A Month of Mick – a little bit blue (#5) – Best preserved cold!

The term beauty sleep, really applies to our Moonlight vampires. To keep them young and fresh, they need some dream time in their freezers…… naked of course!


This is how they would normally wake up. Peaceful and quiet, feeling refreshed and hungry …. hungry for some blood! 😀


Any freshies around? 😛


But not this time……

Knock knock!!


Mick: Okay okay!

You really need better security in your house Mick!

(somehow, Steve and mom seems to have the same problem 😆 )

mick-wake-upReally Josef, Mick’s hair says it all!

And oh boy they really do get a beauty sleep, don’t they……..sigh!

ml6-mick3(If anybody is looking for me, I’ll be here watching this gif for the next few hours, Thank you Paula, Regards FOYeur 😛 )

Mick: You need me?

Of course we need you Mick!


Mick: Your girlfriend is lost and you think she’s in here?

It is a good place to start looking for any lost girlfriend, even if she is 500yrs old!

I think Mick´s being a bit sarcastic. Grumpy for being rudely awakened I think 🙂


Ok, let´s have a look at this girlfriend then…


…not bad looking, but it´s not for her looks that you need to find her. Is it? How much does she owe you?


Mick´s getting a bit sleepy again,

we better leave him to continue his beauty sleep. We want him pretty 🙂


Sweet dreams Mick!



What is Josef doing? 😆

Any suggestion? How would you caption this last gif?

I myself get very nude and kill people in every episode and have absolutely no issue.

— Alex O’Loughlin, PinkRayGun.com, September 2007

If only this was true, dear Alex, if only………..



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51 responses to “A Month of Mick – a little bit blue (#5) – Best preserved cold!

  1. venia

    I always like that episode, it;s funny josef just let himself in at anytime. Poor mick he seem to be sleeping so peacfully and josef had to ruin it. . In that lat caption I think josef hands are cold and wet and he does not want to ruin that suit.


  2. Love the gifs!! Every time I see Mick it just reminds me why I fell in love with him in the first place! 😀


  3. gracenotpark

    One of the coolest scenes (Pun! Hee!) in the series. The little peek into his private(s) sanctuary was replayed over and over in my house. Plus, not even a shred of false modesty. You go, Mick!!! :mrgreen:


  4. lunaterra12

    Move over Mick, I’m getting in….. heehee


  5. Love those gifs…how can freezer Mick be so hot? lol


  6. I don’t know why, but I’m having an Oyster Farmer flange- uh flashback.
    ‘Wakey wakey, hands off snakey’. But I have to say, I am a little bit anxious about snakey, does he need cold or does he need blood? Or both? Maybe he needs to freeze… 😆


  7. visage13

    I am not sure where to post this so I picked this post, I hope that is ok Paula and FOyeur. 🙂

    I just finished watching Moonlight and here are my thoughts. I am not into blood and gore and there were some things I had to look away from but, I really enjoyed the story and I am glad it did not have a cliffhanger and that we found out how the relationship ends. I am an AO fan so anything he does I tend to like. McGarret is a tough guy with a sensitive side but Mick was a sensitive guy with a tough side so it was great to see the versatility in AO’s acting. He looks great with the longer hair too. The pacing was a bit slow for me, as soon as he became human I was like sleep with her what are you waiting for???

    I agree with the assessment that was written by Gracenotpark about Coraline on the other thread; that was dead on and their chemistry was soo hot. With Beth not so much. I really thought Beth would turn out to be his daughter somehow because I thought that her and Coraline had the same rare blood type and in the kidnapping scene in the first episode I thought Coraline said as much but I must have misunderstood because later in a flash back she said you are going to meet your “new” daddy. I am going to have to go back and re-watch. I wanted more intimacy and sex shown especially in the last scene then maybe I would have seen more chemistry between Beth and Mick.

    I thought Joseph’s character was great and he always seemed on the edge like you never quite knew if he was going to attack the human in the room.

    I liked the music, NIN is my fave band so that was cool and I loved Mick’s apartment.

    It is a shame they cancelled it and it makes no sense because the show was good and according to articles on the ‘net the ratings were good.
    I really would have liked to see how the story would have progressed.

    I am watching Three Rivers now and it is a really good show, not sure why they dropped this one either but I am glad they did because we would have never had H50. I must admit now that I have finally watched Moonlight, I am torn between Steve and Mick but Steve was my 1st lol so he will always be number one with Mick a close 2nd.


