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#AlexOLoughlin …… Directing

I’m not really a writer but I would love to get into direction at some stage.

– Alex O’Loughlin

CBS Live Chat

1 October 2009


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Hawaii Five-O on to a shore thing – #H50 from way back in S4

These days it is rare to find and old article that is new to us and that we have not seen or posted before. Thank you Kimmer for the find. Really an interesting perspective from Alex in the (good) old days.

Fractured Five-0 tackles tension in season four.

by: Debashine Thangevelo

For: The Star Newspaper

22 May 2014

BEFORE he gained a loyal fan base as Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-0, a remake of the 1968 TV series, Aussie actor Alex O’Loughlin sparked curiosity as Jennifer Lopez’s love interest in the rom-com, The Back-Up Plan.

I’m not sure if it was his smouldering good looks, that chiselled six-pack or the enchanting smile that endeared him, or if it was simply his acting ability. Either way, viewers haven’t been able to get enough of the lanky Adonis. Four seasons later, he remains a tour de force in the modern re-imagining of Hawaii Five-O.

Tonight’s episode is a minefield of explosive drama – a lot of it centred on his mother, Doris.

O’Loughlin says: “When you look at the reality of the situation, I mean, anybody in the real world whose mother faked her own death and disappeared for 20 years, reappeared, and then did it again … like disappeared again and sort of cut all contact … it would ruin someone. It would absolutely, emotionally ruin someone. And the aftermath of that would be something very tangible and something we – I certainly hope – explore for my character. I think it could lead into some interesting PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

After chasing Wo Fat for ages, new information comes to light that has Steve reeling in shock.

The actor says: “I think the death of his father started a great fury in him. I think those successions of deaths that happened with his best friend in North Korea and then his dad as he was coming back, you know, it started something in him he can’t sort of put out. And there has always been one thing after another that fuelled his passion since the very beginning in the pilot.”

O’Loughlin hints that his character’s past demons do surface every so often, especially with him being thrust into a volatile climate daily.

One of the curve balls Steve didn’t expect was Kono choosing Adam over her job last season.

As for his character’s thoughts on their relationship, he says: “For Steve, it’s been a real concern, but it’s also been a hindrance. He is such a pragmatist. It’s like Kono is married to the mob. He doesn’t like Adam Noshimuri. If Adam got shot tomorrow, he would be like: ‘Okay, good riddance to bad rubbish.’”

One of the welcome additions to the cast was Michelle Borth as Lieutenant Catherine Rollins. Sexy, intelligent and no push-over, she was the perfect match for Steve. And viewers revelled in their blossoming screen romance.

On working with Borth, he praises: “Michelle is a great girl and a great actor. She’s very switched on and does all her homework. We are both very prepared, which is great and crucial in TV because it means you can actually get into the work.

You have such a tiny bracket of time to play with a scene before you actually shoot it. She is always prepared, so we get to take the scene further and give it more shades of colour.”

Interestingly enough, the dynamics in their relationship change with Catherine working with the team now. The tension is definitely going to give rise to a few heated stand-offs between the two.

Peter Lenkov, the show’s executive producer, says: “We always make an effort in the beginning of the season to really come out of the gate, beat our chests and sort of announce that we are back to do something with a lot of stakes and a lot of energy and action. Then we slow ourselves down and start telling more personal stories, more character stories.

“Probably one of the biggest things we dealt with in the season three finale was Kono leaving. That’s going to really affect the beginning of season four.

A big drawcard as far as guests go this season is Carol Burnett: “We are really excited about Carol Burnett. She plays Aunt Deb, the aunt Mary went to live with when their mother supposedly died. And she has a great role. She sings and does everything you expect from Carol Burnett. But the thing she does that’s so good is the dramatic stuff.”

Staying true to its high-octane roots, the fourth instalment of Hawaii Five-0 is laden with character-driven storytelling interwoven with traditional whodunit crime-solving. The crimes are varied, mindboggling and engaging – feeding into the team spirit of the specialist unit.

