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#H50 Season 3 Gagreel – #AlexOLoughlin Shows His Best Faces (stills)

I got my hands on my blu ray disc and of course my first interest was the gag reel 😀

Presenting Dat Face in stills and of course had to make a couple of gifs again 🙂

Will post the gifs in separate post, I don´t want your screen to explode  😉

 Wishing you all a fun day!


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Friday afternoon delight

Digging into my reservoirs, just to lift up your spirits. I know you are bummed by the weekend.

This is the scene he described with his goofy animated face 😀

Not all went as planned…and we love those bloopers!


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#AlexOLoughlin: Burning Desire, Driving Mick to His Demise

A love story

Was it destiny that drove him mad?

Was it pure love that spur him on?

Was it lust for something outside his reach?

Did she lure him in with pure vampire appeal?

Was he drawn in like a moth to a flame?

Was it the animal from within, that would not be tamed?

Was he just a poor sod that fell for the oldest trick in the book….

a woman playing hard to get.

A love story that ended in a nightmare.

A big thanks to Foyeur for the help with the questions


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#AlexOLoughlin and his Sexiest Feature

Question: What is your sexiest feature?


Just in case you couldn´t see, his answer was, “my eyes” and “good a$$”.

Link to video: 



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