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  1. I.posted this earlier .but I want people to know Alex is more than a handsome hero..earlier this year I had some serious health issues with my heart.I ended up getting a pacemaker..and there were other issues ..Alex was supportive and kindness itself.he told me that everybody has a badge to carry .and it was up to me as to how I was going to Carrey mine.his words of encouragement. And caring .made me fight I continue to fight…two weeks ago my amazing mother past from the same thing I have ..but his word resonated with me I ha e been handling the last few months wit fight in mybhearI just want to personally thank him for texting me everyday he befriended a total stranger and made her feel like she had someone on her side ..Alex I can’t figure out how to get on your friend list but I so much want to say thank you…I have seen everything you have ever done professionally……Steve is great…butt Alex is truly awesome……thank you my friend…

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  2. Anyone have any word on if there’s gonna be a sunset on the beach this year?


    • This is what Peter Lenkov said earlier in the month: I know you’ve all been asking -Still trying to lock down a date 4 #H50 SOTB – won’t be premiere this year. Most likely later in the season


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