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#AlexOLoughlin and Egan at the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii

Seems like Alex O’Loughlin, thanks to Egan Inoue , is keeping himself busy with a lot of good stuff during the #H50 hiatus. During the week they helped the kids from The Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii with a self-defence workshop, all the while having some fun and raising money for the children in the community of Hawaii.

From the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii:

Transcript of the video:


Hi, I am Alex O’Loughlin from Hawaii Five-0. Join me, supporting Great Futures at the Boys and Girls Club. Because every kid deserves a great future.

Have a look at what they were up to and how you can participate.

Follow the link in the name to see what  Great Futures  is all about.


After-school is a critical time for our youth, when they need guidance, support and caring adult mentors.  

67% of Boys & Girls Club alumni say that the Club kept them out of trouble with the law. 

Please join us on Great Futures Day to ensure that every child and teen has access to a safe place when school lets out – a place with caring mentors, enriching programs, friendships, and love.

With your help, we can keep the doors open for Hawaii’s keiki and help transform the lives of those who need us most.  

Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii serves more than 14,000 kids each year at 9 clubhouses on Oahu and Kauai.  

The Future of Our Islands is in the Hands of Our Youth!

Click here to donate

Looks like a lot of fun
bgch808  So excited to start out Great Futures Day more than half-way to our goal of raising $250,000! Show our kids that you believe in their Great Futures by making a donation at! #bgch808 #greatfuturesday2019


bgch808 What a day! A big mahalo to @egansbootcamp for coming out to @spaldingbgch today, and bringing their good friend Alex O’Loughlin of Hawaii Five-0 to help us kick off Great Futures Day by giving our kids a good workout AND donating $3,000 to Great Futures Day! #bgch808 #greatfuturesday2019

From Egan:
egansbootcamp Because of all of you amazing bootcampers, we were able to do burpees to raise $3000 for the #BoysandGirlsClubHawaii and today did a special mini self-defense workshop (video to follow) and motivational talk w/ @eganinoue and #alexoloughlin
Sharing a few life lessons with the keiki. #GreatFuturesDay #BoysAndGirlsClub #Honolulu #Hawaii #Charity #ForTheKids

From Ian Fernandez:


It was nice to help support the Boys & Girls club of Hawaii #spaldingbgch with their Great Futures Day with Alex McLaughlin of HawaiiFive-0 and Egan Inoue

Of course it is “O’Loughlin” and not “McLaughlin”, but I am afraid no correction as yet. 😦

From Goldee Nastor:


Ain’t no shame. I was totes #fangirling I don’t even watch the show 🙊
• • •
Me: I thought he’d be taller and bigger 😂

#fangirl #aintnoshame #bootcamp #fitness #fitnessmotivation #sweatsesh #workinprogress #tabata #tabatatuesday #sweatismagic #healthy #strong #mightymouse #girlswithink #girlswithtattoos #ihadtotouch

And please remember you can also still participate in raising money for another charity with Alex and Egan!

You can find all the detail by following the links on our previous post:

Self-Defence Workshop with #AlexOLoughlin at #GrapplingUnlimited




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#AlexOLoughlin goes Brown – #BJJ Brown Belt

Feels like yesterday when we first saw the footage of Alex getting  his Blue Belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu in June 2012, and now it is 7 years later and obviously a lot of hard work for him between then and now, to get to his Brown Belt advancement.

He was promoted to Purple Belt 0n 15 August 2015 and his progress in the sport showed how he worked hard at it, through every level of stripes, even while recovering from his back injury in 2017.

Yesterday was another day of JiuJitsu belt testing and belt advancement at Egan’s GrapplingUnlimited in Hawaii.

Congratulations to everybody who participated and graduated to a new level – especially Alex!

Thank you  to all those who posted footage of the event!

From Lester Gantan

Another notable promotion today was Alex O’Loughlin getting promoted to Brown Belt by Master Egan Inoue. Got to take a pic with the Hawaii 5-0 star after the ceremony this morning. Welcome to the club brutha: #FaixaMarrom #GrapplingUnlimited #EganInoueJiuJitsuattending Adult & Keiki Jiu Jitsu Belt Testing at Egan Inoue Jiu Jitsu.

