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Aloha to McGarrett – #AlexOLoughlin #H50

A final Aloha to Steve McGarrett from real life “Mrs Wo Fat”, Julie Condra Dacascos.
The pictures with Alex  were taken a few years ago, and it is of  Julie, and her and Mark’s daugther Noelani.

Aloha to McGarrett:) #donttellwofat


And here is a beautiful fan video tribute to the show …..

– Made by Ioanna


This one is incredibly special. Encapsulates the spirit of the show – what Ohana means – brotherhood – sisterhood – All for one… and one for all. – Peter Lenkov to Ioanna on Twitter

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Sharing Some More #H50 Memories Posted In The Last Days.

Over the last days of the show, some more people shared their #H50 memories ….

Of course there are many more who post messages about the show, but because our site revolves around Alex, we share the ones who mention Alex and post pictures of him. 

  • From Justine (Proof that everybody knew Alex was leaving the show and that the final scene was filmed before the show was officially cancelled)

4/3/20 – So I made the cut in the very last 30 seconds, literally, of Five0’s Series Finale … well .. at least my profile😜 We filmed this airplane goodbye scene on 2/24th … a few days before anyone knew the show was going to be cancelled…we just thought Alex wasn’t coming back and the show would run without him for at least another year or two. Sitting across Alex & Michelle was like “somebody pinch me please ‘cause this can’t be real”…for me!
Marc & I watched the finale last night with tears streaming down our faces 😔Just happy I got to be a part of the Five0 Ohana in a small way #hawaiifive0#h50#marcamcclellan



#AlexOloughlin, I never knew you 10 years ago, but now I will definitely miss you on my tv every week! I’ve been blessed to be able to meet you numerous times since that first time you joked around with me that Thanksgiving week in 2010 before you got tazed in your house. 😂 It was fun (though tiring!) walking behind you over and over at #Spectacucon and I will forever cherish when you checked me out on the escalators for the whole world to see. 😂🥰 Shoutout to the #H50 editors for that! 🤣#SOTB was always fun when you’d come over. We Loved the group selfies!  Your charisma, humor, and dedicated work ethic made us all love you more. We love that you’ve embraced #Hawaii and found your #ohana here. Wishing you all the best in the future, whatever it may hold for you! Mahalo for everything! 🤙😘#H50hana#McGarrett#McG#SteveMcGarrett#SuperSEAL#Ninja


Ohana forever❤Hawaii Five-O❤ What a series!! Scott Caan and Alex O’Loughlin are the coolest guys & I’ll never forget how fun it was to hang out in their trailer🤣🤪 @hawaiifive0cbs thank you for 10 incredible seasons. .#H50

After 10 seasons, Hawaii Five-0 will say “Aloha” tonight for the finale! @kcontheair (2-7pm on 93.9 The Beat) @romeovalentine (10-3pm on 93.9 The Beat) and @ia808 (who has been in multiple episodes) hangin with the stars of the show at the red carpet in Waikiki. What was your favorite episode on Hawaii Five-0? #finale #hawaiifive0 #reboot ##cbs #five0 @ Waikiki

Wow. The series finale of Hawaii Five-0 was tonight and it gave me all the feels 😭🥺 I’ve watched this show with my parents over the past 10 years & have looked forward to seeing them film every summer when I go to Hawaii. The first picture was taken on set back in Season 1 before the show premiered. Before I knew what an impact it would have on me. This show will always have a special place in my heart. Now to rewatch them all with @lifeofthemarty2039 ♥️


Mahalo nui and a hui hou @hawaiifive0cbs❤️After 10 years of filming in Hawai‘i and 240 episodes, tonight will be their season finale. Sending our heartfelt aloha and mahalo to Alex O’Loughlin , @plenkov and the entire cast and crew 🙏🏽👗: Kiniokahokuloa Zamora KiniZamora #HNNSunrise #HNN
  • From Director Kristin Windell (Episode 10:10)

