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Vote for your favorite Bromance!

Alex is such a master of Bromances, on screen and in real life.

We decided to give you a chance to vote on which one you love the best.

1) Alex O’Loughlin and Jason Dohring:

Jason Dohring and Alex, proclaiming their bromance. Alex is speechless next to Jason as he holds his arm around him. Alex manages to gesture “him and me, together 😉 ”

“I don’t think Mick is very good at being a vampire. I think he’s kind of shitty at it. And so reluctant, so nostalgic. Whereas Josef is like, “Dude, this is awesome. Let’s bite some chicks. And spend some money.” -Alex

2) Mick St John and Josef Kostan:

How far will you go for a friend and a brother?

Mick : You have to turn me back

Josef: No. Mick you are human again. After all you went trough to get the cure, you give it up this easy?

Mick: You think this is easy for me…this is not easy, I have no choice. He has Beth. He has my Beth. So please…please brother…

Josef: Mick, forgive me…

3) Alex O’Loughlin And Scott Caan:

Scott Caan and Alex. The bromance that have excited fans for 2 years now. They certainly seem comfortable and set in their ways. Both can end each other´s sentences by now. They hit it off from the start.

“We both lucked out. We really bounce off each other, and as we get closer, we can just shoot each other a look, which adds a lot to our relationship on screen.” -Alex

4) Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams

A match made in heaven? A Navy SEAL who grew up in Hawaii and a Jersey Cop who loves skyscrapers and can’t stand the sound of the ocean. Buddies calling each other´s by such loving names as….babe, partner, buddy, Neanderthal animal, pac-man. This bromance is reaching for new heights 😉

33 responses to “POLLS

  1. spurschick

    That was so hard! I inevitably voted for Jason guest starring on 5-0, but my second choice would be Mick and Josef. =)

  2. OK, so this was really hard. I voted for Steve and Danny but I’m going to cheat and list the poll in order of how I would vote if I could vote for them all:
    1. Steve and Danny – how could you go past this as no. 1? The best bromance on tv ever. The married-couple type bickering is hilarious. Love the look on Steve’s face when Danny is flapping his arms about and complaining about some crazy Steve stunt.
    2. Mick and Josef – close second to no. 1. The angsty vampire and the let’s-roll-with-it vampire. Loved those two together esp the witty comments from Josef.
    3. Alex and Scott – they always come across as such good friends in interviews.
    4. Jason starring on H50. Have said this from day 1, would love to see this (and Sophya, too).
    5. Alex and Jason – they seemed like great mates but I’ve only put this at no.5 because I haven’t seen as much footage of them together as Alex and Scott.

    Comments anyone?

    • FOYeur

      Andrea, it looks like the general opinion is a lot like yours….with the exception that No 2 & 3 is swapped around.
      I loved the maturity of the 5o yr old friendship between Mick and Josef….

      • Just looked at the poll and I see what you mean. I still stand by Mick and Josef at number 2 – agree that the 50 year old friendship was awesome and I thought the two very different characters bounced off each other nicely, just like Steve and Danny. I couldn’t decide between the Steve/Danny and Mick/Josef bromance as I love them both but I guess we’ve seen more of the former plus lots of stuff on Alex and Scott together to cement it even further.

  3. I’m wondering if I only voted for Mick and Josef because of the Moonlight re-watch going on. If it was the middle of H50 season, I bet I’d have voted for Steve and Danny. But, no matter what, I would love to see Jason on H50.

  4. This WAS really hard choice, but eventually I decided I needed “to dance with the one that brought me” so I voted for Steve & Danny. Wouldn’t be here without their onscreen character chemistry!!

    • FOYeur

      Good choice, staying true to your heart………but I wanna play devils advocate here…..I wonder if the onscreen chemistry would have been that great, if the real life Bromance of Scott & Alex wasn’t that strong?

      • I am sure it would not be as good were it not for the real life bromance…. but if I hadn’t fallen for Steve & Danny …. I never would have known or cared about Alex & Scott! 😀

        • Andrea

          For me, I liked the chemistry between Steve and Danny from the very first episode and even though I was already an Alex fan, it made me want to investigate their off screen friendship, too, so I guess you are right FOYeur, the two are intertwined. Still love the Mick and Josef bromance, too; wonder if this is less important to us all as ML had only one season to showcase the bromance and wasn’t as successful as H50 is turning out to be?

          • FOYeur

            Andrea, I think that Steve & Danny are more visible and fun for us. We have been there from the start and have seen it grow…..we all feel part of it, I think.
            As with Mick & Josef it was already established and mature when we “arrived”. We might have felt more part of it, if we could have seen more of their past and how it developed……but we were never given that chance…..

            • Andrea

              Sad but true. You are right, we saw Steve and Danny meet in the first episode when Danny said he didn’t like Steve (that’s funny, when he punches him and says. ‘you’re right, I don’t like you’ – that’s what got me hooked!) and we have been able to watch the bromance grow. With Mick and Joesf, they had 50 years of friendship that we didn’t see develop. Just another reason why ML should have continued on. Still and all, we wouldn’t have McDanno if it had 🙂

        • FOYeur

          SJ, I think you summed it up nicely….we can “see” Danny & Steve but the real people are not that “visible” to us….and what we see we can relate to more and it is so much fun to watch!

  5. Oh I’m gonna catch hell for my response but here goes:
    Mine is the one vote for Alex & Jason. 🙂 Their interviews are stellar! Both of them are upbeat and funny and full of life. In fact, Jason sometimes even steals the limelight from Mr. Personality….and he let him! They just really got on together in a positive way. I’ll just leave it at that. 🙂

    • FOYeur

      Not at all…..so glad they got a vote!! Hope others will join in too….
      Don’t think a lot of people have seen those interviews. It is so funny when Jason takes over and start to conduct the interviews.
      They where really such great friends. As far as I know Jason (and his wife) even spend Christmas with Alex in Oz that year.

    • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

      I had to go with Mick and Josefffffff. I loved their snarky banter.

      • I had a hard time choosing between Alex & Jason or Mick and Josef. 🙂 you know I loved the snarky banter between the two! How they could be snarky but never mean. (Looking at YOU McG & Danny) I hope maybe after 50 yrs McG & Danny will grow to their level of immature maturity. 🙂 LOL

        • FOYeur

          “immature maturity”
          What a great description ……can’t wait for McG & Danno to get there, but hopefully in less than 5yrs, much less 50yrs

  6. No prizes for guessing who I voted for ;D Mick & Josef, why yes actually I do ship them *grin*

    • FOYeur

      Glad you came on board as well…..get some support for your corner, it will still run for at least a week or so……

    • FOYeur

      I can’t tell you how much I love the picture you chose for the Birthday Groupcard……those little fishies says soooooo much. Its beautiful and perfect!

    • Glad you came to take part 😀 We are hoping for more Mick/Josef supporters to take part. I´m hoping Jason will be guest starring on H50, since so many others from ML have already, why not Jason and Beth too!

      • FOYeur

        Jason & Sophia in H5-0 will break the Moonlight fantasy for me…..therefor I do not want them there at all…. 🙂

  7. I voted for Steve & Danny Bromance, it’s my favorite. Anyway, I’m excited about this new blog–Great job!
    P.S. I guess I’m not the only “Andrea” around here! 🙂

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