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This is social media me. Having some fun as an Alex O'Loughlin fangirl, together with my partner in crime, Neropatti Paula.

#AlexOLoughlin – You Searched for him and you got us (Part 10)

Besides the normal search titles that we usually get for Alex’s – ‘Tattoos’, ‘penis size’, naked pictures or nude ass, sex and his family, there was a clear favourite topic this past month. See if you can spot it. We used only a few of the ones of that topic – there are many more that kind of sound the same as those already there. 😆


  • in depth study of alex o’ loughlan

  • intense research of alex louchlan

You can decide for yourself –  Here on this site you will find more than 145 transcripts of interviews, 215 written articles transcripts, more than 23000 high quality pictures and gifs, and over 2000 posts, which include fan stories, reviews, intense research projects and silly fun stuff.

We think that all might just qualify as the right place for the search of  ‘intense research’ or in depth’  of Alex O’Loughlin.


  • shirtless moments in hawaii 5ive o

We have a page where you can see them all:  Shirtless Steve …… 

(WARNING: Not for the faint hearted)

Unfortunately these scenes become more scares with each season.

We guess that at the declining rate they are going now, we won’t get any shirtless scenes this season. 😥

  • pic steve mcgarret legs

  • alex oloughlin spanking

And for the one topic, we made one big category of this:

  • what’s up with alex o loughlin hair
  • alex o’loughlin balding
  • hawaii five o’s alex o’loughlin has he gotten hair implants
  • looks alex oloughlin has more hair this season
  • what did alex loughlin do to his hair over the summer?
  • is mcgarret’s hair this season a wig?
  • why did alex o loughlin make his hair long again
  • did alex o’loughlin dye his hair
  • did mcgarrett dye his hair on hawaii five-o
  • did alex oloughlin get a hair transplant
  • alex o loughlin wears a hair piece
  • alex o’loughlin toupee
  • does alex o’loughlin have hair plugs
  • does mcgarrett wear a toupee
  • alex o’loughlin looks better with longer hair
  • mcgarrets new hair style
  • why did alex mclaughlin cut his hair and then grow it back
  • does mcgarrett on hawaii 5-o have hairpiece or hair implants?
  • alex o’loughlin hair transplant
  • alex o’loughlin wearing toupee
  • is alex o loughlin losing his hair
  • does alex o’loughlin wear a frontal hairpiece

Fascinating to see how many searched for Alex’s hair we got in the last month. All just because his hair is longer and coloured, people suddenly expect something weird is going on? Hair growth is one of the most natural things around.

Short answers –

NO, Alex does not wear a toupee or wig.

NO, there is no evidence that Alex got hair transplants or plugs.

No, Alex is not balding.

We made posts about it all a few years ago. And all the evidence remain clear – Alex’s hair thickness and hairline remained more or less the same over the past 17 years. The only changes have been in length and colour.

Maybe it is time for an updated Intense Study about the hair, to set everybody’s mind at rest? But for now you can read the story here:

Alex O’Loughlin – It is a piece about hair, or is it a hairpiece?

  • amazon

So glad that somebody who searched for Amazon, got us. We are flattered. 😀


  • little goat farm lopez


  • does alex o’loughlin have instagram

  • why is alex o’loughlin not verified on instagram

No, Alex does not have a public Instagram page for fans to follow and interact on with him. And therefore it can’t be verified.

Such a pity that many users on social media are ignorant and do not know how to spot fake accounts and still follow them or tag them in posts. For those of you who do not know, a verified account for public figures have a blue right mark next to it. Any account who claims to be real or interact with fans as if they are the celebrity (and in our case, Alex), without this mark, ARE NOT REAL.

Image result for verified accounts

  • navy dress blues

  • steve mcgarret in full navy uniform

We rarely see Steve in uniform anymore. So sad!!

  • can alex o’loughlin ride a horse

  • alex o’loughlin tattoo middle finger intense study

  • steve and alex clean

  • craig ferguson bedazzle

Alex O’Loughlin: The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson – 7 Sept 2009

  • alex o’loughlin celebrity scammers

It is always sad whenever I read how naive people get scammed by people claiming to be celebrities. Please always verify any information about fundraising. Celebrities won’t beg you personally for money. They will support a cause that you can donate to on an official page. It is not the celebrity’s fault if you act stupid and believe imposters.

  • why does alex oloughlin wear beard


Because he likes the beard?

  • how far into the film whiteout di the naked men run through the snow

If you blink, you’ll miss it!

But you can catch some of it here:

Whiteout bts with Alex


As always it was fun reading all the searches. Hope you enjoy what we did with them. Of course all the old searches posts are also still on the site for fun and entertainment! Just search for them. 😀




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They Say ….. #AlexOLoughlin of #H50 is a genuine and awesome guy!

Yesterday Alex spend the day with Trident Adventures again.

Thank You to those who posted pictures of it!


Love these two one more the then the the other naturally 😌😁their friendship, genuine spirits, selflessness, hearts, smiles and true compassion for others is rare, and treasured. I am blessed to be surrounded by such authenticity! And how lucky is this guy @jreig608 to be sandwiched between them? @tridentadventureshawaii #hawaiifive0 #tridentadventureshawaii #diving #friends #adventure #joinus #hawaii #adventure #handsomemen #frogman #usnavy



jreig608  @tridentadventureshawaiiis hands down the best shop I have ever been able to dive with. Steve, Jimmy, and their crew are quite literally the best in the industry. They spare no expense and put so much thought and effort into making their dive experiences fun and amazing for all skill levels. I highly recommend anyone wanting to dive on Oahu, or to get certified, stop by the shop and let them take care of you. This was the first of many days I’m going to spend with these guys, and I look forward to keep diving with all of them!