What a great ride @plenkov! I only popped in for one episode but what an episode it was! @iananthonydale and #alexoloughlin were wonderful to work with. Gentlemen personified. Congrats @hawaiifive0cbs for TEN great seasons. Enjoy the series finale tonight. Aloha and mahalo. 🤙🏻 #femalefilmmakerfriday

#hawaii50 finale tonight. 10 years in Hawaii. Glad I could be an extra a few times during their 10 years in Hawaii. It was def a fun experience and meeting McGarrett 😍😍😍#alexoloughlin . We will miss them. Aloha and Thank you for making Hawaii shine.

I tuned in to watch the series premiere of Hawaii Five 0 because my favorite actor was cast as the lead character. 10 years later, it is one of my all time favorite shows. I moved to Hawaii (not because of the show) and eventually got to meet said favorite actor. Not only did I get to meet him, I got to spend close to 2 hours with him and a small group of women for a charity event. I got to partner with him and sit down and talk about the loss of my dad with him. It’s a day I’ll never forget and it was made possible because of Hawaii Five 0. I’m so sad to see it end but so grateful for the memories it gave me. #mahalo #aloha #hawaiifive0 #H50 #alexoloughlin #stevemcgarrett #luckywelivehawaii #girlgothips #lucky #flashbackfriday


Be sure to tune in for the final episode of @hawaiifive0cbs tomorrow at 8 p.m. Aloha & Mahalo for 10 years! ⠀
#ThrowbackThursday: #H50 even touched @hugshawaii when #AlexOLoughlin & #ScottCaan came to our 2012 Surf4Hugs event, sponsored by the Thomas family.

Honored to be part of the show. Aloha #h50 and congrats on 10 amazing seasons!


Jimmy Borges Eternal

In tribute to #Hawaii50 #TVSeriesFinale tonight… #JimmyBorges with his #JimmyBorgesDaughter #SteffanieBorges and with Alex O’Loughlin #AlexOLoughlin, star of #HawaiiFive0, at the #HawaiiFilmStudio by #DiamondHead#Honolulu#HI, January 2016.

#JimmyBorgesEternal #JimmyBorgesHawaii #JimmyBorgesHawaiiFive0 #JimmyBorgesHawaii50 #JimmyBorgesMemories #JimmyBorgesHistory #JimmyBorgesLegacy #JimmyBorgesTribute

Photo taken by, courtesy of & (c) property of Borges Juergenson family archive.

  • From Billy V on FaceBook:
Mahalo to Peter Lenkov & CBS Television for entrusting me with 10 years of Sunset On The Beach/Hawaii Five-0 World Premieres! Mahalo to all of the actors who allowed me to interview them over the years. Mahalo to all of the crew who you never see, but work so hard behind the scenes. Mahalo to all of the workers and Janet Maduli, the so hard working “General” that makes it all flow and work together. Congratulations to H50 for 10 years! Mahalo to Courtney Metzger Hawaii Media Source for ALL of these pictures. Hawaii Five-0 Team France Hawaii Five-O headquarters Hawaii Five-0 Soundstage H50hana #hawaiifive0CBS CBS Television Studios
  • From Kimee on Twitter: 

From Beulah on Twitter: 

Hope you enjoyed the memories shared by others.

We do not really expect to get any new information about Alex in the near future, because of the situation the world is in at the moment. But we will definitely keep our eyes and ears open to share  anything new about Alex.

We also still have some old stories in drafts, which we will share with you from time to time.

If there are any ideas of things that you would like us to post or discuss, you are welcome to do so.


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#H50 10:22 – In The End It Was All About The Money?

In the end, it was just Hawaii Five-0. The Hawaii Five-0 that we have been watching for the last 10 years. Nothing less, nothing more.

