A Month of Mick (#11) – The things we lose…….

………oh let me kiss those tears away!

I look back at it with a broken heart for the most part. I put every part of me into that show. I was fighting for it from every angle and I was there from the very beginning.

—  Alex O’Loughlin, Boston Herald, 29 April 2009


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18 responses to “A Month of Mick (#11) – The things we lose…….

  1. Anwyn

    Snivel, now my little heart is broken. I want to jump inside my computer, grab him and give him a hard squeeze. OMG. Silly me.


  2. Karen

    Such a beautiful, sad face. He most definitely needs hugs and kisses to make it all better.


  3. Oh god! I can’t bear this sad face! He suffers so heart-meltingly and so beautifully! Alex is the only actor who can make my eyes water with just one look. One expression. One of his Alexpressions… 😥


  4. gracenotpark

    *sob*. It floors me when vicious self-absorbed ML fans now try to skewer him, for not saving ML, with rumors he chose 5-0 over a ML movie (as IF CBS offered that choice 🙄 ), for cutting his hair, for embracing Dr. Andy and now McG w/ all his heart, and on and on, trying to punish him for ML’s demise. This was his first starring role and his first real success. He loved ML as much as its fans did, but when it failed, he didn’t just lose his pre-occupation; he lost a real job, his security, and the “home” and “family” where he had spent his entire past year. He was clearly gutted! It must hurt even more to know some people will never accept him as not-Mick. 😦

    But they are missing the true treasure he is, the range of talent he has now shown, and the soaring, indomitable spirit with which he embraces life. I so love y’all’s blog and the opportunity to study, indeed, this wonderful, fascinating actor and man. 😎


    • And again the only thing I can say is: CHAPEAU!!!! I could not have this said better myself (even in my native language!). He is such an incredible versatile actor. The end of ML shocked him like it shocked the fans. But he moved on, gave life to Vincent, to Stan, to Steve… intriguingly and fascinating. If he were a book I couldn’t put him down! Unputdownable. (<- really don't know if there is such a word. But I like it. 😉 )


    • Grace, and now you made me cry……..


      • Karen

        Bravo Grace – you made me cry too! I loved Mick, I loved Andy. I love Steve. I love Alex and all that he’s capable of giving us in every character he plays. leiCa – perfect word to describe Alex and his talents “Unputdownable”! For those who can’t/won’t see Alex as anyone other than Mick, look at what they’re missing out on…


    • AlexNymph

      Alex didn’t enter my picture until H-50, so I missed all the ML drama/trama. Luckily. Too bad all those crazy Moonies can’t move on. It was not Alex’s fault, so give him a break already. Sheeze.. GNP, you hit it on head, thank you.


  5. lunaterra12

    I have a sad now. my poor sad Mick.


  6. Grace, God Bless You for saying that!! I am so sick and tired of these same people bashing who Alex is now. They act like they are the only ones who lost out when ML was cancelled!! Seriously people, self-absorb much?! From what I’ve read and heard Alex was totally devastated! And who wouldn’t be? Let’s face it, Alex made Mick St. John who he is! MSJ is based on Mick Angel but they are not the same character at all! Let’s give credit where it’s due! I LOVE Mick!! He’s my fav character Alex has played but make no mistake IMO Alex was born to play Steve McGarrett!


  7. ACA Ladies WOW!!!!
    it was a priviledge to read all your wonderful posts with a special thanks to Grace. .Anybody who read Alex’s heartbroken blog on his MYSPACE page after MOONLIGHT was cancelled would agree!!
    The fans who thought Alex was Mick and ONLY Mick have been proved WRONG over and over again by Alex—and so BRILLIANTLY!!
    Thanks again girls with much love and respect not forgetting our Fabulous FOYeur of course


  8. Marta

    I’m enjoying this Month of Mick, not only the posts – awesome work Foyeur and Paula, as the girls comments. I thank you all because i have learning everyday more about a series that i only watched because of Alex’s work. ML it’s not my type of series (vampires) but this special month study made me re-watch it with your help and point of view.
    I choose to write today because all girls comments, specially Grace and Foyeur, are great. It’s good that we share the same thoughts and feelings about this amazing actor and his work. TY


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