My Thoughts

  • All I can say – once again so much potential for good storytelling on Hawaii Five-0, clearly dropped and lost way back then in the beginning and during Season 4.
  • Alex’s words here in the article – “I certainly hope”, makes me so sad, because clearly that hope for some great character stuff for Steve did not come to life. And the little bit that was there, landed on the editing room floor and could only be seen by those who bought the DVD. 😦
  • All we got from the whole Doris and Cath story was a rescue of Daddy Fat four seasons later and some more CIA bullshit with no real character story for Steve coming from it other than finding an old diary from Doris with no explanation to the viewers of what is really in there …..
  • From this article and from some others that we have posted over the years about Hawaii Five-0, it is clear that the actors see the depth of the characters that they ey play and know who they really are (or could be) so clearly, just to be disappointed by being given a curveball by the writers with something totally different, trivial and inconsequential ……
  • For me this was a very refreshing article from way back then at the end of my favourite season (3), and at the start of Season 4 with such great expectation –  written by somebody who certainly understood where the story was at back then. And written by somebody who was clearly not influenced by warmongering fans with a vendetta, or other ass-kissing fans on social media back then, like most of the thrill-seeking articles are influenced now.

  • And I just LOVE this paragraph and have to repeat it here: “I’m not sure if it was his smouldering good looks, that chiselled six-pack or the enchanting smile that endeared him, or if it was simply his acting ability. Either way, viewers haven’t been able to get enough of the lanky Adonis. Four seasons later, he remains a tour de force in the modern re-imagining of Hawaii Five-O.”



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#AlexOLoughlin ….. on Fathersday

The thing I like most is I get to go, “Hey, it’s Fathers Day. Go get me that thing.” I get to make unreasonable demands that I don’t get to do the other 364 days of the year.

– Alex O’Loughlin

CBS Watch!

June 2017


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#AlexOLoughlin chats to TV WEEK about fatherhood (2012)

Lion Pride

TV Week

20 November 2012

Aussie star Alex O’Loughlin was glowing with fatherly pride when he told TV WEEK of the birth of his baby son, Lion Kahano, last week.

He’s a little cub right now, but one day he’ll grow up to be a lion,” the Hawaii Five-0 star said of the newborn, who was welcomed into the world on October 25.

When asked about the choice of name, the actor and father to Saxon, 15 – his son from a previous relationship, couldn’t stop a cheeky grin spreading across his face. “I don’t really set the sights high for my kids with names like Saxon and Lion, right,” he laughs.

The 36-year-old actor, who has been dating model Malia Jones, has nothing but praise for the new mum. “She’s a supportive partner and a terrific woman living with three boys not including me, so it’s like a man factory at my house!”

Magazine Scan


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Being Daddy #AlexOLoughlin – Transcript

Watching the latest video from Watch Magazine, you can once again see how much being a father means to Alex. When he still had only one kid (Saxon), he said that they were very close, and that his whole world revolved around the little bloke.

And now there are three of them; Saxon a young adult (20 yrs next month), living far away back in Australia, and living with him and Malia in Hawaii, both stepson Spike (8 yrs) and their youngest son Lion (4 yrs).

Alex and Saxon at the Royce Gracie seminar held at Egan’s gym in February 2014

  • Here is the transcript from another new little video gem that we got from CBS Watch! Magazine photoshoot.

A Father’s Day Greeting from Alex O’Loughlin:

Father’s Day, my children have to be nice to me, at least in the morning – You know, when they remember too. So, you know, waking up on that day, and just having my family kind of jump on me, it’s …. it’s  …. I love it, you know what I mean.

Being a husband and a dad are the two most important things in my life. You know, to ….. and nothing else matters, you know, beyond that. I don’t enjoy anything else more than I enjoy those two things. So, it’s a great day.

I get to go …. The thing I like the most about Father’s Day, I get to go, “Ah, it’s Father’s day, you have to get me a thing. Open it. And give it to me”. So I get to kind of make unreasonable demands, that I don’t get to do 364 days.

Is there anything that I would like for Father’s day?  Yes, a vacation would be amazing. By myself. I know I just said I love my family. And I DO.  But I l’d love to be by myself  ….  on a mountain. Like in these photos. This is like a dream sequence  for me.

Alex and his Stepson, Spike, at ALS Walk Sept 2014

Alex with baby Lion on his shoulders at the ALS walk in 2014

Link to the video:


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