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CBS Mobile interview Jason and #AlexOLoughlin – Such a great friendship – 2007

This is an unedited interview by CBS Mobile, done on the set of Moonlight (I guess around end of October or beginning of November 2007). I do not know if the edited version was ever broadcast. Both Alex and Jason were making a lot of jokes and most of what was being said, was just a lot of fun without really being serious.

Alex & Jason BTS

Transcript and photos by FOYeur,

Gifs by Paula

Reporter: Hey there. We’re at the set of CBS’s ‘Moonlight’. The new show that premiere…

Jason: Yo

Reporter: Oh. Hi. [laughs] How’s it going?

Jason: Good. How are you?

Reporter: Great.

Jason: I want to introduce you to somebody.

Reporter: Okay.

Jason: He’s a good friend of mine.

Reporter: Great. Let’s go.

Jason: This way. You got an eye on him?

Reporter: You got it?

Jason: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

Alex: Oi.

Jason: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

Alex: Oi, oi, oi, oi.

Jason: This is my friend Alex.

Alex: Hi.

Jason: He’s from New Zealand?Australia. He’s a really good guy. He’s on two hours of sleep. And he’s here all day, every day. He does the most unbelievable schedule. Seriously, you have no idea. And he’s such a trooper.

Like, he is the reason that I got my role. I’m not joking. Like, he gave me this little look.

Alex: He’s great isn’t he?

Jason: Do the little look.

Cute Friends

Cute Friends

Alex: Which look?

Jason: That one right there. He just did it.

Alex: That one?

Jason: That one gave me the role. I swear to God. This guy is amazing.

That Look

That Look

Reporter: Now do you guys hang out, of the set at all?

Jason: No, but the first time……No, but we met one time and shared a cigar. He’s a big cigar smoker.

Cuban cigars

Cuban cigars

Alex: You’re a big cigar smoker.

Reporter: What’s your favourite kind of cigar to smoke?

Jason: Cuban’s

Alex: Yeah, I love Cuban’s, Cuban’s are really good.

Reporter: Not Dominican?

Alex: Dominican’s are great, too. But no, the first time we met we sat and had coffee and cigars.

Jason: Yeah I owe Alex about $100, just from the various cigars that he’s given me.

Reporter: So I take you guys are really healthy, right?

Alex: Hey, absolutely, we are.

Jason: Right.

Reporter: Cigars have vitamins in them, right?

Alex: Well, that’s one aspect of our lives. [laughs]

[Then the Producer steps in and from behind the camera starts giving the reporter the questions to ask]

Reporter: You guys are obviously good looking guys. How do you guys keep the women away?

Alex: Jason touches me like this. Like he is now, and…..

Keeping off the Ladies

Keeping off the Ladies

Jason: And the girls just get the signal and disappear.

Alex: And women just sort of don’t come near us. It’s weird.

Reporter: Great. So the whole gay thing, yeah.

[Producer again, asks off-camera, “No, but really, do you guys have issues in public? Do you get recognised?”]

Reporter: So have people recognised you in public yet? Or…?

Alex: Um, ah … not really.

Jason: Who’s that big guy on the billboard.

Alex: No, no. I don’t even think it looks like me. Have you seen that picture? It’s really weird. I know I nearly crashed my car when I first saw it.

And I think, you know what? Cause I wear a lot of my collars up. It’s just the thing that Mick does and on the billboard, it’s down. And I think they have actually superimposed my head onto someone else’s’ shoulders. They’ve done something weird.


Jason: It’s good though. He’s on Sunset. I had him get a picture of himself, like……

Alex: Naked in front of the thing

Jason: Naked in front of the Sunset thing. It’s really cool. Really artistic.

Naked Artistic Pic

Naked Artistic Pic

Reporter: That’s great. Yeah, I’m all for nudity.

[Producer again gives question from off camera]

Reporter: What’s your relationship like, when the cameras aren’t rolling. I mean, do you guys have a lot of downtime, or…?

Jason: Yeah.

Alex: You. What’s downtime?

Jason: Right, I know. I have. I have much more downtime than him. But I have a funny story I just wanted to share, about Alex.

One time, like the first weekend of shooting or whatever. He came up and kind of like hit me, a little bit below the belt or whatever. Just a joke.

Alex: What’s it called? It has a name. Official…

Jason: Yeah, it’s calledThe Chiklis.

Alex: It’s called ‘The Chiklis’ or aka ‘Dicky-Flicky’.



Jason: ‘Dicky-Flicky‘, from ‘The Shield’ or whatever. I guess he used to do that. Da, da, da, da…. And everybody would roll and would all be like on edge. So he did that to me, but the funny part of it is that in….. Like a week later.

Alex: No man

Jason: No shut up

Alex: No, the next day.

Jason: So the week later, he comes to me and he writes, essentially a poem, apologizing. And he didn’t even….

Alex: A love poem.

