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A Month of Mick (#14) – Sweet Beth?

Beth sweet Beth, was she really all that good? I am going to play a little bit of devils advocate here. In the world of Moonlight, Coraline was easily seen as the evil vampire woman who abducted Beth as a little girl and kept on torturing Mick even after her “death”. Beth is seen as the little helpless girl who was “taken” as a child, rescued by Mick and is making the world a better place. But is that all true…….?

Something that made me wonder about it all, started with this scene ……

Was it really normal for a scared little girl to watch Coraline burn like that, without showing any signs of horror?

What happened to little Beth when Coraline abducted her? Did it maybe open up a dark side in her, that every once in a while will come to the surface?

First of all she chose a career in hunting news. Although sometimes she helps to solve crimes, her motivation is hunting the news and not necessarily to help the people involved. She herself said “I became a news whore overnight”

Even while she was still involved with Josh, she kissed Mick.

(Doesn’t matter if it was right or wrong, it was oh so good to see! )

Under the influence of Black Crystal she pursued Mick, trying to seduce him. And in the end it was more important to her to be turned by Mick than to make love to him. The drug, when her inhibitions were dampened, made her hunger for the power and the feeling of immortality, rather than showing her love to Mick.

She did not hesitate even once, to stake Coraline when she realised that she was Morgan. What was she going to do with Coraline once she was staked? Torture her, kill her or what?

When the fact of Mick being a vampire was threatened to be exposed, she in so many words asked Josef to have the problem taken care of, by killing somebody.

What do you think? Did Beth have a darker side just “dying” to get out and live an immortal life?

There are so many questions surrounding Beth that I would have liked seeing answered. Here are some:

  • Was her mom still alive and would she have recognised Mick as her daughters rescuer? He still had the same name and face 😀
  • What was the significance of Beth’s rare blood type and her and Morgan having the same type? Did she have any connection with the French nobel bloodline?
  • And was the sex any good after that door closed …… 😛

(I just want to add here as a sidenote, that I myself was not pro Beth or pro Coraline. Both of them played a unique role for me in Mick’s life. Without one the other would kind of be pointless, so I enjoyed the dynamic that both of them had with Mick thoroughly)

What’s great about Alex is he can turn on the sex for the job, but he never abuses his good looks. He knows his place in the universe.

— Sophia Myles, TV Guide, December 2007



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