Were we entertained? Yes. Were we satisfied? Of course, we will never all be satisfied with everything on such a show. We all have an idea about the story, but that is just it – we all have different ideas of what would satisfy us or what we want from the story. Peter tried to give something to everybody, I guess – just a shame that a certain group can only live with what they want and everything else derails their fantasy. 😦

I went in with not much expectation ……… and all I can say is that I got what I expected. 😮 😕

I would have rather liked continuity and consistency and some logic to wrap it all up in a beautiful bow – but that is just me and not to be. And this is a show for mindless fun and gunslinging entertainment and that is what it is.

It would like to say that I just loved it all. But, as I have said a few times over the years, the right ingredients were there, but in the end, the recipe just failed to come together for me. I would not have wanted another outcome, just a few different words during the same dialogues and scenes that were already there, could have made everything so much better. But that is me …. and I am not the producer/writer.

Before I continue, I just want to emphasize the fact that I can understand how difficult it must be for a producer to write for a show for which he did not know the day and date or season that it will end. To write stories for characters, when you do not know how long they will be part of your show. And in the end to write a finale for a show, not knowing full well if it is a season or a series finale. It is, after all, a long-running procedural and not a drama, with a set plot that’s got a beginning, middle and an end.

And please remember that this is not a review. Real reviews you will get in a few other places, with other professional review writers in the Hawaii Five-0 fandom. I just jot down a few ideas and comments … mostly more about some weird moments.

So here we go…..

 Oh my goodness, we got an answer from the last episode. Steve’s truck was at the cemetery all along, and he just left it there when he left with Danny.
Steve (about Catherine): Well, she was the one that got away.
Koala Smartass: Dear Steve you never asked her to stay forever as your life partner. How can she be the one that got away? She already told you that she would have said yes. So, if the two of you are not being together, it is your fault!
Steve’s sleeve catches fire, but he never gets burned underneath or treatment for any burn?
Koala Smartass: His wardrobe is a superhero costume. #JustSaying
Pressure on the wound? Steve finds Danny in a pool of blood, but okay, let’s just let him get up and walk and keep on bleeding.
Koala Smartass: I am sure the gun stuck into the front of Danny’s pants did the trick to stop the bleeding.  🙂 #NoPressureNeeded #ItWasNotEvenHisOwnGun #JustHisBackUpPickUp
Bargaining with God …
Steve going to the Chapel to pray without even washing the blood from his hands  – definitely in the days before COVID 19! We all know by now to wash our hands regularly (with soap and for at least 20 seconds). Even if we don’t have blood on them – JUST WASH.
Koala Smartass: Yes, all our lives will be so different from here on ….
According to the doctor, Danny is not out of the woods yet, but he is not in ICU?
Koala Smartass: Can we just count again? How many years have you been watching the show? Has the medical stuff ever been realistic? #GoWatchGreysAnatomyForThat

So, was Doris, in the end, just a common thief who stashed away loads of money? When and where did she get it? What was she doing then, trying to save up money in Swiss accounts for her kids in Episode 10:07, if she had all this stashed away since who knows when? Why take those risks with her life while in Mexico, with all this already here?

Koala Smartass: Maybe Episode 10:07 never happened? You know Alex wrote it – maybe the other writers never saw it?

Daiyu Mei: Wo Fat had every right to that inheritance. After all, he was Doris‘ son, too.