    • It seems to me that those loving Mick over Steve, just happened to watch ML first. The way ML was done, lit with warm light, the entire ambience, appealed to me. To me, Mick and Beth not getting it on faster, was because of her fiance´. It never bothered me while watching, of course now I would love to have seen Mick doing his magic under the blankets 😉


      • AlexNymph

        Nope, I first found AOL in H50. Then I watched ML, and move over Steve, hello Mick. I’ve been a Mick girl ever since 🙂


      • visage13

        That is true but by the time he became a human her fiance was dead. I wanted to see more of that magic you speak of. 🙂


        • I think if fit Mick´s character better to take things slowly with Beth. They built up their relationship first. As always, just our crappy luck that ML was for only 16 episodes. I think they had epi 17 written with 45 minutes of Mick and Beth sharing the freezer 😉


          • visage13

            Now that would have been worth the wait!!! And you are correct, who knows how everything would have turned out if only the stars had aligned.


    • gracenotpark

      Thanks, visage! And I agree with you, and several others on that page… the MickCoraline relationship radiated heat, MickBeth radiated sweet. It was an interesting contrast.


      • visage13

        “the MickCoraline relationship radiated heat, MickBeth radiated sweet. It was an interesting contrast.”
        That is a perfect way to sum it up.


    • V13, I am glad that you enjoyed it. It is just part of something every fangirl of Alex should see 😀
      And Three Rivers is good too – such a different side to his acting abilities than any of the other roles….
      In regards to the children. The Moonlight vampires can’t have children. I wrote a whole story on the bodies of the Moonlight vamps. If you are interested, you can read it here. https://alexoloughlinintensestudy.wordpress.com/2012/09/15/alex-oloughlin-is-living-it-up-in-micks-moonlight-body/


      • visage13

        Wow, I really need to look around here more, the information is invaluable. I loved that post you suggested and in the comments you linked a Three Rivers post and I read that one, the lifesaver photo is too funny and the donor info is good too. You two do an outstanding job. I want to start at the beginning so which day and year was the very first post?


        • You will have to click on the pages and look at the links for posts. The oldest ones being at the bottom. We just celebrated our first anniversary post, 31st of July 🙂
          We are still a baby blog 😉 the first major stories were FOYeur´s research of Alex´s tattoos. I did some small pic posts, and pretty much continue with the same. Hopefully you will enjoy your tour here. We have it all (well almost), info with naughty and nice and sweet pics…The only thing we usually don´t post are the h50 bts pics, because so many other blogs are doing it.


  8. I was looking at these gifs and my Internet froze, then crashed! 😦 Finally I’m back to ogling Micklicious! I love the nasal flare in the yawning gif! I’m with FOYEUR, I will be watching his beautiful face and the grumpy gif for several hours!
    Those collar bones and shoulders are magnificent! I want to nibble on his chiseled jaw line and LICK HIM LIKE A FREEZER POP! .Mmmmick. *SLURP*
    No matter how HARD I try, I can’t get that camera angle to go any lower. Damn you CBS!
    “Hips up, baby!” GUH! I loved that interview! The way he said icky (eecky) and how freaking sexy he says “noir”. *shudder*
    OMG and “You better hold on with both hands! It’s sexy!” Holy Sh!t this man makes my lady parts quiver!!!


  9. BTW why doesn’t he at least have a pillow in his freezer? His neck is probably stiff when he gets up… 😉 …I’d be very happy to massage ALL of his stiffness for him. :mrgreen:


    • Oh, I just commented the same, before reading your´s LOL
      He could have had a pillow!


    • Me being very practical about the pillow….
      A pillow will only get wet and then frosty and might even frose hard itself.
      I think no pillow is much better than a wet soggy pillow that might get crispy from frost…
      What can I say, I love my comfort….


  10. Thank you, Paula and FOYeur!! Even if I don’t have so much love for Moonlight (will you bite me for saying this?), I find this post just great!! Which may or may not be related to the fact that there’s half-nekkid Alex all over the post. Needless to add I’d prefer him to be all over me. Whatever.

    I guess Joseph is just shaking the frost off his hands, like Venia says. Or he’s performing a mysterious vampire ritual. In any case I envy him something fierce :mrgreen: . He must have a great view… *sigh*


  11. AlexNymph

    Josef’s hands went all “asdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiop” from touching the vessel that is Mick’s. And then his towel. Even vampire hands can only take so much. He’s trying to get control of them.


  12. Obviously Josef is warming his hands up for Mick’s comfort, what man likes cold hands touching him when he’s naked?! 😉

    I have a craving to do some touching/perving myself! Guess I know what I’ll be rewatching for the 100th time again this weekend 😀


  13. AlexNymph

    FOYeur, fantastic job with the captions!

    Yes, Mick should be investigated for EVERY missing girlfriend. LMAO!


