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When his face is too beautiful and we go *sigh*

Hiatus for #AlexOLoughlin

The other cast rush off and are eager to do (movies) but I just want to hang out with my kids, with my dog and my wife and relax. By the time I get to the end of each season, I’m pretty run down … 25 episodes, that’s a lot of TV to do in 10 months. I need to just get my body back, eating and training and catching up on sleep

– Alex O’Loughlin

February 2016


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Pic for today – #AlexOloughlin our “David”

“The thing I love most about jiujitsu is that it forces me to be in the moment. I can’t think about the past or the future, only right now. The minute I leave the moment I am being put to sleep.” – Alex 2013


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Quote for the day – #AlexOloughlin #SteveMcGarrett

Sometimes you’ll want to get the whole script, and you’ll never get the whole script. [Getting the script] is helpful to me. The more info I have, the more opportunity I have.

– Alex O’Loughlin

Hawaii International Film Festival

October 2011


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#SteveMcGarrett for the day

None of us are just purely benevolent or malevolent. It’s not possible in human nature, unless you’re Gandhi. The more flaw you bring to  a character, or the more balance you give your character, the closer that character moves towards everyman. And, if that character is an everyman, then we can all sit back and relate, unlike with a superhero. – Alex, Collider 2010


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Pic for the day – Perfection

What I’m discovering now that I’m no longer in my twenties. I’m not 21 anymore, I’m 33. Holy shit, though! My body’s never been better, and I’ve never felt better in my body.

Alex O’Loughlin

Time Out New York

October 2009

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In 2 months Alex will be 40 – And we still think he looks better than ever before!


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