……. and we are still breathing and having fun with Alex O!

Hi everyone! Some of you might have noticed that we have been pretty quiet for the past week. Thank you for staying with us during this time of silence. 🙂 After quite  a number of months of researching and writing long posts everyday of old and new interviews and some current events, and then counting down the 100 episodes of Hawaii Five-0, with a post each day for 3 months, Paula and I just needed to step away for a few days. Our motto from the start has always been, “We are here to have fun and enjoy Alex with others!”. If the fun stops we promised ourselves to either step away for a bit, or leave the site and our fangirling here. We decided to just take a long breath and see how we feel…… and we are still here 🙂


Of course our  ‘mild’ obsession with Alex (and also our own friendship), is far too strong for us to stay away for long and we have been lurking here in the background. There are some small changes that we have made, that some of you might have noticed. We are also working on finishing a few projects, that have been hanging around in our drafts for a looooooooong time!


In 2013 we posted our “Biography” posts of Alex, in which we take a look at  Alex’s public life. We did it in the form of a ‘Diary’ of main events that we know of, in his life’.  We are busy adding links in those old diary posts, that will take you to the stories that we have done about those events. And it might be worth your while, if you are new to the site, to look through  those diary posts and follow the links to those old stories. It is actually very easy to find any old story amongst the more than 1000 posts we already posted over the last 2 years. And because our stories are not just current news, a lot of them are timeless and reading them might give new fans some insight into who Alex is and how his path as an actor unfolded over the past decade.


And some good news with it, is the continuation of the ‘Diary’ with its 4th post, picking up where we left it in 2013. It is more or less ready and will be posted during the next few days.

If you are new to navigating sites on the internet, we would like to give you a few tips of how to find things easily on here. It is always great if you can get the maximum out of your experience of Alex and  of what we have of him here. Sometimes we move the Widgets on the sides of the blog around just for change, but you will always find them either on the right or left hand of our main post.

Let’s start with the right hand side. →→→

  • We normally would post a special count-down to a specific event in Alex’s life there on the top. (there is no countdown at the moment)
  • Then there are a ‘Comments’ column, showing the last 15 comments that have been made on different posts. (You are welcome to make comments on old posts as well.)
  • Below that  we have a link to our ‘Flickr’ account, where we (mainly Paula) are “busy” building albums of pretty Alex pictures on there – just click on the picture and it will take you to the albums gallery.
  • Below that we have the link to our ‘Facebook Gallery‘, where you will find the pictures we post on there on a daily basis. 
  • Below that you will find the ‘Calender’, where you can directly click on any day (and even go back to previous months), to find the post(s) of that day and click on it to view.
  • Below that you find the links to ‘Top Posts and Pages’. There you will see the 10  posts and pages that got the most views for the past few days. (During this week a few old posts got some more views, because we didn’t post new stuff)
  • Below that we have the links to ‘Sites to Visit’. You will see that we do not have a very long list there, because we what to direct people to Alex sites that actually stay current and post regularly. (As soon as a site stops posting new posts, we normally take them of the list).
  • Below that can can find our playlist.  There is some music (from episodes) and also some small sound clips of Alex.


←←← Now we move over to the left hand side

  • On the first link, you will find ‘Follow‘ You can subscribe through that link. If you register there, you will get regular updates via e-mail of things we post – either on a daily basis or as they happen (you chose that yourself). We do not flood you with lots of posts on any given day, as we only post current events on our FB page and not normally here as they come in.
  • Under that, at the moment you will find some of ‘Alex’s quotes’ again and a link to our quotes in pictures of Alex. (We have not made new ones in a while, but hopefully will find some time to make a few.)
  • Then below that is ‘Recent Posts’ , where you will find links to the last 20 posts we have done.
  • Below that under the heading ‘Pages’, you will find the pages, in which you will find the links to all our old posts. Those pages and links are exactly the same ones that you will also find on the very top of our page, right under our name. Remember they are the links that will take you to all the past pretty post, by just clicking on them. The picture below is just the top part of it and I have marked some interesting places with a star.


