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Another BTS Picture of Tonight’s #H50


  • From Gabriel Ellis

gabrielellis  I’m just a kid from New Jersey who has a dream! This is the first job I booked since moving to California and this is the first time I’ve ever been to Hawaii! It’s a blessing being able to work with @katrinalaw and Alex O’Loughlin on @hawaiifive0cbs and to be directed by @directorkristin! Also, to have the opportunity to bring to life the amazing writing of @earnestracket and @robhanning was an honor!! Thank you to the cast and crew for showing me such a great time! This job means a lot to me because it has a couple of first times for me!! My manager and agent work hard for me and I am so grateful for them!! .

Director Kristin Windell, Gabriel Ellis , Katrina Law and Alex


  • Dennis Chun wrote about tonight’s episode:

Dennis Chun

Another powerful and emotional episode awaits you this week. A great performance by Ian Anthony Dale highlights the episode. Really appreciated working with Director Kristin Windell again. She directed me in my Magnum P. I. episode. And enjoyed working with Kimberly Estrada who brings back Detective Belden. Hope you are ready for the twist, turns and challenges that lie ahead for the H50hana.
Malama Pono,
Dennis Chun


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Tomorrow is #H50 Friday …… again

This Friday #H50 is back with a brand new episode 10:10.
Just a little something from one of the guest actors.
  • From Nan McNamara Schnebly:
nanmcnamara Tomorrow, Friday, December 6, tune in get the answer to this question! Mahalo, @etcandcompanyla, #alexoloughlin, @katrinalaw, @hawaiifive0cbs @cbstv, #jennifercoopercasting *
#actress #selfiewithalex #setlife #hawaii #honolulu #paradise #dreamjob #letsdoitagain

Maura Keilana, socialite or murderer?

With Alex looking like that …. it can only be good!


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#H50 Cast Helping With a Great Cause Back in 2011

We see many times that people post these pictures, but I guess not many know the story behind them.

This is your chance to learn more about it.

Originally posted on Five-0 Undercover on 8 April 2011

by officer808

Win a surfboard autographed by the Five-0 cast and help a great cause

Pro photographer Gayla Elizabeth is helping to organize a fundraiser for the non-profit group Life Rolls On, which helps improves the quality of life for young people affected by spinal cord injuries.

Read on to learn how to help this cause and possibly win a surfboard autographed by the Five-0 team.

h50 surf board-Alex-OLaughlin-Scott-Caan


From pro photographer Gayla Elizabeth’s blog:

I shot Alex O’Loughlin  and Scott Caan, better known as Steve McGarrett & Danno Williams from the hit CBS TV show Hawaii Five-0  for an amazing cause.  Not only are these two guys just awesome to be around and very easy to look at [wink], they have incredible hearts, which makes them even more gorgeous!

As many of you know, I became involved with Life Rolls On, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for young people affected by spinal cord injuries; when my little niece Maile participated in a World Record Wheelchair Event at Dodger Stadium. You can see a clip of her by clicking here.

The NSP surfboard was donated by Aaron Rutledge and Tony Rutledge from Star Beach Boys, passed around set to get autographed by the Hawaii Five-O Cast;  Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park and then photographed by myself. How awesome is that!

We will be having an opportunity drawing at our They Will Surf Again Kick Off Event on Friday 4/29/11 at Wahoo’s in Kahala, Hawaii … which is where you can win the board! $10 gives you a chance to win the board amongst a few other great prizes. Buy more and increase your chances of winning! 100% donated to Life Rolls On. Stay tuned for a detailed list of all prizes available for our drawing.  Also, I will be giving away a few tickets on my facebook page, so be sure to like it and stay tuned for winners!

Alex & Scott surfboard

This was just one of the charity projects that Alex and the Hawaii Five-0 cast got involved with.

PS. I wonder why Alex (and Scott) looked so serious on these pictures. 🙂



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They Say ….. #AlexOLoughlin is Kind & Gracious

Last year I missed out on some of the little stories around Alex.

Thanks to a busy Bee and our horses posts on Instagram today, I stumbled onto this little encounter gem from back then …….

  • Two women and their posts of the same story about Alex:
Blanche Murray· 26 September 2018
So I go for my early morning walk, and Hawaii 50 have been filming for a few days less then a block away from our house. So we have people ride their horses through the neighborhood, and she tells me as she was passing thru with her horses, one of them pooped right there. Alex O’Loughlin was nice enough to hold her horses while she cleaned up. Pretty Cool. — feeling amused.
kailani477   A little help from my friend… Alex O’Loughlin held the horses while I cleaned up the poop.#funwithMcGarrett#HawaiiFive-0
kailani477  Alex was kind and gracious. Aguacero liked him too💖
This is so sweet.
I just love reading about these encounters with Alex and his acts of kindness towards people.
For me, his actions embody what I understand the Aloha spirit to be.


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#AlexOLoughlin & A Deleted Scene from TBUP?

While cleaning up some of my old picture files of Alex, I came across a number pictures where I do not know the story behind them. For me every picture of Alex has potential of a story to share with you on here, even if I don’t know the what the story is. 😉

These pictures below are some of those for which I do not have an answer of why they exist.

Was this scene filmed for The Back-Up Plan, but ended on the editing room floor? And why was it not used?

The Back-Up Plan – Donal Logue, Payton Lucas, Alex O’Loughlin, Marlowe Peyton, and Carter Sand

As you can see it was a scene of Alex with actor Donal Logue and some children.



The Back-Up Plan – Donal Logue, Payton Lucas, Alex O’Loughlin & Marlowe Peyton

We love Alex with kids in pictures.

It always looks like he creates such beautiful fun with them! 

If there is anybody with more information about the existence of these pictures, please let us know.


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