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#AlexOLoughlin : Road Less Traveled

Go beyond the beach on a journey into the heart of Hawaii and the soul of Alex O’Loughlin.

By Ryan Devlin

for CBS Watch!

It was early 2010, and the Australian actor had just been offered the lead role on the reboot of the classic crime drama Hawaii Five-0, stepping into the shoes of the legendary Jack Lord to play the 50th state’s taciturn top cop, Steve McGarrett. Accepting  meant moving to Oahu, in the centre of the planet’s loveliest island archipelago.

It should have been a no-brainer. Cue that big wave and the theme song by the Ventures: Dum-duh-da-da-da-dum ….

“I was conflicted,” Alex O’Loughlin says, reflecting on the decision from his house in Waikiki’s idyllic Diamond Head. “I’d done two network shows before that, neither of which  had gone past a season.” He’d played vampire/private investigator Mick St. John on the short-lived 2007 supernatural romance Moonlight. A year later, he was Dr Andy Yablonski on the medical drama Three Rivers, cancelled after just 8 episodes. Though anything seemed better than being penniless in Los Angeles, to suffer through another failed show in the middle of the Pacific, 2500 miles  from the mainland, was a risk he wasn’t sure he wanted to take.

“I didn’t know anything about Hawaii. I asked everyone, “What do I do? Is this the right move?” O’Loughlin says. “Everybody was like, ‘Are you crazy? What’s wrong with you?’.”

He took the gig, staying in the Hilton Hawaiian Village during the first month. For fans of the show, that’s where McGarrett and partner Danny “Danno” Williams were recently snookered into a joint spa weekend with their significant others.

“It was beautiful, but I didn’t get to see the real Hawaii,”  O’Loughlin says “I got a glimpse of something that wasn’t what Hawaii is. The weird touristy, crazy hotel part. I still didn’t know how I felt about it, but the pilot felt really good.”

It was, and remains a really good pilot. In the nail biting prelude, naval commander  McGarrett’s convoy comes under  rocket fire in the mountains of South Korea by baddies  out to free arms dealer prisoner, Anton Hess. Amid the attack, McGarrett  listens on his satellite phone, as his father, John, is killed on Oahu by Anton’s brother, Victor – though not before the Honolulu Police Department veteran leaves his son a few cryptic words. By the time the waves breaks and the opening credits roll, you are hooked: McGarrett has a vendetta and mystery to solve, and you’re coming along with him. Reboots are tough, but this show’s depth, coupled with O’Loughlin’s chiseled portrayal of McGarrett , made the 20th century Hawaii Five-0 and instant hit. Suddenly Oahu started feeling more certain.

“People say the island either embrace you or push you away. I found myself as a gift from the islands, being blessed in and given a Hawaiian name. I found all sorts of things drawing me in deeper and deeper.”

With a full season to shoot, he started to learn the local rhythms from friends, like fellow cast member Daniel Dae Kim, whose knowledge of Oahu stretches back to his days filming Lost. He took up surfing. A few years in, he flew in some friends from back home in Australia to help him rebuild a mid-century modern home he’d found in Diamond Head that had “spectacular bones.” Then he met the Hawaiian surfer model  Malia Jones. The couple had a son, Lion, in 2012, and later married. The house filled with boys. O’Loughlin brought to the family his teenage son, Saxon, and Jones brought a son from a previous marriage, Spike.

“I’m about to use the G word to embrace the scope”, O’Loughlin says “I don’t know what is out there. I don’t know whether there’s a God or whether there’s lots of gods or whether there’s just universal energy, but I know from what’s happened that there’s something bigger than me.”

As O’Loughlin’s life was progressing on Oahu, so was McGarrett’s albeit down a much rockier family path. He avenged the death of his father. His mother, Doris, believed to be dead for 20 years , turned up alive, having faked her death to escape threats from her CIA past. He vanquished his true nemesis –  the nefarious crime boss Wo Fat – who over the course of seasons framed him for murder of Hawaii’s governor, kidnapped and tortured and revealed himself to be McGarrett’s virtual half-brother . He had two romantic relationships and has spent a lot of time shirtless  and even more time kicking sundry bad-guy ass.