  14. Thank you so much Paula and FOYeur. I love them all but when I saw the “Beauty Sleep” one I had a strong urge to lick my computer screenh!!!! Pommienana is going to lie down now and practice her kegels’ Toast Toast, TOAST
    Thud and Drool


  15. Ontlls

    *wipes up drool* Oh my.. Great Post, Great Post. Thank you, Thank you!! 🙂

    I love the sit-up one, where there is the sigh afterwards 🙂

    Okay, I am out with it. Hawaii trip has been cancelled, not even planned.
    Work has gotten in the way, so I am going for Season 5.. here is hope there is another SOTB.


  16. I am very practical when it comes to Mick’s freezer. Fact is, it is yummy to see him in it and to know about all the nakedness in there, but that is no place for getting it on at all…….
    First of all, I would get claustrophobic, big time! 😦
    Looks to flimsy for me to handle any kind of hard rockin 😀
    Not enough leg room, arm room or any room for any action for that matter
    Totally uncomfortable and hard, not in a good sense hard at all. 😛
    I would be the very last place that I would willingly share with Mick, because it is not good for anything I have in mind of doing to him or getting from him! 🙂


    • There´s always spooning 😀 (but I would still be wanting for a pillow)


      • AlexNymph

        He’s the pillow, silly. Yes, uncomfortable, but he would warm you with his hotness. Forget claustrophobic–the lid wouldn’t stay on for long because it would blow open at some point (and hopefully Josef would not be standing there watching).


      • Sorry, but at this point in my life spooning won’t do it for me at all! 😛


    • I usually get round the freezer issue in my fics by having Mick stay over at Josef’s place where a bed is available, or a custom built extra large freezer in case of ‘company’ 😉 I’m half tempted to write Josef/Mick in Mick’s freezer and have Josef snarking about how there’s no room and eventually they break it and Josef snarks some more about shoddy construction and then goes out and buys Mick a new one.

      But then again I could think of a few positions that would work in that small a space. You’d just have to get creative, and maybe try not to rock it off it’s hinges 😉


      • For me having sex in kinky small secret places, is about the thrill of it being the only place that you have now for doing it. A freezer right in the middle of you own bathroom, with no other people that you need to be “hiding” from in the house, is just plain stupid. 😉


        • Hence the inordinate amount of snarking that would be coming from Josef 😉


          • SLASHFIC AHOY!!!

            Damn those plot bunnies that get inside your head and won’t leave you alone until you write something *shakes fist at plot bunnies*

            I threw this together in less than an hour so it’s kinda bad, er, actually more than kinda bad, but hopefully bad in a still amusing kind of a way.

            Josef and Mick attempting to have sex in Mick’s freezer, farce ensues. Sorry, with the discussion on freezer logistics I just couldn’t resist. 😉


            Josef struggles with an itch on his leg that he can’t quiet reach, and for what feels like the umpteenth time since they started he wonders why Mick can’t be like any other self-respecting Vampire and buy himself a decent freezer. Not Mr Frugal, Not Mr I have a wardrobe full of Henley shirts and maybe three decent suits at a push, no of course not, that would involve doing things like accepting you’ve been around long enough to amass a decent nest egg. He feels Mick’s feet in his face then, Mick is perched on top, his legs outstretched, and the only reason Josef is putting up with this writhing mess of wayward toes is the fact that he also happens to be buried balls deep in Mick’s arse.

            At some point this evening Josef’s hoping to have the usual mind bending, toe curling, fangs descended and pricking into muscular flesh type orgasm they eventually get round to, if only he can just take care of that maddening itch, and goddamn it can you get those feet out of my damn face. He doesn’t say that out loud though, not when Mick’s concentration is honed so tightly on maintaining just the right amount of movement – too slow and Josef will be tempted to start doing bad renditions of Barry White tunes, too fast and they’re both likely to end arse up on the floor as the freezer slides of its bearings.

            A decent base, just one decent base, something that actually held up to some punishment, was that too much to ask for?

            Josef tries to adjust their position then. Sitting up he hooks Mick’s legs over his shoulders only to watch as the momentum sends Mick careening backwards, the back of his head cracking hard enough against the bottom of the freezer to send the sound reverberating around the room.

            At this point Josef’s had enough. This is ridiculous, farcical even. And whose bright idea had it been to fuck in the freezer anyway.

            “You know there’s a perfectly good couch downstairs, or the kitchen bench, or at this point I’d quite possibly take the floor,” Josef complains bitterly as he reaches for Mick and helps him to sit up. “It’s got to be better than you nearly smashing the back of your skull open when I make a minor adjustment in our position.”

