

Alex: I don’tt find it difficult. I’m actually surprised by how little I have to ADR [Automated Dialog Replacement] for accent. Sometimes I’ll slur my words, or the mike won’t pick up the sound or whatever, but it’s not usually because I have to fix the accent. I think that’s due to, I’ve studied for a long time as well, like I’ve been studying acting for quite a while now.

I’ve studied accents specifically like since I was a little child. When I was a little boy I was fascinated with people who made different sounds. I always used to guffaw at Scottish accents. When I’d hear anyone from Edingburough or Glasgow, I’d roar with laughter because I thought it was the funniest thing I’d ever heard.

I guess to me, it’s always been like a music, which is the way I’ve approached it. Bearing that in mind, in combo with the fact that I’ve grown up with American television, you have to realize in Australia we were born on, my generation we were bread on your TV, all the hit shows over here went over there.

And my stepfather is Canadian. I’ve always been surrounded by the sound, so yeah, I don’t find it difficult, I really enjoy it actually. But I stay in it when I’m working, when I’m on the set.

Question: What’s your favorite thing about playing Mick or about Mick in general?

Alex: What’s my favorite thing about Mick? He’s an awesome character to play, I gotta tell you, I’m standing here as I speak to you, covered in blood and mud. I’ve been up since 4:30 this morning and I’ve had my hands inside another man’s stomach, tying off his thoracic aorta in the middle of nowhere.

So I mean the situations this guy gets himself into. I read the scripts and I go “Oh Mick for God’s sake will you just go on Holidays. Can’t you just sit in a hut somewhere for a week?” My favorite thing about him I think is his ability to overcome extreme drama and duress and not lose sight of the lighter side of life, which essentially stems back to the humanity that he clings to, which is fundamentally extended in his heart. So I think without sounding sanctimonious or sentimental, my favorite thing about this character is his heart.

Question: Without telling too much, obviously, because you can’t give us spoilers, you have Coraline on there, who is of course your sire, you have Jason Dohring’s vampire, who is an ancient vampire, but primarily a lot of the vampires we’ve seen pop up are basically newborns. Are we going to be getting in the future more of the old vampire mythology?

Alex: You are. You sure are. Before the end of this round of 12 shows, you’re gonna meet some extremely old, some extremely powerful vampires. You’re going to meet some of the lineage from the blood line that Coraline and Mick are from. You’re gonna learn as well about where we come from and where Coraline and therefore Mick comes from. We start exploring blood lines and you’re gonna learn about where our vampires come from. We have a procedural element in this show, we always will have a procedural element in this show, and that’s established, and now the mythology and the true fan stuff, I mean the fans are gonna go nuts. Like I’m a vampire fan and there is some really juicy good stuff coming up in the next couple of months.

Daemon TV: I just wanted to mention that I had seen your performance in “The Invisible” and it was amazing, and you’re actually the reason I was interested in watching “Moonlight” in the first place. My question is do you have any upcoming movie projects?

Alex: I have “August Rush” coming out, which is coming out of Friday is that right? [November 21] and that’s in the can obviously, since it’s coming out. I have “Whiteout” which is a Joel Silver film with Kate Beckinsale and it’s due to release sometime next summer, I think. That’s a 2008 release.

At the moment, I’m reading scripts, it’s a tentative time. With the current climate in Hollywood, you know I’m unsure about which direction I’ll be going after Christmas. It’s all up in the air, which is very sort of disheartening if you let it in, but you know we’re all just sort of keeping our fingers crossed, though I am reading some film scripts and there’s some good stuff out there, but I’m not attached to anything yet.

Kim [CBS’ publicist]: This is Kim interjecting. This man works so hard. When he says he gets up at 4:30 in the morning, he’s not kidding and he works until midnight.

Alex: I’m not kidding, I’m not kidding!

Daemon TV: What actors or actresses do you draw your inspiration from, or who are your favorites?