Hawaii Five-0 seasons are epic – each a whopping 25 episodes. Multiply that by seven , and O’Loughlin is approaching No 175. Playing a character for that long does things to you. O’Loughlin is in a territory where few actors ever get to tread. “It’s such a volume,” he says   “This has been a master class for me. I can definitely drop into McGarrett’s head space anytime. I have a bible of who he is in my soul, in my mind”

With Wo Fat and his family issues somewhat in the rearview, McGarrett seems to be finding a modicum of peace on the show. “This season has been more of an easy-peasy McGarrett,” O’Loughlin says. “He still misses his dad, and the thing with Doris still hasn’t totally left him. But it’s not all like, “Argh! I’ve got to save the world!”

Still, O’Loughlin is happy to leave the character behind when shooting wraps. “He’s a proper tough guy and a Navy SEAL. He’s always ready to go, walking into rooms like, “What are we doing? What do we got? I’ve had the great fortune of being exposed  to a lot of Navy SEAL’s, who’ve helped me with the character. They’re terrific guys. But being like them requires a specific sort of energy, and I have to manufacture that energy,” he says. “At the end of the day it’s like “Keep calm and have another cold one”

Paradise hasn’t been all surf and breathtaking sunsets. McGarrett may be a SEAL and a Teflon supercop, but O’Loughlin isn’t, and injuries have taken their toll. In the first few seasons, he elected to most of his own stunts, which he says was a mistake. He rattles of a litany of fractures and lacerations that could rival a snapshot collection of charts in any emergency room. “I blew one of my knees, I’ve torn ligaments and tendons, ankles and both shoulders both wrists,” he says “I’ve knocked my front teeth out. I’ve got fake front teeth. I tore my right shoulder to pieces – three external tears, a labrum tear and a detachment of the bicep tendon. My current favourite injury is two herniated disks in my lower lumbar, which I am receiving stem cell treatment for to avoid surgery.”

The last injury spooked O’Loughlin. Always athletic, he has given up everything except swimming. The pain was so great, he could barely rouse himself from bed, and he worried about being able to throw a football with his grandkids. Signed on to Hawaii Five-0 through eight seasons, he began talking about walking away while he still could. But recently, he’s felt his workload lighten, and those stem cell injections? They’ve been “magic”, he says. Does that mean he might challenge Jack Lord’s record 12 seasons as McGarrett?

“That would be a miracle,” says O’Loughlin with a laugh. “But I can see coming back and doing another season or two. I think this show is everything. It’s the core of it all.”

One thing is certain: O’Loughlin has found home.

“The majority of my memories are now Hawaiian memories, ” he saysYou’ve just got to look around. You’ve got to watch the waves in the winter here. There’s something bigger than me in the world, and I feel that source or whatever that is had something to do with the whole journey for me, because now it all makes sense.”


taciturn: reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little.

archipelago: group of islands

nefarious: wicked or criminal.

modicum: a small quantity of a particular thing, especially something considered desirable or valuable

litany: a tedious recital or repetitive series


My thoughts

  • Of course we will on a later occasion make a separate post of all the beautiful picture from the article.
  • Interesting to see that the magazine or photographer chose to edit out Alex’s nipple tattoos?
  • Of course he did not finish up rebuilding the house and then met Malia. They were already married when the renovations were done in 2015.
  • The writer really like to use “big” words. My dictionary was working overtime.
  • It seems that there are 3 or 4 different covers for the magazine. Reports of fans getting the Alex cover and others getting another cover, but at least the full story inside.



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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 168 (Epi 7:25)

Okay, so this one is easy to sum up. Three months ago Steve got exposed while dismantling a dirty bomb and now he is radioactive. And we will spend the next season discovering into which superhero he is morphing, or if he will stay human and just die painfully and slowly.

Related image

superman smiley gif

Last week we got Spiderman, this week was either Batman or Superman – I am  not entirely sure yet. And on top of that since the incident, he has been thrown off a roof by an exploding bomb, got shot, been beaten to a pulp and showed little scars or permanent injuries for any of them – so there is also Wolverine in the pipeline I guess.

Related image

I imagine Season 8 will be a never-ending joyride to discover who Steve really is now. Maybe we will circle right back to the “beginning” and discover that he is still  just only Mick St John working undercover, as I predicted 5 years ago.

Related image

Some of you that have been following my Steve posts will be expecting my next move. Yes, of course I will have to do a short little timeline (And of course an account for the changing of clothes ) of this episode. It is just begging for it – Because I guess after 7 years of the show, they have yet to appoint somebody who can keep track of times and dates and do general mathematics. Or get an editor that have any knowledge of geography.

