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A Month of Mick (#8) – Moonlight vs “Twilight”

For those of you that might not know, the original pilot of Moonlight was called Twilight. The pilot was shot in January 2007, while the shooting of the actual series started in August 2007.  Of course the name had to be changed when the series was picked up, because the Twilight movie and craze was about to hit the cinemas the next year. I myself feel that the name Moonlight, has got a much nicer ring to it, than Twilight. As with the name most of everything from the pilot, was so different from what we saw in the series of Moonlight in the end.


Moonlight Cast vs Twilight cast

Moonlight is set Los Angeles vs Twilight was set in New York

Does the vibe of a city influence a show?

Moonlight Josef is young and only 30 years old vs Twilight Josef who was older

Do you think Mick and Josef being the same age was a good choice?

Moonlight Mick and Coraline meet in 1952 at one of her parties vs Twilight Mick and Coraline who meet in 1947 in a Jazz club.

Why did they change the year in which Mick and Coraline meet?

Moonlight human Mick played guitar vs Twilight human Mick that used to play the trumpet.

In Moonlight Josef does not believe Mick’s suspicions that Morgan is Coraline vs in Twilight it seems that Josef knew all along that Coraline is still alive.

How good a friend was Josef, if he kept that from Mick?

Moonlight Mick just sniffing out other vampires vs Twilight where Mick have the ability to see lack of heat signals around vampires

Was the Moonlight Mick’s special abilities more believable?

In Moonlight the vampires’ eyes change color and their fangs are visible vs Twilight where the vampires change shape and look more like beasts

Maybe this helped that people who are not big vampire genre fans, also liked the series in the end?

In Moonlight Beth only realises in Epi 8 that Mick rescued her vs in Twilight where Beth recognising Mick as her rescuer in the pilot

How do you feel about what they had and what we got in the end?

The most unnerved I’ve been in this whole process was when I was at Carnegie Hall by myself on stage. There was the cast of ‘Cane,’ like 10 people on stage, and the cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ and I kind of waddled out there by myself and I was like, ‘Please watch “Moonlight.” Bye.’And I felt like a [jerk] ’cause I didn’t know what was coming. I had lost my entire cast.

— Alex O’Loughlin, LA Times, 31 October 2007



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