Oh, that’s why Daiyu Mei thinks this is her money as well? AND then the same question as last week – how did she even know about it?
Koala Smartass: The minds of criminal masterminds are full of surprises. #TheyKnowItAll #SorryIGotNothing?
Steve: Wo Fat never met my father?
Really? What about the video evidence from the Governor’s office in  Episode 2:01? And the whole conversation about Shelburne that needed to be lipread and solved in Epi 2:06. And why and what was Steve tortured for in Episode 2:10  if Wo Fat knew all along about Doris being the woman who raised him?
Koala Smartass: Shhh. Don’t try to sound smart. #YouKnowNothing #SorryJohnSnow #Steve’sMemoryIsShort? 
And what about Episode 3:01? How did Wo Fat know about Doris but he did not know she was Shelburne? What was that whole thing about him and Doris not shooting each other at that time? Hoe does that fit in here?
Koala Smartass: Don’t sweat the small stuff. #NobodyCares
“Book her Cole” – Sounds interesting?
Koala Smartass: Nah … don’t think the Network thought so either. #HenceNoRenewal
Danny was shot in the shoulder, but no bandages or sign of that injury after just one week?
Koala Smartass: What did I say earlier about the medical stuff and reality?
And why does Danny need a cane? He was shot in the shoulder? Why is he walking with a limp?
Koala Smartass: With a limited shooting schedule for the actor, they might have shot it so out of sequence, that they did not really know what his injuries would be? #SorryCouldn’tHelpMyself
And then came the final goodbyes

Steve to Eddie: I got a couple things to tell you. The first one is I love you and I’m gonna miss you, okay?

Grover: You saved my life when you met me.
Koala Smartass: Those not crying after this McGrover part of the scene, they have hearts of stone! #Justsaying
And the rest….


Adam: Thank you for always seeing the good in me. You gave me a second chance at this life.

Koala Smartass: Adam (or was it Ian) kept calling Steve “brother”in this episode. #ILikedIt

And then this is just #StraightFromTheHeart!
(Two men who made a real lifelong connection)

#TheGoodOldDaysBeforeSocialDistancing 😥


A Hui hou
And Steve is off to roam the earth #WhileWeStayLockdownAtHome
…. but before he leaves there is a last-minute present from Cole#YesColeSawTheLove

Steve about Cole: He’s a good man.

Cath: Well, he must be. I mean, you gave him the keys to Danno’s car.

What car? Danno’s car was torched!

Koala Smartass: Shh, you’re spoiling it!

Steve: Well, I mean, we can’t have Danny Williams drive his own car.

Cath: Like he ever did. 

And that was the very last joke from Hawaii Five-0.

Steve: You gonna sit down?

Cath:  You ready?

Steve: Yeah.

And two old lovers confirm to each other that they are starting a new adventure – together ….

Until we meet again, in this life or the next!


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#H50 – The End Is Near …..

We are in the last few hour before the final episode if Hawaii Five-0.
To keep you busy while waiting – some of the thoughts and pictures on social media over the last days.
There definitely will be more, but we will post them at a later stage.
  • From Mark Dacascos (aka Wo Fat)
Aloha! After 10 years, this coming Friday, April 3, 2020, the “SERIES-FINALE” of @hawaiifive0cbs Yes, @plenkov brought #WoFat back. Emotional ending on and off camera for a wonderful show. Hope you watch it. And please take good care. 🙏🏽❤️🤙🏽 Repost from @musicmeanseverything1 using @RepostRegramApp – Wow, I can’t believe that this is when we say Aloha and farewell to @hawaiifive0cbs . It been an outstanding and unforgettable 10 years of my life and everyone else’s life. I’m so proud to say that I have been part of this Ohana from the right beginning ❤️ I’m still trying to fight through the tears 😂😭 I’m going to miss this show soo much, no word can describe what I’m feeling and what everyone else is feeling. It’s been a hell of a journey that will never be forgotten. Forever my #ohana ❤️❤️ we will miss you all 💖💖
  • From Justine (wife of Alex’s stand-in Mark McClellan and also the cousin of Mark Dacascos)

3/9/20 – #hawaiifive0 #h50 photos I found on the studio lot Lunch Room walls which are all faded from time…includes #gracepark@daniel_day_kim @michelleborth Alex & Scott. Memories…

  • From Duane Lee Chapman (aka “Dog” The Bounty Hunter )

Cheers to @hawaiifive0cbs for ten amazing seasons. Thank you for inviting me to be a small part of a very large success. A personal thanks goes out to @plenkov
Tune in Friday night for the series finale 😪 on @cbstv
ALOHA @hawaiifive0cbs
#hawaiifive0 #hawaii #hawaii50