First the timeline of history that brought us here to things happening in this episode, because weirdly enough there was no previously on for everything that happens in this finale ….. (and all those old stories they picked up from past episodes confused me a bit)

  • They should have also shown us Steve wearing a battery around his neck to protect himself when defusing the nuclear bomb, just to make sure we know what it is about, because we might have forgotten. And as I said earlier, that happened around 3 months ago (Epi 7:18) already.
  • Then about 2 months ago (Epi 7:19), the team discovered a sex trafficking ring, and we mostly thought they caught the whole group in Hawaii. There was no indication that there was more connected to it or that they needed a follow-up.
  • Then a month ago (Epi 7:21)  Steve (with Danny who weirdly came along) visited the doctor and Steve was for all intents and purposed given a clean bill of health. Even the Dr was amazed when Danny even mentioned something about radiation exposure. So clearly there were no signs of any sort of problems 2 months after nuclear exposure. (Can it stay hidden for so long?)
  • Also, already a month ago (Epi 7:21), Jerry got a Five-0 badge. (Party only now?)
  • Then 2 weeks ago, Steve had to babysit Charlie, because Danny was making confessions to a Coma Man.

(If you have watched the episode, you might guess why I am a bit confused with all of the above incorporated into this episode. I will leave it at that and not even try to explain)

Then we reach the timeline for this episode: (and the confusion keeps coming)

  • Around 15h43 yesterday afternoon (that is 14 hours before 6:43): Danny walks into the office with Charlie. Steve walks in with a present for Danny and Danny says Steve is never generous. And then Steve also offer to give the hungry Charlie junk food from the vending machine.

Koala Smartass: Nothing weird or OOC about any of that, is there? LOL

  • For some reason it seems that Steve is still expected to see the Doctor every month, because they discuss the visit and the fact that the liver is still fine.

Weirdly Steve points to his left side when he talks about his liver – so I guess we were all wrong last year. Steve’s liver is indeed on his left side after all.

Koala Smartass: I was also giggling a bit because Alex seems to forget on which side his liver is supposed to be.

  • I guess it is also yesterday afternoon when Kono shops with Sara, while Abby and Chin catches an afternoon quicky. Why Kono is doing the shopping for a party that will be at Steve’s (that is Steve’s house and not Danny’s restaurant called Steve’s), is kind of weird. But then again she is the woman on the team, so I guess it is her job to shop for the team.

Koala Smartass: Are you implying that the show keeps women in their place (Barefoot and pregnant and catering for the needs of the men only? )

BTW, If anybody only watched the first and the last episodes of the season, they would probably think that Abby has been here and part of the show the whole season …..

  • But then Kono changed clothes and ‘rushed’ over to the North Shore while it is still light ….. and she was still wearing those same clothes the next morning – must have worked straight through the night to get all the detail on this Deon guy .. Or maybe she went to see girl early the next morning – VERY early. But that can not be, because it would have been dark and everybody there would still be sleeping if she was there before 6am ….

Koala Smartass: Not only confusing yourself now – but EVERYBODY.

  • And I guess Steve and Danny must have been staying at the office all night for some reason, because they are still wearing the same clothes as yesterday when Charlie was there, when Kono calls them to the magic table and they discuss the case and rush away to do the raid ….. (And also Charlie is now gone and must have left in a hurry without all his toys)

Koala Smartass: LOL

  • Just to put things into perspective of why I am confused – Sunrise in Honolulu this time of year is around 5:54am. The girl loaded on the truck at 5:43 while it is dark outside – 10 minutes before sunrise?. But also very light at the office if the team is briefed by Kono at around the same time.

Koala Smartass: And ….. nobody but you care if it is already light before sunrise. Maybe the editor or director has never seen the sunrise? You know Hollywood and all …


  • Also the whole team all get to work pretty early in the mornings it seems. They are doing the raid at 6:29, so I guess the briefing they had was around 6 am, most probably earlier. Maybe they all just sleep at the office now – like Jerry. THAT would explain a lot.

Koala Smartass: Early bird catches the worm I guess? And you know Hawaii Five-0 cast and crew start work that early – guess they think that is what we all do.


  • Then suddenly, everybody on the raid, and Jerry at the office included, are now wearing different clothes. Did they all go back to their houses for a quick shower before they continued their raid? Or did they have HPD close down the perimeter for the night and is only now doing the raid the next morning? But then HPD would have seen the truck leave …….?

Koala Smartass: You do know only you seem to care …..

Sad smiley 141

  • AND I have to mention this very important question here:

Steve: Looks like they left in a hurry.

Grover:  But how did they even know we were coming?