Alex: There are so many wonderful actors. Sean Penn got up at the Academy Awards when he won his award and said, “Everyone knows there is no best in acting” and there is no best, there are lots of performances that have inspired me over the years. Sean Penn is certainly one of them. Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Daniel Day Lewis is a phenomenon. He’s like an enigma, I’ve watched his performances and I can’t for the life of me work out how he transforms as he does. Marlon Brando. I love Marlon Brando, for all of his arrogance. I love actors that don’t make half decisions.

Mel Gibson, I probably shouldn’t say that. I know he sort of fell off the wagon recently and said some stupid stuff. But growing up as a kid in Australia and seeing him do the movies he did, the “Mad Maxes” and stuff, and then move over to America and cross the bridge to producing and directing as well, and come up with films like “Braveheart.”

It’s hard for any young man who’s in the industry not to, I would imagine, not to find that inspiration. But then there’s other actors that the world doesn’t know about that I’ve grown up with, that I’ve seen on stage, that have breathed life into performances that have changed my life. They’re some of my best friends, so that’s as influential to me as those big stars that we all see in movies.

Question: Speaking of the currently climate of things in Hollywood, I am just curious, are we going to have some kind of ending?

Alex: Oh yeah, we’re just killing everyone (laughs) – Maybe I shouldn’t give that away (laughs). I’m sorry, I’m joking, of course!

Question: But did you get the chance to have some kind of a wrap up for the first pod and then when things start up again we’ll be fine?

Alex: To a certain extent. Let me be the one to tell you right now, I am not going to conduct myself and this character through this series at this stage as though we’re not coming back, because as far as I’m concerned, we are coming back, even though Nina Tassler [CBS President] hasn’t promised me anything, and Les Moonves [President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS], I can’t get him off the golf course to answer his phone. But there are certain things  I’m just thinking about how to answer this.

Question: Let’s put it this way, the reason I’m asking is because shows like “Heroes” reshot their ending to give their 13 episodes an ending point so that until it picks up again people are at least satisfied with the first arc.

Alex: Oh, I mean no, people are gonna be totally satisfied. People are going to be salivating, for Moonlight to come back, and that’s what we’re going to deliver because we don’t plan on not coming back. We’ve got a few really epic things that are coming that wrap the end of the series. It’s an ending with no finale.

I mean it’s an ending with a bunch of open ended stuff that you’re just going die to know what happens next. There are a couple of points that happen that change the course of the picture, but the world won’t let Moonlight fade away after this. The fans will be rabid. They will demand a re-release, they’ll demand a pickup.

Question: Exactly, you can have the fans ship nuts.

Kim: Or garlic!!

Daemon TV: I’m really enjoying the relationship between your character and Josef. I was wondering if there were any plans to elaborate on that and maybe get a little background on how they met.

Alex: Yeah, there are certainly plans to do that. That relationship, because it was pre-established. Josef and Mick’s relationship is established early on, and they’re great, that’s the way things are. Little pieces of information are released along the way more and more, you’re gonna get little bits of information.

The whole how we met and that storyline, we don’t touch on until we come back, but there’s portions of it that come out in the storyline that have to do with Coraline and things that are going on with Beth. So you will learn more. I think you’ll be satisfied with everything the way we’re wrapping it up.

Question: I’m always interested to hear your take on why someone should pay attention to the show and watch it.

Alex: I think it’s a really satisfying show. We own the demographic, and we own the demographic for a reason and that is that people of all ages are enjoying the show. Teenagers to people in their middle ages of life are sitting down watching Moonlight because it’s got so many elements that we turn to.

It’s a love story. It’s a story about unrequited love. It’s got incredible action and great fight sequences. It’s got a tormented conflicted protagonist who always goes towards good, well for now, and whose rules are ambiguous and his motives, at times, are ambiguous, and it’s based in a genre that’s really exciting, that’s mysterious, that’s really sexy.

CBS hasn’t pulled punches on the show, they’ve allowed us to take it to levels of truth, they’ve allowed us to take it to levels of humanity where network TV can sometimes skimp on because they want it to look better or not be as real or be less sort of confrontational. I just think it’s an all around good show. I think it’s also a show that questions the norm, that questions the beliefs, you know, society’s belief on certain topics. I hope that’s a sort of roundabout answer to your question.