It’s time to say Aloha to @hawaiifive0cbs 😪

Tune into the series finale tonight (Friday) and watch how it all ends. 9/8c on @cbs
I will be watching!! #hawaiifiveo #h50 #hawaii50 #hawaii50cbs

Time to say goodbye to a series that has been my favorite for the last 10 years. Yeah, all good things has to come to an end, but I will be forever grateful for what is still the best afternoon of my life. Mahalo for everything, Aloha nui loa.❤️ H50 #FinalAloha   @HawaiiFive0CBS
  • From Kimee Balmilero (aka Noelani)

Countdown to #H50 Series Finale🧡 This episode was well into the 7th season, but it felt like my first day. Honestly, it felt like my first day for a long time because I was constantly in a “is this really happening to me” mind set. I’m so thankful for the show and all the amazing people I got to meet and work with. I’ll still be pinching myself when I’m 100 years old. What a ride🌊👩🏽‍⚕️ #wbw 📸: @perryneptune


Countdown to the @hawaiifive0cbs series finale🌊 My first Sunset On The Beach back in Season 7. I was so surprised when @plenkov called me up on stage. I froze and turned to my friend @mkik808…“What do I do?” 😂 I was sitting fairly far back, so it took me a while…but I made it! I remember looking out in the crowd thinking, “I hope someone gets a picture of this because I want to show my parents!” Clearly I was still in shock because I forgot that a Shaka also included your thumb. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m glad I got three more chances to properly Shaka with that crew! #H50 (I don’t remember where I got this photo, so if it’s you…let me know🤙🏽) #tbt
  • From Abba Geebz

#tbt 2015 🎥🎥 with #hawaiifive0 lead actor in super cool dude #alexoloughlin 😎 joking with #hawaiianairlines flight attendants. Little did I know that a couple months later I guess starred on episode 607 as “Kai Frontera”. I got my butt kicked at the end! Super cool makeup artist made me look all beat up and bloody, haha . Wonderful working with local cast and crew and support here in Hawaii. World class, first class professionalism! Probably first and last time being an #actor 😁

  • From jounalist Pedro D’Alessandria

This #tbt is from 2013 when I met #AlexOloughlin , the Australian who took the reins of the # hawaiifive0 remake as #stevemcgarrett , in those beloved #CBS junkets . Kind and charismatic, I remember that back then he did not like him very much when he was told of published rumors that he wanted to leave the series. Remember@fabicitaavila? After ten years, tomorrow the final episode of the police drama is broadcast in the US, which remained solid despite airing on Fridays, a day almost dead for American television. The actor suffered various injuries during filming, so it is presumed that he did finally decide that it was time to leave. # hawaii50axn # hawaiifive0cbs #hawaiifiveo # hawaii50 # h50 #tv #tvshow #lovetv #television@viacbsglobaldst#journalist

  • From Perry Neptune (H50 crew)

Love letter to Hawaii 5-0 Aloha Mau Loa 🤙🏿 Series Finale Friday April 3rd Big mahalos to all the cast and crew #alexoloughlin #scottcaan #chimcbride #gracepark @iananthonydale @meaghanrath @beulahkoale @juliebenzmft @ziggymarley for the access and the trust. #h50 #hawaiifive0 #five0 #alwaysgood #hawaii

  • From Thomas Curdy – click on the link in his name to see the video

Friday Night is the Final Episode of Hawaii Five-0 after 10 seasons on the air. It’s hard to believe that almost exactly 11 years ago we were filming the Pilot episode on Oahu with @plenkov