I guess that is still unanswered at the end of the day (episode)? And we surely will never know and it will be one of those unanswered questions at the end of the show. Another mole in HPD?

Koala Smartass: Maybe we will get the answer in the season opener of MacGyver? You never know. #sarcasm

Indifferent smiley 23

  • Not sure why Duke had to scream to Abby to get out of the way? Is she blind or to dumb to see the truck is speeding towards her?

Koala Smartass: Maybe all the Chin loving has made her head a bit blurry. Or maybe what they say about blondes are true? Or maybe just the heels that slowed her down?

Related image

  • Just want to add another conversation here

Danny: I help her (Rachel) out with the kids sometimes. I put Charlie down to bed sometime?

Of course my question then, why did Steve have to babysit 2 weeks ago, if Danny only helps out sometimes and puts him to bed only every now and then? Where was Rachel then?

Koala Smartass: But you said it yourself. That scene was just concocted to serve the fans and their fantasies of the happy McDanno family …..

  • I would really like to know why they all had to go back to HQ to discuss Steve’s plan?

Koala Smartass: But Charlie left his toys there. How else would Steve have explained it to them without the toys? (Although, it could have been left in Danno’s car as well …. and same explanation with it done on the side of the road. )

  • Why is Danny talking on his phone to Steve, but they are actually all in radio contact with the whole team the whole time and Steve is not talking back on a phone to him?

Koala Smartass: It at least keeps his one hand busy and then prevents Danny from flapping round both his arms too much.

I just want to add here, that I totally agree with Danny. We have seen Steve do reckless stuff on the spur of the moment, but nothing as idiotic as this. In real life – NOT realistic to achieve at all. MANY other more realistic and believable ways a trained SEAL can get onto such a moving vehicle, without risk of suicide. It is as if the writers have this uncontrollable need to be ridiculous.

  • And then the small “rescue” truck with the ramp on it. Where  did they get that? In the Batcave?

Koala Smartass: Now you are just plain silly. I am sure those trucks equipped with such a ramp, are easily available for rent all over the Island.

 truck gif

  • So now Steve has the ability to just jump straight up through that hole in the container roof, with sharply cut edges and climb out on top without any assistance?

Koala Smartass: You must have missed some of the dialogue – I am sure he said some like, “Beam me up Scotty

Related image

  • Just a general observation here with loads of sarcasm attached – The TV channels in Hawaii can’t even carry a live report of the Sunset On the Beach or  the Blessing ceremony properly every year with proper footage to show – but oh boy, they can have a helicopter in the air and run a life story of a hot pursuit on the highway?

Koala Smartass: Now you sound like lots of people in the fandom – confusing real life with the make-believe world of Five-0.

  • Some random thoughts:
    • Contrary to what many feel is going on, I believe that the writers want to show that Kono is invested in this case because she is a woman first and secondly she is thinking of being a mother and wanting to make the world a better place for children. It would be so cliché if she was abused and I am glad they are not going that route.
    • And also contrary to what many of you think, I think that the show this time around will actually remember that Steve is sick beyond the first minutes of the season opener, and they will use it A LOT during the next season – and not forget about it. Although, I really hope they would stick to their forgetfulness this time.
    • The communication between Steve and Danny was much less annoying than in the resent times. There was actually some normality of sanity in it. Wonder if they are setting a new tone for the new season – hopefully. That means the annoyance will still be there, but hopefully less nerve-wracking. If they can just cool it with the baiting, then show might be a pleasure to watch.
    • The make-up and Alex’s phenomenal acting really created a believably sick Steve. Damn, this man really knows how to create a feeling – without making a fuss.

This was then the finale of Season 7. Loads of action and cliffhangers for everyone to choose from …… just like we were promised. It was all there, but for me there was something missing. It felt forced. Forced because they had to deLIVER something worthy of a finale. And forced because they had to set up some  uncertainties for Season 8 to keep people interested and talking for the next 4 months. Forced because they had to use old stories to make up stories for actors that might leave  …… And the questions or cliffhangers from last week seems nearly forgotten. Is the USA still under attack from inside the government, and will Chin propose and or move?

So once again it suits the writers that Steve is an idiot and did not look properly after himself and never got himself properly checked out after he was exposed to radiation. Just like they made him an idiot to believe a battery could protect him in the first place. Clever thinking from the writers? No – for me it is clutching at straws and ‘dumbing down‘ their hero. Maybe he is actually the HULK now – that would explain him losing his mind at stages, doing stupid stuff every now and then.