Of course the ‘Welcome note’ and ‘About us’, tells you who we are and importantly also tells you all the different ways that you can use to reach us. ‘Biography’ takes you to the links of our ‘Diary’ posts. ‘Q’s & A’s’ takes you to some questions that pop up from time to time. We try to answer and update them every once in a while. ‘Galleries’, takes you to links of posts we made, they mainly consist of pictures of specific events and photo shoots. And of course the ‘Steve’s Story’ takes you to each episode of Hawaii Five-o and the summary of Steve’s story in it (With lots of pretty pictures from each episode). Under ‘Interviews’, you will find the links to all the transcripts of interviews we have done so far.

  • Then we move on and below that you will find ‘Twitter Gallery’. Unfortunately Twitter (in their wisdom), changed the layout of it. The pictures are now listed as tweets with picture and no longer in a gallery form. But they are still there and as far as I know, you can visit that without having a  twitter account yourself. Paula posts lots op pretty pictures there, as well us some awesome gifs to wet your Alex appetite (as if any of us need encouragement to drool over him 😛 )
  • Below that, under ‘Tweet Tweet’ , you can see the latest few tweets we have made and it is also a link to visit our actual Twitter page.
  • Below that is Archive , and with a drop down menu there you can see all the past months and you can go directly to a specific month and find the posts in it.
  • Below that ‘Categories’. There you might find some of the posts that have been tagged as a specific subject.
  • Below that we have our actual search facility under ‘Looking for Something?’ There you can type in key words and maybe in that way find the post that cover that specific subject.
  • Below that is a short list of all Alex’s work,  mostly to remind Paula of the chronological order. 😀

Then we move to the very bottom of the page ↓

  • Here you will find the link to our main FB Page.
  • And also the right hand side address that you can use to send things to Alex, if that is something you would like.

Of course on our front page, you will find the latest 5 posts, with an option to scroll back further at the bottom.

And on the top of each post there is an option to go to a previous or next post. You can also the find the links to go to comments there. If you click on the name of each post, it will take you to just that specific post and its comments below. Some of our posts do have their own banner and it might be interesting to actually visit a post and see the pretty pictures of Alex, Paula creates for those banners.

As you can see there are a lot on offer, here for you to enjoy about Alex, even if we do not have a post every day. And hopefully all this makes it easier for you to find things about Alex, that might interest you. Any questions are welcome. We also appreciate it when people notify us if there are any mistakes or links (to especially videos) that have gone missing. Some sites close down and the links no longer work.

A special Thanks to everybody who support us, by visiting our posts daily. Also thanks to those who take the time to comment here, share our posts on Twitter and Facebook, RT  our tweets and in general promote what we do here.


And once again and most importantly,

Thank You‘ for enjoying Alex with us!




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42 responses to “……. and we are still breathing and having fun with Alex O!

  1. Audrey

    You do awesome work and I personally appreciate the information you find on our boy Alex. XXOO


  2. karen1228

    I, for one, am so very happy to know you’re still hanging in!! I don’t know what I’d do without you lovely ladies and your posts – you are my go-to gurus for all things Alex! Thanks for all your time, effort and patience in doing this! We all need breaks and yours was a very-well deserved one. Hope you enjoyed it! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for me! Hugs!!


  3. Glad you are back after a well deserved rest. Looking forward to the next phase of our Alex obsession! Love the new banner! ❤


  4. Glad you are still here 🙂
    And thank you so much for all the hard work you put in so that we can all enjoy our “mild” (yeah right) Alex obsession together!


  5. LindaSue

    Happy to see you are “still here”. All of your dedicated research is very much appreciated by many! Thanks for all you do.