Apologetic Poem

Apologetic Poem

Jason: Yeah, a love poem. So he didn’t even look at me as he read the whole thing. And he was like, “Dear Jason, my conduct is atrocious. I’m so sorry. Please accept this apology.” And I said, “I’m aroused, now.” … it was

Alex: You actually said, “I think, I’m in love with you.” And you didn’t realise that you said it in your outside voice. It was weird.

Jason: Yeah, I did. It was funny. I mean, that’s just kind of as a testament about this guy for real. I mean he’s a really cool guy.

Alex: We….. I don’t touch everyone’s testicles at all.

Reporter: That’s good to hear.

Alex: Like, I would never do that….touch yours at all.

Reporter: You would never touch my testicles? Oh.

Alex: Anyway. How much…..You have a quite a lot of downtime. But you’re a very busy man. You have a lot of obligations.

You have a wife. You know, you have a Glendale estate. You have several vehicles that you must maintain. You have a lifestyle….. You have aquatic sports…water sports. Water sports?

Jason: That’s right.

Alex: So I’m kind of….. I’m just here the whole time and you sort of come and go really.

Reporter: What’s your typical day like? Both of you.

Jason: Typical day. Well, I get here at around six o’clock, pm. Shoot till about eight. How about you, Alex?

Alex: You sleep for half an hour and have some food and kind of go home.

Jason: Get into it.

Alex: My typical day, I get here, I don’t know what time. I get here…. It doesn’t really matter what time I get here, because that always changes. But I get here, someone hands me some oatmeal, as I go into make-up.

And then I start shooting. I do that for about 18 hours on average, with a half an hour lunch break. And then I go home, and I sleep and then I get up, and I come back here.

Reporter: How long do you sleep for, usually? On average?

Alex: You know what, I sleep for two…..because we had like….. We went from nights on Friday night, we got home like Saturday morning, sun up. And then on Monday, today. Is it Monday? And I started at like 6am, and I can’t flip my……

So I slept for like an hour and a half or something. And I don’t feel like I’m really here. Who are you? Who are you people?

After 1,5 hours sleep

After 1,5 hours sleep

Reporter: What’s your relationship like with the crew?

Alex: I love the crew. They’re always my favourite part of a job. I mean, hopefully, you love the people you work with. I know your other acting colleagues and stuff as well.

But the crew is always … they’re always the most fun. You know, they have food fights at lunchtime….

Jason: I had a lot of crew that came of the ‘Veronica Mars’ set, or whatever. So you have a lot of similar people around and that sort of thing. So it’s cool to have old friends on the set. It kind of feels like I have the same family, pretty much.

Reporter: And how are your characters different than you are in real life? Now, do you still… do you have your Australian accent still, when you’re acting?

Alex: No. I have…. I do a Lithuanian accent, for Mick. And sorry. And so, well Mick is Lithuanian and I’m not. And he’s not really at all.

It’s probably not even funny. But how are we different? He’s a vampire. I’m actually not a vampire.

Reporter: You’re not?

Alex: I like nights though. I’m noc……I’ve always been kind of nocturnal.

Jason: Yeah, likewise.

Alex: I don’t know, he’s……. Mick’s much….my character Mick is much…… smarter, tougher…

Jason: More sexy…

Alex: More sexy, more sexual. He’s much……He’s kind of just like, the hero I will never be.

So it’s a lot of fun to play him. Cause he does all these things, you know. He’s not scared of people. He’s not scared of things. And he has this very solid grasp on himself as a……..

Jason: He does such a good job, though. Like in our screen test or whatever. The first time I saw it, it was like, I’m terrible and he’s amazing.

Alex: That’s not true.

Alex looking beautiful

Alex looking beautiful

Jason: No seriously, I was like acting, acting, acting and then they cut to just this close-up of him, and he’s just like being there, beautifully. I’m like, “I look like a moron.”

Mick & Josef

Alex: Not at all.

Jason: I don’t understand it.

Alex: He was so great. I knew that Jason… I just… you were quite nervous that day as well.

Jason: So nervous.

Alex: He was the only actor that they…..Jason was the only actor that they shot an actual screen test, for this role of Josef for. And they saw so many actors for this role. Like not bringing in big actors. But I just knew you were going to get this role.

Jason: Thanks, man.

Reporter: How is your character different than you are in real life?

Jason: Oh boy, quite a lot different. You know he’s four hundred, you know what I mean. So I’ve been alive 25 years, you know what I mean. So it’s to take….

Alex: It’s a stretch.

Jason: Yeah, I mean you just have to think with that, when you have been around that long. Like I’ve known this guy two weeks or whatever.

But you got to play like it’s ten times as old as your best friend from when you were just born, you know what I mean. It’s like how much experience is that that you share? You know, he’s extremely wealthy, which is….

Alex: Obscenely …

Jason: Obscenely wealthy. Like we pulled up one day and I in, I told you I was in a Ferrari…..

Alex: At four thirty and ……

Jason: And Mick’s in this little Junker.