From Frank Bailey:

kamaipiialii  This just happened. Promotion day. 2 new much deserved black belts. Congrats @daho330 @eric_onishi 3 new brown belts including Alex and 4 new purple belts including me. Can not express how much I appreciate everything you do and have done @eganinoue #eganinouejiujitsu #brazilianjiujitsu #jiujitsu #bjj #gi #purplebelt #hawaii50 #hawaiifive0 #hawaii

(And yes, that is Alex’s son Lion with them on the picture)

From Todd Ikeda

saikou1  Congratulations to my Brutha Alex on getting his very well Deserved BROWN BELT today !!!! No free rides here !!! This guy really earned his belt !!!#grapplingunlimited #grapplingunlimitedhawaii #teamsidecontrol #saikouzoku #teamsidecontrolcertified @saikou_zoku

Video of Alex being hazed

via Yukonjill on IG:


What a great day @eganinouejiujitsu #grapplingunlimited !!!! New Black belts @daho330 & @eric_onishi !!! New brown belts @808joe & Alex !!! New purple belts @daryltomita , Bowmen & @kamaipiialii !!! And a bunch of well deserved stripes were given out today !!! Thank you everyone for the support & all the hard work !!!! You all make me proud!!!!! Aloha & Mahalo my family !!! #grapplingunlimitedhawaii #grapplingunlimited #teamsidecontrol #saikouzoku #teamsidecontrolcertified @saikou_zoku


From Yancey Unequivocally:


What a great afternoon being here @eganinouejiujitsu for belt testing promos!! So many kids and adults got promoted!! Congrats to everyone for your hard work! You all earned your stripes and belts. Especially 2 new black belts from @eganinoue Congrats guys @daho330 and @ERIC_onishi Well job earning 🤙🏼🙌🏼👍🏼 #bjj #jiujitsu #brazilianjiujitsu #jiujitsuforlife #jiujitsusavedmylife #selfdefense #crosstraining 🙋🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♀️ #kindness #inspire #calm #matlife #winorlearn

We will add other footage when more become available

Now there are only lots of hard work for a few years and four stripes on his Brown Belt, between Alex and the Black Belt! 😉


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#H50 Season Finale – Are the Grey Cargos Telling Us a Story?

If you have not seen last night’s H50 Season 9 finale yet and don’t want to be spoiled with what happened, you should probably stop reading now …..

These screencaps are just to illustrate a bit of the story, and Paula will do a post with better quality pictures at a later stage.

Producer Peter Lenkov promised a surprising awful cliffhanger to the season – and for some it might be just that!

What happened:

A woman pointed a gun at Steve who is walking away from her. Jerry is walking in towards Steve and he can see the woman behind Steve.

Jerry screams “Gun!”. It fades to black with the shot fired and you can hear Danny who is behind her saying, “Oh my god!”

My crazy observation from the epsiode:

Steve on his first job in Hawaii was wearing the lighter grey cargos and now Steve doing his last job in Hawaii, once again after many seasons wearing lighter grey cargos? We know it was not the exact same pair, because there are some differences to it, but did they want to be poetic about it all and have Steve McGarrett say goodbye in a similar pair of pants??





Seven weeks left until they start shooting Hawaii Five-0 Season 10, and for us to see who will be back on set for that. But I am kind of sure we will get some indication of what will happen even before then. Will Alex leave the show or not? And if he stays, in what capacity?

We will keep you updated with any news about the matter.



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Why The TV Show #Moonlight, Starring #AlexOLoughlin, Mattered


The vampire cult hit that was ahead of its time is back from the dead for your binge-watching pleasure.

Originally published in Watch!Magazine

By Nate Millado

Posted  May 2019

Before he became Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett on Hawaii Five-0, star Alex O’Loughlin played brooding bloodsucker Mick St. John in CBS’ Moonlight (2007–2008).

The vampire detective drama won the People’s Choice Award—over the more zeitgeisty Gossip Girl—for Favorite New TV Drama.

Alex O’Loughlin stars as Mick St. John, a captivating, charming, and immortal private investigator.

So it was somewhat surprising that after 16 episodes, it was canceled—driving a stake through the hearts of its 7.5 million viewers. But over the last decade, Moonlight has developed quite the cult following and was recently made available by The CW on its streaming service, CW Seed. We pay respects to the dearly beloved one-season wonder.

