A Month of Mick – A study in black and white (and colour) (#10) – Killing Lola

 We always associate vampires with killing people, while stealing their blood. But this is where Mick is so different, he is a protector of the people (and vampires). In his quest to protect people he has killed a few vampires and some evil people as well. As far as we can remember he only killed two woman, both vampires. The one his wife and the other his girlfriend 😆 . Well of course not Mick’s girlfriend but Alex’s real life girlfriend at the time Holly.

How to kill a vampire……..?

First you show her you have a nice ass 😀

(okay okay, she probably already knew that better than any of us 😛 )


Then you let her throw you around a little bit – maybe we can call it foreplay 😀


Maybe getting into her head and anticipating her moves will work better!


Then with one orgasmic plunge, you bury her in some silver-water


With the wife, burning did not work – so  with this one he just exploded her. Surely even a 500-year-old vampire can’t survive this!!

(Not according to Alex it seems!  🙂 )


And the deed is done…..the world is a safer place!

This is what Alex and Holly had to say to TV  Week Australia, January 2008 about working together:

My favorite thing about him I think is his ability to overcome extreme drama and duress and not lose sight of the lighter side of life, which essentially stems back to the humanity that he desperately clings to, which is fundamentally extended in his heart. So I think without sounding sanctimonious or sentimental, my favorite thing about this character is his heart.

— Alex O’Loughlin, Various interviews, November 2007


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20 responses to “A Month of Mick – A study in black and white (and colour) (#10) – Killing Lola

  1. I love that Alex and Holly were trying to outdo each other in that fight scene. I really love that scene, and it says something about Mick that even though he was a lot younger than Lola he was able to take her down. Either she underestimated him or he was just that damn good. I’m leaning toward he was just that damn good. 😀


  2. lunaterra12

    I love the pictures and gifs, but I really love the interview pieces. I am always intrigued by his interviews. 🙂


  3. These pics look fabulous in b&w. Love this post!! 😀


    • Thanks Jill, those picture really are beautiful.


    • I forgot to mention, most of these B&W pictures are from the old AOLR. Mizz stared posting HD screencap last year (there were never any HD, ML screencaps before then), but only got up to Epi 8. I really miss the site on a daily basis. 😥 Nothing with quality and neutral love for Alex’s projects has replaced it yet and I think nobody will ever be able to do it in any case – she just had so many resources available and always did everything with high class and so much love for Alex and his work!


  4. Did they break up while he was still doing ML or was it after it was cancelled? I suspect it was very difficult to spend quality time together when he was filming 16 hours a day and a lot was at night.
    Still, I bet this scene was some serious foreplay for them! I imagine when they did get their hands on each other, off screen, it was HOT! Maybe they brought their fangs home with them. 😉 Such a lucky woman to have had this man, even if it wasn’t forever. ONE NIGHT, I JUST WANT ONE FRICKIN NIGHT! Or day…I’m very flexible… :mrgreen:


    • This was actually shot right in the middle of their relationship. They were together for about 2yr 8 and this was at 1 yr 4 months 😀
      He did say in an interview, how they play with the fangs at home, until it freaks her out and she slaps him. 😛


    • I found that interview – it seems he was not talking about the fangs, but just neck biting…….:
      TeenTelevision: Do you find that biting women on the neck is a turn on or turn off?
      Alex: [smiles] I like it very much. My girlfriend really enjoys it too… until she doesn’t and then she slaps me and that’s the end of that.


      • I hadn’t heard that one before. Great, now that I know he’s a neck biter I might just die right here. What I wouldn’t give for just one little nibble on my neck from him. Holly must have been crazy. How could it ever not be enjoyable to have that man biting your neck? I don’t even get tired of it when it’s my hubby so I sure as heck wouldn’t get tired of it with Alex. Of course, hubby understands if I call out Alex or Mick or Steve… Sorry, TMI. Love you guys. 🙂


      • The neck is my hot spot so he would NEVER get a slap from me. It would be a response from my hand, but not a slap. 😛 He did say in an interview “the watercooler?” or something like that about how he sometimes did lewd acts with the fangs. ZING!, POW! there go my panties. *gasping for breath*


        • Yeah, mine too. Plus I have a serious vampire fetish on top of it. If I was a) single, b) in any way attracted to him and c) had a hope in hell, we could have some fun 😀


  5. gracenotpark

    LOL!!! What a hilariously awesome description of the fight! Y’all sound like narrators for an Animal Planet program. 😆
    And gorgeous pics and gifs. Also very cool double interview. As much workworkwork as ML was, he did get to have a little fun too.


  6. Helloeeze

    Yeah, Mick was smarter than Lola, and that’s how he got into her head and beat her at her game. Time marches on and the once lovers have found their special someone, she is billionaire real estate tycoon and he a lovely ex-surfer girl. I think they picked well and are suited to their new loves.


    • Yes, Helloeeze
      I read an article about Holly a few weeks ago and I must say she made a great choice, not because she married a rich guy, but because she married somebody that makes her laugh and keeps her happy. She herself was reluctant to ever marry because apparently both her parents each have had 3 failed marriages already, but I think it was wise of her to marry before she started a family. I am not her biggest fan, but she is doing great!


  7. Helloeeze

    I mean she married a billionaire, not that she is a real estate tycoon.


  8. Helloeeze

    Oh, I just checked up on Holly. She is five months pregnant! Good for her. She is a bit of a sass (nice word), but I’ve always kind of liked her a bit, even though she might have broke our boy’s heart. She is still a bad dresser though. But when you are that gorgeous…..


  9. buttercup

    Awesome post about a terrific ML scene! I’m always amazed at how you put all the pics, Background information and interview parts together, well it’s “IntenseStudy” and you do great work here, thanks!
    Mick killed Lola with “just being Mick” all calm and cool, considered and not arrogant!
    I specially love that scene in the end, when he gulps down his drink, there his face is so hot/sexy (the camera angle is perfect), and then he pours one for Josef, for his loss, that’s our Mick, a vampire full of human emotions!


    • Thanks B
      I think Paula did such a wonderful job to put the fight scenes together in the gifs. All of them are little great pieces of art each on its own!


      • Anwyn

        Art pieces they are! I love art. If they had a ‘David’ of AoL I would start my criminal career right away and go and steal it:-)
        Another great post with artistic gifs and high-qualitiy comments. I also love finding interviews/comments here and there from Alex inserted between the posts. That gives a little more realistic touch to all of it. (not that a highly hysterical fandom is not realistic, – duck away…)


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