#AlexOLoughlin: 2010 CBS Fall Premiere Party – 16 Sept 2010

Alex and Amber Clayton arrive at the Colony and you can hear the fans calling him….

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Man: Amy Poehler.

(I think Amber’s blonde hair gets mistaken for Amy Poehler, but then they see it is Alex.)

Man: Is that Alex O’Loughlin?

Crowd: ALEX!!

Man: Sign some autographs, please?

Woman: Can you sign?

Man: Please Alex!

Crowd: Alex. Please. Mr O’Loughlin, please! Alex! Please! Alex.

Man: He’s coming.

Man: Alex O’Loughlin. He’s from the new Hawaii Five-0.

Crowd: Thank you

Man: McGarrett

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[Some Hawaii Five-0 theme music playing]

Crowd: [Some Laughs]

Alex: Get that pen ready.

Woman: Giggles

Alex: Thanks

[Start signing]

Alex: How are you all?

Fan: Great. Great!

Thank you so much

Man: McGarrett.

Alex: Yeah.

You see that?

Woman: [Laughs]

Alex: Now I … Now I answer to it.

 [Joking while signing a picture from TBUP]:

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Alex: You know it’s not my body, right?

It is a body double.

Fan: So what do you think about J.Lo being on American Idol?

Alex: I think it’s great, man. She’s a great talent. She’s a musician.

I think she’s a ….

Yeah, I think it’s a really good choice.

Fan: Are you responsible for starting the sexy vampire stuff?

Alex: [Joking] I’m responsible for J.Lo being on American Idol. [Smile]

Fans: [Laughs]

Woman: Thank you.

Alex: Okay guys.

Fan: Alex

Alex: We’re holding hands. That’s weird.

Fan: Alex, you want to write below that, please?

[Some other muttering]

Woman: Welcome in Hollywood.

Alex: It’s good to be back in Hollywood.

Fan: We’ve got the crazies on the street.

[Some more comments from the crowd]

Alex: I love it man

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Alex: Okay, we’ve got to go.

Fan: Alex can you sign right here.

Alex: I don’t even know who I am.

[Alex pointing at an object]

Alex: You want me to sign that?

Man: Alex can you sign this in silver?

Man: There’s a silver for this one, Alex.

Alex: I’ve got to go guys. I’ve got to go.

Alex walks away

Man: Just sign this. Please, please.

Fan: Thank you, Alex.

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On coming back out after the event.

Fan: Alex can we just get photos with you real quick? Can we please just get photos with you Alex?

Alex: We’ve got to go. We’ve got to go to Hawaii.

Fan: Can’t we just get photos with no autographs. Just photos really pretty quick?

Alex: I’m literally going to the airport.

Fan: Please.

Man: We’ll watch your show ……

Fan: McGarrett.

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Alex O’Loughlin – Amber Clayton – 2010 CBS Fall Premiere Party @ The Colony – arrival & departure

Link to video

You can also see and read the transcript of the interview of the carpet at the event with Alex here :

Interview with #AlexOLoughlin of Hawaii Five-O – Sept 2010


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7 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin: 2010 CBS Fall Premiere Party – 16 Sept 2010

  1. They were so beautiful together. A golden boy and Girl in love. I hope Amber found a man that loved her enough to marry her and she has found happiness like Alex has with Malia!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, you met them both earlier that same day.
      They were just not meant to be.
      And of course, you met Malia with Alex 3 years later as well.
      A privilege that not many fans have had…..


  2. Yes . I think that evening was the absolute best as I doubt I will ever see him in person again like that. A kiss on the cheek along with a hug from Alex and a charming interaction with his stunning wife. I am truly and always have seemed to be a highly blessed{LUCKY} Fan.. I also think that the fact that I was respectful and acted like the lady I was raised to be. I sometimes loke to think that i reminded him of his own mum a bit!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cassiopea 1000

    Great pics of Alex, esp. that from TBUP. It kills me!

    pommienana, you have the power to make me turn green with envy. You had already commented about your meetings with Alex, and I see that my envy is intact. No, it’s growing! You lucky woman!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. jan Schagen

    Hallo. Prachtige stukken over Alex. Een vraag. Ik zag ergens staan Alex komt uit het nieuwe Hawaii Five -0. Heb ik wat gemist? Hawaii met Michelle Cath is inmiddels afgerond met de finale die voor Steve en Cath veel te kort was. Dus dan is er de vraag is er alsnog een nieuwe aflevering ( vervolg) gemaakt?? De verhaal schrijvers hebben dit wel gedaan. Prachtige verhaallijnen. We blijven Alex maar ook Michelle met grote belangstelling volgen. Hartelijke groet uit Holland !!


    • Yes, this was a reboot of Hawaii Five-O. The original was in the 70’s with Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett. It ran for 12 years.
      Yes, Episode 10:22 was the last of H50 – no sequel. It is the end and final show.


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