A Welcome Note!


Yes, this is another Alex O’Loughlin fan blog, but there really can´t be too many, right?

We love him and want to share our Alex O´Loughlin lust and love with you 🙂

Who can say no to this goofyness!


or super Seal, Steve 😀


Please do check in daily for new posts and updates.


Thank you in advance for subscribing to this blog.


We expect to see you here often and would love your comments 😀

Welcome to our little Alex-heaven, a place of fun to be enjoyed by fellow Alex O’Loughlin fans – lots of pretty pictures and gifs of him. And as much information (past and present) that we can gather about him.

  • We have an extensive Biography – more like a summary or diary of his life.
  • You will also find our archive with a vast amount of his interviews, transcripts and articles useful

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47 responses to “A Welcome Note!

  1. XMG


  2. This blog is going to be amazing I can tell already!!!!

    • Thank you, and please tell your friends too 😉 though this might have a short life, since my gifs are already taking up so much space!

    • FOYeur

      Thanks you so much and I hope you’ll enjoy it with us.
      As you might have gathered by now I like to know things (especially about Alex) and I love to share them. Unfortunately my English writting skills fails on so many levels. This makes Neropatti a perfect partner to let Alex tell the story himself with all the pretty creations she does off him.
      He is poetry in motion!!

  3. Is this new?? Have I missed something all this time?? Whhhhhyyyyy didn’t I know this blog existed??

    • FOYeur

      I was just thinking today I am gonna send Westy a message to tell her that she needs to comment on us soon, or I will cry…..big koala tears!!

  4. AnnieOakley

    I just found it too! Somewhere else to pay homage to the FOY! And now the FOY has made a baby – OMG! I think the FUCUPs need to throw a baby shower.

    • So happy to see familiar faces here 😀 Welcome Annie! Maybe we should advertise a bit more, might be easier for friends to find us. How to get the message out there of our blog?
      I know, I will make a sign and fly to HI, get Honolulu Hunk to pose with it. That might work as a publicity stunt 😉

  5. Tula

    Why ,oh why did it take me so long to find this place? I think I am gonna stay around for a while….if you’ll have me! I am a PhD candidate in the study of Alex!

    • Hello Tula and welcome to our little blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do keeping it. Your name looks familiar. Could it be that you actually met The Man himself a short while ago? If so…Lucky you!

      • Tula

        Yep! That is me, Paula! Such a short while ago, that I still feel his smell, hands and lips on me…LOL!! Some of the most precious moments in my life!

        Oh, and I sure love it here, I need to find more time to catch up!! ♥♥♥

    • FOYeur

      Hi Tula – Glad you found us!! Any PhD on Alex is royalty here!!
      You are so welcome. Stay as long and as often as you like and please share any of your hard earned knowledge of him with us at any time…..

      • Tula

        Oh, believe me it was hard work, and I would do it again everyday, F! Waited out of a filming spot for him for about 8 hours! He is the most gracious man though! He acted as if he had met old friends! Came to us himself, hugged us all and kissed us, made small talk with each one and was really, genuinely happy I told him I had come all the way from Greece to meet him..His smile when he said thank you…well, it still brings me to my knees! We hugged to take a pic together and …I could still be there..the other girls had to bring me out of the reverie…

        I took a small vid of him,but sadly I had nightshot on, and it is too white..I need to fix it somehow to share…

        • FOYeur

          There is a saying along the lines of “Luck comes to those who work hard at it”. What a memorable moment. Sure you will cherish it till the end of your days……
          You should send the video to Paula, maybe she can work some of her magic with it. 🙂

        • I would love to get my hands on Alex videos! If you could send me one screencaption from it, I could see if anything can be done on the brightness with PS.

  6. Annette

    Hi Foyeur and Paula,
    I am a relatively new fan of AoL from Germany and just discovered your fantastic blog. You do a really great job here. I enjoyed reading and looking and adoring.

    • Hi Annette! Welcome and hope you enjoy your future visits here too 🙂 Germany might have the biggest Alex following in Europe, I think. We aim to please all AOL fans across the borders. Nice of you to say hello, we hope for more comments. Jump right in!

    • FOYeur

      Welcome to our little corner of the Alex universe. Please let us know if there is anything spesific you would like to know more about.