Question: Let’s talk Mick and Beth for a little bit here. You guys have sort of, and I hate to use this pun, but it’s the Moonlighting relationship, it’s the will they won’t they flirtation back and forth, and sometimes it gets closer than others. How long do you think it;s going to be until at least something happens?

Alex: Something’s coming up in 11 [episode], that puts a big spinner in the works and affects the way Beth feels about Mick, and also affects the way Mick views Beth. A part of me feels like if anything ever happened between those guys, the show’s over. But then again, I’m not the creator. The unrequited love aspect of the show, the Romeo and Juliet mirror that we constantly provide in Moonlight, I think is an essential part of the drama, of the tension.

I mean, in Mick’s mind, there is no way he could ever cross that line, despite how weak the flesh is, despite the feelings that he has for this woman, in his mind, that would be the ultimate sin. He looks at her and it’s so awkward, he looks at her through paternal eyes you know, and if he wants to sleep with her, I mean that’s pretty weird [laughs].

Question: Well he’s her guardian angel, so –

Alex: Well yeah, so he really shouldn’t be… [laughs] But you know, you never know, I get surprised from script to script. I don’t think they should ever be given that luxury. I absolutely think it should be unrequited. I mean, re-read “Romeo and Juliet” and tell me you don’t cry at the end when they kill themselves, and I’m not saying what we’re dealing with here, by no means am I drawing comparison to Shakespeare [laughs], but the nature of the idea, I mean if you’re not putting like the big ideas on TV, why are you making TV, who cares? And if it’s not about the big love, that great love, that one great love, that comes into each of our lives if we’re lucky, why are we putting – who gives a f**k. Let’s go to the beach!

Daemon TV: There’s a lot of action in the show, and I was wondering if you do your own stunts or if you have a stunt double.

Alex: [With a deep “sexy” voice]
I do my own stunts baby – .[Laughs]
No, I do have a stunt double because there are certain things that they won’t let me do. Like they won’t set fire to me. They won’t like let me jump off a 20 story building. There are certain big stunts that it’s just impossible to get insurance to let me do, but for the most part I’d say I do probably 75% of my stuff. I have my own harnesses and my own pads and back protectors. I’m trained in stunt work, I really love it too. The other thing is, you don’t have to shoot around the stunt double’s face, you can just shoot me doing my thing. It makes the show better, until I slip my sciatic nerve and have to work in a back brace, that’s the downside.

Question: What are some of your favorite shows in your downtime, which it sounds like you don’t have a lot of?

Alex: I haven’t had downtime for about 7 months. Let me see, I really love “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” I really love “The Contender,” I just love that show [laughs]. Family Guy. What else?…”America’s Most Smartest Model” [laughs] no don’t put that on – I love “The Shield,” big fan of “The Shield.” [Alex O’Loughlin had a part in “The Shield” as Detective Kevin Hiatt]

Question: When CBS originally announced Moonlight, they said they were going to do a procedural show with vampire elements and it seems that now they’re moving more towards the genre based. Are you pleased that they went that directions with the show?

Alex: Thrilled. I couldn’t give a f**k about the procedurals. I mean sometimes I can, and sometimes it’s really interesting. Sometimes, it’s great fun. But if I wanted to do “CSI,” I would have done “CSI.” It’s not what this show is.

This show is a character driven drama, that has a procedural element, and is based in a genre. That’s what the show is. It’s a character driven drama. The procedural element is great fun when it’s used correctly, but when it’s overused, it turns into something else. I think it’s really disappointing from a fan point of view when people get lazy and they know that that’s going to work and that it’s going to require less effort and they just sort of go with that.

I think what the guys have done with Moonlight has been great. I think they’ve really put a big effort into balance it all out. We’ve had some great procedural stuff and some really interesting cases, and as we’re moving on, we’re getting into the characters more and more, and we’re caring about these characters more and more, and we’re learning more and more about the mythology and getting deeper into the actual genre and the blood and guts of it, pardon the pun. So I’m really happy with the way it’s shaping up.

So there you have it, from Mick St. John Alex O’Loughlin himself. Do you need any more reasons to watch Moonlight?


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