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A Month of Mick (#7) – Mick is getting wet and the heat is on…..

We are at the end of our first week in our ‘Month of Mick’ and we thought a little mini poll might be a good idea. Let’s open up the shower taps and see where we find the most heat! The choice is easy…….. 😛

1.)  Beth, high on the vampire drug, begging to be turned – (and we are still wondering, is this a cold or a hot shower? 😀 )


Girl, where are your priorities? Why are you not begging for some more pleasurable favors first?

(Okay, maybe our NEEDS differ slightly at the moment – she did have Josh at home for those “other” things……  :razz:)

shower-mick-wetAre you also envious of every drop of water running down his face? Caressing him …..

ml-shower-beth-2Those hands, firmly holding her, but yet so gently touching her……..

shower-turn-meBeth: TURN ME!!

And Mick, fighting the beast inside himself,  fighting the most basic primal urge inside every vampire!


Turn her around at least Mick, you are cruel!

(or is it Mick being a gentleman? 😀 )

What saving Beth signifies to him was so enormous and now that she’s come of age and he’s starting to find himself attracted to her… oh man… he wants her to call him Dad and he wants her to call him Baby… it’s all messed up.

—Alex O’Loughlin, Sydney Morning Herald, December 2007

2. Coraline, being alive and well AND so very naked and human:


Mick: You are my lust, my desire and my obsession

coraline-shower-3Mick: You are alive and here in my arms!! The sweet relieve from guilt – you are still alive…

shower-coraline4Mick: How have you done this?

coraline-kissUnbelievable, you are here in my arms………your lips touching mine……


Mick fighting the beast inside himself once more?

(Oh boy….And I just want to bite that bottom lip! 😛 )

If it’s not about that one great love, then who gives a fuck?

— Alex O’Loughlin, Various web interviews, November 2007

It is your choice – Which of these two scenes are getting you hot and bothered the most?



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