  7. Tula

    Girls…I have no idea how to send the video to you..I am totally moron when it comes to computers..I ‘d love to share it, but the only way I know how to is…by post…I have sent to a friend, if she cannot work her magic..maybe we can contact and I can mail it to you…

  8. Em

    I am tring to find out whether or not Alex and his girlfriend Malia Jones are still together?

    • FOYeur

      I Em. Thanks for stopping by.
      That is a question you will have to ask them, because we do not have any direct contact with them. They did however attend some functions together in the last few weeks, according to photos we have seen.

  9. Sylvie

    Hello, I’m from France and I’m wondering how a man could be so perfect.
    I’ve never seen such a gorgeous person. When he’s smiling I become liquid (not sure it has the same meaning in english but sure you see what I want to say)
    Thanks for your incredible work and beautiful photos.

    • Hi Sylvie
      Yes he is kind of perfect 😀
      Alex comes from Alexander and it is from the Greek language, meaning
      Protector, Defender or Warrior
      It is always good to hear of other people enjoying him with us!

      • Sylvie

        My girl’s name is Alexia, so I know a bit about that name even if she’s a girl. Even his first name fits perfectly well. Thanks for your reply

        • Annie

          AOL has of the talent. It’s a pity, most part of time it’s the physical appearance which quite holds attention…… I shall like that he makes a movie where he would kill the handsome boy…… kisses Annie.

          • Hi Annie – Welcome here with us
            Most of the Alex fans I have come across appreciate him for his physical, but even much more for his acting talent. I have really not met many that see him just as a pretty boy.
            In my opinion, one also do not have to make yourself ugly to show the world what a great actor you are.
            I also hope that he will get a dream role pretty soon, in order for a bigger audience to see his amazing talent. 🙂

  10. Leah

    Irish fan here and can I say on creating such a great blog so that we can celebrate the greatness that is Alex O’Loughlin. 😀

    • Welcome Leah to our little AOL corner. Enjoy your stay and hope you jump in with comments. We are not all right in the head, and we blame Alex 😉

  11. Leah

    Maybe but I’m glad to be part of the madness. 😀

  12. quirky_thoughts

    Just wanted to say what a fantastic blog you have here. Although I watched H50 when it had its first run I’ve only now discovered all the fan stuff out there. I’m enjoying a re-watch and getting to know a few fellow McPerv’s.
    I love the show and Alex is just whoa! Just followed you on Twitter as well. 🙂

  13. What an awesome blog about Alex O’Loughlin, who I only just stumbled across about three weeks ago! Great look, in-depth research (I would never have time for since I can’t restrict myself to ONE actor… ;)) and pictures that – well, that make it hard to think about anything or anybody else…*sigh* 🙂
    I have never followed ANY blog (not a big reader of blogs nor a fan of social networking), but I think I’ll probably get all the info that’s out there about Alex following your blog – so yours is officially the first blog I’m following (probably under my German WP name; so don’t be confused…)! 🙂

    • FFGirl,
      Your story reads a lot like most of ours. Not really following/restricted to one actor before. Not following other blogs or social media before him. (My own social media before him, was following about 10 friends on my FB account, not knowing the word Tumblr or WP. And could never think of having a twitter account for any reason at all)
      BEWARE: it is (HE IS) an addiction 🙂
      Continue at own risk 😉

  14. FOYeur, I think I might be feeling the first signs of addiction… 😉 Almost feels like I’m cheating on Ben Browder and the Farscape crew (the reason why I started my English-speaking blog)…

  15. (Oops, there was a spelling mistake in my url; now I’ve got it right.)

  16. Karen

    Wow!! I am really going to enjoy this site! I just started getting into Hawaii Five-o and enjoy watching Alex on tv.

  17. Kelbelle

    Hi Foyeur
    This site is amazing! Stumbled in to it after belatedly getting into Hawaii five 0 and gorgeous Steve/Alex…..only to find out he’s an Aussie – who knew???? Totally hooked, and def not right in the head like so many other ladies on here.
    Thanks for the fantastic work, keeping me busy for hours!

  18. Lisa D

    I am glad I found this site. I have been checking him…I mean it out for a while, my longtime crush on Alex has been awakened. I wanted to stop in and say hello and thanks! lol

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