Minor fanboy moment for a second… I got to dive with the ridiculously cool Alex O’Loughlin (that’s right…5-0’s McGarrett). Not only is he just a genuine and awesome guy, he is one hell of a diver. Looking forward to hopefully catching him on the boat again soon 🤙🏼 Maybe I’ll even get to catch @beulahkoale next time. 

#tridentadventureshawaii #diveoahu #luckywelivehawaii #koolina #dive #hawaiidiving #h50


courtneyjeannne  Went scuba diving for the first time! 🧜🏼‍♀️🐠🐬🐢 @tridentadventureshawaii
and from:
brother_brigham🤙 stellar day in the ocean…


Looks like everybody enjoyed the day very much!!



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#H50 10.03 – Steve the spy

Although nothing really interesting happened in this episode, a lot actually happened. And although it was a split story episode, at least Steve had contact with the team via Adam while he was away.


Things I like about this season:

There seems to be continuation from one episode to the next. Small things, like Grover’s apartment hunting. Also even acknowledgement that Jerry would actual be doing the conspiracy part of the episode.

Many comments on social media about Quinn being just some sort of a replacement for the character of Cath. How much are they alike?


  • Both woman
  • Both military
  • Both dark hair
  • Both pretty and athletic
  • Both feel the need to help others who are victims of war
  • Both understand Steve’s thinking and his world


  • Steve knew Cath long before we joined their story and she was his love interest from the start – Quinn is new to him and supposedly not a love interest.
  • The characters are portrayed by two different actresses. 😉🙄😄


And in spite of comments earlier, for the moment I actually like Quinn and I like the way Katrina is portraying her. She adds fun to the show. She challenges without being nasty. And I like how Steve is around her – Not silly or stupid or nasty. Just real and normal.

Steve in the jungle – always a pleasure to watch.

Only thing better, would be Shirtless Steve in the jungle, killing time …. 😛




My question at the end:

Is Cullen really dead? Was he just a pawn for somebody else? Or is he actually such a big baddie that he staged his death, with Steve as witness to it? Why else introduce this character (and such a great personality as actor Rob Morrow), just to literally blow him up in Steve’s face ….. ?


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Steve & Eddie

A small McEddie appreciation post in gifs. If only kitty lovers got Mr Pickles and Steve working on a case, then our world would be purrfect 😀

As Jill said, “if you are looking at Eddie here, you are missing the real show 😉

A promise made.

Working for his kibbles.

Boosting Eddie´s confidence with the sweetest kiss.

I can totally relate to Alex/Steve here. Loving a pet so much ♥

A promise kept. As good as cake for some, Eddie gets a steak…nom.


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Lost in Translation – #H50 Exclusive : #AlexOLoughlin Reveals the Secrets of Success for S10

From time to time there are articles in non-English magazines and media. Many times they contain some small bits which are not in other articles. We try to translate them as accurately as possible, taking in consideration the context of what was said and how Alex would say it. Most of the time things are lost in direct internet translations.


Article By: Rafaela Gomes
Posted on: 5 Oct 2019

For Cine Pop

Hawaii Five-O has had a long run on the small screen since its original debut in 1968. And following in the footsteps of its predecessor – which featured 12 seasons, which aired until 1980, the new version is heading for his 10th season, on track for a long run.

During an exclusive interview with Cinepop, the star Alex O’Loughlin reflected on the cultural impact that production has, emphasizing how it manages to stay refreshed after so many years on air



In a conversation with our editor-in-chief Renato Marafon  O’Loughlin said:

“I think there are two answers to this question: How to continue to keep the show fresh, generally speaking – which is not a question  for me to answer, but for the showrunner.

Then, how I can keep it fresh – It is difficult. It is so much easier to settle for what you have and not to feel the pressure. You need to keep studying your work, you need to maintain a good work ethic and keep on striving to deliver a true version, every single time. I think that is essentially how I  keep it fresh for myself. ”

h50eddie  Ruh roh.
What happened? And why is McG lecturing me? 😏


The star also went on about the story of his character, Steve McGarrett, who has gone through a number of different circumstances over the past nine seasons. And with the start of the 10th season, he pondered about where Steve finds himself emotionally at this point in the story:


“He’s tired (laughs)! He’s been through a lot emotionally, physically and psychologically, so I think… it’s hard to talk about him objectively, when in fact I experience him subjectively. But I think there’s a limit to how much a person can handle before that person reaches the level of  being a superhero. And he’s not a superhero. He is a regular guy.

But this journey has been a very long one and I look forward to see what they envisage for his future. I think he needs a little change. He hasn’t had a girlfriend in a long time. He’s only got a dog and I think he needs something new. ”


It is very short article, but still interesting to see how Alex feels about his character . My guess is that we will see a few new dimensions to the character or new situations for Steve this season. Think we will need to keep an open mind and ….. enjoy the ride!

(Pictures are Promo pictures for Episode 10:04)

A great site to get promo pictures bigger, ksiteTV




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