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A Month of Mick (#6) – Who was Mick St John?

The real Mick St John:

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  • He was born in November 1922.
  • He died on his wedding night in 1952, at the age of 30, at the hands of his own bride, Coraline DuVall. He has been undead since then.
  • He grew up in Los Angeles, as an only child in a fairly religious home (most probably Roman Catholic). As a child he attended church with his parents every Sunday.
  • He served as a medic in the army in World War II.
  • He fell in love with his best friend Ray’s “widow” when he came home from the war, only to discover that his friend was still alive, but only “misplaced” when he was injured in the war.
  • He was some sort of accountant – on his wedding certificate his occupation is listed as business professional in finance.
  • He was a part-time musician, who played at parties. At one of these parties he met Coraline, and he started to obsessively pursue her. Not known to him at the time, was that she was actually undead and a 286 year old  vampire……

In 2008, Mick at the age of 85 yrs, became human again for a week or so ………

(We are not sure who to credit for this wonderful picture. My guess is that it is @mymaximus, because chances are that when you see a beautiful rare picture of Mick, that @mymaximus is the original source.

Don’t know where you find them, but thank you so much for always sharing  these pictures with the Alex fans & Moonlight community! 🙂 )

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Mick is the loneliest man in the world. Even though he’s surrounded by people, he’s isolated and cut off from his own humanity. Mentally, he’s one of the most damaged characters I have ever played. He’s not in a lot of physical jeopardy, but emotionally, he’s a wreck. I try to reach inside of him and find the humanity at his heart.

— Alex O’Loughlin, CBS Watch!, 2008



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