Alex: Badass. Where……..CBS. Can I say badass on CBS, like that?

Can u say badass

Can u say badass

Jason: Done, did it.

Reporter: The Network?

Alex: I learned that in America. I love…. That’s one of my favourite sayings.

Jason: Learned it.

Alex: Learned it. Badass”.

Jason: Learned it.

Alex: Let’s say it together. One, two, three….

Alex & Jason: Badass.

Jason: I like that.

[Producer again off-camera,  “Can you guys go, “CBS Mobile, you’re badass”? ]

Alex: C…. We should do it on three.

Jason: Yeah

Alex: No, you got to go, one, two, three

Producer: One, two, three.

Alex & Jason: CBS Mobile, you’re badass

Jason: Let’s do it one more time.

Producer: One, two, three.

Alex & Jason: CBS Mobile, you’re badass

Alex: I felt like I was off a bit.

Jason: Okay cool, let’s do it again.

Alex: With intensity at the end.

Jason: Well this is improve a little bit CB…..

Alex: CB…..

Jason: Mobile, ba….


Jason: Done.

Alex: That’s a bit torrentsy…

One more time, ready. Here we go. Straight into the bow, ready… you….

CBS Mobile - badass

CBS Mobile – badass

Producer: One, two, three.

Alex & Jason: CBS Mobile, you’re badass.

Alex: That was kind of….

Reporter: Excellent.

[Producer talking again…..’ we know you guys surf the web…’]

Alex: This is weird. Why don’t you just do it? I don’t understand?

Reporter: She’s the producer.

Jason: Let me ask him a question.

[Taking the mic from the reporter]
Let me ask you a question.
So do you ever like surf the web or hear anything you know about your character or the show or what people read or writing about you?

Alex: You know, I ah …….. You’re very good at this.

Jason: Thanks.

Alex: I don’t know. To be honest, in the last three months that we’ve been shooting this, I haven’t watched any TV. Occasionally I turn it on like a Sunday and I go to sleep in front of it. So I don’t……..
But I know this billboard is there because I drive past them, but I haven’t really been surfing. No, I haven’t. I surf the porn, sometimes at work.

Jason: I know. Dude, I’m only asking the questions that I don’t know.
So, now what was your first reaction when you saw the first billboard? That’s what I want to know.

Big Head

Big Head

Alex: I was terrified. Deeply into my…. Deeply into my soul, because it’s got my head on a third of it and the rest just says ‘Moonlight’.

So it doesn’t …… I don’t think it looks like me. Like I know it looks like….. I know it’s me, but it’s kind of so airbrushed and my eyes are kind of half vamping out and stuff and I…. I feel like I’m doing a bit of a ‘Magnum, like little bit of a Blue Steel. And it’s just weird man. It’s just
In all seriousness, there’s a lot of dissociation going on. It’s kind of….. I don’t know, it’s weird.



Jason: Yeah I got you.

Alex: It’s cool though that they are pressing the show as much as they are.

Jason: Totally dude. There’s a ton of promotion.

Alex: Are you okay with him taking your mic?

Reporter: That’s fine. Keep it. Take over.

Jason: Okay cool. So I have another question for you. So how disappointed were you, when you saw that I wasn’t on the billboard?

Alex: I was pretty…………I was pretty………. It was pretty upsetting for me. It was 11 am on a Saturday morning and we just done 21 hours, I think on set.

And it’s tough for me, because I’ve got to tear myself away from you anyway and when I go home and know I’m not…..there’s no more Jason, till I get back to work.

And so to myself, once I pushed through the narcissism and deep vanity of the elation that I felt by seeing my face up there. All I could think of was you.

Jason on billboard

Jason on billboard

Jason: Well I just imagine that I was kind of on the left side, like we are looking away. You know, I’m just like off-camera a little bit…

Alex: Probably …… What we should do. We should have one like one the other side, like at Chateau Marmont, of you  looking back at me like that. Or like go like this. Looking back going like, “What? Like, what?”

Jason: What would I wear dude?

Alex: Nothing…. Well whatever. [Laughing]

What would I be wearing? -Nothing

What would I be wearing? nothing

Jason: Cut.

You can watch the two video clips here:

Part 1

& Part 2

 My  (FOYeur) Thoughts:

  • I keep thinking, that somewhere, there is an “artistic” picture of naked Alex in front of the Mick Billboard on Sunset Blvd.
  • I think Alex’s co-stars really enjoy working with him. He works hard, but he also plays hard.
  • Alex is such a warm and physical person, not scared of allowing friends (and I think anybody) inside his personal space.
  • It is funny and distracting to hear the Producer prompting the Reporter on what questions to ask. But I guess it normally happens in a way that we can’t hear, through an earpiece in the Reporter’s ear.
  • Did any of the LA fans maybe take a picture of the actual Mick billboard?



Nobody answered us about this picture at the time, but in the end a picture was found in March 2015 and here is the link to it:

Yey! A new, lovely old photo of Alex found!



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