When I found out that I got cast from @katiedoylecasting I was really excited. This was going to be my first speaking role on network TV. However, I didn’t know until I got me first copy of the script and read through that I was going to be the First “Book’em Danno” in the reboot. I grew up in Hawaii, I knew the original and that line and the music are known around the world! I nearly dropped the script.
There are lessons I learned on set that I will never forget and Alex O’Loughlin and James Marsters and the rest of the cast and crew made it an experience I will never forget. #alexoloughlin #scottcaan@danieldaekim #gracepark@jamesmarstersofficial

Thank you to everyone who made Hawaii Five-0 what it is. Enjoy the Finale tomorrow night 9/8C on CBS


  • From Dennis Chun (aka Duke Lukela)

There are so many wonderful memories but it was always special when Laura appeared on the show as Nalani. I am so very grateful for all the thoughtfulness and kindness the cast and crew extended to her. Most of all I am thankful for all the aloha you fans blessed her with. So very proud of her and that she is now part of the Five-0 legacy. Hard to believe that our 10 year remarkable journey ends tomorrow night. Hope you join us for television history.
#hawaiifive0cbs #HawaiiFive0 #h50 #h50hana #bethhaiken #plenkov

As Hawaii Five-0 comes to an end tonight I would be remiss if I did not extend a very special and heartfelt thank you to Alex. It was truly an honor and privilege to work with him over the last 10 years. He is a tremendously talented and giving actor and person. He is the consummate professional. For 10 years he worked so hard and unselfishly at making Hawaii Five-0 the quality show it has been. He was a great role model for both the cast and crew. Laura and I say mahalo and wish Alex and his ohana all the best. Ohana forever.
#h50 #hawaiifive0cbs #h50hana #hawaiifive0 #bethhaiken


  • From Mondo

In honor of Hawaii Five-0’s very last episode, I am posting a throwback pic of the time I met the cast and crew while they filmed at my house, including the pup-loving Hawaii resident from Oz, Alex O’Loughlin. At the time, my folks were trying to socialize me by introducing me to as many people as possible. It was a bonus that the throngs of people I got to meet this day were the cool crew and cast members of @hawaiifive0cbs. Best wishes to everyone from the show. Much aloha.🌺 #jackrussellterrier #jackrussell #jrt #jackrussellpuppy #jackrussellsofig #jackrussellsofinstagram #jackrussellmoments #jackrusselllove #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #instadog #puppy #puppylove #808dogs #hawaiidog #hawaiidogs #dogsofhawaii #smalldog #terrier #h50 #tbt #throwbackthursday #throwback

  • From Jessie

7 years ago my family went on an unforgettable trip to Hawaii through the Make A Wish Foundation. Before we left, my sister reached out to CBS in hopes of getting us on set of our favorite show @hawaiifive0cbs By some miracle, she got in touch with a producer, and we were invited to the set to watch them film and take a tour. It was an amazing day. @plenkov was so so kind. We were also lucky enough to meet Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, and Pat Monahan from @train It was a great day and one my entire family will never forget. This visit to the set reignited my love of filmmaking and was one of the reasons I decided to finally apply to film school in NYC. (Even wrote about @plenkov in my admissions essay!) Thank you to this wonderful cast and crew for creating this show and for being so kind to my family. Thanks to #shaneseggar for coordinating everything, and to @dwolkove for your kindness! You all brought some light into an otherwise dark year. We are going to miss @hawaiifive0cbs so much! #h50 #hawaiifive0 #fbf

  • From Jason Koger (His prosthetic arms were used in Hookman – Episode 3:15)