  6. I think I speak for many many others when I say we would be lost without you. This sight has always been a leader in following the life and career of Alex and doing it in such a way that you are not only respectful of him but his fans so you deserve not only our gratitude but our respect as well. Thank you are two small words but they mean so very much when they come from the heart as my thank you does. Amazing job ladies 🙂 🙂 🙂


  7. Bunty

    Keep up the good work ladies you’re doing a great job wether it be daily or weekly or whatever. Thanks. Xxx


  8. karen

    No…thank YOU. I don’t know how you ladies do all of this. It is much appreciated.


  9. debras57

    You may be still breathing but I’m not after seeing those pics of him. lol Love the blue bathing suit one…What a handsome man. I would sure like to know why there were no men like him around when I was dating 30 years ago. Thank you ladies for your site, very enjoyable.


  10. Helma Gerth-Koelman

    Keep up the good work,I like to follow it and really appreciate all of it !! Mahalo from a dutch fan !!


  11. lindae5o

    Thanks for everything you do !! We all need a few days break, now and then.


  12. lindae5o

    Forgot to add, that last photo of Alex perfectly illustrates why Alex should have been named People’s Sexiest Man. The pic is stunning – sexy, beautiful and sweet, all at once.


    • At least he and his girl Dusty made it amongst the 208 other men – although he is our No 1, still good to see that they also think he at least is there with the ones that needs to be mentioned.


  13. Kim

    I am with everyone above.. I am so happy to see you are still here…and yeah, that last photo..wow.. Thank you!


  14. Just mentioning that the stills in this post are from S4 gag reel. I realised today that I never made them. And then when making them, quickly saw why I hadn´t rushed them. This year they decided to blur the potty mouths, with the beeps. I am seriously PO´ed at CBS, for ruining my Alex shots 😦
    Also feeling they really didn´t get as many great moments for us to enjoy. Previous season´s have given us much more of Alex pulling his face. Boo to CBS being so conservative!


  15. FOYeur and Paula
    You are amazing I love the “:New Look”/ Glad you took a break but SO happy to see you back. i have to tell you tho’ the last picture of Alex wrecked my knees They got seriously weak {WOW} That’s ok tho I’ll just grin { A LOT} and bear itThank you for all you do for “The Fangirls”


  16. Colleen

    That last picture just stole my breath away. Holy crap just when I think you ladies can’t top what you have done you do that. Thank you for all you do here. Your website is the highlight of my day and I am with the others I don’t know what I would do with out you girls. I hope you enjoyed a very well deserved break. 😄


  17. drbell

    Thank Goodness u r still here to make my day!!!! Bless you all… ❤


  18. After your outstanding work reviewing 100 episodes day by day (!!!) and making screens and gifs your break was well deserved!
    But I’m happy your back! Hopefully alive and kicking for a new bunch of intense studies on our man (no pressure, lol).
    Great work making a little 101 for your site.
    I love your collection of Alex’ quotes. I am a sucker for his words, sometimes funny, sometimes profound…


  19. buttercup4u

    I love to go through your older posts, and I love to read all the comments, and sometimes I feel embarrassed about some of my comments, and I go like “wow – I turned into a creepy fangirlie McPerv” !!! 😉 I have to admitt that I feel ashamed – but only sometimes 😉 – most of the time I enjoy it!
    I’m glad you took a rest, please take it anytime you want, as long as you want, but please ever EVER come back here and post!!!!!

    It’s all about Alex here, and the pretty and the gorgeousness and the fun! Let’s feast and never get tired 😉


    • LOL Never feel sorry about any comments
      We started a whole site just so that we can perv – a few pervy comments amongst us is nothing 😀
      As long as we can enjoy it with fangirls like you we will stay.


  20. gracenotpark

    I am glad y’all took a little vacay! I so enjoyed your countdown posts and the marvelous pics and the detail with which you told and researched and commented upon Show and McG’s story…but I truly do get how much work it was. So you all deserved your break!

    And love that you’re now back! The site looks great and this post is most helpful, reminding me of some features I should use more often.

    Welcome back and thanks as always.


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