I like my action heroes to be action heroes, but I prefer it if they are clever as well. And that’s what I liked about Steve McGarrett when I started watching Hawaii Five-0 – he was a man of conviction with both brain and brawn for me.  Was I THAT wrong?


And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 7:24

Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono
(The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness)

Written by: Peter M. Lenkov & Eric Guggenheim

Directed byBryan Spicer

(12 May 2017)


Slide show of screencaps from the Episode:


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Stunts with a clear head ….. #H50

Have had this quote in a draft since February already when I saved it with some other quotes that we have already posted before. Never really knew how I would use it, but thought it might be good to leave it with you guys today. The rest of the story does not affect Alex as a person directly, but it is closely related to him, his work, his character and his colleagues.

Talking about stunts:

“If your head is clear, you’ve got the best shot at not dying.”

— Alex O’Loughlin,


14 February 2011

Link to the original video:

This is the video where the quote is from (at around 3 min), and 6 years down the line lots of water under the bridge …..

 …… then this news broke today on Deadline Hollywood:

‘Hawaii Five-O’ Stunt Double Sues CBS & Others After Being Hit By Car During Filming

A stunt double for Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett character on Hawaii Five-O is suing CBS Corp., CBS Studios and a number of production companies over an on-set accident in which he was hit by a car. Among the allegations is that a key stunt “personnel who had safety responsibilities” was under the influence of pain pills at the time of the incident.

  • In July 2016, Hawaii News Now ran a short story about the incident, but it did not say much. Nobody mentioned it again and fans  never took it too seriously. The accident happened on the set while filming stunts for Episode 7:03 on 27 July 2016.
  • The story was also reported by Star Advertiser at the time: Five-0’ crew member injured on location in Kakaako
  • The rest of the article and the rest of the story and the case can be followed via the links in the original story.

My thoughts:

  •  Maybe the lesson we can all learn from this – don’t ignore problems. Deal with them before they get out of hand …
  • Interesting to see what some of the parties involved, had to say on the clip 6 years ago.

Please remember this is not fiction and it is about real people and their jobs. There are two side to every situation. Would be good to remember that when you try to comment on this.

From our side we hope that this sad situation will have a fair ending for all parties involved and that those suffering will receive the correct help for complete recovery.


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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 167 (Epi 7:24) #PayingItForward

Bravo! Powerful performances by both Alex and Omid Abtahi

Alex and Omid Abtahi in Three Rivers.

This should most probably have been the season finale, according to original planning …… but we will have to wait and see next week, if they can do better than this.

That is actually all I need to say about this episode …….

 ….. But you know me, I always have more to say.

Of course the whole story is full of plotholes. That is nothing new to the show, we discuss it here every week, but a good story always kind of hides the sins.

And not that it really matters, but without any mention I guess Danny is still sitting next to the coma guy from last week, telling him about his good life in Hawaii.

And that left this episode without the so-called bromance with the senseless bickering and baiting that is supposedly the corner-stone of it all. This might have made it boring for many, but my nerves kind of liked it a lot.

What we do have, is mostly Grover, but also the rest of the team, more or less delivering  the lines that would normally question Steve and his actions. And of course Chi (and the rest) do it with great finesse and with the actual intent of humour and real concern for what is going on, as it is supposed to be. Nothing said with disdain or animosity. And it is met with good solid answers, and at the end with a big smile of, “I know I am a bit over the top, but yeh I’m Steve after all”, from Steve

I think by now we can safely say that Steve has done more of his most daring (senseless) stunts in this past year since his liver transplant, than in the 6 years before. Must be the meds he is on, or maybe it’s the daredevil attitude of Danny’s liver that he got now, that spurs him on? #sarcasm

It is as if they want to show us exactly how wrong we were to think that anything about the liver transplant patient would ever be handled realistically, or that  our superhero SEAL would be gone for good with it.

I was actually glad that Salaam was a bit wrong and over the top with his warning of getting everybody off the Island. In the end it was not really such a big attack as predicted after all. Big difference of one rocket hitting an airplane vs something like a nuke that could kill everybody on the Island.

The silly things about the episode:

  • The sun really goes down quickly on Oahu it seems. Why did they give us such a weird time for this event – so close to sunset when they know filming is difficult? Because one minute we still have broad daylight on the rooftop at 6:22 and then half an hour later the sun is supposedly setting at 6:59 (according to Google that is)

Koala Smartass: You and the time again. Oy

  • Why do they leave the stairwell while the footage clearly show that it was still going up?