            “Minor adjustment?” Mick retorts with that side eye look he reserves for those extra special occasions when it feels like Josef’s cynicism is about to take full flight. “You could have warned me you were going to just sit bolt upright like that, we’re in a freezer you know, freezer as in ice –

            “- Freezer as in completely inappropriate place to have sex,” Josef interjects, and the mood is rapidly waning then. “Just tell me why we can’t go downstairs and fuck where any two normal people would fuck.”

            “What if someone comes in?”

            “Who’s going to come in, Mick? I’m the only one who has a spare key, unless you’ve started handing out copies with your business card.”

            “No, but I do happen to be a private detective” Mick huffs and purses his lips at Josef’s lack of understanding. “Do you have any idea how many people I’ve tracked down who would jump at a chance to break into this place.”

            Somehow Josef manages to look both amazed and perturbed at Mick’s response. “You’re expecting a surprise burglary during sex?”

            “Well they’re not exactly going to ring the doorbell and announce their presence now are they?” Mick’s hands are on his hips then and the look on his face tells Josef this is one argument he’s not going to win.

            ‘Well if you’re that keen on tight and uncomfortable spaces I have a house filled with closets we could fuck in,” Josef raises his hands in a gesture of placation then. “Okay fine, we’ll stay up here away from the burglars I’m sure are just lined up around the block waiting to catch you going at it with your best friend.”

            He still can’t resist getting at least one barb in, and Mick is rapidly losing patience along with his erection.

            “You’re the one that goes on about torch bearing mobs, and the need for paranoia in the modern age, Josef. What’s the big deal if I happen to choose to fuck in the most secure part of my apartment?”

            “But the freezer? It barely holds your weight, let alone the both of us, not to mention I have an itch that I can’t scratch, and for fucks sake can we please just fuck on the floor.” Josef throws up his hands in sheer frustration and Mick is climbing out of the freezer then, muttering “Fine” under his breath as he attempts to perform a move any gymnast would be proud, and that’s when the whole thing comes crashing down.

            “Great, oh this is just bloody marvellous. I’ve gone from being pinned under you, to be being pinned under two tonnes of ice and metal,” Josef strains against the weight on top of him as he curses Mick’s fancy arsed move, and asks what the hell he was thinking.

            “I didn’t want to squash you anymore than I already had,” Mick replies, as if performing a cartwheeling hand stand out of a freezer that would probably fall over if you looked at it the wrong way was a perfectly logical and well thought out idea.

            And that’s when Josef breaks down laughing at the sheer stupidity of it all. He’s still trying to push the weight of the freezer of his chest, but the laughter is sapping the strength in his arms, and Mick isn’t helping as he lies alongside spluttering with his own amusement.

            “Come on, this isn’t funny,” Josef manages finally, which only sends Mick into further fits of guffawing, and somehow amidst the body shakes and the belly aching chuckles they manage to lift the weight of the freezer of their bodies and slide out from underneath its grasp.

            Mick gets to his feet, bent over double, still laughing his head off at the entire events of the evening. They were doomed from the start, and Josef was right, the freezer had been a stupid idea.

            “My freezer…” Mick begins as he realises his daily necessity currently lies non-operational on its side.

            Regaining his composure Josef waves a lackadaisical hand through the air and then shoves a pile of clothes into Mick’s arms. “I’ll buy you a new one. Get dressed.”

            “Why?” Mick crumples his brow in a question, “I thought we were just going to fuck on the floor?”

            “Nope,” Josef dangles a set of keys under Mick’s nose as he pulls on his trousers, and quickly buttons the front of his shirt. “We’re going back to my place.”

            “You know we could have just done that in the first place,” Mick feels the need to point out then as he dodges an incoming smack to the side of his head.

            “You know you’re lucky I happen to think so highly of you, or else this evening would have been over well before now.” Josef draws himself up to his full height and strides from the room with a click of his fingers and a follow me gesture. They have places to be, sex to have.

            Mick grins as he falls into step behind him, resisting the urge to throw humorous pot shots. “Yeah that’s me, I’m just a lucky guy all round.”

            Josef turns then, a half-cocked smile of his own at the ready.

            “And don’t you forget it.”


            • Gaaaahhh HTML!fail. I only wanted to italicise these lines….”A decent base, just one decent base, something that actually held up to some punishment, was that too much to ask for?” Not the whole rest of the passage from that point on. And I used to be a HTML programmer *head!desk*

              Can someone edit that for me? Please, please, pretty please with an Alex wallpaper on top? ❤


  17. Helloeeze

    I think Josef was removing frost from his hands in that picture. Either that or it was a secret vampire handshake.
    I also have seen back stage photos of Alex in a flesh colored tight pantie kind of thing laying in his coffin.

    That is a funny scene. Love it. Great way to start an episode. Naked cute vamp in a coffin really gets your attention.


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