Several years ago I was given the opportunity to work on @hawaiifive0cbs during the hookman episode and tonight it ends the show. I didn’t know what to expect from the actors and directors. I didn’t know how you talk to a actor. My experience was nothing short of amazing. Every person on the show from top to bottom treated me like family. Even after the show I have stayed in touch with several of them. They gave me a actor chair with my name on it and sent it home with me. They signed the script and they have became friends. The main makeup artist has family that started in Kentucky which I am hopeful for a visit now. I spoke to #alexoloughlin a couple weeks ago and told him congrats for such a great season. I believe this was so successful bc of each and every person involved with the show. @plenkov thank you for the opportunity and for the successful show. You are truly talented. @jeff_dawn thank you for being right beside me the entire time I was there. Everyone went over and beyond from taking us to a luau to getting my own actor chair. Once I got home I even had @jhalpin2659 call and get me brand new prosthetics. I could go on and on about this experience but will end by simply saying thank you and hope we can see each other again one day. @davidnaylor_1 @instantangie @neume810 @danieldaekim @meaghanrath #hawaii50 #peterweller #gracepark @tkahale808 @justinjohnkimble @mathiasvanwessinger @redsurfergirl @bryspy45 @925wbkr

Alex & Jason Koger on the set of Hookman – Jan 2013


  • Some memories and fun from Entertainment weekly.

 Link to video

From: Entertainment Weekly

Steve and Danny’s Hawaii Five-0 Bromance.


  • From CBS

Tonight, join us for the final sunset of our beloved #H50. 🌺❣️🌈
The series finale starts at 9/8c, only on @cbstv.

Alex and cast saying their thanks 


Thank you to everybody who posted there pictures and thoughts

Hope you enjoy the show tonight!!

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“Things We Learned About Hawaii From #H50 ″ Episode 1, Pilot

Another trip down memory lane  ….
– Some of the first thoughts shared after the Pilot Episode aired.
Shared by Officer 808 of Hawaii Five-0 UNDERCOVER back in in 2010

So after all the hype it was finally time for the Hawaii Five-0 premiere.  From the first few minutes to the opening sequence.  I was floored.  I mean wow.  This is TV?  Either my expectations were low or this was some high production quality TV.  The title sequence, though updated, echoed the sequence of the original series, with the new McGarrett on the Ilikai, the shot of the Lady Columbia statue at Punchbowl, and the camera fixed to the police motorcycle zipping through Honolulu at dusk.

Right off the bat, the characters are engaging.  Alex O’Loughlin, as the new McGarrett with his military background goes for expediency, while Scott Caan’s Danny Williams tries to keep McGarrett within the lines of acceptable law enforcement.  The biggest difference between The New Series (TNS) and The Original Series (TOS) is the fact that both McGarrett and Danny are both Alpha males, each trying to assert themselves over the other…this is going to make for great TV.  This is a far call from James McCarthur’s Danno, who was definitely the subordinate.  Daniel Dae Kim, off of the sixth season of Lost plays Chin Ho Kelly, who shares a past history with the McGarrett family, but carries with him the reputation of being a crooked cop.  Grace Park returns to TV to play yet again, a former male character Kono Kalakaua (played by Zulu) reinvented as a female, like her role as Boomer in Battlestar Galactica.  She is a former pro surfer turned cop and is cousins with Chin Ho, learning the ropes and earning her keep.

The screenplay, chases and fighting sequences definitely play out like a movie, with very high production quality.  The episode ends leaving the overall season’s story arc a wide space to play out…what else is in the red toolbox?  Did Victor survive being shot and falling into Pearl Harbor…?  We’ll see!

This list evolved out of the smart (a$$) comments that came about from discussions with other locals…so some of this might fly over the heads of you Haoles, so just bear with us. 🙂   It goes without saying that Hawaii Five-0 is a TV show.  It’s not meant to be real.  Some of the portrayals of Hawaii, locals and Hawaiian life will definitely irk and offend some, but come on… if you wanted reality, watch Jersey Shore.

And now, “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0” Episode 1, Pilot

1)  Shave ice is a delectable desert for the most discriminating of palates.

2)  We talk the “bird” [pidgin English].  CA-CAW! 

3)  Hawaii is a hotbed and hub for international terrorism and human trafficking.

4)  We don’t like Haoles.  I mean, we *really* don’t like Haoles.

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On Hawaii Five-0 UNDERCOVER



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