Koala SmartassOf course you will complain because you just hated that free-climbing stunt – because of your fear of heights. Don’t take away some of the fun for others just because of your phobias!

  • How can a rocket only stop then and there when it only hits a body – surely it will travel further with that kind of velocity than just that body?

Koala Smartass: So now you are a weapons expert again.

  • Would have liked to see how Kono and Grover did manage to get past those guys at the end.

Things that looked good during this episode:

  • Maybe it was the EP’s vacation to Cuba last hiatus that made them realise the distance to at least mention the fact that Steve saw Salaam 15 hours earlier, giving him at least some time to get back. First time ever there has been a realistic timeframe mentioned for such a distance traveled on the show, I think.

Koala Smartass: Maybe they just got tired of all your complaining about it? You might be famous. Maybe they read what you write.#LOL


Things I would have liked better done this episode:

  • Rather than Steve being cocky with a CIA operative, I would have much rather see him explaining his motivations and rational, of how he would want to handle Salaam, calmly to his superiors. Maybe even the beginning of treating prisoners differently?

Koala Smartass: But you know the CIA guys are the baddies, don’t you?

  • The impact of the scene on the roof stupefied me by the improbability of it all. First the free-climbing of Steve to the top and then obliterating the perp with the rocket.

Koala Smartass: You do remember you are watching Hawaii Five-0, don’t you?

I just want to get back to some of Steve’s words to Salaam from right at the beginning. “My father passed – but I got family there, yes.”

It must be a great feeling to somebody like Salaam, who wanted to give something back to somebody who showed him kindness, to after 10 years actually be able to do it …..

And it must be equally rewarding to someone like Steve, to know that an act of remembering his humanity at some stage, came back with such big dividends ……

Shukran / Mahalo / Thanks

for reading

And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 7:24

He ke’u na ka ‘alae a Hin
(A Croaking By Hina’s Mudhen)

Written by: Rob Hanning

Directed byKrishna Rao

(5 May 2017)

Slideshow of the screencaps:

To be continued …….

Some Trivia – As you can see from the first picture, Omid Abtahi who played Salaam, appeared in 2 episode of Three Rivers as ER Doctor, Yousef Khouri


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#H50 – Looking for more ……

Over the years we have heard so many times in interviews that Hawaii Five-0 is a different kind of cop show because of its back stories and story arcs for the characters, that makes it so much better to watch. How real are they? Is this true?

In the past I have done a few posts in which I ask what happened to specific stories and arcs that were supposedly going to be explained or addressed or ended etc. Also kept asking why it takes such a long time to address some of these stories again – by which time viewers have lost interest in the story already?

Last week we discussed some of it on another site and we thought it might be a good idea to see what others would have liked to see answered or wondered about in the show. At first I thought to write all my old questions about dropped stories again, but I decided to just leave it blank and see if some of you have things you feel the show could have done or elaborated on.

If there are some interesting stuff mentioned, I can make a summary of it all in a post later on. Maybe we can even get the Koala Smartass to respond to some of it. What do you think?

koala love gif

How do you feel? Are there a specific story that you feel they just dropped without explanation? What about characters? Anything that disappointed you about the show over the years?

koala in a tree gif

I added a few pictures and will mention some questions of my own just to get the ball rolling and remind you of some examples of what you might want to ask

  1. What is keeping  Steve’s good friend Ellie so busy that we never see or hear from her? ( PS – I had to tie the Koala Smartass down, because it just wanted to jump in here to answer. It is so obvious it said)
  2. What happened to Uncle Leonard’s box that he left with Steve when he and Aunt Deb got married?
  3. Why was (or still is) WoFat’s father so important/dangerous that he needed to be assassinated back then, when Doris failed to do it 40 years ago? And then kept prisoner for all those years after?
  4. What happened to the Zombie Jack Lord character retired cop that Steve met in the chapel in 7:01? Why is he not seen at the Ohana gatherings or card games since then? He looked so much like Ohana to me. 😀

As you can see there are some (well most or maybe all) tongue in the cheek ones there – remember this is all fictional and will not affect world peace at all. Well, hopefully not.

Let’s try to have some fun with this one …….

(And don’t be scared, nobody here will think you are complaining too much or spreading hate towards the show – well that is unless you actually do hate an actor character that much, that you keep harassing tweeting and shouting commenting to others and the producers on social media about how bad she is they are, even before she they appear on screen once in a while. 😀 )



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