Vamps Redefined

The first 90 seconds of the pilot perfectly set up its premise—and in turn debunked some old wives’ tales about vampires. During a dream sequence with an offscreen interviewer, the undead private eye says he sleeps in a freezer (not a coffin); doesn’t hurt women, children, or innocents; and is relatively unfazed by sunlight, holy water, and crucifixes. (“And while we’re on the subject, garlic is tasty on pizza,” he quips.)

Alex O’Loughlin gets vamped up in Moonlight.

A Star Is Born

Alex O’Loughlin was easy on the eyes, cracked wise with a dry sense of humor, and did many of his own stunts. So while Moonlight didn’t work out, CBS knew they had a bona fide leading man in the Aussie actor. The network offered him Hawaii Five-0.

Beth (Sophia Myles) and Mick St. John (Alex O’Loughlin) face the ultimate consequence of a relationship between mortal and immortal when a vampire kills a human in the heat of passion.

Beauty and a Beast

Sure, it was a supernatural series with an occasional case-of-the-week. But at its core, Moonlight was a romance between Mick and investigative reporter Beth Turner (Sophia Myles)—who wasn’t your typical damsel in distress. Their star-crossed storyline highlighted themes of mortality (Mick is 85 years old but forever 30) and commitment issues (could a human and a vamp really be together?).

Mick St. John (Alex O’Loughlin) defies the traditional blood-sucking norms of his vampire tendencies by using his wit and powerful supernatural abilities to help the living in Moonlight.

O’Loughlin delivered swoon-worthy lines like, *“Ever since I met you, I’ve stopped using the word never,”* without the slightest bit of irony, and also exhibited undeniable chemistry with co-stars Jason Dohring (Mick’s mentor and friend Josef) and Shannyn Sossamon (his vampire ex-wife/sire, Coraline). The ensemble was just hitting its stride when film and television writers began a three-month strike in November 2007, forcing the show into hiatus only 12 episodes in. The show returned in April and aired a final four episodes.

Former vampire couple Coraline (Shannyn Sossmon)

and Mick St. John (Alex O’Loughlin).

Fang Girls and Boys

Moonlight diehards were willing to give their own blood to save their show from cancellation. Partnering with the American Red Cross, more than 3,000 fans donated a pint of blood in a nationwide campaign to get the network’s attention.

Gone Too Soon?

Moonlight aired its final episode on May 16, 2008—missing the vampire craze by mere months! True Blood and Twilight blew up in the fall, while The CW’s The Vampire Diaries premiered a year later. “We sort of felt like we were the beginning of this new phase,” O’Loughlin said in a 2010 interview. Had the timing been right—who knows? Fun fact: Moonlight’s working title during pilot season—Twilight.


My Thoughts

  • Great to see Moonlight still has some life – even 11 years after it got canceled. Just shows you that it was actually a winning show, even if it got mistreated.
  • They make it sound so easy – to say that Alex just got offered the role on Hawaii Five-0 after Moonlight got cancelled. When in fact he suffered a lot of heartache and also put his all into the show Three Rivers as well, just to be disappointed again with cancellation, all before he started in Hawaii.
  • Great to see that Alex’s hard work over the years, since 2000 when he went back to school to study his craft, got the reward of a successful show. One that is now regarded as the most successful reboot ever. And my hope is that he would be rewarded even more, with even better roles and accolades in the years to come, all for his dedication and leadership during the years on Hawaii Five-0 and the people who work on it.
  • And a big Thank You to my partner in crime, Paula, for once again providing us with the best – these brand new Full HD Screencaps from Moonlight

Mick St John – our ‘Beloved Immortal’


* Words  “Ever since I met you, I’ve stopped using the word never,” actually delivered by Sophia Myles as Beth towards Mick in Episode 8 of Moonlight and not by Alex.


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Season 10 is a go – #H50 Officially Renewed!

As most of us predicted Season 10 of Hawaii Five-0 will be a reality. Not much to say about it, other than that it is a great success story for Alex’s TV career. My hope is that he will be able to explore more of his creativity in storytelling with it. As much as we like to see him on-screen, him spreading his wings and doing more will be great.


Get excited because our #H50 ohana is officially returning for Season 10! 💙🌊


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