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9 responses to “News Updates

  1. I.posted this earlier .but I want people to know Alex is more than a handsome hero..earlier this year I had some serious health issues with my heart.I ended up getting a pacemaker..and there were other issues ..Alex was supportive and kindness itself.he told me that everybody has a badge to carry .and it was up to me as to how I was going to Carrey mine.his words of encouragement. And caring .made me fight I continue to fight…two weeks ago my amazing mother past from the same thing I have ..but his word resonated with me I ha e been handling the last few months wit fight in mybhearI just want to personally thank him for texting me everyday he befriended a total stranger and made her feel like she had someone on her side ..Alex I can’t figure out how to get on your friend list but I so much want to say thank you…I have seen everything you have ever done professionally……Steve is great…butt Alex is truly awesome……thank you my friend…

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  2. Anyone have any word on if there’s gonna be a sunset on the beach this year?


    • This is what Peter Lenkov said earlier in the month: I know you’ve all been asking -Still trying to lock down a date 4 #H50 SOTB – won’t be premiere this year. Most likely later in the season


  3. Erica Baker

    My aunty seems to think this man is in love with her and wants her to send him money to come to our country. Isnt he married with a child. Or is my aunty being scammed by someone using this guys name?


  4. Al

    What is H50- SOTB. News is slow getting to Australia. We go to Hawaii every year ( before COVID) saw Alex and co on the sets numerous times made Hawaii the Paradis even better. We miss our Aussie mate. Cheers everyone, have a safe and Merry Xmas. Hope you read this Alex. Wife and I like your work. We have all seasons of H 50 on disc and watch them often just to enjoy see Hawaii and Alex as it really is.


    • Hi Al
      SOTB stands for Sunset On the Beach. The yearly event of the first screening of the season on the beach, open to the public. It goes along with a red carpet event of the stars interacting with the people there and doing interviews with the press who attend the event.
      I highly doubt if Alex will ever read your message here. I don’t think he looks into any of the fansites or pages we as fans have for him.


  5. Al

    Hawaii = Paradise!!!


  6. Al

    Thanks for that, I missed it but read it all thanks for that news appreciate it merry Xmas


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