Mini Steve with a splash of colour

Steve is not taking it anymore! Move aside Mick!

Steve being a bit snarky (because of “the one that shall not be named” 😉 )


Steve´s reply to our one month of Mick. Can´t see what he has against him? Maybe Steve´s envious of all the women queuing up for Mick to feed on…hmmmm….


Mick can catch the bad guys faster than you, Steve! Oh you better believe it!


Mick got turned. Steve attempting the same?




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26 responses to “Mini Steve with a splash of colour

  1. Poor Steve. I’m sure we’ll all line up for him to hold us down and cuff us, you know, to make him feel better. 😉


  2. Karen

    He can cuff and frisk me anytime he wants! He doesn’t even have to ask – I’ll volunteer!!


  3. Don’t be jealous Steve!!! There’s no reason to be. You can stand all day under the hawaiian sun and SHINE!!!! And take your shirt off… and get sweaty… and tattoos… and scruff…
    And I volunteer to feed you… strawberries every day…


  4. visage13

    Been missing Steve, nice smile in pic 2!


  5. This one of my favorite Steve moments! Even though it was in response to you know who. 😐 He is so adorable in the 2nd gif, rising up on his toes a little, arms crossed as usual, and that grin that melts my panties.
    Don’t worry your gorgeous little head Steve, I would let you feast on my neck anytime. Cuff me, frisk me, take me to the blue room, put me in that chair, stand in front of me and I’ll confess! I’ll frickin confess your pants off! 😛
    Beautiful gifs Paula! He looks so handsome in that light!


  6. AlexNymph

    Hahaha–love the captions, great post!

    The last one–Steve spinning around looking for the disappeared Mick? Like Beth losing him at the first crime scene?


  7. lunaterra12

    Put me in a room with both of them. No one will be jealous anymore……..


  8. I love it!! Great job Paula!! Luna LOL!! 😉


  9. Absolutely LOVE this Paula Thank you SO much


  10. buttercup

    “SlutyWonderWoman” ? Anyone? Around Steve/Mick – me anytime!!
    Thanks for this great caps! In that ep were so many adorable Steve moments, like Danny “do not” “shut up!” (hilarious) (when the stone hit his windshield) 😆 !


  11. Marta

    Thanks Paula for bringing Steve back. I hope that he is anxious to return to action and join us every week. It’s been a long summer time!


  12. Oh god how bad I am at commenting, even on our blog, sorry about that. I do read all our comments and enjoy them at least as much as you enjoy the pics 🙂
    So thank you for the appreciation!


  13. Helloeeze

    Paula, you can make any gif extremely amusing. Thanks. By the way, I have never seen Steve and Mick in the same room. Hmmm……


  14. marnov2205

    Haha 😀 , this is funny and prettteee!! At least this much credit is due to Her Who Shall Not Be Named: she made Steve pull great faaaces. Thanks for this intermezzo in the Mick marathon, Paula!


    • I’m sorry to offend anybody ladies but i find this “She who must not be named” thing to be really juvenile. IT’S OVER!!! Please let it go. It is not worthy of this usually loving and upbeat site


      • Put the blame on me, I started it, it was supposed to be a joke for those who share my views. Please don´t be offended. Let´s leave it at this 🙂


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