A Month of Mick (#13) – Fond memories of being human……..

Mick does not want to forget the old times. For him it is important to remember how it feels to be human!

How many of us embrace our own humanity…..enjoying every bite of food or every breath of  air we take? Just enjoying the joys and sorrows of this mortal life? Maybe Mick the vampire is trying to tell us humans something……

(okay I admit, this is mostly an excuse for us to look at all these cute and pretty faces he is entertaining us with! 😀 )

I think he’s wonderful, I love him. I feel really sorry for him sometimes because he can’t quite bust out of this loneliness that he still lives with, he just can’t accept his lonely life.

— Alex O’Loughlin, Voices From Krypton, October 2007


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17 responses to “A Month of Mick (#13) – Fond memories of being human……..

  1. Anwyn

    I’m dying here. THAT FACE is unbearably sweet and sexy. Your month of Mick made me rewatch ML and yesterday I watched until 3 p.m.!!
    I especially like the end of ‘Arrested Developement’, with this wonderful music from Meiko, Sleep, when Mick picks up his car keys from underneath his car and is kissed by Beth for the first time. The way he looks at her when she talks to her editor always get’s under my skin. And his smile in the final scene. Gorgeous beyond words.


    • Anwyn

      I meant 3 a.m. in the night, of course!


    • Ontlls

      I love that scene, they cut away too fast from that smile too.. Way to fast!

      Congrats on the 3AM watching, join the club.

      I have done Moonlight in a 16 episode stretch once, but that is because I was in bed with a sprained ankle, and couldn’t get out of bed under doctors orders.
      So me and my laptop and Mick St. John and 16 episodes later.. Oh that last one still gets me.
      When Mick bangs his head on the wall and “I have spent the last 60 years hiding… ” Oh my..


  2. kiwi

    I agree with you Anwyn somehow seeing Mick always makes you want to go back and watch Moonlight. It’s magic.


  3. You’re SO right! It IS magic. HE is magic. He is a magician! All of us are spell-bound, aren’t we? Enchanted by his looks, his glances, his smiles, his personality, not to mention his faaaaace. *sigh*

    Thanks for this wonderful faces, FOYeur!


  4. AlexNymph

    ACA with all above. Great thoughts, FOYeur, how many of us really do slow down and smell the roses. We never need and excuse for Alex.


  5. gracenotpark

    This was a particularly beautiful scene in the series, both the photography of it and his very calm, sad, quiet voice all thru it. Beautiful caps of one of my favorite Alex performances. Thanks soooo much!


  6. lunaterra12

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post. These pictures of Mick are really gorgeous!!! Mahalo!


  7. canadagirl66

    This was a sweet , sad scene. Mick’s longing to be human was heartbreaking. And Alex looked so beautiful. TPTB for ML knew how to light this man’s face. Everything about this scene was brilliant. One of my favorites!


  8. ACA Ladies
    FOYEUR HUGs Galore and a million thanks for these pictures of “Mick” that can only be described as EXQUISITE, Such beauty


  9. Helloeeze

    I noticed the lighting too! Really shows up Mick’s clef chin. Throughout the series Mick was lit so well in that noir style. In fact, I read his apartment was designed especially with lighting Mick in mind.

    Now Mick was actually smiling a little bit remembering his time as a human and eating that prime rib at Musso’s. I would like to eat there one day and think of Mick while I sip on a martini. I noticed they filmed an ep of NCIS in that restaurant last season.

    Anyway, Mick really knew how to drape a chair! …and a couch…and a freezer….


  10. ACA Helloeeze “Mick really knew how to drape a chair!”
    I love the way he crosses his legs and rubs his fingers nervously (I do that too 😉 ) and touches his face….YUMM!
    Beautiful man, beautifully lit, and if I woke up in his shirt and he served me coffee, the last thing I’d be thinking about is leaving. I don’t care if she was with Josh. She has a cell phone, if he missed her or was so worried about her being upset, he would have called her. The long gaze he gives her as she gets up to leave, turned me into a pile of goo. *sigh*
    Again, another time I wanted to hit Beth in the head for leaving Mick after he was such a gentleman. UGH!!
    I love the tongue action right after he says, “To forget what it’s like to be human? *lick* No way!” The man’s tongue does crazy things to my lady parts. 😯 Gee, don’t we all wish that were literally true. 😉


  11. I wonder how many chairs they went through before chosing this one for Alex, it´s a perfect choise for portraying his coolness 🙂


  12. buttercup

    Hey there Paula and FOYeur! I just wanted to say that I enjoy all those “Mick Posts” very much and they’re beautifully made and with all your heart, I’m sure!
    I’ve been caught up in some RL stuff and was not able to comment on all those luscious posts but I’ve read all and they gave me good (very naugthy good) memories of all those hot-blooded ML moments we all love and devour! Thanks for all the great info and pictures!
    Nevertheless, that Mick in the chair made me all too “lurxgirlish” and I had to add that this is one of my fav scene’s! And I always wondered how she got into that shirt of his (did he put the shirt on her first and then undress her tight black dress, bit complicated, or did he just take of her dress (which surely was complicated because it was really tight-tight and what was she wearing underneath?)
    He really is a gentleman, but hey, who wants a gentleman in this moment?
    Well. she was full of BC at this moment anyway, meaning she wouldn’t even remember one single moment of her night with Mick, ha ha ha, she would have been devastated! (Now, it got too long again 😆 )


  13. Beth was absolutely stupid, nuts, insane, crazy, inane, dull tbc. How could she leave THAT??? Always making poor Mick hot and bothered and then? Gaaah!
    And who put her in his shirt, huh? I wanted to see that! And why did she go upstairs and her dress was hanging downstairs? What did she do there? Stupid stupid and cruel woman!
    I would have eaten spare ribs at this Musso’s (?) and then kissed him! So he could taste both. Was he able to taste while kissing? Worth a try!
    This film noir style lightning does amazing things to his face, as the hawaiian sun! And the dark, and the moon, and every single lightbulb on this planet!


    • Ontlls

      “And why did she go upstairs and her dress was hanging downstairs”

      I never noticed that, but just now remember. I agree, what was she doing going upstairs, she is already showered and dry.

      Buttercup – the thought of Mick undressing me – WOW!! Thank you!! *wanders off smiling*


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